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Questions Nos. 452 to 474B


Question # 452: "Is the order of the seals 1,2,3,4,7,5,6? Will the 7th seal follow the 4th seal {or} 7th seal follow the 6th seal? Please explain to me the numerical order of the seven seals? I think the sixth seal is the end seal, and then the 7th seal comes between 4 and 5."

E.O.D.H. Answer: Yes my brother, you are correct in your numerical order of the opening of the Seals. The seventh sea/seven thunders holds the second coming of Christ for the rapture. The fifth seal is the redemption of the Jews, and the sixth seal is the tribulation period, which comes only after the rapture.

Question # 453: "What is the perfect understanding of Revelation 10:7 since people say there are mysteries yet in the Bible which were not revealed by Brother Branham?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: Revelation 10:7 was sent to reveal the mysteries that were recorded in the book, not the seven thunders that were not written. He revealed only what God revealed to him. Such mysteries pertain to the church of Christ; only enough for her redemption in the end time. Gan and others who tried to exalt themselves, try to find things in the Bible that they do not understand and which Brother Branham never spoke about, to fit themselves into the picture. Revelation 10 said he will finish the mystery but never specified that he would reveal every single mystery.

Question # 454: "Who is the sealing angel?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: Christ is the Sealing Angel (Messenger).
"I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire…" (Matthew 3:11). In Malachi 3, He is called the Messenger or Angel of the Covenant; He was with the children of Israel under Moses. He is Michael, the Archangel. (Daniel 12:1).

Question # 455: "Why say He is the 'Mighty Angel' of Rev. 10:1?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: Matthew 3, John the Baptist said He was mightier than he, thus He was a MIGHTY Messenger, which means greater than the forerunner. Revelation 10:1 is Christ. He is greater than Malachi 4:5-6. He is the Sealing Angel that is getting ready to go to Israel to seal 144,000; Revelation chapter 7.
These things are controversial doctrines to preachers that look at these things on the surface, but it goes way deeper than their thoughts. As you go along you will understand better, why we must have a Sealing Revival like the Day of Pentecost.

Question # 456: "When He swore that time should be no more, what does it mean?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: This happened at the Opening of the Seals (pages 74-75). That was Seven Church Ages time sworn away and a New Day started which is an Eternal Age or Bride Age. The Seven Thunders belong to that New Age, not the Seven Church Ages.

Quote W.M.B.: 31-5 "Seven days... shall you offer... offerings made of fire unto the LORD: on the eighth day shall be a holy convocation... Now, we got an eighth day…The eighth day are what? Back to the first day. Why, it speaks of eternity, as she rolls around without a stopping place." (Future Home 64-0802).

Quote: 33-1 "Seven days is (watch) which pass away…Eight days deals with new creation…Jesus raised from the dead for our justification on the eighth day. After the seven sabbaths or seven days, seven Church Ages, Jesus raised from the dead. Eighth day, which is a holy convocation (See?), which is the first day." (Future Home 64-0802).

Question # 457: "Please, is it true that the Angel in Revelation 10, having one foot on sea and the other on land, means universal?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: No, that represented the coming of Christ. It has to be where the Seals were opened. It has to be United States, the Lord identifying where that ministry will be, before it goes to the Jews. All ministries have their special place on earth to stand; even Jesus and John came to one place on the earth; the land of Judea. Therefore, all who claim the ministry of Revelation 10:1 in foreign lands are impersonators.

Question # 458: "In Book 9 you quoted 'Future Home' on question 3 and 'Proving His Word' on question 4. Can you please give me the pages so I can read them in the Sermon book? I will be grateful."

E.O.D.H. Answer: 
Quote W.M.B.: "You think that little noise out here in Tucson was something, when He opened the six seals, that shook the country around about and caused the talk, wait till this earth receives her baptism!"(Future Home 1964 page 26-5).

Quote: "The seventh angel was to open the sixth seal mystery." (Proving His Word 1964, paragraph 270).

Question # 459: "If there are three comings of Christ; where do you place Revelation 10.1?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: There are three comings of Christ. Revelation 10:1 is just one phase of His second coming. There are three phases in His second coming (1Thessalonians 4:16). However, that great mystery was hidden under the Seventh Seal and will be broken to the public very soon. It starts in secret somewhere.

Question # 460: "I learnt that there is a difference between the appearing and coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that the appearing is taking place now."

E.O.D.H. Answer: As Brother Branham explained, the appearing of the Lord was his ministry, and that he was expecting the coming of the Lord later. It is hidden in the Seven Thunders. This is yet to be revealed to the public. W.M.B said as follows:

Quote W.M.B.: "Now, when that Angel of the Lord came to Abraham, there in the time before the destruction, now, that was God appearing in human flesh. And Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the coming of the Son of man." As it was in the days of Lot... He give the morals of what they were doing in the days of Noah.
In the days of Lot, watch that Messenger to Abraham. Watch the messengers to Lot and the nominal church. Just, "Come out, come out," and Abraham pleading for them. Notice, the Angel, God, Elohim, appearing in a form of human flesh shows that Elohim in the last days will appear, not the coming of Christ, but the appearing of Christ in human flesh in His church, making His same signs and things that He did, and hasn't done it in the church for two thousand years (See?): the appearing of the Lord." (Perseverance 62-0608)

Question #461 : "And now, little children, abide in him; that, when he shall appear, we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before him at his coming."(I John 2:28). What do you say about this Scripture, 1 John 2: 28?"

E.O.D.H. Answer:  There is an appearing of the Lord Jesus in the Heaven for the Rapture at His second coming. The appearing of the Lord in the ministry of Malachi 4:5-6, with signs and wonders, is different.

Question # 462: "Please explain 1Thess. 4:16? What is the shout and voice? Is there a difference between the Lord descending and His coming?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: 
Quote W.M.B.: 141 "The first thing come when He starts descending from the heaven, there's a shout. What is it? It's a Message to get the people together. A Message comes forth first. Now, "Lamp trimming time. Rise and trim your lamps." What watch was that? The seventh, not the sixth, the seventh. "Behold the Bridegroom cometh. Rise and trim your lamps." And they did. Some of them found they didn't even have any oil in their lamp. See? But it's lamp trimming time. It's Malachi 4 time when you come... It's Luke 17." (The Rapture 65-1204).

Quote: 152 "…the first thing is a shout, and then a voice, and then a trumpet. Shout, a messenger getting the people ready... The second is a voice of the resurrection. The same voice that, a loud voice in St. John 11:38 and 44 that called Lazarus from the grave. Getting the Bride together, and then the resurrection of the dead (See?), to be caught up with it… Now, the third thing is a trumpet, which always at the Feast of Trumpets is calling the people to the feast; and that'll be the Bride's supper, the Lamb's supper with the Bride in the sky.
See, the first things comes forth is His Message calling the Bride together. The next thing is a resurrection of the sleeping Bride, the one that's died back in the other ages. They're caught together, and the trumpet, the feast in the heavens--in the sky. Why, that's the thing that takes place, friends." (The Rapture 65-1204).

Question # 463: "Concerning the 'shout' beginning at 1963, there are quotes before 1963 when W.M.B. preached the Seals and said the Message has done gone. Also very important messages were preached before 1963. So what do you say about these issues I have raised? I hope like Paul you do remember me in this part of the world."

E.O.D.H. Answer: Yes, I do agree with you that Brother Branham preached very important messages before 1963. In fact, the messages he preached were needful and timely for the edification of the church. Their importance cannot be overemphasized. Every quotation that can be taken out from the messages has its rightful place. We must remember that he was preaching to organizations, and hidden within his messages were bride material. Nevertheless, the opening of the Seals was absolutely for the Bride of Christ under a New Covenant. I hope you have Book 11; it will give you additional information. The messages on the Exposition of the Seven Church Ages were preached in 1960. The messages on the Book of Hebrews and Conduct, Order and Doctrine were preached before, and we can see how important they are to us today. Some say, only what the prophet preached after the seals is right. That is a heresy. All revelations preached by the prophet before the seals, are also right.

Question # 464: "Some teach that the shout began in 1963. I believe this is false. What do you say? Please, quotes and Scriptures will be very much appreciated."

E.O.D.H. Answer: "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first." (1Thessalonians 4:16).
Quote W.M.B.: 75 "A "shout," what is a "shout"? It's the Message going forth first, the living Bread of Life bringing forth the Bride." (The Rapture 65-1204).

Quote: 82 "The first thing come when He starts descending from the heaven, there's a shout. What is it? It's a Message to get the people together." (The Rapture 65-1204).

Quote: "Shout, a messenger getting the people ready...I say it because it's Life, because I'm responsible to God for saying it. And I must say it. And my Message... All the time knowing back there under healing and so forth like that, was just to catch the people's attention, knowing the Message would come. And here it is." (The Rapture 65-1204 Page 88-90).
1 Thessalonians 4:16 records three stages of His coming: the Shout, theVoice and the Trumpet. The Shout is a Message. It is the same as the "midnight cry" in Matthew 25. The Lord descended in a Shout to open the Seals.

Question # 465: "What is parousia? I am not conversant with the spelling. (Something like, 'appearing of Christ')."

E.O.D.H. Answer: Parousia, from the original translation, means presence. There are many false doctrines, which are based upon the interpretation of this word. There are many factions who differ with each other on interpretations.
Some are using this word Parousia, to teach the heresy that Christ is not coming in a physical form the second time, but only in His third coming. This is totally contrary to the Scriptures.

Question #466 : "What is parousia and how does it help the Bride?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: In Christianity, parousia means the presence of Christ. In the Greek language parousia means "presence," and in the ancient Greco-Roman world, it referred to official visits by royalties. It was appropriated by Christians as a specialized term for Jesus' glorious presence on earth.
Some people do not believe in the physical return of Jesus Christ. They are wrong, because of heresies on the word, "Parousia".
Quote W.M.B." "Now, the next thing happens, is when it's all gathered up into that one Person, Jesus Christ, Bride and Body at the physical return of the Lord Jesus." (Christ revealed in His own Word 65-0822M P: 101).

Quote: "Well, there's many of us Protestants across the country don't believe in the physical resurrection. Hundreds of churches don't believe in that, the physical return, or anything. See? I believe in the literal birth, death, burial, resurrection, second coming, all in Christ. I believe that He's fully Christ. The same Jesus taken up, the same Jesus will return. And I believe in the Person of the Holy Ghost." (Perseverance 62-0218 P:132).

Quote: "He's to return back into His church in physical form, in the people, in human beings, in the way of being a prophet." (Does God change His mind 65-0427 P:52).

Quote: "He'll send Jesus Christ the second time. He will come in a physical form. He will claim His own. There will be one thousand years' millennium reign upon this earth with Him with the redeemed." (Patriarch Abraham the 64-0207 P:6).

Quote: "And now, I believe that He will come physically in a body form someday, the same Jesus, went away." (Personal experience with God 54-0724 P:41).
"Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord." (Acts 3:19).
The times of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord. Refreshing is reviving. You will be refreshed and refreshed until the final refreshing, which is another outpouring of the Holy Ghost. In this presence you are changed, by another outpouring of the Holy Ghost, will prepare you for the rapture. "But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you. (Romans 8:11).

Question # 467: "I know W.M.B. was to forerun the coming Word, which is Christ. What is the composition of the written mystery which he is to restore?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: Revelation 10:7 states clearly what mysteries are to be revealed by that ministry of the Seventh Angel and Malachi 4:5-6. The composition is from Genesis to Revelation, as such mysteries were written in the Bible and declared by the prophets, which they never understood, example Daniel 12. He said, "I saw, but I understood not." The disciples did not understand all of the parables and none understood the Book of Revelation. The mystery of God written in the pages of the Bible was revealed to Brother Branham. The only mystery that was not written in the Book was the coming of the Lord (Seventh Seal/Seven Thunders). I believe that you are fully convinced of what Brother Branham said on the Seals Book, that it is not revealed (page 567-578 Seals Book). Some mysteries were detailed by the prophet on the message 'Is this the sign of the end, sirs", 1962.

Question # 468: "In the Seventh Seal W.M.B. said there is a great one who will come after him. Who was he talking about? Some say it is another man. Some say it is Christ. I just received a tract that said it was Malachi 4, but he did not want to project himself as Malachi 4. They used Marriage and Divorce, paragraph 49 and other quotes to show the great one is W.M.B."

E.O.D.H. Answer: I guess you are referring to the seventh seal quotation that says, "I must decrease but he must increase." If we examine the quotation carefully, it annuls the idea that Brother Branham was thinking of himself; the same as John the Baptist was not speaking of himself when he used the same words. As for who this great person will be, the church may never know until the seventh seal is broken to the public. Brother Branham did not say who this great person is. So let us not try to venture out too far in trying to assume who he may be. I do believe when this person comes on the scene that the elect will recognize him. "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me." (John 10:27). All in all, it will be the ministry of Christ. God always uses human agency, but the glory goes to Him.
People try to put everything in Brother Branham until they make a resurrection doctrine, but God's ministry continues and there is a five-fold ministry and God will use other men.
On this question, it is a matter of waiting for that revelation to be made known. However, it starts in secret somewhere and will be broken to the public later. We must wait and see. One sure thing, that ministry will fit the 8 identifications of the Seven Thunders ministry (E.O.D.H Book 8), and it will work within the true program for the Seventh Seal/Seven Thunders (E.O.D.H. book 12).

Question # 469: "When was 1 Thessalonians 4:16 fulfilled? Is it connected with Luke 17: 30?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: It was only partially fulfilled. It is completely fulfilled when the resurrection and the rapture takes place. Yet, Luke 17:30 is connected with 1 Thessalonians 4:16. "Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed." (Luke 17:30). It speaks of the revealing of the Son of Man.

Quote W.M.B.: "Some say Brother Branham is the Son of man. I thought the Pillar of Fire was the Son of man. Am I mistaken?
Well, that's a good question, very good. But I am not the Son of man, but a son of man. There's quite a difference. Jesus Christ was the Son of man, the Son of God, the Son of man, the Son of David. Now, the reason that question probably was asked this person or been said, because people regard me as a seer, which I have never... I've got a question in here just blasting me on that. See? But I--I--I--you--you... When I read these questions you'll see why I answer things the way I do. Until I am definitely led to do something (See?), then I--I say what I must say. But that hour hasn't arrived. So I am not the--the--the anointed Son of man. I don't claim to be His prophet. Many times I've said it when I didn't think I said it, catch myself on the tape. But I say that sometimes, because if you want to give it in terms, a "prophet" is in the English term is merely "a preacher." Anybody knows that; get the dictionary. See? A "prophet' is "a preacher" under the English dictionary. But under the Hebrew or the Greek, a prophet is "a seer, one who foresees things and foretells things." But under the English interpretation, a prophet is "a seer."
So I don't want to call myself anything but your brother. I am your brother, and you just regard me as Brother Bill, or Brother Branham, or whatever you want to do about that. That--that's fine. That's--that's any... What you believe, keep that to yourself. You see?
I am not He; I am His servant. And the Pillar of Fire is not He; It's in Spirit form (See?) which was upon the Son of man and has come now to anoint sons of men, to bring back a ministry just exactly like He said it would be, in order for the Head and the rest of the Body to connect together. Just like the--like the pyramid as Enoch built. And we find in that pyramid, they never did get the headstone on it. Why? The Headstone's yet to come. The seven steps in the--in the pyramid... We'll go through that some day, and I'd just like to show you how it really is perfectly with the Scripture." (Questions And Answers COD 64-0823E P:52).

"For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:" (1Thessalonians 4:16).

The Lord descends with a Shout, a Voice and Trump. The message of William Branham was the Shout. By the Shout, the Seals Book was opened in 1963 and the Voice was released. (See 'The Rapture', WMB, on the shout and voice}.
It is erroneous to assume such an event on Mount Sunset. However, the Son of Man was revealed through Brother Branham from the above quotation on Questions and Answers. After the decease of the Prophet, He continues to be revealed and will do so until the Bride is raptured. The Son of man continues to be revealed after the rapture to the Jews through Moses and Elias.

Question # 470: "The Lord descended from heaven with a shout, the voice of the Archangel, and the trumpet of God." Will the voice of the archangel be the Seven Thunders? If it is so then what about the trumpet? Will the trumpet also sound under the Seven Thunders?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first." (1Thessalonians 4:16).

Quote W.M.B.: "The same voice that summoned John, "Come up," the same voice that said to John, "Come up," is the same voice that'll summons the church someday (Amen.), summons the church. Also, the same voice that summoned John to come up, is the same voice that summoned dead Lazarus out of the grave, that same voice of the archangel. Christ is the voice of the archangel, "voice of the archangel." See? Oh, that trumpet voice of Christ summoned John to come up, the same voice summoned Lazarus. Did you notice at the grave of Lazarus, He spoke with a loud voice. (Not just said, "Lazarus, come forth." [Brother Branham imitates weakness--Ed.]) "Lazarus, come forth!" It summoned him from the dead. And he answered, "Here am I." And he come from the dead, after he was dead and his body rotten. That same voice said to John, "Come up here; I'll show you some things that's fixing to happen." That same voice that shall sound when the dead in Christ rise, "For the trumpet..." The trumpet... What is a trumpet? The voice of Christ, the same One sounded and summoned him up." (Revelation chapter 4 pt 1 60-1231 P:76).

Question # 471: "What do you understand by the Day of the Lord?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet." (Revelation 1:10)

Quote W.M.B.: "First of all we find some fine folks that call the Lord's Day, the Sabbath Day, which to them is Saturday. Then there are the others who call the Lord's Day, Sunday, the first day of the week. But how could it be either of these days, or even the two put together, for John was in the Spirit receiving those visions for a period of two years. Actually what had happened was that John was caught up in the Spirit and transported into the Lord's Day, which is yet to come. The Bible speaks of the Day of the Lord which is to be in the future, and John is now seeing the things of that future day." (Church Age Book Chapter 2 - The Patmos Vision P:13)

Quote: "We know what the Lord's Day is not. If it is not Saturday or Sunday, what is it? Well, let's put it this way. Today is certainly not the Lord's Day. This is man's day. It is man's doing, man's work, man's church, man's idea of worship, man's everything, for it is man's world (cosmos). BUT THE DAY OF THE LORD IS COMING. Yes, it is. It is just that at this time of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, John was taken up by the Spirit and transported by the Spirit to that Great Day that is coming. The Lord's Day is when the days of man are over. The kingdoms of this world will then become the kingdoms of our God. The day of the Lord is when the judgments fall, and after that comes the millennium." (Church Age Book Chapter 2 - The Patmos Vision P: 21)

Certain denominations say that the Day of the Lord is Saturday while others say it is Sunday. It is neither. In Revelation 1:10 John was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day. John was seeing a vision of the future, so the Lord's Day is a future day from when John was in the vision.
It is not a twenty-four hour day. It is the Day of the Lord's coming, when He is coming in judgment.
There was a Lord's Day before, and that was when He came the first time. It had a beginning and an ending. It was a day when one could be born again, go up to Pentecost and receive the outpouring of the Holy Ghost. John the Baptist was the forerunner to that day. (Malachi 3:1-2). If one missed him, then he was going to miss the Lord's Day.
As it was then, so will it be in the future Lord's Day. It will have a beginning and an ending, and will also be a day of the born again experience and the receiving of the Holy Ghost as in Acts 2. Brother Branham foreran this day. He was the Elijah of Malachi 4:5&6, sent before the great and dreadful day of the Lord, God's Servant and Prophet to the Laodicean Church Age, which is man's day. It is very important not to miss this forerunner of our day and time. Missing him will amount to missing the Lord's Day and His coming the second time. If the Laodicean church age is man's day, then the day of the Lord is none other than the Bride's Age.

Question # 472: "Please, can you break down I Thessalonians 4:16 for me?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first…" (1 Thessalonians 4:16)
The prophet said only that much about the above scripture.

Quote W.M.B.: "Notice, from the 13th to the 16th verse there's three things that has to happen before the Lord Himself appears. (Quickly now so we can close. See?) The first thing happened, notice: a shout, a voice, a trumpet. Let's read it now and see if that's right. See? For the Lord himself... (16th verse)... shall descend from heaven with a shout, and with a voice of the archangel, and... the trump of God:... Three things happen, a voice--a shout, a voice, a trumpet, has to happen before Jesus appears. Now, a shout. Jesus does all three of them when He's--He's--He's descending. A "shout," what is a "shout"? It's the Message going forth first, the living Bread of Life bringing forth the Bride." (Rapture the 65-1204 P:7)

Quote: "Shout, a messenger getting the people ready... The second is a voice of the resurrection. The same voice that, a loud voice in St. John 11:38 and 44 that called Lazarus from the grave. Getting the Bride together, and then the resurrection of the dead (See?), to be caught up with it. Now, watch the three things take place. The next is what? was a trumpet. A voice--a shout, a voice, a trumpet. Now, the third thing is a trumpet, which always at the Feast of Trumpets is calling the people to the feast; and that'll be the Bride's supper, the Lamb's supper with the Bride in the sky." (Rapture the 65-1204 P:88)

Quote: "But this is my ministry (See?) to declare Him, that He's here." (Way to have fellowship 55-1009 P: 62)

Question #473 : "What will the Trumpet say? Will it say the same thing that the Voice is saying? (1Thessalonians 4:16). Is the ministry of the Son of Man fulfilled in different phases?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: My precious brother, it's a lot to explain, but I will give you the basics of this. John and Jesus came out of the land of Judea. The revealing of the Son of Man must come out of the same land; Christ promised to come from the East. Revelation 10:1 is supposed to be somewhere eastern United States, from whence the bride's revival comes. God used earthen vessels and we are looking for great things to come out from eastern United States. We must wait and see the unfolding of things, which are yet cloudy. I don't know about it all, myself.

Question #474: : Is Seventh Angel, which flew towards the eastern part of U.S.A., the Theophany of the Lord Jesus Christ? Will this Angel meet any man upon the earth since he has the secret of the Seventh Seal?

E.O.D.H. Answer: : "And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices." (Revelation 10:3)
You are a little bit confused about angels and theophanies. An angel is not a theophany. They are different. The notable angel that held the seventh seal is Christ. And Revelation 10:1 says that out of his mouth came forth the seven thunders. The Bible calls that one an angel and not a theophany.
Now, let me say that the one who holds the seventh seal and the one who is to broadcast the seven thunders on earth, are the same one. So it could not be a theophany. It was Christ, the covenant angel.
Man fell because of transgression. To redeem man back to his original state God became a man to bleed and die to restore fallen man. God could have chosen the moon, the sun or any other thing to preach the redemption story to fallen man, but He chose man to preach to man to restore him. So God works through human agency. To reveal the seals, one to six, God used human agency. To reveal the seventh seal He will not break His order of doing things.

Question # 474B: "Some argue that the mighty angel never came down in 1963 since the thunders are not yet revealed. What do you say?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: Some of these answers will appear on book 13. Seals page 74-75 settles the matter. Brother Branham said he descended upon land and sea at the event of the seals, with an open book in His hand. Those who say that has no revelation. Jesus was on the earth for thirty years and only a few people knew. In the same manner Christ has not yet revealed Himself in that ministry. The seven thunders will reveal his coming, so it ties together.