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Bethel the House Of God and her associate ministers from the Caribbean, South America and U.S.A. preached and established the word and message of Malachi 4:5-6 peacefully since 1967. Two great focal points of interest were the Holiness standards of the message and another outpouring of the Holy Ghost, to produce the promised bride's revival and her quickening for the rapture. {Ch. Ages 376-380}{Seals page 253}.

All recorded messages and literature remained personal to our ministers and flocks. However, some were pirated from our libraries by false brethren. Vital revelations went out, which ministers copied and impersonated as their own. Such did not profit them, as several congregations were destroyed, their churches were closed down and many souls perished. Other ministers who impersonated the revelations of a Holy Ghost outpouring, son of man, Rev. 10:1, bride age and other articles became heretics and demon possessed.

"But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, [even] those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil". {Hebrews 5:14}.

We suffered persecutions and were falsely accused of teaching error on the message, because our accusers understood only a little or nothing of what we preached. They were totally ignorant of the deeper things of God and refused to believe in a next outpouring for the bride, a revival, and the 7th Seal/7 Thunders for rapturing grace and faith. In 1973 the majority of message believers were swallowed by false thunders from New York. We continued to look for the genuine 7 thunders revelation to be broken to the public, before the rapture. Although persecuted in every evil way, for our rejection of false thunders, we stayed with the truth and closely observed the rise and fall of such thunders cults, isms and eventual destruction of innocent souls. We kept our flocks from that loco weed.

Quote WMB: "And there's known in the western countries a weed that an--an animal can eat; it's called locoweed. I don't know whether anybody ever heard of it or not, a locoweed. Yes. A horse can eat that, and you just can't do nothing with him. He just becomes an outlaw. You can't put a saddle on him, and you can't do nothing with him. It's called locoweed. And you must keep your--your stock away from that weed. And if it'll cause a horse to eat something... If a horse, rather, it'll eat something that throws him into this condition, into this spasm, why, you would be a very poor cowboy to let your horse eat a weed, locoweed. It shows that you don't care.

And a real pastor, a real servant of Christ will be a poor example of Christ to see the sheep eat something that's going to drive him away, or make him a outlaw before God, a breaker of His Word, a breaker of His commandments. You shouldn't do that. You should watch that very closely". {You Must Be Born Again 61-1231m 32}.

Towards the end of the 20th century, heretics from various parts of the world bombarded us with numerous heresies, many based upon false thunders. Such heresies were alarming. It was shocking to us to understand how far ministers have drifted from the pure message of Malachi 4:5-6. After many provocations, the Lord led us to stop the mouths of such heretics.

"For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision: Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake. This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith". {Titus 1:10 -11& 13}.

Through letters and tracts, we quoted the word and true teachings of the prophet in exposition of heresies, proving that the church must have another outpouring of the spirit and that the followers of the message must be established in the holiness standards of the message to receive it. Such facts were later documented in 12 books entitled "Exposition Of Damnable Heresies"- E.O.D.H. - Every imaginable heresy was exposed around the message. Many were pertinent to false thunders. More would be documented in this work.

Heretics mouths were stopped, and thousands responded favorably, by correspondence. Thousands of souls were delivered from many parts of the world. The Lord raised up faithful ministers and distributors, who sent books, other literature and tapes to more than one hundred nations.

However, heretics were infuriated, since only few criticized and exposed their damnable doctrines and none in the manner like E.O.D.H., since there is not a publication like it in the entire message world. We wrote in love, respect and grace to all men, patiently reasoning, disputing, and persuading them to forsake their heresies in the interest of their soul salvation, and that of their flocks.

Our approach was in a defensive manner and not the offensive, nor in a radical manner, condemning all to Hell, who are in error on the message. On the contrary, we maintained friendship and communication with some who were exposed by names and identified with their heresies. E.O.D.H. books 1-12 attest to such facts. A good example of such can be found on book 9; Pastor Michael Nyuma of Sierra Leon Africa in his long discourse on the subject of the 7 thunders, yet remain our friend after he was proven wrong in his doctrine. He even distributed books that are seemingly against him and his teachings. He was treated with uttermost respect, love and affection.

Our work bears record of love, humility and patience in dealing with all men. It completely lacks arrogance, pride, hatred or malice. However, strict apostolic standards in exposing heresies can be observed by all who are not bewitched by the so-called "love gospel" which is predominant amongst heretics to protect them from exposure.

Although many internationally recognized heretics, their agents and disciples were infuriated by the exposition of their heresies, only a few tried to defend their doctrine, namely: Vin from Trinidad, who was quickly put to silence when defeated by his own defense; Mr. Gan of Singapore was also put to silence by listing his heresies in a plain manner. His only defense was to state on his website, "Lies of Dalton Bruce", Robert of Germany, a fly by night heretic is mad vexed since he was defeated by the word. He has resorted to traps, lies and deceptions, through the internet to hinder our work.

Internationally recognized heretics went into their holes like lizards, being wise enough in the message not to challenge E.O.D.H; since they would be further exposed and put to shame. However their agents and disciples wrote in defense of their doctrine. Their defense was based chiefly upon the so-called "love gospel". Their letters of defense were documented in our books. The publication of such letters and defeat by the word placed fear into the hearts of many to attack E.O.D.H. However, fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

They now stand afar, and attack our distributors with silly questions, telephone calls, email and fax messages, but fail to take up my challenge to expose E.O.D.H and its ministers by the word, message, or their lives, even for the previous years, of their ministry. Such challenge is yet open in 2005 at the time of this writing. Our ministers live strict moral lives.

I invited Dr. E. Frank of Germany in book 12 to expose me, since he is a famous writer. This invitation is open to heretics who were exposed in our books, especially in books 8 & 12. They are as follow: Mr. Gan-Singapore, Mr. W. Santiago-Puerto Rico, Mr. Coleman-New York, Mr. C.W. Wood, Parnell & company-USA, Mr. Roberts-Germany, Mr. Vindayal-Trinidad and agents of Mr. Jackson-USA and Mr. Lawrie - India, both deceased. Other ministers are free to expose any error injected into our work, but only by the word and message.

New methods of attack were employed after heretics and their agents were further exposed by their unsuccessful attempts to defeat our work. Our books were burnt by some, the agent of Gan Mr. Franco Togonon-Philippines, a man who is after money; and Mr. Samuel Robert of Germany is guilty of this hideous crime.

Others solicited money and books as pretended distributors and are selling E.O.D.H. books, which are free to all third world countries. Several are followers of Gan, Coleman, and other heretics. This is a Roman spirit, to kill, burn and destroy, when they cannot defeat the word and God's Servants. That is the works and method of Satan.

"The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have [it] more abundantly". {John 10:10}.

Cunning, crafty agents of heretics wrote hypocritically, with expressed desire to inquire more about our work or to learn more about the message. Many questions were asked and answers were given. They proved themselves imposters and were exposed. Many evaded the topic under discussion and majored on the "love gospel", defending heretics by saying that love would respect everybody's version of the message and 7 thunders, and that names of ministers should not be publicized as heretics. They falsely hailed our work as unscriptural, and arrogant, which radically exposes all as heretics who does not believe like us. They scare believers of their flocks about E.O.D.H. This is to safeguard them from exposure. Thus they forbid them from reading our books or contacting us. However, even brethren who do not believe like us commended our work for its graceful presentation.

Included in this questions and answers work are some of such deceptive attacks by letters and questions. They are chiefly based upon the subject, 7th seal/7thunders. Questions on the same topic are from sincere, genuine and humble ministers and message believers. Questions based, upon many other subjects were answered. They received their answers to their questions with rejoicing and thankfulness of hearts for their edification and deliverance.

For the edification of God called servants, all true message believers and associates of E.O.D.H., I will document some crafty, cunning and sly attacks on E.O.D.H. Cowards who desire to defeat this work, fear to challenge it openly. They employ "white horse Nicolaitan tactics", approached in friendship, brotherhood, so-called love and other subtle attacks, like the serpent in the Garden (2 Corinthians 11).

I take precaution in quoting heresies and unscriptural statements from the projections of heretics since when exposed, trapped or defeated by the Word, they deny their own words and doctrine and falsely charge, that they are accused and misquoted. All must be mindful that a heretic is governed by a lying spirit, since all heresies are lies of the devil. Thus such a man would lie against anybody since he can lie against the Word and God Himself.