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Questions Nos. 503 to 509


Question # 503: "Can you please explain Job 38:4-7?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: Brother Branham explained this Scripture. The Scripture is speaking of the elected before the foundation of the world in their theophanies.

Quote W.M.B.: E-47 "See, we come out of eternity. We was before there was a world. Did you know that? God made man in His own image. "Where was you," He said to Job when Job thought he had some wisdom. Said that, "Where was you when I laid the foundation of the world--before I laid it? When the sons of God sang together and the morning star shouted for joy." The morning star shouted for joy. Them shining ones shouted for joy when they seen that some day through a tabernacle here on earth, and the King Melchisedec would come in the righteousness of God and give His Life to redeem us to God back again, and outshine the stars forever and ever.
"Where was you when I laid the foundation of the world? Declare where they're hooked at. Tell me what they stand upon." Said, "Gird up yourself; I want to talk to you like a man." And Job fell on his face like a dead man. He couldn't stand it. God was there. There you are. "Where was you when I laid the foundations of the world?" (Beginning Ending Gentile Dispensation 55-0109e).

Question # 504: "Please, when was Lucifer pushed out of heaven; before the creation of man or after?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: 
"And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven." (Luke 10:18).

When the disciples were rejoicing that the devils were subject unto them after they returned from their mission, Jesus said that He saw Satan like lightening fall from heaven. Revelation 12 says there was war in Heaven and Satan was cast down. This happened before mankind was created upon the face of the earth.
Satan, the dragon or the serpent, Revelation 20:12, was represented as the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. He was placed there before Adam was made from the dust of the earth.

Question # 505: "Can you give me quotes or Scriptures why you said angels are not in the image of God?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: The only creature, who was made in the image of God, is man (Genesis 1:26-27). Hebrews chapter 1; angels and men are two separate creations.
Quote: 175-57 "And so therefore, Melchisedec, the great Priest (like a man), He had no beginning, and He has no end. And when we, through that Theophany that... We were made in the image of God before the world was ever made. When that Theophany has been made flesh and dwelt among us, then through His death we ourselves receive His Spirit and we have no end: Eternal Life; not Angels, but men and women. Oh, I somehow, if I could only get it in a way that my audience would catch it.
You will never be an Angel. God made Angels, but God made man. And what God does is off of God, which is as eternal as God is. And man's just as eternal as his Creator, because he was made from eternity." (Hebrews Book 1957, chap 5-6, page 175)

Question # 506: "In Revelation 22:19, which angel asked John not to worship him because he was his fellow brethren?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: It was not a flying angel but an earthly angel messenger, a man, one of the prophets. The angel said, "I am one of the brethren." There is a doctrine that projects a heresy saying that Brother Branham was that angel. There is no quotation or scriptures to support that.

Question # 507: "Where do the souls go who are the members of the Bride, since the First Church Age? And the souls under the altar, in which dimension are they? Are there parts in the 6th dimension?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: They go to the sixth place or under the altar. A very important thing to understand is that under this same altar there are many dimensions, where certain classes of people go who receives a certain type of salvation, example: Law keepers - Old Testament, Foolish Virgins, those that will enter into life only at the Judgment (Matthew 25); those who lived true to their consciences, and had not known Christ (Romans chapter 2).
"And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled." (Revelation 6:9-11).

Quote W.M.B.: 14 "Now, when we come along, we remember that we live here in three dimensions. And I don't know whether I can name them or not. One of them is light, and the other is matter. Tommy, you remember what the third is? Huh? Atom - time. Right. Now, light, matter and time. And our five senses contact them dimensions. Our sight contacts light, our feeling contacts matters, and so forth. Now, but we have contact through science, the fourth dimension, as it was. Because coming right through this building now comes pictures, voices of radio, pictures on television, that our senses does not contact that, but yet they have a--a tube or crystal that picks up those ether waves and manifests them. So, you see, right in this building now is live actions of people in the air, live voices. They're here. We know it. They're absolutely the truth. And the only thing you do, they--they catch it on... I don't understand the mechanics of--of those things that science has invented, but we know that it proves to us there is a fourth dimension. Now, the fifth dimension is where the sinner, the unbeliever dies and goes to. The fifth dimension is the--kind of the--well, the horrible dimension. And when a Christian dies, he goes into the sixth dimension. And God is in the seventh dimension. Now then, you see, the Christian when he dies, he goes under the altar of God, right into the Presence of God, under the altar. And he's at rest.
To break it down. When a man has a nightmare, he's not altogether asleep, neither is he awake. He's between sleep and awake, and that's what makes him have a horrible shaking and screaming, because he's not asleep, he's not awake. And to take that, shows where a man goes when he dies unconverted. He's lived his time up; he's dead on earth; and he cannot go in the Presence of God, because he's not fit to go there without the Blood. And he's caught. He cannot come back to earth, because his time's finished here on earth, and he's caught between, and he's in a nightmare. See? He can't go in the Presence of God to rest. He can't back, come to earth, because his time's up. He's in a nightmare, and there he stays until the day of the judgment: a horrible thing to be in. See?And now in this vision, I believe I was caught to that sixth dimension, looking back down here and could see back. See, the sight isn't exactly with the eyes; that's earthly. But it--sight is a greater thing than... The sight that they have there, their contact is far beyond any contact that our natural senses would contact" (Stage Of My Ministry 62-0908 P:14).

Quote: (The Countdown 62-1125E P:19 and Fellowship By Redemption 55-0403 P:30).

Quote: "After you go out of this body, out of cosmic light and petroleums, and what you're made up of, you go into the fourth dimension, out of that, into the fifth dimension, then the sixth dimension. Then God's in the seventh. You're right under His altar." (Fellowship By Redemption 55-0403 P:76).

When your soul passes from this body, if you are a righteous person, your soul goes under the Altar of Sacrifice where there is Blood, because we are kept saved by the Blood. Under the Altar of Sacrifice are main sections or divisions. For sure there are seven divisions according to the Seven Church Ages. According to Revelation 6:9-11, there is also a section for the Jews. There are seven dimensions:-
1. Matter. 2. Light. 3. Time. 4. Science- Radio, Television, Internet. 5. Hell. 6. Heaven. 7. Throne of God.
Humans as mortals live in the first three dimensions. We communicate in here. We operate our five senses in here. The fourth dimension is Science - Radio, Television (pictures, voices). We cannot communicate in here without having a special device or crystal to make contact. This dimension is a place where all our activities and voices are recorded. Now through scientific achievements we have made contact in this dimension, although it existed since God made it.
The fifth dimension is Hell. Souls of the unjust, the wicked, and the unrepentant sinners go there and stay in a state of nightmare until the Judgment. The sixth dimension is Heaven and souls of the just go to this dimension. In this dimension there are divisions. Paradise is one division. It was lifted from the earth and taken there.
Under the Altar is the sixth dimension with many divisions. The souls of those Jews are in the section provided for them. The seventh dimension is the Throne of God.

Question #508 : "In the 5th seal we see the souls under the altar of Sacrifice. They are the Jews. My question is if any Christian {gentile} dies now, where will his soul/spirit go? You say Brother Branham is rocking in his chair in Heaven. We can't go to Heaven until the judgment. If an un-believer dies where will his spirit go? {Hell/prison}?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: 
"It is not expedient for me doubtless to glory. I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord. I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven. And I knew such a man, (whether in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter." (2 Corinthians 12:1-4).

Let me say that under the Altar of Sacrifice are many sections or dimensions. There is one for the Jews and, certainly, there are seven more according to the seven church ages. There are different sections under the Altar of Sacrifice.

When your soul passes from this body and you are a righteous person, your soul goes under the Altar, where there is blood because we are kept saved by the blood.

When a man died in Old Testament days he died under the atonement of an animal and his soul went into paradise and there he stayed until the day of redemption. In here the witch of Endor contacted Samuel. Now it cannot be done. Now he cannot break into that realm and get a righteous man out of that realm. He could not do it. Those righteous men are not in there where they used to be. Paradise was done away with when the blood of Jesus Christ took it away.

Quote W.M.B.: "Now, this witch of En-dor, she called up the spirit of Samuel, and Saul talked to Samuel. Now, you might wonder how that could be done. It cannot be done today. No, sir, because the blood of bulls and goats was only a-waiting for the time of fulfillment. When a man died in them days... Preachers, back me up if you think it's right. When a man died, he died under the atonement of an animal, and his soul went into paradise. And there he stayed until that--to the day of redemption. And his soul was in there." (Demonology 2 Religious 53-0609 P:74).

Quote: "The very moment we step out of these mortal regions, we don't go out into myth or some supernatural spirit, but we go into a tabernacle, a dwelling place. And that might be right here in this building this morning in a place that no other radio activity, or nothing can touch. It's there solely fixed by God alone." (Fellowship by redemption 55-0403 P:30).

Quote: "After you go out of this body, out of cosmic light and petroleums, and what you're made up of, you go into the fourth dimension, out of that, into the fifth dimension, then the sixth dimension. Then God's in the seventh. You're right under His altar." (Fellowship by redemption 55-0403 P: 76).

The sixth dimension is Heaven. This is where Brother Branham was rocking in his chair. Notice that his wife and daughter occupied the house. He saw them in an experience. There are different heavens (Home of the bliss). The souls of the unjust go to the fifth dimension, which is Hell. These souls are in a state of nightmare until the judgment. Hell is a horrible dimension.

There are seven dimensions.1. Matter. 2. Light. 3. Time. 4. Science - TV, Radio, Internet. 5. Hell. 6. Heaven. 7. Throne of God.

Mortals live in the first three dimensions. We cannot communicate in the fourth dimension without a special device. All our activities and voices are recorded here. The fifth dimension is Hell. The sixth is Heaven and the seventh is the Throne of God.

Question # 509: "Can you please explain to me who the three angels that visited Abraham were?"

E.O.D.H. Answer: The Bible did not specify about all three angels. However, one of them was the Lord Elohim, the Almighty. Abraham bowed down to him alone and addressed him as LORD. The Bible did not specify who the other angels were; neither did Brother Branham identify them, but suggested a few names. However, the prophet of God typed them out to be Oral Roberts and Billy Graham, the two blinding angels of Sodom. The other Angel was the Lord who stayed with the elect; a type of Malachi 4:5-6, with the gift of discernment.

Quote W.M.B.: E-39 "Someone said the other day, said, "Preacher, do you believe that Fellow walked up there that day, dust all over His clothes and talked to Abraham, was God?" He said it was. Amen. "Why," you say, "God in flesh?" Yes, sir. Oh, what's that to God to make flesh? Maybe it was Him and Gabriel. And maybe Michael for all I know, Woodworm, or some of the rest of the Angels." (Jehovah Jireh 56-0224).

Quote: E-32 "One day, Abraham setting out in the barren land… he happened to look out, and he saw three Men coming… he recognized One of Them to be Almighty God and two Angels…A Man was tired looking, Jehovah God Himself, all tired, dust all over His clothes, and probably Gabriel and Michael walking by Him in form of human flesh." (Jehovah Jireh 55-1117).