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Questions Nos. 534 to 563


Question # 534: "How to approach marriage, since I feel the need to begin to think about it now?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: 
"Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge." (Hebrews 13:4 ).

Marriage is an institution of God that binds or joins two people together by love. It is an agreement between a man and a woman to live together according to the customs of their religion or society. As Christians, our customs and beliefs come from the Holy Bible.
1Corinthians 7:9 says, "But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn."

One must abstain from fornication and flee youthful lust. To avoid fornication, it is better to marry. One must have his or her own wife or husband. Marriage is not a sin. It is holy and sacred. In choosing a marriage mate, one should choose his or her own kind and race.
One should not choose a person of a different race, a divorced woman having a living husband, a homosexual, a lesbian, a close relation, or polygamist a person with communicable diseases.
A believer should not marry an unbeliever. One should choose a person who believes like him or her. Look for character and not beauty. When you are married your vows are until death do us part.
Don't make a promise of marriage until you are absolutely sure that the person you are intending to marry is the right person. Before making such a promise, before saying 'yes', pray carefully and earnestly; seek God for the right partner. The right partner will be a genuine believer.
Always seek advice. The person you choose can be a blessing or can ruin your entire life. Make sure of whom your advisors are.
When you are thinking about getting married you must think about the responsibilities that go with it. You should be able to provide for your wife and children that will come. If you are planning marriage, go right ahead and get married, but do it prayerfully and keep your heart set on Christ.
All in all we can do our best as mortals in choosing a partner and can end up wrong, by using our own imagination, feelings and sight, until we get home and understand the true qualities of the marriage partner. Therefore the best advice I can give anyone in choosing a marriage partner is to choose the favor of the Lord. "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good [thing], and obtaineth favour of the LORD." (Proverbs 18:22).


In the case of a minister seeking a wife, it is even more important and special consideration must be given to this venture. Deep consideration is as follows. A woman must fit the ministry of that minister, because she must set the right example to other women. She must be of a meek and quiet spirit like Sarah.
"Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives; While they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear. Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price." (1 Peter 3:1-4).

There are certain traits of a real sister that you want to look for in seeking a wife, as the Prophet said she must not have that wild stare in her eyes. He compared such a woman to a cattle with a wild stare and said she will never make a mother to a man's children. The Bible refer to the same idea as a 'whore's forehead'. "Therefore the showers have been withholden, and there hath been no latter rain; and thou hadst a whore's forehead, thou refusedst to be ashamed." (Jeremiah 3:3).
A young woman of character that makes a man a wife would not approach him first and ask his hand in marriage, will shy away from him, be reserved and make herself very hard to get; even if she loves that man she will patiently wait for the man to approach her; if she is a real Christian she would pray about that matter and she will be fully confident about the will of the Lord. She would love eternal life more than him.
"Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit…" (John 15:16)
She must not be a harlot "…he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh." (1 Corinthians 6:16). She must not be a defiled woman, because she must represent the Bride of Christ, while the minister represents Christ. There are great controversies in the Message concerning this topic. Some believe that it is spiritual and not a natural virgin; that is wrong. The woman must be an undefiled woman, not touched by man, or the minister will suffer reproaches.
"A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones." (Proverbs 12:4).
Not all women who says, that God told them that a man should take their hand in marriage really heard from God. Many are moved by Satan to cause the fall of men. An example of this: There was a beautiful message church at Linden Guyana. The pastor appeared to be a fine, all rebuking and chastening the sheep for every little mistake. When certain defiled sisters with illegitimate children sought the Lord for husbands through prayers and fastings.
One highly intellectual woman full of offences got a special revelation that the pastor should marry to her. He abandoned his office and the sheep and obeyed the voice of Satan in marrying to the defiled woman.

Question #535 : "Concerning marriage; how do you recognize the right partner? Is it only through prayer? What things should be a sure sign that she is unfit to be married?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: 

Quote W.M.B.: 11-2 "When you got married, there had to wind back through your mind something, till you hit that tie post. And it should have been love for your wife or your husband. Well, maybe she isn't as pretty as John's wife; or she, well... She's not this, that, but there's something about her that you--it strikes you. You say, "She might not be as pretty as the other," or, "he might not be as handsome as the other"; but there has to be a absolute there that that person's different. And there's where you hold on to. And if that isn't there, you better not get married: that tie post, that absolute." (The Absolute 62-1230M).

Quote: 8-5 "A young man asked me the other day, said, "You think I could--ought to get married, Brother Branham, to such-and-such a girl?" I said, "How much do you think of her?" He said, "Oh my, I just love her." I said, "Well, if you're not going to live without her, you'd better marry her then. But if you can live without her, you better not... But if it's going to kill you, you better go ahead and get married." I said. And so what I was trying to get to him, this: that if you love her so much... Now, right now before you're married, everything's just fine and dandy. But after you get married, then the toils and trials of life come in. That's when you've got to be so in love that you understand one another. When you're disappointed in her, or she's disappointed in you, you still understand one another." (Stature Of A Perfect Man 62-1014m).


Quote W.M.B.: 112-171 "Young man getting married, marrying some girl that don't believe; or some young girl marrying a boy that don't believe... Don't you do that. I don't care how cute he is and. Or how cute she is, and what those big eyes she's got; they'll all fade out one of these days. But, brother, your soul's going to live forever. You be careful what you're doing. She ain't a real believer or him a real believer, don't you yoke yourself up like that. Stay away from such; it'll cause you trouble down the road." (Hebrews Chapter 3 57-0901M).

Quote: 26 "Ahab…he'd married a sinner, Jezebel, which was an idolater. And a mixed wedding like that never is successful; it just can't be; either the woman will come the man's way or the man will go the woman's way. (Elijah And Meal Offering 60-0310)"

Many brothers and sisters are faced with such questions of finding the right partner in marriage. One must seek the right partner prayerfully, and if it's the will of the Lord, the fire of love will be burning at both ends of the stick.
Traits in the woman and signs that you should not marry to her, are if she lacks a meek and quiet spirit, wants to boss you around, and after much counsel and advice from the Word she seems set in her ways. She would not make a good wife. Brother Branham gave that example of a wild stare; he said she would not make a mother. I understand by that: a covetous eye after other men, a flirter, unsettled woman and feet not abiding in her house. Such was called in Old Testament time the forehead of a whore. If she is seeing another man while she is courting with a brother, she is unfit. If she is defiled, a habitual liar and will demand marriage from a man. These are not good qualities. Of course, people are full of weaknesses, which they must overcome, but if a woman is set in her ways with such habits, she would not make a man a good wife. Find one that is hard to get and who puts value to herself. Above all she must love the Lord and his word more than you.

Question # 536: "What kind of woman should a minister (priest) marry, looking at what the Prophet, Brother Branham, preached in the message Marriage And Divorce, and what the Bible holds in Leviticus 21:1-7 and Ezekiel 44:22?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: You will observe that Brother Branham made it very clear concerning the marriage of a minister, typing it back to the priest of the O.T. and Jesus Christ of the N.T. He specified that a minister should not marry a woman that was defiled. Some have spiritualized that, but none can justify that idea in the Message or the Scriptures, and those who believe that it is physical virginity, went over board and are defiling the women, as you would observe in the following question and answer.

Question # 537: "How can a minister who is suppose to marry a virgin know whether the lady is a virgin or not?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: This is left strictly to the love and faithfulness of the woman, her Christian integrity to speak the truth and be honest in all her dealings with a minister. Some who stand in doubt may obtain medical proof. But they prefer to defile a sister to prove it. That is a heresy. If she tells a lie, any man who marries her is at liberty to divorce her.


Quote W.M.B.: 401-Q-91 91. "She has to confess that to her husband before they are married if she's did that. If not and her husband finds it out later, he has a right to put her away, because she took a false vow…ritual says. "Be it well known to you if any couples are joined otherwise than God's Word does allow, their marriage is not lawful."… A woman come not long ago, and she said, "I confessed all that to God." said, "You have to confess it to your husband. It wasn't God that you committed adultery against; it was your husband." …And if a man marries a woman and she has lived unclean before she marries him, and then she comes to him, if they've been married ever so long, and then she comes to him and says, "Honey, I want to tell you something. I did run out with another man; I never told you," Jesus said he has a right to put her away and marry another, because they're not married in the beginning, 'cause she falsely told a lie against him." (Questions And Answers 59-0628e).


Quote W.M.B.: 13-6 "If she even does something wrong, she must confess that to her husband before he takes her; and make it right…If she doesn't and she lives with her husband for ten years and then confesses it, he has a right to put her away and marry another woman. That's the Scripture. Fornication is unclean living." (Invisible Union Of The Bride 65-1125).

Question # 538: "If a denominational girl (virgin) believes the Message, and is baptized, can she marry to a Message believer or minister?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: Yes, a Message believer can marry a sister that comes from organization, who has proven to be a genuine believer. They must not join a church and change religions because they want to get married! There is a lot of that, that goes on around the world. Muslims become Hindus and Hindus become Christians for jobs and marriages. They are not genuine believers. They must truly have a revelation of the Message of Malachi 4:5&6. Yes, you understood me right from Book 10 on marital matters. If the girl is a virgin she can be married to a minister; she must be a physical virgin.
It is always better for us to try the spirits and prove all things, concerning people who come to the Message. Give it time without any commitment; if it is genuine the person will stand with the Word; if not, they would leave and find what they are looking for outside. Marriage for a minister is most important. He must find the right wife. To do so he must have the favor of the Lord. "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD." (Proverbs 18:22).

Question # 539: 'Is it really true that a minister in this Message who marries a virgin, and his wife dies or is divorced, he can still marry another virgin? If the minister believes this Message and becomes a minister, and a sister believes this Message and this minister wants to marry the sister, can they say, because she is not a virgin they cannot be remarried? Please, I misunderstood this place. Try to correct me if I made a mistake."

E.O.D.H. Answer: Yes, he must remarry to a virgin. He cannot marry to a defile woman. He can only remarry if his wife was divorced for whoredom.


Quote W.M.B.: 36-1 There is no minister that can marry a widow…Leviticus 21:7 and Ezekiel 44:22 and it will show you that the priesthood was not to marry a woman that's been touched by man. This type is of the virgin Bride of Jesus Christ, because they handled the fire of God, the priests did, Aaron's sons…So they could not marry a woman that had been touched by another man... See, she's got a living husband, so no man can marry her. Care what she does and who she is, she's got a living husband. There's no grounds for her at all. But it's not for him: causes her, not him…Notice, it is stated that he cannot remarry, only a virgin. He can remarry; he can remarry again if it's a virgin; but he can't marry somebody's else's wife. (Marriage and Divorce 65-0221M).
And the LORD said unto Moses, Speak unto the priests the sons of Aaron, and say unto them…They shall not take a wife that is a whore, or profane; neither shall they take a woman put away from her husband: for he is holy unto his God…And he shall take a wife in her virginity. A widow, or a divorced woman, or profane, or an harlot, these shall he not take: but he shall take a virgin of his own people to wife." (Leviticus 21:1,7,13,14).


Quote W.M.B.: 30 "Brother Ben here has come to us. I think he's been preaching for some time. Yet, he hasn't been officially ordained or hands laid on him here…How many believes him to be God's servant, worthy of this blessing that we'll ask of God for him?…When he heard the other day on "Marriage and Divorce"... He and his wife was ready to separate… they want to cope with the Word of God…I pray that God will bless Ben and his wife to His service. Let's lay our hands upon the brother. Dear God, we lay our hands upon our Brother Ben by a sign that we love him and we believe, Lord, that he is willing to do a work for You, to be sent out with these tapes, to play them among some mountain people in the way-away places where probably many of us would never get, but yet the Message must go to all the world…Bless you, Brother Ben. The right-hand of fellowship we can give you as minister brothers. God bless you." (Does God Change His Mind 65-0418e).

Question # 540: "Shall a Message believer marry a denominational bride if a Message bride is not available? If not, what do we do? There are no Message believers (churches) in our district or zone area."

E.O.D.H. Answer: "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD. It takes God to find a wife for a man. God set that example in Genesis. He made a wife for Adam. For a Christian to marry a denominational church member, it is an unequal yoke. They will have conflicts and that family will be divided. 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. I understand your concerns about lack of Christian girls and boys, but the Lord tries the hearts of His people and afterward save someone from the organization, the world or another religion. But it is not right for boys and girls, adults etc., to go out and marry outside of the Message with the hope of their partner accepting the Message afterwards. The church will be in a mess of confusion soon after that, and no minister should perform a blessing on such marriages: hybrid or unequal yoke. Book 10 will be an asset to you to find scriptures and quotations to support this.

Question # 541: "There is a brother who wants to get married to a sister, but the issue is that the sister is a divorcee and her husband is still alive. She wants to get married again to a brother in the faith. Sir, is it lawful for her to remarry while her first husband is still alive, though he is married now with children? Sir, we are having a divided house, two schools in the assembly. The first school said, "As long as she has married, though while in the world, and the man is still an unbeliever, that she is still bound to the man because the marriage was legal." The second school said that she is free to remarry, that she is not bound to the man again, hence she did it in ignorance, that the grace of God did cover her to remarry. To be sincere, I am with the first school, while my pastor is with the second school. Sir, this issue is a very serious problem facing us out here. Please, we need your urgent counsel and intervention."

E.O.D.H. Answer: 
"For the woman which hath an husband is bound by the law to [her] husband so long as he liveth; but if the husband be dead, she is loosed from the law of her husband. So then if, while [her] husband liveth, she be married to another man, she shall be called an adulteress: but if her husband be dead, she is free from that law; so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man." (Romans 7: 2-3).
The Scripture is self-explained, concerning the re-marriage of any woman. She is forbidden by the law and by Christ to be re-married as long as her husband is alive (saved or unsaved). If there was an exception of saved or unsaved husband, Paul would have specified that; but there is none laid down by the Lord Jesus, the Apostles or Brother Branham. That is a doctrine of Gan, the only heretic in the world I ever heard say such things, in perversion of the revelation of 'Marriage and Divorce'. The following quotations of the Prophet clearly explains that God gave him that revelation, since the Seals, that there is no grounds for the woman to be re-married


Quote W.M.B.: 37-1 See, she's got a living husband, so no man can marry her. Care what she does and who she is, she's got a living husband. There's no grounds for her at all. But it's not for him: causes her, not him. Get it? You have to make the Word run in continuity. See? Nothing saying he couldn't, but she can't. See? 'Causes her, not him. That's just exactly what the Bible says. "Causes her..." It is not stated against him to remarry, but her. (Marriage and Divorce 1965).


Quote W.M.B.: 21-4 "You get my tape on "Marriage and Divorce"...When He told me the truth of this marriage and divorce questions...And after those seven seals, He showed what was the truth of it." (Choosing Of A Bride 65-0429e).

Quote: 22-5 "Now, you see what happened there in marriage and divorce?... the Seven Seals was opened, that brought out the real truth of it." (Invisible Union Of The Bride 65-1125).


Quote W.M.B.: 39-1 "The man can put away his wife and marry another, but not the woman put away her husband and marry another...Never says anything against the man doing it; it's always the woman." (Marriage And Divorce 65-0221M).

"And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery." (Matthew 19:9).

My precious brother, I am in the first school of thought like you, and Brother Branham belonged to the same school. If the pastor of the church decides to marry the couple after you have spoken to him with these quotations, he will do that on his own risk and responsibility to the Lord. Just let him know where you stand, and try to maintain the unity, with the hope that he can understand. We do not want to promote a division on account of this error. Is there some of Gan's teaching or his influence yet in the assembly?

Question # 542: "A man having a child outside, before coming to the Message, is he under obligation to marry that woman (the child's mother)? She is an unbeliever."

E.O.D.H. Answer: No, there is no provision in Scriptures or the Message for a believer to marry an unbeliever. A man or the woman who is a Christian should not marry an unbeliever.
"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers… what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?" (II Corinthians 6:14-15).


Quote W.M.B.: E-18 "Israel was supposed to marry Israelites. They wasn't supposed to mix marriage... And you're not supposed to do it today either, yoke unbelievers with believers. That's against the law of God, against the Bible. (Painted Face Jezebel 56-1005).


Quote W.M.B.: "And no believer should ever marry an unbeliever, under no circumstances: should always marry believers." (Be Certain Of God 59-0125).

Question #543 : "If I marry a Message maid who was born of her mother; the father's second wife? Is it wrong according to our Message? This is not my heresy but a question only. Please send your answer with what Brother Branham told according to the Scriptures and 'Marriage and Divorce'?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: Yes, all manner of sins and blasphemy shall be forgiven men. There is only one sin that is not pardonable and that is blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. The Lord has set this young woman free; she is not responsible for her parents' sin, 1 John 1:9. "He is faithful and just to forgive us for all our sins." Yes this young lady, if she is a Christian, could be married to a Christian boy.

Quote W.M.B.: 41 "The Bible said that a illegitimate, called "bastard child," could not enter the congregation of the Lord for ten generations, which would be four hundred years that a illegitimate child could not come into the congregation of the Lord. That's how bad that hybriding was; that was a woman that let another man live with her in order to bring forth a child, that that child was hybrid, not by its father but by some other man. See? And that was so evil before God, it taken ten generations to ever breed that out again, before God. But that doesn't apply to this age. You have a new birth now. They don't... They had just one birth back there, that was the actual sexual breeding. We have this new birth now which is the spiritual, that breeds out all the cull. And we are new creatures in Christ Jesus, borned again of the Spirit of God: new creatures. And the word "creature," if some of you good scholars here that understand (if you don't, you might look it up), the creature comes from the Greek word of "a new creation." Oh, the same as you are a creature here born sexually, you are then a new creation borned heavenly. Of--in God's new creation of a new man. New creation, that's a birth. But it has to be a birth. Just the same as the natural birth is necessary, the spiritual birth is just as necessary as the natural birth." (Ten Virgins 60-1211M).

Quote: "1035-Q-308 308. "Dear Brother Branham, if a baby is born of out of wedlock, can this child ever be saved or go in the rapture? Saved? Why sure, I believe the child could be... The child can't help what's been done. That is true. But About going in the rapture... Saved, I'd say, "Yes." But in the rapture it's a predestinated seed that goes in the rapture. And I can't believe that adultery was a predestinated seed. You understand? See? I believe the baby can be saved; it has no rights of its own. It's a awful act and things. But now, in the Old Testament when a baby was born a bastard child, it could not even enter the congregation of the Lord for ten generations, four hundred and something years, that curse was so bad. Just think of that. A innocent baby, its great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandchildren, just think, the baby's great, great, great, ten great grandchildren could not even come in the congregation of God. That's right. But you see, there was nothing there strong enough to forgive that sin. The blood of the Old Testament did not forgive sins; it covered sins. But the Blood of Jesus Christ divorces it. That's different now. When the Blood of Jesus Christ comes in, it's the different." (Question And Answers C.O.D. 64-0823E).

Question #544 : "Do you think it is proper for a man who is not married to pastor a church?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: 
"A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach." (1Timothy 3:2).

"If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly." (Titus 1:6).

Yes. The Scripture says that a pastor must be the husband of one wife, but consider Brother Paul, Barnabas and Jesus. They were not married, yet they pastored churches. If a man must be married to be a pastor, then Jesus, Paul and Barnabas were wrong. Yet they were right. So an unmarried man can pastor a church. The scripture in 1Timothy 3:1, has a link against Polygamy

Question #545 :  "I am a preacher of the Message of Malachi 4:5-6, my question is this: 'Should a Pastor be married before he starts preaching the Message? Many servants of God told me, 'Before marriage you are just a preacher or an evangelist but not pastor.' The qualifications which are in 1Timothy; are they only for the pastors or for all five-fold ministers, or only for elders. "

E.O.D.H. Answer: 
"For this cause left I thee in Crete, that thou shouldest set in order the things that are wanting, and ordain elders in every city, as I had appointed thee: If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly. For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not selfwilled, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre; But a lover of hospitality, a lover of good men, sober, just, holy, temperate; Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers." (Titus 1:5-9).

"This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work .A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach; Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous; One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity; (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil. Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without; lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil." (1Timothy 3:1-13).

The qualifications mentioned in these Scriptures pertain to all offices in the ministry: Prophets, Apostles, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. The words 'elder' and 'bishop' includes all offices in the ministry.
What would one say about Paul or Barnabas? They were not married, yet they shared in the five fold office gifts. Paul said in 1Corinthians 7:1: "Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman." And then in 1Corinthians 7:7: "For I would that all men were even as I myself." "But every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that."
Peter was a married man. Matthew 8:14: "And when Jesus was come into Peter's house, he saw his wife's mother laid, and sick of a fever."
"And he arose out of the synagogue, and entered into Simon's house. And Simon's wife's mother was taken with a great fever; and they besought him for her." (Luke 4:38).
Some having offices in the five fold ministry will be married and others will be unmarried.

Question #546: "Is it good by the Bible for a man who isn't married or had a wife and children, to be appointed a pastor of a church."

E.O.D.H. Answer: 
"A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;" (1Timothy 3:2).

"If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly." (Titus 1:6).
If only married men are to be pastors then Jesus, Paul, Barnabas and even Brother Branham before he was married did wrong when they pastored the Church. Peter was a married man and he also pastored a church. Married and unmarried men were pastors, so a married man, as well as an unmarried man can be appointed as a Pastor.

Question # 547: "Concerning the qualification of pastors, do you believe a pastor should, by compulsory, be married, but not other ministers?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: No, a pastor is not compelled by the word to be a married man and likewise other ministers using different offices.


Quote W.M.B.: 15 "When I laid the cornerstone…I wasn't even married yet, just a young man." (Seventy Weeks of Daniel 61-0806).

Quote: E-16 "That cornerstone on that morning when we laid the cornerstone…in 1933… It was long before I was ever married. I was single at home." (God keeps His Word 57-0407M).

"Have we not power to lead about a sister, a wife, as well as other Apostles, and as the brethren of the Lord, and or I only and Barnabas, have we power to forbear working?" (I Corinthians: 9:5-6).

Question # 548: "During a wedding ceremony, who is supposed to come first to the church? Is it the bride or the bridegroom?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: As a general rule here in the Western world, the bridegroom is always at the church first. I guess, according to American customs, Brother Branham practiced the same. However, I cannot find any specific reference in his quotations, as regarding this widely accepted custom, but I believe that there is Scriptural evidence. Matthew 25 said 'while the bridegroom tarried (waited) they (ten virgins) all slumbered and slept. Depicted in this parable is the Eastern custom of weddings. I noticed that Isaac waited in the tent and Rebecca was brought to him on a camel's back, also our Bridegroom will be waiting in the clouds and the Bride will be caught up to meet Him the air.
I think you are referring to the quotations of WMB below. I am precautious in taking an experience of the Prophet and establishing doctrinal standards, policies or customs, as certain things happened in his life, because of certain reasons. These quotations do not establish that the bride ought to be at the church first. It only says that he was late, because of making a sick call, and was late two hours. He was supposed to be there first and on account of a two hour delay, his wife showed up to find that he was absent; he did not specify. However, this is not a doctrinal issue and I would not condemn those who want to have the bride waiting for the bridegroom. I gave a simple answer because you asked a simple question. If you find some Scriptures and quotation

Quote W.M.B.: E-18 "I was late for my wedding. I kept my wife waiting about two hours: had to make a sick call. Now, if I can just be late for my funeral; that's the main thing. Well, I'm so glad that there is One on time, and that's God and His Message: always on time." (Meanest Man I Know 62-0127).

Quote: E-1a "I'm just a little bit late: always that way. I was late for my wedding. If I can just be late for my funeral, all right. See? That... My wife will get me for that. She's here this afternoon so... But I was late for my wedding; kept her waiting. Well, just one place I don't want to be late, that's when I get to the door up there. I want--want to be just in time then. Maybe I'll work real hard, I can make that one, by grace, anyhow." (Earnestly Contending For The Faith 53-0614a).

Question # 549: "How long should a marriage service last?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: Precious one, there is no stipulation of time in the Bible or the message of WMB. However, from my experience about wedding ceremonies for the past 38 years, I give my judgment and what I find to be convenient for a mixed congregation of unsaved people and believers. The prophet said, when we preach an evangelical message, we should keep a message at about forty-five minutes. In such ceremonies, where there is a gathering of unsaved people, I advised our ministers to keep it that way a message for 45 minutes and the ceremony, about 20 minutes, depending upon the kind of vows that are to be answered and special songs etc. I find that, in so doing, I have won many souls in marriage ceremonies.
On other occasions, where there are only believers gathered and few unsaved people, we preach longer sermons, approximately one and an half hours and twenty minutes for vows. Off course the reception time is separate. It happen that we have a big camp ground and a large building to which everyone goes, including the bride and bridegroom, for the reception; approximately 1000-1200 people are fed. Music etc. are played. I trust that this helps. If someone vary where time factors are concerned, I would not oppose them, but I find this very fitting.

Question # 550: "Please should there be preaching during marriage services?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: Yes, it's very appropriate, especially if a wise pastor will choose a topic on love, courtship and marriage and use a type from the scripture. It helps to edify marriage couples and those that are planning marriage and also to inform unsaved people about marriage in a scriptural manner.

Question # 551: "If a lady in the world could not keep her virginity and now she is a sister in the message and a brother wants to marry her, is it right for her to put on the wedding veil?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: Yes, it is convenient and scriptural, but not scripturally binding for any bride to wear a veil. In this case of a defiled woman, it is not unscriptural for her to wear a veil, as the veil signifies obedience to her husband, commitment and dedication and not her virginity, as we will observe from the question that follow and the quotations of W.M.B. supplied.

Question # 552: "What is the meaning of the veil?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: The following quotations clarify this question. It is the woman's obedience and dedication to her husband that the veil represents. It does not represent her chastity only.

Quote W.M.B.: I was talking to someone today. When Rebekah come to meet Isaac (did you notice) she veiled her face. They--they still do it. They don't know what they're doing, but a bride veils her face. Why? The man is her head. And then, she has no... she--her... The nature of a woman is to yield to a man. And that's the reason the--the church should be veiled. It's got a Head. That's Christ." (Meanest Man In Santa Maria 62-0630e).

Quote: "… Like I was explaining about why women veil their face when they get married. Why? They may not understand that. But what they're doing is knowing that they are a body; they have no head; the man is their head. That's the reason Rebekah veiled herself. And that's why the church ought to veil itself and surrender itself to Christ, because He is the Head, and He is the Word". (Jehovah Jireh Part.3 62-0707).

Question # 553: "What do the Word and the message say about best man, bride's maid and bridal trail?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: I noticed in the scripture that Jesus spoke about the friend of the bride-groom who was John the Baptist who rejoiced because of the bride-groom's voice. It is my understanding that, it is an Old Testament custom. Jesus also spoke about the children of the bride chamber, little ones teenagers etc, that accompany the bride as helpers in holding and carrying certain articles of necessity and sometimes lift the trail that follows the bride. I do not draw any harsh lines concerning these little formalities and customs, as they pattern the Old Testament ceremonies more or less. I guess there are some modern customs included. I do not make any objections unless it resembles Hollywood and is indecent in any manner. I must state here that too much formality and many nonsensical practices are included.

Question # 554: "In book ten there is a wedding picture with two small children. What is their role in marriage ceremony?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: It's like I described above, they are called bridesmaids as described in the above question; children of the bridechamber. (Matthew 9:15).

Question # 555: "I was under Dr. Frank's heresies now when I read your books 1 up to 11, I believed the message you preach to be the truth. I was married outside the message and my wife also came to the message under Dr. Frank and I was appointed administrator under leadership of a Pastor. My question is, should I divorce my wife? I have been with her for many years and we have children. Please help me; I want to follow the message. They are so many that are in this problem here. All were under Dr. Frank. Others are ministers. I believe the answer will help many."

E.O.D.H. Answer: Peace be unto you precious one. Your questions expressed such sincerity, honesty, devotion and determination to pay the price in following the message of the hour. God have provided a way by his grace to solve our problems. No, you do not have to divorce your wife; God has been merciful both to you and her. You are both Christians now, and as long as you live right and continue to serve the Lord, you are both free as a bird.
It sounds to me, from your question, that you originally married your wife, she being an unsaved person and you a Christian. If so you did wrong, but later when she became a Christian, this was altered. You are both believers. You were appointed after that your marital problem was settled. You are not held accountable. If you did not have a minister performed a blessing upon your wedding and it was only done by a justice of peace, you may want to have that done even now in a private ceremony to further settle the issue.
Let no one tell you that you must divorce your wife, nor that you cannot do any service to God. Your problem was before your office appointment.
It is a shame and disgrace how Doctor Frank has mixed up so many people in order to cover his own sin. He is thoroughly exposed on book 12 and at this present time, I am exposing him on other doctrines.

Quote W.M.B.: 1095-Q-342 342. "We were married twenty-one years ago by the justice of the peace. Was--was it wrong?
Yes, it was wrong for you to do that. Marriage belongs in the house of God. But being that you are married, here's when you're really married: you're married when you vow one to the other, when you promise one another that you're, that you'll take one another. The justice of peace could give you license; that's legal terms of living together as husband and wife without being common law husband and wife. But when you promise this girl and this--you promise that man that you'll live true to him, and you take him to be your husband, you're married then. You remember, I explained that last week, I believe it was. See? When you promise her... See?
Even in the old Bible, if a man was betrothed to a maid, and... You know the laws on that. Why, it was just the same as an adultery. Certainly was, when he promised, that was it." (Questions & Answers 64-0830M).

Question # 556: "A denominational brother accepted the message. Twelve years also before that, his wife left him and ran away with a man. This lover is frequently visiting her in a house owned by this brother. The brother visits his children at that home and she curses him. She ran away with 75 Lakhs {75 x 66,000 rupees}. The brother is still sending her money but she never acknowledges it.
Now the problem is this, the brother is saying that he is ready to forgive her and take her back. I see that this man should have kicked her out and not take her back. Please guide me in this matter. Advise me if I am wrong and what answer I should give that brother?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: Precious pastor, you are not alone. This is a serious case of whoredom. A whore is a deep ditch and by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread {Proverbs 6:26}. This brother has fallen from grace and possibly is misled by the affection for his children. The conduct of this woman qualifies her as a whore or a harlot. "know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh." {1 Corinthians 6:16}.
She abuses this man, is unthankful and is committing adultery in his own house. How can such a marriage be re-united, and if it is, it will never last. He has fallen too low and destroyed his Christian testimony, by trying to re-unite the marriage under those conditions. He is about ready to neglect his salvation for that purpose. If he does, he would lose out both ways. You said that he works in foreign countries and left his wife for long periods. I guess this contributed to her vile conduct, but this is not a good reason to take back such a Harlot. It's a disgrace to his Christian testimony, the church and Jesus Christ.
This is not simply a mistake for which a man can forgive his wife and take her back. She has made herself a Harlot and he cannot be re-joined to her, or he is one flesh. It is true that WMB said he will forgive his wife and it's up to any man if he wants to forgive his wife and take her back. But this case is in a different category and should not be mixed with such quotations.
"Her former husband, which sent her away, may not take her again to be his wife, after that she is defiled; for that is abomination before the LORD: and thou shalt not cause the land to sin, which the LORD thy God giveth thee for an inheritance." (Deuteronomy 24:4).


Quote W.M.B.: 161 "Now, look. If a woman goes out here and is married to a man, and she goes out and makes love with another man and has an affairs with him, and come back to her husband, he should kick her out." (God Of This Evil Age 65-0801m).

Quote: 23-76 ""A woman that bobbed her hair, her husband had a right and a Bible right to divorce her."… That's what the Bible said. That's exactly right… the Scripture said… if she cuts her hair, she dishonors her husband. And a woman that's dishonorable has a legal right to be put away in divorce." (QA On Genesis Cod 53-0729).

Quote: E-66 "Yes, sir. That's the lowest thing a woman ever done when she started smoking cigarettes. And you husbands that will let her do it, well, I've got my opinion of you... You're not the boss of your house, no indeed.
I don't say my wife won't do it; but when she does, she won't be Mrs. William Branham. That will be one thing sure. Yes indeedy." (Unchangeable Word Of God 60-0724 ).

Question # 557: "A brother was living in fornication before he got married, even after. He used to take girls to hotel rooms. He works on a passenger ship. I counselled him and a girl to confess any sins before marriage. The man never confessed anything. The girl being a virgin was blameless. After marriage, he continued in adultery and he was very adamant not to repent. I gave him the last chance.
The girl was ready to leave him. He confessed but not that he lived a filthy life. The girl told him not to go back on the ship, and then I will come back. He agreed before the elders. The girl went back, she got pregnant. The man went back on the ship. The church excommunicated him. He neglected his wife. She left him. He forcibly told her, "I want a divorce." The marriage ended up in divorce.
Some believers are saying even if your husband is a drunkard, you must live with him and bear all that he does. Many top pastors are saying that she must live with him however filthy, because she cannot divorce him. He forced her to take the divorce for which she signed the papers. Has she done wrong? Please give your comments on this case?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: The adulterer and fornicator under discussion in this question, is addressed as a brother. He is not. His vile conduct proves that he is a hypocrite and a make-believer. Though he came under the message, he was never delivered from such Sodom and Gomorrah practices. This usually happens when message believers, seek partners outside of the message and they come in for the convenience of marriage. I am not sure about this case.
This make-believer has corrupted a virgin daughter under the message. He was used of Satan to destroy her life. He continued to live in adultery risking her life by the possibility of passing on to her social diseases, even aids. She objected to his conduct and he agreed before the elders, that he would not go back on the ship in order to be faithful to her. He played the part of a hypocrite and went back contrary to his agreement. Now the girl is pregnant and refuses to live under such conditions. The church has excommunicated him and he departed from his wife and requested divorcement, which she signed. She never divorced him, he did and she gave the consent. She is not under bondage, because this man is a dead unbeliever.
"But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace." (I Corinthians 7:15).
Believers of the message who voice their opinions in this matter, saying that she has divorced him, are out of place, and also those who are saying that she should continue to live with him are wrong. They should humble their hearts and leave such advice and decision to the pastor and not act as goats in matters that they do not comprehend.
Pastors who advocate that the young woman divorced the man are wrong. She never did. He divorced her. They need to study their bible and search the message of the prophet. A woman cannot continue to be a door mat and risk her life with aids and be treated as a dog. This does not permit the sister to be remarried as long as he is alive-Romans 7, 1 Corinthians 7. He has brought great distress to this poor sister, used of the devil to make her life bitter. He is obligated to take care of her and the child financially if the law provides for that in India. If she goes to court, she is right in place because he no longer belongs to the church and is not a brother. All his conduct has proven that he is an outright unbeliever, who came under disguise as a believer of the message. Shame on all pastors, who demand that this poor sister should live under such bondage. I am ready to engage them if they deny my counsel. You have acted right in putting away this evil man from the church (1 Corinthians 5).

Question # 558: "A minister told me that in this Message the black sisters cannot intermarry with the white brothers. Now we have been baptized into one body, there is no longer blacks or whites in the sight of God. Why can't the blacks marry to the whites?
So brother, if it is a lie, try to make me understand what the Prophet is talking about because the person quoted the Prophet's name and said that it is the Prophet's saying. If I am worrying you with my question, please, I apologize. They said the sisters should keep silence; their place is in the kitchen and not in the House of God. It has caused confusion in African ministries. The sisters do not know the Message; some don't even know how to read."

E.O.D.H. Answer: 
Quote W.M.B.: 20-5 "When that great fuss come up down there at Shreveport here not long ago, that old colored preacher stood out there; he's got a place in my heart. He said, "I never was ashamed because I'm a colored man." Said, "God made me what I am, and I'm proud of it." But said, "Today I'm ashamed the way you people are acting. The way my own people's acting, it makes me ashamed."…The people would be better off if you'd just let them the way they are, the way God made them. Let the brown race marry the brown race, the white race marry the white race, the dark race, the yellow race and whatevermore, stay the way God made them. If a violet... God made it and it was white, let it remain white. If it's blue, black, brown, whatever the flower is, let it alone. If corn was raised a certain way, yellow corn, don't mix with white corn. If you do, you mix it up, then it can't breed itself back again." (Condemnation By Representation 60-1113).

Quote: 1179-166 "Now, I don't believe in mixing marriages. I believe that a white man should not marry a colored girl, or a colored girl marry a white man, or a yellow marry a colored, or a white, or a... I believe the brown, black, white, and races of people are like a flower garden of God, and I do not believe they should be crossed up. I believe that's the way God made them, and I believe that's the way they should remain... It fools me that I seen some real pretty colored girl, intelligent, nice looking kid, just as pretty as any woman you'd want to see... What does she want to marry a white man and have mulatto children? What would an intelligent colored girl want with such a thing as that? Is because that something... that communist... And how would a colored man want to marry a white woman and have mulatto children?... I believe you should stay just what we are…God... If He made me, my color black, I'd be happy to be a black man for God. If He made me yellow, I'd be a happy yellow man for Christ. If He made me white, I've a--happy white man for Christ. If He made me brown, or red, an Indian, whatever it is, I'd stay my same color. That would be me. I want to be like my Maker made me." (Que. & Ans. 64-0830e).

Quote: 22 "I believe God is a God… of variety. He makes big mountains and little mountains. He makes deserts. He makes forests. He makes white men, black men, red men. We should never cross that up. It becomes a hybrid. And anything hybrid cannot rebreed itself. You're ruining the race of people. There's some things about a colored man that a white man don't even possess them traits. A white man's always stewing and worrying; a colored man's satisfied in the state he's in, so they don't need those things." (Lord Just Once More 63-0628a).

Question # 559: "In South Africa we have a diversity of races. There were a lot of intermarriages between the coloureds and the "blacks", although we were all classified as non-whites. The "coloureds" origin is from a union between the whites and the blacks and also from the koisan.
Is it "wrong" if there is intermarriage between the black and so called coloureds? I do agree as far as white and black are concerned. Who did Bro. Branham refer to when he mentioned the coloureds? Was this the Prophet's personal views or can it be followed under certain circumstances? Did he mention it with reference to Martin Luther King? Would God allow people across the color line from falling in love? What about a brother or sister who was born by a colored father and white mother. Should she or he marry a colored or white brother or sister?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: My precious Brother, the above question is one that causes great concern around the Message. Brother Branham, though he preached against mixed marriage of different races, I have not found anything in the Message that clears up this problem. But taking his teachings literally as it is, such parties ought to marry within their race. By that I mean that they find a partner that is of both races, mixed like them.
However being as a spiritual leader I have given those under my ministry a few options as follows.
1. To marry the parents race on which they leaned mostly in their resemblance.
2. To go back to their father's race, {original seed}, if they don't look exactly like the mother.
3. To a less degree, to marry within the mother's race, if the child came out exactly or closer to the mother.
However, I do not promote marriages to either mother's or father's race, if the child resembles one race more than the next. I let them find a partner that looks like them. This may sound a little confusing to some, but I try to keep that within my ministry, because of the present distress and confusion that is involved. I hope this helps you.

Question # 560: "If a Christian is involved in polygamy, what steps should be taken to correct the issue? Should he divorce those wives? Is it true that the first vow to the first wife is the only one considered as a vow in the context of the Word of God, because polygamous agreements are not considered as real vows; hence to correct the situation is to chase away the other wives?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: Christians should not enter into polygamy. It was not so from the beginning. God made one man and one woman. Jesus re-established that covenant (one man, one woman). However, some polygamist will repent and accept the Gospel. There were many cases of this in the Early Church, and no where in Scripture, Jesus nor Paul commanded them to separate from their wives, but said, "Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called. (I Corinthians 7:20). But Scriptures forbid any man from marrying an additional wife, and Brother Paul specified, for a man to be a bishop or deacon, he must be the husband of one wife. Therefore a polygamist cannot be a minister as long as his wives, except one, are alive.
When a Christian man or woman falls to the sin of polygamy, and wants to make their lives right, the only solution is separation, except for the first wife. If the woman involved here is the first wife, she is still his bonafide wife, regardless of if the husband does not put away the other wives.
Yes, the first vow is the only vow considered by God and His Word. The other vows relative to additional wives are null and void, and according to God's Word, it is whoredom, since Christ made no provision for polygamy.

Quote W.M.B.: E-47 "…now, remember don't you say that I believe in Polygamy; I don't." (Seventy weeks of Daniel 61-08-06).

Quote: 209 "… Polygamy is wrong; we know." (Seventy weeks of Daniel 61-08-06).

Quote: "God made man to live true to his wife, but man comes along and perverts that around, and he is not satisfied with his own wife, but wants to live with the rest of wives. God gave us good clear water to drink. Man's got to mix alcohol or something else with it before he drinks it. It's perverting from the real beginning of it". (But from the beginning it was not so"-58-10-02).

Question # 560B: Sir, I understand that a female member of your church absented herself from your assembly, ran off with a backslidden man, went over to another church: "Bethlehem tabernacle of Central Trinidad" and the pastor of that church married the believer to that backslidden man. Did you allow that? Can we allow the same in our church, and did the pastor acted in a scriptural manner?

E.O.D.H. Answer: Yes, this story is true, but I think it is misrepresented. I did not sanction that union, since it is condemned by scriptures and it is an unequal yoke.
"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?" (2 Corinthians 6:14).
I stand by Bible principles. A believer should not be united with a backslidden hypocrite and dope addict, nor an unsaved person. No, it is not scriptural for you to allow that in your church. The young woman that done this deed was dismissed from the House of God and is trying to be reconciled. Certain terms and conditions are required, of which she is aware, for her re-entry into Bethel. The pastor who have done this evil deed will gladly accept her and the backslider, but she refused to sit under his ministry, since they follow heresies on the seven thunders and preach contrary to the Word and also have lowered the moral standards of the message.
The "Bethlehem tabernacle" pastor acted unscripturally and contrary to the message and holiness standards. His actions are condemned by the scriptures. He failed to inquire from the ministry at Bethel concerning the young lady, he did not notify the ministry of his actions, but acted like a hireling with the hope of gaining two members to his congregation. His sin will find him out; he must give an account for the young woman's soul. The young lady has no confidence in him, though she is his niece and a former member of his church, who was once seduced by his heresies, and left the church. She is at home and does not attend services at the hireling's church, a man with an arrogant attitude against the first martyr, Robert Lambert, whom we honour as a servant of the Lord.


Question #561 : "Child bearing and birth control."

E.O.D.H. Answer: 


Quote W.M.B.: 1177-Q-421 421. Would you endorse birth control?No, I can't endorse it. No, sir. See? (Questions And Answers 64-0830e).


Quote W.M.B.: "Speaking of the day that when women wouldn't no more want children... Why? She's old Mother Hubbard if she has a child. See? That's, that's the remarks of Hollywood…So he'll have some operation performed to himself, or her, one, that'll keep them from having children…She'll practice birth control so she can go to parties. She can't be bothered with a baby nursing her. It'll disform her. When she's pregnated, it disform her. She won't look like she used to. And her husband ignorant enough to let her go that way. She won't give him a child." (Invisible Union Of The Bride 65-1125).


Quote W.M.B.: E-26 "I met a woman that had committed some of those cases, practicing birth control. That's the disgrace in America… some woman look at a woman that can't go out to the card parties and things because she's supposed to stay home and take care of her baby, why, they think that she is deprived something. Brother, she's done the duty that God told her to do…God commissioned women to bring forth children." (God Perfecting His Church 54-1204).


Quote W.M.B.: E-57 "You won't even have children, practice birth control and pack some little snotty-nosed dog around, calling it something, giving it the love of a baby. Then call yourself the Holy Ghost church! You need to be ashamed of yourself and repent! Amen! That's the truth." (Mark of Christ 55-0312).


Quote W.M.B.: 104 "Woman will…practice birth control, 'cause she wants to get out to dances and parties, and carry on like that, and she ain't got time for a child...Practice birth control, and then go to church and sing in the choir: wear shorts… and call herself a Christian." (Perseverant 64-0619).


Quote W.M.B.: 1111-Q-359 359. "How do you feel about birth control? I'd rather talk personally with you on those things, 'cause there's words and things that I have to say, that I'd rather say it if the husband and wife...And there is a possibility of it being done in the right way. I'd say it to--for general. There is so many days in a woman's life that she's not fertile. You understand? All right. Now, there's sometimes a child would kill a woman; if she had a baby it'd kill her. You want to watch that too. See? So just be real careful about that. See? See, that's bringing life, so what you're put here on the earth to do. If your wife is sickly, and a child would kill her, I wouldn't do it. I don't think the Lord wants you to do it. And you come to me personally on them things; have it on private interview. Let me talk to you personally...See, each individual, I can tell whether they're lying to me or not." (Question And Answers COD 64-0830m).

Question # 562: I'm a married brother in this message. What is the right way for birth control & family planning?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: 
"Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety." (II Timothy 2:15).

Married people are compelled by scriptures, if the woman is to be saved, to have their children, multiply and replenish the earth, or they are in violation of the word. They cannot get married and just continue to live in pleasure and use birth control and call it family planning, it will put the woman's soul at risk and the man will be punished for such sins. Brother Branham counselled the people on private interviews concerning birth control; he said that he can tell when they are lying. This shows that Brother Branham had certain guidelines by which he gave advice to the people when they could use birth control or should refrain from doing so. Over the past decades in dealing with many on this subject, I have drawn up certain guidelines, which many have employed, to allow certain ones to use birth controls in different forms for a certain period of time. Generally, these guidelines have to do with a doctor's recommendation and sicknesses. If the doctor says that a next baby will endanger the baby's life or if the birth will be endangered, deformed etc, then we allow it.
If the woman is too sick or weak to bring forth another baby soon after a birth, a space of time is given. The parties must keep in contact with their pastor.
And a last reason is if the woman is past 35 years of age and has many children. We think of feeding and growing those children, not only bearing them. If a woman is past 35 or nearing 40 and have several children, then we have to be precautious in letting her have more.
My precious brother, a lot of this is dependant upon what a pastor may recommend for his sheep. Some pastors lack this knowledge. These are just our guidelines that we use in our churches. Other pastors may do differently and we do not contend, so this is not meant to be standard for every church. People should consult their pastor.

Question # 563: "Here in India, there is a population explosion, believers use the rhythm method, but it fails. Ministers say that the Prophet advocated only such practice. Is this right?
If a couple here by mistake gets a child, unbelievers immediately go for abortion, due to economic conditions. Men and women also take permanent operations. They have a maximum of two children. A brother wants to go for a permanent operation. I forbid him from doing it or to use any other method of birth controls. Kindly give me your comments on this subject?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: My precious pastor brother, it is true that the prophet said that he would not endorse birth control. The scriptures said that she shall be saved in childbearing (1Timothy 2). On questions and answers 1964, on birth control, the prophet said to see him on private interview, so he can tell when the people are lying or speaking the truth concerning their illness etc. It is a very serious affair concerning birth control. However, much discretion must be used where there is a population explosion, and childbearing is regulated by the Government. In certain Countries, people are only allowed one child. Others can only afford to maintain one, financially. Other countries are rich and less populated; it does not matter how many they have, except under certain health conditions. I take into consideration these factors in answering this question. The answer that I give here may not apply to certain people in other Countries.
a) A brother wants to go for a permanent operation. You advised him not to do so. This is practiced around the world and is not uncommon, though the greater part are females that take such operations. You may be right in place with your advice, because of prevailing conditions in India, and in other cases, a minister may allow such. I am not in place to condemn him.
b) You advised him not to use any other method of birth control. This was based upon the misconception that the prophet allowed only the rhythm method of birth control. While the prophet suggested that in so many words, this is not true that he isolated that form of birth control. The rhythm method is not very guaranteed. He recommended other methods of birth control on private interviews, if the woman's life was at risk or even her health condition. When the prophet's wife was at risk to have another baby; the only reason that the prophet refused birth control, was that he had a promise of God for Joseph his son to be born.
As stated above, over the past decades, I have drawn up certain guidelines, which many have employed. They are just our guidelines that we use in our churches. Other pastors may do differently and we do not contend, so this is not meant to be standard for every church. People should consult their pastor.