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Sister Cynthia Seebrat, wife of Pastor Daniel Seebrat, departed this life and went to be with the Lord on July 26th 2005, at 52 years of age. Her husband, Pastor Seebrat, is an associate minister at Bethel and one of the editors of E.O.D.H. publication.
Cynthia Seebrat's experience carried her beyond the curtain of time, a few days before her departure, which she verbally related to her husband, children and also nurses at intervals, concerning several things and people which she had seen.
She was converted to Christianity from Hinduism at the age of 16 in late 1968. She was married in 1969. She gave up her teaching job in a secondary school to be a faithful wife and mother of six children.
In 1972, she with others heard the ministering of God's great servant, Brother Robert Lambert. Since that time, she with her husband and children fellowshipped at Bethel -The House of God, Freeport, Trinidad, pastored by the editor of E.O.D.H. publication. She served faithfully in Bethel's Tape and E.O.D.H. book Library. She was hard working and dutiful. Her husband described her as a remarkable jewel whose splendor shone far and wide.
Her departure was mysterious and untimely. She led a holy and moral life, dressed right and lived right. However, she manifested some imperfection, which she did not overcome, but repented with tears for many years and even on her dying bed. Her pastor perceived that the Lord took her home in his mercy, to edify the family. Nevertheless, she was granted a most remarkable experience of the hereafter. We trust that it will be a blessing to many around the world. Pastor Seebrat and her children stated as follows:


A few days ago, before Cynthia's departure, she was saying, "I am thinking of the other side, I have done my duty. I have nothing in my conscience to condemn me or to hinder my prayers. Tell them thanks."
On Friday 22nd July 2005, she was saying to the children and I, "When? How long? I am tired and weary; I am ready." She was doing much better and her physical health was much improved. But on the morning of Saturday 23rd July 2005, we met her in a different condition. Sitting on her bed, looking and pointing upward, she asked several times, "Do you all see the brook?" We said, "What brook?" Then she said very slow and plain, "The Brook. I see the brook with water". Then she told Lisa, her daughter, "You will have to catch up with me?" Lisa said, "Why? Are you leaving?" She said, "You will see; just wait and see; you will have to follow me. I am going home." Then, while her sons were there, she looked to all of us and said, "Are you all going too?" - We told her we will follow, and then with her eyes closed, in a calm manner, she was speaking in an answering or greeting tone, "OK, OK, OK, YES, YES, YES." Then she opened her eyes and said, "They are smiling and laughing." She then said to Lisa, "Help me get dressed to go." Lisa said, "Where are you going?" She said, "I am going home." Then she began pleading with Lisa, "Lisa, let me go, please let me go home." Lisa told her, "You go on, and wait for me; I will come and meet you some-day." She then said, "YES"
On Sunday 24th July, early in the Morning, her first words were, "Thank you Lord, thank you Lord, thank you." She said again, "Tell them thanks. I see heaven, I see angels. I am ready. Thanks for everything. I see plenty nice things, and there is a place for all of you." She became distracted by loud voices near her bed and by anyone who showed tears or sadness and said, "No, No, No." Lisa would then whisper in her ear, "Do not worry, we are happy that you are going on with Jesus." And she would then say, "Yes, happy."
Then on Monday 25th July, her last day on earth, looking up, she was constantly saying, "Thanks, thanks, thanks." Pointing upward she said, "I see plenty flowers. I see people." And we asked who? She said, Brother Branham. Brother Bill, Sister Johnstone and Brother Bob Lambert-{Saints of CT. USA}. Brother Beharry, Brother Prima, Pastor Roy Deo, and her own mother -Saints of Bethel. She saw others but by thhis time, understanding her words was very hard. She expressed great excitement at the sight of Brother Bob and of her mother. Her face lighted up and her voice was strong at that instance.
During this entire day she asked us to sing. As we sang, Swing low sweet chariot, she looked out of the window and said, "YES". As we sang, "Sweet Hour of Prayer", when the words says, "In seasons of distress and grief", she said, "No, not in distress or grief." At the song, "Take the Name of Jesus With You", she again said, "NO". When the words say, "Child of sorrow and of woe." Lisa asked, "Do you mean that you are happy and there is no sorrow or distress?" And she said, "YES". Then her son Johnny began singing, "I'll meet you at the river" and she was shaking her head and saying, "Yes, yes, yes"
When we gave her Pastor Bruce's message from USA, Lisa asked, "Do you understand?" She said, "YES". It was a message of love and greetings from him and his family. She asked for songs about Heaven and for the Christian Hindi Hymns and Songs, and during these songs she was saying "Thanks and Yes", repeatedly. Her last words were, "Thanks, "Thanks."
Her husband, Pastor Seebrat, told her to close her eyes and rest, and that soon the angels will come to take her home. She closed her eyes and laid quietly, and calmly she left us for glory. Around us there was a sweet and calm presence. We thank God for it.
The staff of nurses, the doctors, some patients and even the security guards expressed love for her, they were in admiration of the faith that she held, and some often came to her bedside with prayer and singing. I pray that the Lord would save these people for their sincere care. Amen!


This dream was related by Brother Edward Mcshine, a song leader at Bethel, to the Pastor and several other people from the church, after he got ill, two months before he departed to be with the Lord. In his dream he saw his funeral service. The dream is as follows:

"I was standing behind the pulpit at Bethel church, testifying of the goodness of the Lord. I was singing the song, "Great is thy mercy". The Presence of the Lord was exceedingly strong, with a heavenly bliss and sweetness! The atmosphere seemed charged by the Holy Spirit. However, it was a funeral service. In front of the pulpit was a coffin. I, Mcshine, was lying dead in there. I saw my face only. After awhile, I saw it no more.
In my testimony I said, 'My son Sheldon would get the work at Sissons Paint Factory where I worked', and he was interviewed for a job. I spoke of the preparation of my legal documents, for the things that I owned being transferred to my family. I spoke about my family and their spiritual condition, and that they should correct their lives. I said that the Lord will tell Brother Bruce these things and he will come to the pulpit and confirm them.
I looked to my left near the pulpit area and saw a minister sitting on one of the ministers chair, where ministers usually sit before coming to the pulpit. I expected him to come to the pulpit, and instead of him it was the Lord Jesus Christ, who arose from the chair and was coming to the pulpit. I saw the face of the Lord. He had a beard, shoulder length hair and features which can only be described, as painted by the Artist, Mr. Huffman, which is very popular amongst the saints, and also hangs on the church wall. I backed off from the pulpit in humble adoration and reverence. This reminds me of an experience which I had once, when I was introducing the same minister to the pulpit. A godly fear and reverence came over me as I felt the supernatural Presence of Christ, insomuch that I could not turn my back to him, but reverently backed off from the pulpit until it was convenient for me to turn around and go to my seat. I awoke after this dream and wondered about the meaning."

The same minister had no word from the Lord concerning Mcshine's experience. He kept preaching faith to him and reminded him that he has no word from the Lord. Mcshine was high in faith, contentment, and willing to depart this life, if it was the will of the Lord. His favorite scripture, which he quoted, was taken from the book of Job; "Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him" (Job 13:15). Several people dreamt about his departure. However, on 22nd May at night, the minister was awakened by a dream in which he heard the voice of Brother Mcshine saying, "Brother-minister's name, that is the end of me." This was in a humble and final tone of voice and contentment.
Our precious Brother departed this life on 24th May, two days later. His legal documents were put in place and his son Sheldon did receive a job at "Sissons Paint", where Brother Mcshine worked. His wife and daughters have drawn closer to the Lord, even with some suffering. The Lord has shown Brother Mcshine great mercy. The Lord was great to him in saving his soul, before his departure to be with Him. Most of this dream came to pass and whatever is left to be fulfilled will also come to pass. The latter part of Brother Mcshine's dream confirmed that the Lord Jesus Christ is truly amongst his people, and is leading the saints of Bethel, each step of the way. The minister, does not attribute any special office to himself, but made this humble confession: "I am what I am by the Grace of God." Amen!