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Extended Exposition Of Heretical Articles Nos. 301, 306, 308 & 316


This article confirms that the Book (New Ministry of William Branham impersonated) which was written by Defectors, against Pastor Vindayal's heresies, in the year 2000, and later incorporated in E.O.D.H. (Exposition of Damnable Heresies) Books 8 & 12, is nothing but the truth, and has further proven that the spirit upon the "Spotless Lamb" is a lying spirit, and that he has indeed laid claims to Christ's end time ministry. However, E.O.D.H. will first address his latest attack, on the following articles, and later quote his own words, indicating that he is God in flesh.


An article, which bears the email address "", was brought to my notice by a sheep of my flock. From whence it came and by whom it was sent, I am uncertain. Is this the Indian chief authority of the West, the five star general, arriving on a lame donkey after 5 years to challenge E.O.D.H, or is it one of his throne guards?

Whoever it is, they have arrived much too late. Vindayal has not revived from his last exposition in the year 2000. Has he possibly sent his throne guards in his title: "the spotless lamb"? However, their attack on E.O.D.H. is weaker than dishwater or the broth made from the shadow of a chicken starved to death.

The contents of the pamphlet is endeavoring to identify and expose some assumed errors in our most recent publication, E.O.D.H. Book 12, which thoroughly exposed Vin and other false prophets, antichrists, false anointed ones and perverters of the end time message. Pastor Vindayal's assumption of Christ's end time ministry was exposed, proving that he is not the revealer of the unknown language of the seven thunders, the chief authority from the west, white horse rider, five star general, led by a two hundred pound angel, Joshua commission, spotless lamb, and other such nonsense. Where in the scriptures was a heretic ever called of God to straighten errors or correct true servants of God on the Word of God?

The mysterious pamphlet addressed us in a pretendedly humble and brotherly manner as "Dear brothers". This is after popular opinion from the "Third Exodus Assembly", pastored by Vindayal, blasphemously stated that Bethel is worse than the Catholic Church etc., and referred to our E.O.D.H. publication as "Evil books." It expresses gross hypocrisy.

By identifying these few assumed errors, they automatically admitted that the rest of this publication is true, which includes an entire chapter that exposed Vindayal's false claims. We noticed that the author never attempted to defend Pastor Vin's heresies, because it is impossible to do so. He and his throne guards have the congregation fooled by lies, that his lack of opposition to E.O.D.H. is expressing Vindayal's humility and Christ-like character. Has he lost his humility and 7 virtues by this attack? Not so saints at the 'Exodus'. He is defeated by the Word. He has indeed laid claims upon Christ's end time ministry, as established on E.O.D.H. books 4, 8 and 12. To date, Vin has not denied our exposition of his claims. His very song book verifies it. Therefore he cannot deny what we are saying concerning his claims on Christ's ministry. If Vin had any revelation of the Word and quotations of Brother Branham to refute the things that we have written, he would have done that within the five years that we continued to expose his heresies and false claims. In order to fight E.O.D.H., he must deny his claims on Christ's end time ministry and openly state to his congregation that he does not claim such ministry, and most importantly, that he has not indicated, or is presently doing the same on his messages. He does assume such a ministry. Sincere believers, who are deceived by Vindayal, should examine that closely instead of swallowing his cover-ups, such as: "people are jealous of him, him drinking the cup that was prepared for him, and this is his crucifixion and rejection before his glorification."

The pamphlet is in support of Parnell's and company's heresies. Thus they believe the same heresies. We also noted that the defense is composed strictly of quotations, of the prophet, for which they have a perverted understanding as they do on the trumpets, seventh seal/seven thunders, blood off the mercy seat, latter rain, headstone, New Name, Bride's revival etc.

There are no comments and proper identification because they are afraid of further exposition from E.O.D.H., since a first defense in the year 2000, was sent by Vindayal on tape, by the hand of his chief throne guard, and it was used by God called men to further expose him. It was published under the title: "New ministry of William Branham impersonated", and the contents later incorporated into E.O.D.H. Book 8. Since that time, Vin wisely crawled into his hole. Is he secretly reading E.O.D.H. Books? After five years, Vindayal has now mustered the courage to poke his head out, cautiously emerging, with uncertainty and fear, now that he thinks that he has gotten a point against the truth.

It is understood that precious and beloved brothers and sisters of the message, under Vindayal's ministry, are afraid of their chief, who holds them under fear of blaspheming against him and his assumed "Christ's" ministry, if they read E.O.D.H. books. Some genuine elected children of God are secretly reading them from our website ( The chief must show some form of resistance to E.O.D.H. to hold his face up among the people. We suspect that this leaflet is an instrument of that nature, written by Pastor Vindayal, or at least one of his throne guards. If it is, he has them in the forefront of the battle as a shield to himself and his ministry. We are holding him responsible, because the pamphlet bears his name as part of his e-mail address, and much thanks to old friends and brothers of the Exodus, who confirmed to us, that the subject matter of this pamphlet was discussed at the Exodus church from the pulpit by Vindayal. We want to maintain a friendly relationship with them. It is so nice of them all to consider us as fellow brethren of the message. They are always welcomed at Bethel.

Vindayal and his throne guards had five years to refute our teachings, and have now pinpointed and are ready to expose a few assumed errors in our work. This is an act of a coward. The assumed errors they have found, we will prove that they are not errors. We will expose their attacks in an orderly fashion.

The heresies that they are attempting to defend, appeared on E.O.D.H. Book 12. They are four, namely: Heretical Articles Nos. 301, 306, 308 and 316. They are assuming that such heresies are indeed not heresies, and stand in defense of Parnell's doctrine. E.O.D.H. would further confirm that such are indeed heresies, and would take the liberty to prove that their defense of them is also heretical.


Heretical Article No. 301:  "Did anyone ever preach about seven church ages over 2000 years? NO!... It was hidden unwritten Word."

Quote Vindayal's defense: SEVENTH.SEAL.THE_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 63-0324E 566-3 {318} "…a big pyramid to it like that, and there was something wrote on the rocks, and I was revealing that to the people
the next thing now. I took some kind of a bar and cut it off, and on the inside was white rock that had nothing wrote on it. And at that time I started to the west…Went west for the blast, returned back to the east with the Holy Spirit interpreting this unwritten Word."

E.O.D.H. Answer: Brother Branham declared that the church ages was a mystery of the written Book.

Quote W.M.B.: 30-3 "The seventh angel…finishes the mystery of the written Book. Now, let's note a few of these mysteries… The 10th mystery is of the seven stars of Revelation 1:20. We just been through that. The seven stars are the seven churches, the seven messengers, and so forth." (Is This The Sign Of The End Sir 62-1230e).

It is heresy to say that the church ages was "unwritten Word", as the unwritten Word was to be revealed by the opening of the seals, and the church ages were preached years before the seals, in 1960.

Quote W.M.B.: 578-1 {405} "And you remember, it was in the pyramid where the mysterious white rock was not written on. And the Angels took me into that pyramid of themselves, the mysteries of God known only to them. And now, they with the messengers that come to interpret that pyramid or that message of the secret of these Seven Seals which lays with inside the pyramid." (The seventh seal 63-0324E).


Quote W.M.B.: 42-3 "…the pyramid's writing on the outside... As the brother had the dream and I interpreted it to you. That's the entire interpretation… Now, all the mysteries of justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost is done explained. Now, it's picking up the loose ends of that which is concealed in the Seven Seals; not the seven churches, the Seven Seals revealed the Mysteries. And then He opened this thing up at the top and found a rock in there, white, but it never been wrote on, is a mystery. Go to Tucson, foretell it before it happened." (Third Exodus 63-0630m).

According to that vision and quotation the pamphlet quoted, Brother Branham revealed the writing on the pyramid before he went west for the opening of the seals, which lay inside the pyramid. So the writing on the rocks of the pyramid, that was quoted, had nothing to do with the opening of the seals. Thus the church ages were not "hidden unwritten Word." That is a heresy.

Adding to this, the unwritten mystery of the seven thunders, Brother Branham stated everywhere that it was not revealed to him.

Quote W.M.B.: 270 "The seventh angel was to open the six-seal mystery." (Proving His Word 64-0816).

Quote: 575-6 {392} "Matthew 24 with the six Seals, the Seventh Seal was left out…it wasn't even written." (The Seventh Seal 63-0324e).

Quote: 37-3 "Now, there's writing on the inside of the Book, but the backside had seven seals on the back of it that wasn't written in the Book… "And in the days of the voice of the seventh angel all this mystery that's written within should be finished."…Then is the time for the seven voices of Revelations 10 to be revealed.
When the Book is finished, there's only one thing left, and that is the seven mysterious voices of thunder that was wrote on the backside of the Book that John was forbidden to write…. It's on the backside. When a book is complete... then these seven thunder voices is the only thing that is stuck to the Book, that's not revealed. It's not even written in the Book." (Is This The Sign Of The End Sir 62-1230e).


Quote W.M.B.: 568-2 {335} "One of the mystery of that Seal, the reason it wasn't revealed, it was seven thunders that uttered their voices, and there it is perfectly, because nothing knows anything about it; wasn't even written." (The Seventh Seal 63-0324e).

Quote: 71 "And then in this rock there was funny writing. And said I was standing there with all the brethren around the church here, interpreting this writing… And on the inside of it was white rock…white rock that wasn't written on…I slipped out from among them and started going west…Well, the interpretation of that, of course, was given here at the church before it come to pass... That the time is now, that I believe that the full revelation through the age of Luther, Wesley, and John Smith, Alexander Campbell, and different ones that preached on the Bible... And then we got over in the Bible and showed that there would be a--a seventh angel's Message. And at the sounding of the seventh angel's Message, all the mysteries of God would be made known. Then come seven mysterious thunders." (Standing In The Gap 63-0623m).

He stated that the reason the seventh seal was not revealed to him (the seventh angel), was that it was the seven thunders that was not written. It was not the ministry of the seventh angel to reveal the unwritten seven thunders mystery, neither is it yours, "Chief".

Heretical Article No. 306:  "John was representative of the Bride? What angel did John start to bow down and worship? The seventh angel."

Quote Vindayal's defense: Fifth.Seal.The_ Jeff.In Friday 63-0322 359-4 {201}. Fifth.Seal.The_ Jeff.In Friday 63-0322 360-1 {209}. Revelation.Chapter.One Jeff.In Rojc 9-67 Sunday_ 60-1204m 113. Obey The Voice Of The Angel Minneapolis Mn Thursday 50-0713 E-12.

E.O.D.H. Answer: You cannot produce one scripture or quotation to support that the seventh trumpeting angel is the same as the seventh angel of Revelation 10:7, which these heretics have projected. Neither can you produce any scripture or quotation to prove that the angel that revealed the Book of Revelation to John was Brother Branham, the seventh angel of Revelation 10:7. Therefore, it is heresy, "Chief". The prophet said:

Quote W.M.B.: 111 "…signified this by His angel unto John. We do not know who the angel was. The Bible doesn't say who the angel was. But we know that it was a prophet… it might've been Elijah. It might've been one of the prophets." (Revelation Chapter One 60-1204m).

Who are you and these big-brained heretics to say otherwise and to assume that it was Revelation 10:7, or Brother Branham in his theophany or an angelic body?

Heretical Article No. 308:  "The prophet said it would be the actual literal Moses and Elijah coming back to Israel."

Quote Vindayal's defense: RECOGNIZING.YOUR.DAY JEFF.IN V-5 N-1 SUNDAY 64-0726M. FEAST.OF.THE.TRUMPETS JEFF.IN V-3 N-16 SUNDAY 64-0719M 40-1.

E.O.D.H. Answer: The prophet of God, on the Seals Book, was asked this question, whether it was the literal Moses and Elijah to go to the Jews.

Quote W.M.B.: 478-4 {147} 11. "Is the Elijah who comes to preach to the Jews the real man who lived on the earth, or will he be the spirit of Elijah in some other man?... Now, I'm afraid to say. I don't know. See?... I'm inclined to believe that it will be anointed men of their spirit; because (See?), he says, "Does not (on Elisha)... does not the spirit of Elijah rest on Elisha? See? The spirit of Elijah... And he done just like Elijah did (See?), so I... But I can't say that's true. I don't know." (Qa. On The Seals 63-0324m).

We are also inclined to believe, like the prophet, that it will be two anointed men by his Spirit.

Heretical Article No. 316:  "Two souls heresy."

Quote Vindayal's defense: QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS COD 64-0830E 1154-Q-381 381. Explain about each person's angel who abides with them from birth unto death. Very good question…
… that baby has to have a choice. It makes its decision. Then when this takes place, then you see the Angel of the Lord now comes in here which is a spiritual body, that eternal. This is a dying spirit in a dying body; but now, you can't be in two bodies at one time, but there can be two natures in you at one time. Now, the nature of the Spirit of the Lord... When you're borned again, you're not borned of physical, like the baby was; but what's happened, the spiritual birth has come to you.

Communion_ Tucson.Az V-8 N-4 Sunday 65-1212 44. Invisible.Union.Of.The.Bride_ Shp.La V-2 N-15 Thursday 65-1125 32-1. 152-1 Smyrnaean Church Age - Church Age Book Cpt. 4. Things.That.Are.To.Be_ Rialto.Ca V-4 N-6 Sunday 65-1205 112 - 114. Leadership_ Covina.Ca V-7 N-7 Tuesday 65-1207 162-163.

WHO.IS.THIS.MELCHISEDEC_ JEFF.IN V-5 N-10 65-0221E 67 "…"He that's born of God doth not commit sin; he cannot sin." Romans 8:1. "There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus; they walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit." There you are. See, that throws your body subject. You don't have to say, "Oh, if I could just quit drinking, if I could just..." Just get in Christ; it's all gone. See, see? Because your body is subject to the Spirit, it's no more subject to the things of the world; they're dead. They are dead; your sins are buried in baptism; and you are a new creation in Christ. And your body becoming subject to the Spirit, try to live a right kind of life...
Like you women claiming you got Holy Ghost and going out here and wearing shorts and things, how could you do it? How could the Spirit of God in you ever let you do such a thing as that? It just can't be so. Certainly it can't be. He's not a filthy spirit; He's a holy Spirit."

E.O.D.H. Answer: What are you trying to prove by your many quotations and underlines, "Chief?" None of them supports this dead heresy; nor can you produce any scripture to support such a heresy.

You quoted and highlighted that there can be two natures in a person at one time. Absolutely correct. This does not mean "Two souls". Two natures are not two souls. That is the black and the white dog. The prophet of God said, "After you make a decision for Christ and are born again, you receive a new nature, an eternal Spirit; the nature of the Spirit of the Lord, and the other nature is a dying spirit." The spirit in you determines the nature of your soul. It takes on the nature of the spirit.

The prophet concluded that when a man is born again, his body becomes subject to the Spirit of Christ in him, and is no longer subject to the things of the world. Therefore he cannot visit the stadium to watch ball games like you did, "Chief", or be an ardent lover of sports and sporting events as you, your guards and the Third Exodus assembly. Anyone who is guilty of that is not born again. The prophet of God said "it shows what kind of spirit and nature they have in them, and they are worse than a hog to call themselves Christians and be involved in these things of the world."

Quote W.M.B.: 44-3 "Have you ever noticed how the world gets into the spirit of things that are in the world? They go to their ball games, their sporting events." (Patmos Vision Church Age Book Cpt.2).

Quote: 334 "A little while and the world will see me no more," that's the unbeliever. They're out to ball games, and swimmings, and so forth. They'll never see Him." (Proof Of His Resurrection 55-0410m).

Quote: 23-4 "And I tell you one thing brother, when a man is born to be a child of God, old creeds and denominations will never satisfy him. No, sir. The things of the world: basketball games, and parties, and bunco games, and all these kind of entertainments that the modern churches do today in our day, no wonder they've grieved, "Where is God?" They've grieved God away from them. That's exactly the right. Yes, sir. Chickens like that kind of stuff, but eagles don't. That's not eagle food." (As Eagle Stirreth 60-0403).

Quote: E-79 "And I got talking to him, and I said, "Say... The baseball park's not far from the house. I said, "What in the world was that taking place over there the other night?" He said, "You ought to have seen it." Said, "You know Charles Nolen? I tell you, "Three men on base..." And he just got all excited.
I said, "Well, you bunch of unholy-rollers. I never heard such a noise in my life." I said, "If I'd been there I wouldn't have said very much about it. I'd have just stood and looked." He said, "You're not... You don't care for baseball very much." I said, "Certainly not." I said, "I don't care for baseball. Therefore, I'm not interested in it." I said, "If I'd been interested in it, I'd have been acting the same way you do. And if you was interested in my God, and the coming of the Lord Jesus, and the power of God, you'd act the same way when the Holy Ghost strikes into a building. It depends on what kind of a Spirit that's in you, what you're feeding on. Your life is feeding on something." And I said, "Don't be a vulture eating the dead carcasses of the old a-carrion of the earth. Feed on the heavenly things, the Word of God." (God Hiding Himself In Simplicity 63-0412e).

Quote: 95 "Like I said the other night about the hog, about the sinner. You can't blame... A sinner's a sinner; don't try to reform him. Don't try to tell him this, that, or the other. He's a sinner to begin with. He's a pig to begin with. He don't know no different. If he goes to the movies…and he goes to ball games, and he does all these things; he's a sinner to begin with. His nature's like a hog. The old hog stick his nose down in the manure pile and eat all the grains out of it and everything. Well, that's--he is a hog. You can't blame him; he's a hog. That's the way with sinners. But when you go and call yourself a Christian and stick your nose in with him, then you're no better than he is; but you're worse, "Come out from among them." Let go of the world." (Enticing Spirits 55-0724).

The prophet said that sinners go to ball games because they are pigs and hogs. Therefore "Chief", you are not born again, and your throne guards are not born again. And unless a man is born again he cannot see. Therefore you are a blind guide, an unholy roller, worse than a hog, that has grieved God away, the Holy Spirit. A vulture, eating the dead carcasses of the old a-carrion of the earth. Such are descriptions of all lovers of sports.

It was reported to me by a poor brother, that a high ranking officer under the influence of Vindayal, with a big business, requested to be put on the internet, when the poor brother requested his pay for labors rendered to that company. Is the chief aware of such fraudulent practices, or is he too busy with sports and banking millions? According to my policy, an investigation must be completed before such a request can be granted.



E.O.D.H. learned, through friends at the Exodus, that, of recent times, the "Chief" preached certain messages, strongly indicating that "epiphaneia", "Phaneroo" and "apokalupsis", which is the appearing of the Lord, the revealing of the son of man, en morphe and God veiled in human flesh, is being fulfilled in his ministry. Facts of this can be found on the "Chief's" message entitled: "The grace of God that bringeth salvation", preached 10th April 2005; and also his Easter messages. I would not release their names in order to protect them from victimization by the "Chief'" and his guards. They are always welcomed at Bethel, and need not have any fear of blaspheming the "Chief".

Quote Vindayal: "This is Jesus Christ. This is He Himself here. And that shakes my brethren; that shakes the world. But He says, "In that day you will know I in you and you in Me." And I can't deny I have come to that knowing. You have heard me for thirty-three years preached these things; you know God opened these things by revelation… you don't find that anywhere in eleven hundred and sixty-nine tapes
I have seven thunders to wake up the sleeping Bride. I am trying to wake up the sleepers. The presence of God unrecognized to them still because they don't understand en morphe, changes mask for another act…everyone in that body now is God en morphe… Phaneroo. He said, "I will reveal, I will open the mystery of what that is, that Seventh Seal, when the cycle comes back around… that will be a revealing of the scriptures… Look what the Word is opening here…Look that Word comes and opens the Bride's part… and bring the continuity of the message…Then what is that, what do you call that?... I call that "phaneroo", I call it "apokalupsis" and I call it "epiphaneia." … I am proving to you that we are living in that time…
He introduced him to us… That's who we are speaking about this morning, the One Whose epiphaneia, the One Whose phaneroo, Whose manifestation, the One Whose parousia, Whose personal presence is here, the One Who has been unveiled to us, His apocalypse. We are speaking of the revealing of the son of man, the revealing of Jesus Christ, the coming of Jesus Christ, the manifestation of Jesus Christ in the last days… That's my testimony this morning. This One who is risen, who has been unveiled, I am beholding Him, I am being changed, I am becoming Him…
Brother, if God let… Luther, Wesley…, Irenaeus and Martin and Columba and them look over the banister and down into this church, they will say, "My goodness." Irenaeus will say, "Martin, do you hear what Vin said?" Luther will say, "My goodness, I thought my ministry was great… I didn't even touch those things that that man is talking there… You can see Paul and Malachi 4 saying, "He is of our caliber. He is our kind."… "…you were reformers, but he is apostolic, like me and Malachi 4…Now a lot of people are in this church, but they are not under my ministry." (The grace of God that bringeth salvation, preached by Vin, 10th April 2005 - Pages 13, 14, 34, 35, 40 & 68).

E.O.D.H. Response: Truly "Chief", there are people in your church that are not under your ministry and would not swallow such antichrist doctrines. Be not deceived Oh children of God and friends. The teachings of Vin do not in any way support his claims of such things being fulfilled in his ministry. E.O.D.H. has proven that Vin's teachings are heretical, antichrist, off the word and message, and from the bottomless pit. They have no scriptural foundation. His ministry is not the continuity of the message after the days of Malachi 4. It is not the beginning of the second cycle for the revealing of the unknown language of the thunders. He is not the one with the unknown language. His voice is that of a stranger. He is not reading the mysterious writings of the pyramid. God never revealed the trumpets to him. It is the ministry of Moses and Elias to Israel. The Latter rain was not outpoured in 1981. It is not showers of revelation. The new name is not JVHU or Jesus by revelation. The headstone is yet to come. The sword of the Word never fell into Vin's hand. He is not the dove led eagle. He is not riding the trail again. The blood is yet on the mercy seat in heaven. E.O.D.H. challenges Vin to prove these doctrines and claims scriptural and message based. He cannot take up that challenge. He is an imposter. The devil takes just enough of the Word in order to be deceptive.

Thirty-three years of Vin's ministry has taken his congregation closer to Sodom. Believers are back on the sports field, following their captain, who is an ardent lover of sports. Television has re-entered homes; trap sets, worldly music in his church. The women's dressing is becoming worldlier and worldlier: high-heeled shoes; slits in skirts etc. Even the wife of one of his chief throne guards commented how terrible the young sisters at the Exodus church are dressing. She puts the chief and his chief throne guard to shame.

These are the evident fruits of 33 years of your ministry, "Chief". It proves that it is not of God, and none can blaspheme by exposing it for what it is - Antichrist in the highest degree. It is blasphemy, with such corrupt fruits, to claim that as the appearing of the Lord, revealing of the son of man, enmorphe; God veiled in human flesh. These are the fruits of the man of sin's parousia, en morphe, apocalypse and appearing, which is to destroy the holiness message.

What spirit is upon you, "Chief", that took you to the oval to view ball games? Is that the "super anointing" you received in the Catalina Mountains; or is it that of the "200 pound angel" that is heading your ministry? Open your eyes oh people of God. Recognize such fruits for what they are. This man is not even established in the ABCs of the message. His actions and fruits speak louder than his boastful and self exalted claims he utters so proudly with his mouth. The reformation under Wesley, established more holiness than the "Chief". He is not apostolic. He is a heretic. Neither is he in the caliber of Apostle Paul and Malachi 4.

The Lord appeared in the ministry of Malachi 4, and he declared that all ball games are items of the world and are of the devil, television is of the devil, modest dressing, no high-heeled shoes etc. If the Lord is appearing in any ministry after Brother Branham, it would establish the things that he taught. Joshua established all that Moses taught. Why is this so-called "Joshua, five star general, chief authority" not doing the same? It proves he is an imposter.

"Chief", you are leading nice people into the ditch of the tribulation and not end time salvation. But a stranger, the sheep of God will not follow. They will hear the voice of God and come out. Repent or perish, "Chief"! Come out from among them, oh people of God! Repent, and leave the pathway of this imposter before it is too late.


As reported to E.O.D.H. by true witnesses. The above exposition of Vindayal is so powerful that it caused one of the four beast/guards of Vindayal-Revelation 4, to speak like a dragon. In former times he acted like a lamb, in his sly attempts to seduce the sheep of God's flock and even by the mysterious pamphlet, as discussed above. He was the instrument of Satan to recapture and slay a main defector and his family from Vindayal's cult, by the venomous poison of his tongue. His heart is satisfied to see that family back in Sodom & Gommorah.

In this matter, he showed his true nature in flashing colors and has manifested the traits of a dragon. He spoke furiously, hatefully and with indications of violence. The brother resisted the dragon in silence and said, "Thank you". That is a true display of Christianity, stamina and fortitude. The dragon blew fire out of his nostrils as follows:

Quote: "You love bacchanal -confusion! You are a troublemaker! You gave the pamphlet to those at Bethel. It was not for them. If my name comes up on any E.O.D.H. Book, I will sue Bethel and drive a stake in Bethel, so hard, that their lawyer would not be able to stand up after I am finished with him!!!! I had a dream about you. I saw you in Chaguanas, barebacked, black as ever, with an earring in your ears. Do you know what that means? You refused your deliverance. God told me to cut you off! You are finished!!! I am a businessman and the things my pastor would take, I would not take. The reason I told you to wait by the gate is because you are a snake just like the rest of them."

That's all he is: a "dragon businessman" that's a million miles away from being a Christian. He is also assuming the office of a prophet by interpreting his dream. This man has an arrogant spirit, violent attitude, and handles guns. The dragon has the potentials for spilling blood like the Roman dragon. We were warned about our safety, by people who know his temper. He is yet Rastafarian in spirit, and has money to execute his dirty work. His official name is "the dragon" of Vindayal. He can file his lawsuits against Bethel, for exposing him by name. He dismissed a brother, for this matter, who had no conflicts with him, and likewise the abused brother. What an expression of hatred, malice, bitterness and vindictiveness.