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Exposition of Damnable heresies- E.O.D.H- the publishing arm of Bethel {The House of God} and her associate ministers and churches of the Caribbean, South America, United States, Germany, India, Africa, Philippines and other countries have written, Published and distributed twelve books and other literature in the past five years. Distributions were to more than one hundred countries.

Four hundred and eighty seven heresies of various kinds were exposed and many questions were answered. Heretics in high places and most popular around the world were exposed without favor or restraint. Such expositions have made some glad and many sad, even from the beginning. It came as a snare and nightmare upon heretics, who flourished with their heresies for decades and deceived thousands of message believers in many nations. Many heretics never imagined that such truths existed or such men of God could have been found upon the earth.

Many sincere ministers confessed by letters, that they have never seen, heard, nor experienced such fearless attitude and boldness of speech in exposing heresies around the message. Heretics with their heresies were rejected by the children of God in many nations. Ministers and their congregations have openly denounced popular heretics and now establish the truth and revelation of the message of Malachi 4:5-6. If such testimonies were to be published it will occupy several books.

Satan and his false anointed ones were exposed by the Word in such a manner, that they were put to silence. Most of them did not have the courage to defend their doctrines, and those who raged and were confident were defeated by the Word. The publication of such debate and gain saying of heretics, should not offend them or their disciples, as it is an opportunity to let message believers know, what they consider to be the truth. If they are offended, it is evident that they are ashamed of their defeat and their doctrine.

A most important work, and one of necessity, is included in this book. A topical index to E.O.D.H. books 1-13.

Written and published by Dalton Bruce-2005 July. Co-Authors: Daniel Seebrat & Ronald Jack.


This book entitled "7 thunders questions and answers and more -E.O.D.H Challenged" is a collection and documentation of questions and answers, relative to the 7th seal/7 thunders, asked by message believers over a period of time from around the world, and the answers given by the author and associate ministers. Many valuable questions and answers are also included on many other subjects. The majority of questions derived from sincere, humble and honest believers and ministers who asked with fervent desire to be edified that they may teach their flocks. They confessed and humbly admitted that the answers edified, blessed and delivered them from heresies. For the privacy of such children of God, their questions are documented in an impersonal manner.

Some questions were asked by make believers for strife and debates against the truth, even as the gain sayings of Korah and his company, typical to false thunders preachers and proselytes. Others asked in opposition to E.O.D.H in a crafty and cunning manner endeavoring to catch the Author in his words. However, by God's grace, the Lord delivered him out of all such satanic snares and helped him to expose their craftiness and heresies. Questions asked and the answers given to some deceitful workers are documented in a personal manner to expose the spirit of antichrist with a hope to deliver the sheep from such hirelings. Several warnings were given to such men to repent. They refused to humble their hearts. E.O.D.H. is left with only one option and that is to expose such heretics with their heresies.

Included in this work are crafty and satanic attacks upon the truth and God servants. Heretics were defeated by the word and breath of the Lord. I term such attacks "white horse tactics". Under the message, men who are afraid to openly challenge E.O.D.H use such devices of Satan. "For we are not ignorant of his devices." {II Corinthians 2:11}

Many new heresies are exposed which were formulated by popular and non popular men around the message