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For the Past years, many invitations have come to me and ministers of E.O.D.H. to minister overseas. Ministers who love their sheep and seek greener pastures for their flocks arranged meetings, being in high expectation for our coming to many states in Africa, India, Europe, the Philippines and more.
We were specially invited to annual ministers meetings. However, it is regrettable that we have failed such expectations, as we want to do only the will of the Lord and go where he bids us go. We did not mean to ignore such gracious invitations. We sincerely trust that our minister friends would keep their invitations open, until the perfect time and will of the Lord. We humbly apologize, if we failed to acknowledge certain invitations and do trust that this notice can serve as a reminder of our true intentions.
We are eager to have fellowship with the saints and to preach unto them the unsearchable riches of Christ, but await the perfect will of God for the right time and season. We request your sincere and fervent prayer as we wish to come to you in the power of the Holy Ghost.
"For our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Ghost, and in much assurance; as ye know what manner of men we were among you for your sake." (I Thessalonians 1:5).


Dear Precious saints, ministers and destitute ones; we take this liberty to let you know, as brothers, friends and laborers in the vineyard of God, the functions and purpose of our publication-E.O.D.H. You may better understand how we deal with foreign requests for the daily necessities of the saints, needs of churches, pastors, evangelists and other worthy requests.

We function as a publication, endeavoring to bring deliverance to many souls around the world and deliver from all heresies the ministers and believers of the message, who are trapped by false doctrines. We are a small, hated enterprise, having no financial support from message churches or believers, except from some who have embraced the purity of the message by E.O.D.H. As a result, our supporters are few and financially exhausted. Some have even gone to glory. All our funds are directed to printing, publication and posting. Tithes and offering are mostly employed in this project, because of faithful shepherds who do not demand wages, though they are worthy of it.
We have been unable to attend to the vast needs of millions of poor and famishing saints around the world. Thousands of requests came to us since the inception of our publication. Many of these requests are genuine and a lot were fraudulent. Impersonators of the message from overseas, adulterers, fornicators and supporters of heresies of Gan, Santiago, Vin Dayal, Coleman, E. Frank, F. Togonon and many more, made great requests for money for musical instruments, electronic equipments, motor vehicles, airfares, church building, radio broadcast and other supports. They requested books as a cover-up to hide their true identity and intentions.
It is regrettable that E.O.D.H. cannot meet the vast genuine needs of precious brethrens around the world. To do so, we will have to abandon our publication. However, some within our group were touched with the feelings of the poor and destitute saints and have donated some funds to individuals of their choice and also upon the discretion of their pastors. It is never enough and is like a drop of water in a great ocean of necessities and poverty. E.O.D.H. is financially exhausted. We apologize and are embarrassed that we cannot supply the financial needs of God's people. We also apologize, with great regrets, to say that we cannot supply the present requests, though they are genuine. We have stacks of such requests unattended for several years. If the Lord prospers E.O.D.H, we would notify the saints on one of our publications. Thank you for your understanding.
Your humble servants and representatives of E.O.D.H.


All questions on the Bible and the message of the prophet Malachi 4:5-6 are welcomed from around the world from message believers and even from people who belong to organizations. However, E.O.D.H does not claim to have all the answers to the Bible and the message of the prophet. We speak where the Bible and the message have spoken and are silent where they are silent. We seldom give suggestions on certain questions of which we do not have a scriptural answer.
Please be advised that if you have in your possession E.O.D.H. books, we expect you to search the index and see if your questions appear with the answers. Also, there is a general index of E.O.D.H. Books 1 to 13, provided in this book - Chapter 30. This will help us greatly, not to repeat the same answers to the same questions. Our new publication, E.O.D.H. Book 13, has a wide variety of questions upon many subjects. They were asked from around the world, answered in a most scriptural manner and are message based. Thank you for your kind co-operation and assistance in our labors of love. Amen.