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            E.O.D.H. Book 14 has infallibly proven, by the written Word and statements of the prophet, Malachi 4:5-6, in no uncertain terms, that the Church Bride must of necessity have a final outpouring of the Spirit for Rapture power. Also that the translation of the church is a separate work of grace from the Rapture, though they are closely intertwined. The apostle Paul established the translation in 1 Corinthians 15, and the Rapture of the church in 1 Thessalonians 4. The heresy which states that the Rapture started in 1963 was undeniably exposed.


                The time and season for the fulfillment of God’s promise have dawned upon the Christian Church and many message ministers and believers are now awakened to the reality, of the necessity of another Outpouring of the Holy Ghost before the Rapture. Many now understand that the prophet, Elijah, Malachi 4:5-6, emphasized this most important fact and requirement, throughout his ministry.


This work seeks to further dissolve the existing doubts and fears and to remove the shadows which looms over the minds of sincere children of God, since some are not sure of this vital doctrine, and are halted between opinions after reading E.O.D.H. books which have highlighted God’s promised Outpouring of the Holy Ghost, around the world, for several years, saying that it’s an absolute necessity for the translation of the Bride Church.


                Others who accepted the teachings of the prophet, upon the subject, are ignorant of God’s plan and program for its fulfillment to the Church. More are included upon that subject, unbelievers who preach that “all is over since the departure of the prophet” and flatly deny the promised outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Bride’s revival and future manifestations of the Spirit were proven wrong by the teachings of the prophet.


                Without a revelation of the promised Outpouring of the Spirit, some believe and teach that there is to be a great outpouring of the Spirit upon the Bride, at the instance of the translation and Rapture. Because of this misconception, they deny the power of God, in any kind of supernatural manifestation, prior to the rapture.


                This work proves that the outpouring is not coming only at the instance of the translation and Rapture, but that Christ is coming to be first glorified in His Bride upon earth, before the Rapture, by a ministry of judgment.

This misconception is a heresy, formulated by Satan, and propagated by his servants, and false anointed ones, to keep the Church powerless and earthbound. But it shall not prevail.


Some answers to several questions are employed to stop the mouths of critics and opposers of God’s promised outpouring.

                2 Thessalonians 1:7-9 <And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power; When he shall come to be glorified in his saints, and to be admired in all them that believe (because our testimony among you was believed) in that day.>


Quote W.M.B.: 324-2 In the ministry of John the "hearts of the fathers were turned to the children"… But it does not say that the hearts of the children were turned to the fathers. That is yet to take place. The hearts of the last day children will be turned back to the Pentecostal fathers… Then will be brought forth the message that God has given him in the Word to turn the people back to truth and the true power of God. Laodicean Church Age  -  Church Age Book Cpt.9.


Quote:  E-20    Yeah, and it might not be just one person. But it'll be a message in the church. The Holy Spirit in the church to swing that faith back again to the original faith. That's right. For he will turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers. The first time he turned the heart of the fathers to the children, this time the hearts of the children to the fathers. See? Taken the faith that the fathers had and placed it over here on the children, the one that's just then coming in. And this time he's to take that same faith, 'cause they got away from the original faith, and he's going to turn the faith of the children back to the fathers, the Pentecostal fathers. Another Acts 2, that's right, another one.  Abraham's Covenant Confirmed 61-0210.


                Included in this work are the messages of ministers from Grace Covenant Church U.S.A., who were born and grown up under the inspiration of the revivalist and martyr, Robert Lee Lambert. In addition to such wonderful messages, which declare a final outpouring of the Spirit to come for rapture power, is a most marvelous sermon on “Power for service”, preached by the pastor: Robert Lambert, in the year 1970. This proves that the doctrine of another outpouring, which is highlighted in this work, is not a fabrication by Dalton Bruce and other ministers of the Caribbean; but one that has its roots deeply embedded in the scriptures and the message of Malachi 4: 5-6, and confirmed to us by the first martyr and others that heard him. Amen!



On Sunday morning, September 1, 1963, Brother William Marrion Branham preached a sermon entitled, “The Token,” of which he said that it was the “highlight message” of his entire ministry, the message “that’s needed to follow those Seven Seals.”  (Desperation, September 1, 1963, pm, Par. 9 and 28). 

Brother Branham, who went to be with the Lord on December 24, 1965, was a man believed by many hundreds of thousands of people around the world to embody the fulfillment of Bible prophecy pointing to a return of Elijah, the prophet, before “the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” Other Scriptures describe his ministry: Revelation 3:14, as the messenger to the Laodicean (Seventh) Church age, and Revelation 10:7, the seventh angel.  His thirty-three year ministry was highlighted by many thousands of healings and miracles in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, India, Finland, Germany and Switzerland.  In one service in South Africa, there were over thirty thousand converts to Christianity from various pagan cults.

During the presentation of his sermon on “The Token,” Brother Branham said several things in explanation: “That’s the message of the hour.  That’s the message of this day.  That’s the message of this time.  In the Name of Jesus Christ, receive it.” (Par. 37-3).  Further, he exhorted the Branham Tabernacle, “Pastor Neville, and to this congregation, trustees, deacons, to you brethren, it’s time that we laid aside all the foolishness of the world, time we laid aside everything else.  We’ve seen enough now, that we’re positive, sure, and the Token must be applied.  Without it, you’re going to perish; you must perish.  That is the only thing.  Oh, don’t come together, say, ‘I believe it.’  Get beneath it.  Get into it.  How to do it?  By one Spirit we’re baptized into the Body of Jesus Christ.”  (Par. 35-3)

There was, however, one man who attended the services that day who took Brother Branham’s message to heart and recognized the necessity for an Outpouring of Power upon the end time Church that would place the people in position to be able to take the Gospel, with Power and demonstration, throughout the world.  This Power would come through a second Pentecost and would set a ministry in order that would prove by signs and wonders the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and prove that He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.  This one man was the revivalist, Robert Lee Lambert, whose story has briefly been told in the book, “The First Martyr For The Message Of Malachi 4:5-6.”  [Available in English and in Hindi, from Bethel (The House of God); address at the end of this book.]

The man we call, “Brother Bob,” was also part of a group that had been hunting in Colorado just before Brother Branham was given authority to call for a major snowstorm to cease.  Brother Bob knew that it is not in the power of a man to do such things, but that this was the Token on display.  He made “The Token” the theme of his own ministry until the day he died.  He often said that every time he came to the pulpit, he would “prove the Token message one more time.”

Following his unusual conversion and call to the ministry in 1959, there began a period of training that included sitting under William Branham’s teaching, hearing and taking notes on his messages for twelve to fourteen hours per day, and a long series of frequent moves, culminating in his taking a post as pastor of a small “Message” church in Connecticut in March 1967.  Here, he began preaching holiness standards that the prophet had taught but that few among his followers adhered to.  And he began teaching that there must be another Pentecost, another Outpouring of Power, and a revival for the Bride of Christ, without which the Church could never go in a rapture.  He proved his sermons by the types and shadows in the Bible, by the parables that Jesus taught, and by many hundreds of quotations from Brother Branham’s sermons, and stood firmly against the heresies that had begun to grow among “Message” believers.  The Presence of the Lord was attendant in his services.

Although never very large, Brother Bob’s congregation began to grow as people learned of his stand upon the Word of God and as they began to move to Connecticut from Tennessee, New Hampshire, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and Arkansas.  In 1970, he traveled to Trinidad, West Indies, to investigate reports of a revival in progress.  Finding the reports to be greatly exaggerated, he, nevertheless, met with several “Message” ministers and immediately established a rapport with Brother Dalton Bruce, a young minister who was not a pastor at that time, but who was influential in preaching the message of Malachi 4:5-6 to several congregations. Brother Bob subsequently foreseen a strong congregation grow under his ministry. Brother Bruce preached (and continues to preach) high holiness standards and a coming Bride’s revival with a return to original Pentecost.

Brother Bob never relaxed his stand on holiness or his preaching on a coming move of God in Power until he died in martyrdom, the victim of an assassin’s tool in 1973. 

Nineteen seventy-nine marked the beginning of a series of (almost) annual visits from the ministry and members of the congregation at Trinidad to encourage and edify the church.  Many of the Connecticut assembly visit the people in Trinidad to commemorate the opening of the Seals—The Open Book Memorial—in March each year at the same time Brother Branham preached the Seals messages.

The worship and preaching services in Connecticut at Grace Covenant Church and in Trinidad at Bethel (The House Of God) are attended by the Presence of God.  Many young men, in training as musicians, song leaders, deacons and ministers, are being taught the principles of the Doctrine of Christ so that they can stand fast against the error, false doctrine, private interpretation, private opinion, and heresy that has grown up among the followers of the message of William Branham.

In the year 2000, a book was prepared from sermons preached by various ministers in Trinidad for distribution in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and around the world to ministers following Brother Branham’s message.  This book, “Exposition of Damnable Heresies—Bars of Interpretations,” created an immediate sensation.  Responses were strongly appreciative. Many ministers in Africa, India and The Philippines have welcomed the books as handbooks to assist in their own ministry.  Since 2000, thirteen additional E.O.D.H books have been published in addition to the “First Martyr” book mentioned above. The expositors in these books have treated every major heresy among Branham followers and many minor heresies, as reported to them from time to time from “Message” followers around the world, using the Scriptures together with selected quotations from the sermons of William Branham.

In July 2005, there was a meeting held at Grace Covenant Church in Connecticut that was attended with many blessings and the Presence of the Spirit.  Foreign ministers along with ministers from the local congregation, preached a series of sermons, all having to do with the expected and anxiously awaited Outpouring of Power by the Holy Spirit that will set the Church in order, commission witnesses to go forth in Power (as did Saint Paul), and place in each believer the Faith required to go in the rapture of the Saints.  All these sermons included Scriptural references, further supported with statements made at various times throughout the life of William Branham. 

Realizing that believers around the world could be encouraged and strengthened by these messages, the local pastor, Brother Kenneth McGahee, with the assistance of the other ministers and many helpers in the local assembly, decided to publish the sermons as the next in the series of books on “Expositions Of Damnable Heresies” or “Book 14.” Pastor Dalton Bruce preached several additional sermons upon the same subject and under the same Inspiration in Trinidad.  These also are incorporated into this work.

It is our sincere desire that all who read this book will be fired with the same anticipation and joy that accompanied the delivery of the messages.  If there be some readers who have previously been misled concerning the end time Bride’s revival and the coming of Power, we hope that you will carefully and prayerfully consider the statements made here and research for yourself the message of Brother Branham to see whether these things be true.  We will be happy to hear from any who would like to share their reaction or to ask any questions.  Our addresses are found in the back of this book. The ministers of Grace Covenant Church.

          Your servants for Christ sake


            This book is free of charge, to all Believers of third world countries and the underprivileged. Europeans, U.S.A., and Canadian citizens should purchase copies through our website. This book may be reproduced or translated but, written permission must be obtained from E.O.D.H and the Author.


          Written & Published By Pastor Kenneth McGahee And Associate Pastor Gerald Renner In January 2006, Based Upon Messages Preached By Brother Dalton Bruce In July 2005 And The Ministers Of Grace Covenant Church, Connecticut U.S.A.