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Introduction to Book 5

It was Brother Branham’s desire to go through the teachings of the seals again. “ Just got through with those seven seals, just recently. I’d like to go through them again.” (World. Again. Falling. Apart. 63-1127). We embraced that opportunity which time did not afford our beloved Prophet. A rehearsal of the seven seals messages used to take place in the early years after Brother Branham’s departure at the Branham tabernacle, in the form of tape messages. But only a few churches do so today. Bethel church have done so for the past thirteen years and have won many souls to the Lord from different religions and walks of life. Another grand occasion was the fourteenth annual open book memorial services, seventeenth to the twenty-fourth of March 2002, held at Bethel the House of God, Freeport Trinidad W.I. The meetings commenced on Sunday morning 17th with the sound of many trumpets and other musical accompaniments, songs of praise, worship and dances, and general opening remarks praising and glorifying God for the greatest event of the twentieth century which happened in 1963, “the opening of the seals,” by the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, through his Prophet Brother William Branham, who is the literal fulfillment of Malachi 4: 5:6, Rev 3:14, 10: 7.

The occasion was not the opening of the seals, but a memorial and thanksgiving for the opening of the seals, a rehearsal of the great truths, which were proclaimed in 1963, to remind message believers, inform ‘believing’ children, and also to make known to Hindus, Muslims, Catholics and other organizational members, of the great event. In attendance were message believers from North and South America and the Caribbean Islands, Tobago, Grenada, and St. Vincent. Various ministers and pastors were engaged in this most wonderful and edifying exercise as they each rehearsed one of the six seals. Message believers each night, rejoiced in unity, love and harmony on doctrinal teachings of Brother Branham concerning the first six seals.

Sunday morning 24th March 2002 marked a different kind of meeting, since the subject on the seventh seal / seven thunders was to be preached. As all are aware, it’s a controversial subject, which has greatly divided message believers, internationally, since 1973, the majority proclaiming that it was revealed by Brother Branham in 1963, and a smaller group attesting that it was not revealed. Both schools of thoughts being present, and the host pastor determined to maintain the same unity, peace, and harmony, which prevailed in the previous days of meetings, was placed in a very odd position and all mused in their hearts and wondered how he will handle such a situation. Then he simply came forward to the pulpit and announced that he was not on the war-part this morning, but will allow Brother Branham to speak to all his children. All major quotations pertinent to the seventh seal from 1962 to 1965 were boldly proclaimed in an anointed manner and the decision left to all believers to understand by the Spirit, what the prophet preached and believed concerning the seventh seal. The facts taken from the seventh seal to the end of Brother Branham’s life in 1965 totaled about forty. However he boldly stated upon the presentation of such irrefutable facts the school of thought, which brother Branham was identified with, and also identified himself with that same school. He avoided offences to the congregation by not asking them which of the two schools are they identified with. Not desiring to speak too much about the second school, he stopped after about three hours, for new converts to be baptized and also performed a wedding ceremony. Peace and harmony did prevail, and a great feast followed, and all dined in love, peace and harmony without arguments or gain-sayings.

He returned on 31-03-02 and continued on the subject “seventh seal misinterpreted”. Emphasis was laid upon the second school of thought since there were none present, who belonged to that school. A great historical background of the inauguration of the second school was given, by undeniable proofs. Many witnesses were called upon, who confirmed the same as truth. Many sat in awe, fear, and trembling, as they understood for the first time the origination, principal, teachers, and syllabus of that school.

Another message was preached on Wednesday, 10-04-02. The contents are of vital importance to every minister and message believer, since it dealt with Seventh Seal/Seven Thunders perversions by the second school of thought. The preacher went into details, and showed by the statements of Brother Branham, what the seven thunders is supposed to produce, and carefully compared it with the production of the second school of thought.

Book number five entitled “Exposition Of Damnable Heresies Seventh Seal/Seven Thunders” (two schools of thoughts), is a documentation of the subjects of The facts of the seventh seal, The seventh seal / seven thunders misinterpreted, and Seventh seal / seven thunders perversions. Included are letters revealing conflicts of doctrines between both schools of thoughts. We write with the hope, that these subjects put together will help our readers to understand for themselves, which school of thought is ordained of God and which Brother Branham established in 1963, and supported until the time of his departure. We also hope that this work will afford message believers to examine the school that they are identified with, and quickly change their position if they are in the wrong school.

This booklet is given free of charge [freewill contributions are accepted to cover printing and postage costs] and may be reproduced by believers of the message of Malachi 4: 5-6, but strictly without alterations in any form. We would like to give authorization for translation of this book into different languages; however, we would like to be informed of such, and would like copies of the same for approval prior to any further distribution of the same. We also apologize for any typographical errors in this booklet.

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