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Introduction to Book 4

The number of Heresies exposed over the past year, 2001, compiled in Books, One, Two and Three, under the title of “Exposition of Damnable Heresies”, brings to light how the false anointed ones in the end time, perverted the Message of Malachi 4, like the Serpent did in Eden and the Nicolaitan seducers in Revelation Chapters 2 & 3, and Acts 20:28-30. We conclude that as long as there is a Devil, there will be heresies and books will be compiled against them. Our compilation of Books can be consulted to trace the histories of these heresies and exposition of their errors.

We feel obligated to publish these articles to make known the works of the Antichrist and Nicolaitan seducers around the Message of the Hour. Being well disguised, the Antichrist and the Nicolaitan, even by grievous wolves, entered the most eminent but efficacious agents, the camouflaged champions of the Devil, working to take the souls of men to hell and the Lake of Fire.

The aims and objectives of each book are as follows:-

1. For the edification of the Bride worldwide
2. To give an answer to those who have projected such heresies
3. To equip all those who contend for the promises and faith of God, delivered to us by Brother William Branham, God's Servant and Prophet.

As the time draws to the End the subject on heresies is not exhausted and even though we have already dealt with many heretical articles, there is still need to add a few pages to what was already done. Our new addition will be entitled, "Exposition of Damnable Heresies - Five Major Doctrinal Divisions - Book Four." It will be based upon irrefutable documents, publications, popular Ministers/Writers, most of whom are Message Believers.

The testimonies, quotations and proofs used in defying the heretical articles constitute a crushing indictment which no Minister, Church or Congregation has tried to disprove. On the contrary Ministers from around the World have communicated with us, expressing what a blessing these expositions were to them.

Exposition of Damnable Heresies - Five Major Doctrinal Divisions - Book Four, is a compilation of heretical articles taken from magnetic recording that were exposed at various gatherings at Bethel - Trinidad. During these gatherings of Message Believers from several Churches, one of our main Minister was Brother Dalton Bruce. He preaches the Revelation of the Message of William Branham, God's Elijah, fulfilling Malachi 4:5&6, Revelation 10:7 and Revelation 3:14.

This booklet is given free of charge [freewill contributions are accepted to cover printing and postage costs] and may be reproduced by believers of the message of Malachi 4: 5-6, but strictly without alterations in any form. We would like to give authorization for translation of this book into different languages; however, we would like to be informed of such, and would like copies of the same for approval prior to any further distribution of the same. We also apologize for any typographical errors in this booklet.

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