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In anticipation of the great violations of message holiness standards that now exist, worldwide amongst message believers, many quotations were grouped together in advance many years ago to combat such work of Satan. While at that time most believers were established in the basic, elementary, holiness standards of the message, and certain articles were creeping into message churches, engaged in that most wonderful work under the direction of the author, was a gallant, vibrant and desperate youth, name Edward Soon. A book of compiled quotations were prepared for the personal use of several ministers desperate and determined to uphold such standards established by the prophet, William Branham based upon the Holy Scriptures. Quotations were employed that condemns televisions in the home, immoral dressings of women, high-heeled shoes, trimming of hair, and misconduct in various respects. They also included mixed bathing, worldly music, consumption of alcohol, tobacco smoking, sports, celebration of pagan feast days, and many unholy conducts, that are now endorsed by message preachers and practiced by message believers.

The selection of those quotations, are now added to many more selected by another vibrant, desperate and untiring young man in the work of the Lord, name Ronald Jack. With the joint efforts of both young men, and a few other brothers and sisters as typist, the major teachings of Brother Branham on the holiness standards of the message are now compiled in this book, which is in opposition to the violations of the prophet’s teachings.

Holiness standards were emphasized in several services, by the preacher and author, based upon the written Word, the message of the prophet, and especially those previously selected quotations. Many believers were gathered and over a thousand believers at intervals. He endeavored to compile in his work all that the Prophet taught and established on message holiness standards. Though many major items of the subject are included, there are several other articles that maybe found in the message that are not emphasized here because of inadequate space.

We trust that this work can serve as a pastors’ handbook, and a guide to believers in acquainting and edifying them with the Holiness standards of the message, which seem forgotten by many worldwide. This work is also intended to expose false prophets and false anointed ones in the endtime, to the elect of God. Jesus said “Ye shall know them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:15-20), the apostle Paul said that “a spiritual or a prophet” should acknowledge the commandments of the Lord from his message. (1 Corinthians 14: 37). Great emphasis is laid upon false thunders, in contrast to the destruction of the holiness message, which disproves the claims of great super-spiritual men of the revelation of the seven thunders. They with other thunderless preachers are identified with heresies numbers 42-53, in book six, entitled “Exposition of Damnable Heresies - Holiness Message Standards/ false thunders failed.”

This booklet is given free of charge [freewill contributions are accepted to cover printing and postage costs] and may be reproduced by believers of the message of Malachi 4: 5-6, but strictly without alterations in any form. We would like to give authorization for translation of this book into different languages; however, we would like to be informed of such, and would like copies of the same for approval prior to any further distribution of the same. We also apologize for any typographical errors in this booklet.

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