(Eli Priesthood) (#2-66)

A Sermon by Robert Lee Lambert

Saturday Evening, August 13, 1966

Miami, Florida


This sermon, delivered by Brother Robert Lambert in Miami, Florida, U.S.A., has been edited slightly to enhance readability.  Every effort has been made to transcribe accurately from magnetic tape recording the message that Brother Lambert brought.

Transcription, editing and preparation for publication were completed through the joint efforts of the Saints at Bethel (The House of God), Freeport, Trinidad, West Indies and Grace Covenant Church, Middletown, Connecticut, U.S.A.

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1  Amen.  Praise the Name of the Lord.  Praise the Lord God. Hallelujah.  Amen.  Hallelujah.  You may be seated.  It was good when they said, "Let us come into the House of the Lord."

2 Very thankful to be here again tonight.  Greet each one of you in the precious Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and esteem each one of you as my Brother and Sister in Christ Jesus.  And a hearty welcome to our dear friends that have come over from Tampa to be with us, Brother [Carlton] McGahee and his family.  And a hearty greeting to our precious brothers from out in Hollywood.

3 So happy to see  Brother Phillips tonight.  I love that dear Brother and that is the first time I have seen him in a couple of years.  But though I have not seen him, I have prayed for him and I know that he has prayed for me also.

4 We are here tonight for one reason, not to play church, but to get closer to Jesus Christ and try to find out by His Word how we can know Him better.  You can only know the Lord Jesus as you know Him by His Word because He is the Word. 

5  Now, there are many people in the land, they want to know the Lord Jesus without His Word; they want to know Him without His Word.  And many say, "Oh, how I love the Lord Jesus Christ!"  And when it comes to lining up with the Word, they are unable to do it.  But really the truth is, Brother and Sister, you love Jesus just as much as you love His Word.

6  Now, many, many people can cry when they see the sun go down, 'cause they have that type of nature.  Some people just look at the sun go down and sit there and cry.  They can go to a movie and just cry all through the movie or they can hear somebody sing over a record and sit and cry and cry.  But when they come to hear the Word of God, they get just as bored as can be and couldn't shed a tear.

7  But the Bible said, "The entrance of Thy Word giveth life, joy, O Lord."  You see now, if you are really born again of the Spirit of God, and you really have the true Spirit of God, the Word of God will produce joy.  And many, many, when it comes to the sharp cutting edge of the sword... No joy but sadness.  It proves that we need, right then, to check and see what is the matter.  That should prove to us right there that something is the matter, that no matter how hard the Word is, if you have the right kind of a spirit, it should produce joy.

8  So if... Now, I don't know that I would, but if I would say something to offend you and it is in the Word, then, if it brings sadness to you, then make your calling and election sure.  Just check it.

9  We need to check every motive in this day that we are living in.  We should check every motive and everything that comes to us that would, under the design that we think it would be the Holy Spirit showing unto us, we should check it by the Word because we are living in the most deceiving hour that has ever been on the face of the earth.  Did you know that?  So deceiving, that it is to come down in this hour to a razor's honing edge. 

10  How many remember that little message we brought to you the other night on the deception and the strategy of Satan?  How we found out what a deceiver he was.  I just wish we had time to kind of go over that, maybe break a little bit of that to our brothers and sisters that wasn't here.  And I began to think on that again today and began to put more to that and see how we read.

11  Oh, many people have a revelation of Jesus Christ being God Almighty made manifested in human flesh, but there are so many that do not have a revelation of Satan manifested in human flesh.  We can get a revelation of God made manifested in human vessels, but Brother, we are so blind to the workings of the devil made manifested in human flesh.  And I pray, "Lord God, we need to get a revelation of Satan."  Amen. 

12  Now, I am just talking now.  I am not preaching.  I am trying to get into the mood to preach.  You pray for me 'cause, I told Brother Barney I just wasn't going to preach tonight.  When me and Barney got to working today and ended up, it was six something before we got through.

13  And then I had a call from New York City, an hour and a half, and I heard so many spiritual things over the phone, I was so nervous by the time I got through over the phone, boy, I just had to lay down.  I took a cold shower and laid down and prayed to God to sure help me tonight.  So you pray for me Brothers, you minister Brothers and all of you that I might say something to help the little Bride here tonight.

14  Now, if we will just bow our heads before we break God's Word.

15  Our Dear Heavenly Father, we come here tonight, Lord, many of us are weary and tired in body, and Lord, some of us have burdens and trials and tribulations that we are going through, but, O Lord God, Thou art able tonight, Lord, to refresh us by the Holy Spirit.  Thou art able to strengthen us and encourage us, Lord, and show us where we are living at and what is ready to take place in Your Word, Lord.

16  God, Thou art able to meet every need here tonight by Your riches in glory, Lord, through the Cross of Calvary.  O God, Bless Your Word now, Lord, and bless us as we sit here together tonight around the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In Jesus' Name I pray for myself, Lord.  Give me strength in my nervous system and my body, Lord.  Help me to say some­thing that would be of benefit to Your Kingdom and to Your people, Lord, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

17  I certainly won't be able without the help of God to do this little thought here any justice at all, but I am going to... what I had felt... kind of preach to you tonight.  I would like to speak to you on the, "The Man-Child," "The Man-Child Made Manifested in this hour."

18  Now if you will open your Bibles, to the first book of Samuel.  I would like for Brother McGahee to come up here, if he would, please, and read the first book of Samuel, down to the sixth verse.  First Samuel 1:1-6. [Brother McGahee reads.--Ed] 


   Now there was a certain man of Ramathaimzophim, of mount Ephraim, and his name was Elkanah, the son of Jeroham, the son of Elihu, the son of Tohu, the son of Zuph an Ephrathite:

   And he had two wives; the name of the one was Hannah, and the name of the other Peninnah:  And Peninnah had children, but Hannah had no children.

   And this man went up out of his city yearly to worship and to sacrifice unto the Lord of hosts in Shiloh.  And the two sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas, the priests of the Lord, were there.

   And when the time was that Elkanah offered, he gave to Peninnah his wife, and to all her sons and her daughters, portions:

   But unto Hannah he gave a worthy portion; for he loved Hannah: but the LORD had shut up her womb.

   And her adversary also provoked her sore, for to make her fret, because the Lord had shut up her womb.


 19  Thank you, my Brother.  May God add a blessing to the reading of His Word.

20  Now, I would like to type here, in a little bit of typology, if you please, as Hannah, as the Bride for this hour.  And I would like to type her adversary, this other wife of her husband, as the Pentecostal church, the so-called Bride of the Lord.  Amen. 

21  And I would like for you to notice here that Hannah was the bride that her husband loved very dearly.  He loved her very dearly, and he gave a portion to the other wife, but unto Hannah, he gave a double portion.  Now I would like for you to notice Hannah, here a moment.  And remember now, I am applying that to the Bride of this hour. 

22  Now, in this hour that Hannah was living in, as she went up to the church to do worship to God.  We find out that the priesthood was polluted.  It was polluted and they were doing things that were so terrible and so wicked, that the Bible said that men abhorred the offering of the Lord because of the priesthood, because of the two sons of Eli, which were named Hophni and Phinehas.  And the offering of the Lord was polluted, and they abhorred the offering of the Lord.

23  And if that isn't a very picture of the priesthood today.  The priesthood is so corrupted today; it is so immoral today; it is so bound down with this Laodicean spirit that is upon the church.  They have sold out to denominations; they sold out to popularity; they sold out to materialism.  And it seems as though, that to come into the House of the Lord today is a horrible thing.  And many sincere people are staying home tonight because of the gospel tents that go forth into the land today.  When they see the corruption of this so-called Eli Priesthood today that it seems, as said in the Bible then, that the offering and the services of the Lord were abhorred by the people because of the wickedness of this Eli Priesthood. 

24  I would like for you to just look at this Eli Priesthood, out here today, that claims to be the Voice of God and that claims to have the deliverance for God's people and that claims to have the answer for this hour.  If it isn't a very picture of that Eli Priesthood, I would like to know what is it?

25  Listen, that Eli Priesthood was allotted so much meat.  Now the offering of the Lord in those days was what kind of an offering you could afford.  If it was a lamb or an oxen or whatever it was that you could afford, you brought that to the priesthood and they slayed this sacrifice and went through the law that Moses commanded in Leviticus.

26  But we find that this priesthood was so corrupted, it wasn't satisfied with just the tenth of the meat that God had allotted them to supply their need, their food and everything.  But that Eli Priesthood had a prong that they stuck down in this boiling pot and pulled out whatever that prong got a hold of and pulled it out.  That was their portion.

27  But I want you to know that they were not satisfied with the portion that God gave them.  They had to go and take it away from the people that was offering.  And if that isn't a very picture of these adulterous churches out here today.  It is money, money, money, money.  They are not satisfied with the tenth that God gave them.  It is, "Sell your farm and give it to God's servant.  Sell this and give it to God's servant."  And if they don't do that, then they bring a curse upon you.  A very picture of the Eli Ministry in that day. 

28  And I believe Hannah, as she journeyed many miles with her husband and as the other Christians of that hour, if you please, as they journeyed down to worship God at Shiloh, I can imagine how they felt.  It was hardly worth coming down there for.  And many of the tent ministries that you go in today that claims to be the Voice of God, if you got any spirit at all in you and any Word of God in you, it just makes you sick to your stomach.  It makes you sick to your stomach.  And yet they go right on.

29  But, I imagine that Hannah was burdened about the whole thing.  I would imagine that she got alone with the Lord, and she began to pray and she began to seek God.  She began to cry out to God over the terrible conditions of this Eli Priesthood, until she got so burdened about it, she was in desperation and she went up to the altar of the Lord.  She fell down and began to travail and agonize that God would send a man-child, that God would give her a man-child that would stay with the Word, and that would be faithful and that would not give in to all of this pollution that was in the church at that time.

30  And God, seeing the need of the hour (Glory to God), answered the prayer of Hannah.  And in her desperation God spoke to her and gave her a son.  And I want you to know that, that son was the Word of God Made Manifested, a prophet, Samuel.  Why, he was the unadulterated Word of God.  Whatever Samuel said, it never failed to come to pass.

31  And I want you to know that when Samuel came on the scene, Brother, the Eli ministry was doomed under the hand of God.  It was doomed under the hand of God.  Why?  There came forth a manifestation of the Word of God.  He was sincere; he was faithful to God; he stayed with the ministry that God had ordained for him to do. 

32  Now I want you to notice, that, that is the need of this hour today.  If the Bride, Hannah, today, that claims to be the Bride, if she could get a burden for the pollution of the ministry and of the churches today, that she could cry out to God, that God would give her a son...!

33  Well, it was just like in the days when Jesus came on the scene; the priesthood was polluted.  They had made merchandise out of God's house.  They had turned down the ministry of John.  And here, once again, at a time of great pollution in the priesthood, God, through Mary....

34  I imagine Mary was burdened about the conditions of the priesthood and the temple as much as Hannah was and God answered her prayer and gave her a Man-child, Jesus.  And when this Man-child, Jesus came on the scene, Brother, that Eli Priesthood of His hour was doomed and of the Word of God made manifested for that hour.  It was doomed.

35  He said,  "You say that you have Abraham to your father.  You say it. But you are of your father the devil, and the works of your father you are doing."  That is what He said.  Said, "You snakes, you vipers."  It was doomed under the hand of God through that Man-child of that hour just like it was under the Man-child that Hannah gave birth to.  It was doomed.

36  And we find out that when this man-child, Samuel... God began through Samuel to purge the floor of the Temple, Brother.  He began to purge it and the people began to see the change.  And when Jesus came to be manifested by His Father in His temple, He walked in there with a cord and said, "Is it not written, My Father's house shall be called a house of prayer and you have made it a den of thieves."  And so is it in this hour, Brother.  As Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these false Eli Priesthood of this hour, withstand the truth of Malachi four. 

37  I want you to know that there is only one way of truth in this hour.  The Bible said, "There was a way of Truth and it shall be evil spoken of."  I would like to prick your conscience for a minute.   Would you please, Brethren and Sisters, tell me what truth, one way of truth now; is it the Methodists?  Are they evil spoken of?  Is it the Baptists?  Said, "There was a way of truth that was evil spoken of."

38  Said, this Eli ministry was reprobate.  They were reprobate concerning the faith or of the way of truth and they would speak evil of it, like Jannes and Jambres spoke evil against the message of Moses.  I ask you a question now, just think a minute.  Is it the Methodist, the way of truth?  Is it the Baptist?  'A way' now, only one way.  Is it the Pentecos­tals?

39  Man, I can find you everything from devil worship in Pentecost, demons and everything else working right in the church.  Speak in tongues; as a man of God that was among us, the messenger for this hour said, "Drunk blood out of a skull, a human skull and prophesy and speak in tongues and give the interpretation of it."  And they are resting their eternal life on speaking in tongues.  Brother, you can speak in tongues and shout and jump up and down and that doesn't mean that you are going to heaven, not in any means.

40  I want you to know that Balaam was a true...  He had a true prophet's ministry.  Yes, he did.  Every Word that he spoke came to pass and the Bible said, "If there be a prophet among you, what he speaks comes to pass, listen to him."  And his prophecy is still ringing on now and is carried right over to the Jews, right now; but he was lost.  Because, just like the other Eli Priesthood in that day, he sold out, like all the rest of them in this hour, to money.  And the Bible said, "It would repeat in the end-time that the Eli Ministry would sell themselves for popularity and go into one big World Council of Churches."  He said it, didn't he, Brother?

41  And the Bible said, "There was 'a way' of Truth."  I would like for you to show me 'a way' of truth in Pentecost that is evil spoken of.  Even the Pope is getting ready to embrace Pentecost.  Come on, now.  Come on now.  The Pope is getting ready to embrace Pentecost.  Pentecost gave birth to more converts, the last two years than Catholicism ever thought about getting.  Well, I want to ask you, like I asked that Church of Christ man; I said, "Would you please tell me where 'that way of truth' that is evil spoken of?  I want it go join it because that is the one to join."  Come on now.

42  If you could find the people that is believing a message that is evil spoken of, then you... that is vindicated, listen, it has got to be vindicated.  I traveled all over the land, and people say... a man of God would get up and say,  "Glory to God, the Lord showed me, the Lord showed me this."  And then I would like to say, I said, "Did He back it up by any power?"  "No."  Well, I said, "Every age that God had upon the earth, every church age, every message, every revelation that He sent forth was backed up by the Power of Jehovah God."

43  Let me tell you something.  You are not obligated to believe a message that is not backed up by the vindicated Jehovah God.  You can't show me a one of these Pentecostals...  Now, you better be serious, because there is not only one kind of a people going in the rapture, and that is the ones that the Bible spoke of who were worshiping in the way that was evil spoken of.  Because there was a broad way that leadeth to destruction, by this Eli Priesthood, and many would go in thereat. 

44  Revelation 13:8 and Revelation 17:8 said all that dwelt upon the face of earth, both bond and free (Come on now!) would receive the mark of this Eli Priesthood, except those that had their names put in the Lamb's Book of Life, slain from the foundation of the World.

45  I ask your conscience now; can you show me among the Pentecostals, a way, a message that has been vindicated by God, a revelation on a message that has been vindicated by God that is evil spoken of?  You can't even name me...  If I had a thousand dollars, I will give it to you tonight if you will name me one man that had a message that was vindicated.  You can't do it.  You can't do it. 

46  A man up there in the hospital, when we was seeking the Lord for a little boy was going to have his leg cut off, and got in a debate right there.  He wouldn't hold it to even listen.  Just couldn't hold it in, he wanted to talk on the Bible.  And said... and we asked him this same question.  He said, "Oh, I know all kinds of them."  I said, "Name one.  Name one of them."  "Why," he said, "There is plenty of them."  I said, "Name me one."  And he had to back up, he couldn't do it.  Neither can anybody else.

47  But they will still go on speaking in tongues and shouting and jumping up and down and are blind about that Eli Priesthood in this hour.  Oh Brother, you think of it.  You talk about deception; you talk about moldy bread, as we preached on the other night.  You remember that the Bible says, that, "Fear not little flock..."  "As it was in the days of Noah, wherein eight souls were saved..."

48  Come on now, there are not going to be many make the rapture.  You just settle that in your heart.  Why?  It's because of the deception of the Eli Priesthood that has blinded the minds of the people into believing a lie.  And God said, "Because they wouldn't, because of the lack of the love of the revelation of this hour, the truth, God would give them over to a reprobate mind to believe a lie (this Eli Priesthood) and be damned.  Now that is, that is meat.

49  So what do we have in this hour?  An Eli Priesthood that is corrupted, Brother.  A man...  A woman called in this man of God and said, "Brother, what am I going to do?  My husband has been living in adultery with a girl eighteen years old for two years now and I have caught him in it, right in the very act of it."  And he is one of the greatest deliverance men on the field today.  Come on now.  And thousands flock out and are resting their hope of the heavenly city upon his message, and turned down a message that is vindicated from heaven with angels, with THUS SAITH THE  LORD for thirty years.  Not one Word has failed. 

50  Oh Pentecostal people, what is the matter with you?  My God!  Thirty years, THUS SAITH THE LORD, and not one Word failed.  Angels came down from heaven, there are pictures of it right back there.  "Show it to me;" say, "Well, isn't that something?"  Walk right on.

51  My God, it ought to knock you to your knees, to know that the same Sign that was with the church, that came out of Egypt and the same One that knocked Paul off his horse going to Damascus, is made manifested in this hour, to condemn this Eli Priesthood.  And the Pentecostals walk right over it, and keep right on shouting.  They will shout their way right into the tribulation, then right on to hell.  Brother, I know it is hard, but it is true.  It is God's Word and it is true.

52  I want you to show me a way that is evil spoken of.  If this message, that this prophet and messenger didn't bring; it dovetails from Genesis to Revelation.  And Brother, great men that wrote many of the doctrines of the Pentecostal churches had to bow down to it before him and confess that their doctrine would not hold up to the Spirit of the Age by the prophet.  I know plenty of them, Brother, that wrote the doctrine.  Some of the people that is still in their jailhouse, trying to get by, can't come out.  You talking about a sad situation, Brother and Sister, it is. 

53  But as this great thing in this hour comes to climax, we have the two wives of Elkanah right now again--Hannah and the wife that persecuted Hannah.  Right now, when we have to stand and declare this message of this prophet as brought to us by Malachi four.  The ministers in this message have to stand by faith and look back to the vindication that God vindi­cated that this message was truth.

54  We looked back to the angels when we sat there and God spoke to the prophet and said that there would be seven angels appear to him.  [William M. Branham, "Is This the Sign of the End, Sir?," Jeffersonville, Indiana, Sunday evening, December 30, 1962, Vol. 2-11, page 26--Ed.]  I sat right there.  And then a few months later, science puts the picture in Life Magazine.  They measured the quake, the earthquake that the angels caused when they came from eternity.  We talked to the fifteen men that was there and seen it all.  We seen it all come to pass.

55  And now while the other Eli Priesthood out here looks and mocks and says, "You are preaching a man..." but while they say that, their own selves are following some man's creed, that was planted in their church doctrine.  That isn't backed up by the Power of God.  Hallelujah.  Can you say, "Amen?"  Brother, how can we but talk about a messenger that every Word that he spoke, came to pass around the world for thirty years.  My God, that is enough to anchor you in concrete forty foot deep.  And anchor you so strong, Brother, as the great anchor that holds the American ships that they sail across the seas.

56  Now, the great stage is set for one of the greatest manifestations of the Power of God that has ever been seen in the world, is now at hand.  You may not believe it, but it will come to pass anyway.

57  As this Eli Priesthood goes on in its corruption, Hannah, the Bride, is burdened about the whole thing.  And her adversary is provoking her sore and said, "Well, if that message is true, why isn't God vindicating it through you?"  And they are pricking her with that.  They are pricking her with it.  Said, "Why we got the gifts in the Spirit over here."  Said, "You all, you all got to preaching a man over there."  The same thing they did to Hannah.

58  But you know, there is a time, there is a time and a season for everything.  Just as they said to Jesus, "Why now, if you will come down off the cross, we will believe that message."  Is that right?  But He didn't play for anybody. 

59  And, as Hannah sees the condition of this Eli Priesthood today, she should be getting burdened about it.  And when Hannah gets so burdened about it and travailing, and the persecution from the World Council of Churches gets so strong, God is going to hear her cry and give her a Man-child, Jesus, that Jesus might purge the temple once more with His Power and by His Word.

60  Now I want you to know that the Bible declares that there will be a time when no more can you be saved because the Blood will have left the mercy seat.  You remember that Paul, speaking in the book of Romans, said, "When the iniquity of the Gentiles was fulfilled that God would turn from the Gentiles and go to the Jews.  My Brother and Sister, you are living in that hour now.  They are by the Weeping Wall [Wall of Tears] in Israel now, weeping for the Messiah and He is getting ready to appear to them.

61  So the last curtain call for this hour that you are living in is now getting ready to be made manifested.  The Seed of the Husband, Christ, has been planted in Hannah and, when Hannah begins to travail in birth, she is going to give birth to a Man-child, Jesus Christ, and He is going to purge this Temple, Brother.  He is going to fulfill what He didn't fulfill when He sat down in the temple in His hometown and when He said, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me."  And He went on down, but He didn't quote the rest of the Scripture in Isaiah.  He left out, "In the day of the vengeance of our God."  And that is to be fulfilled in this Man-child, Jesus, made manifested in this time.

62  He will come forth when the Blood is off of the Mercy Seat as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and He will purge this thing, Brother.  Don't think He won't.  He will purge it, because He has His Word in the Bride and He acts by His own Spirit, by His Word and the Word will be a Flaming Fire of vengeance, taking vengeance on them that obey not the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Bible said, "And the wrath of God abideth upon the children of disobedience."  Can you say, "Amen?" 

63  I want you to look, just a minute, over in the book of Revelation, when John was watching the Seals being opened, when the voice cried out and said, "Who is worthy to open the book and loose the seals thereof?"  And they looked on earth and they looked in heaven and no man was able to come forth to open the Seals thereof.  Then how could some man out of some seminary open them up then?  What a ridiculous...  How could some Pentecostal preacher open them up?  When the Bible said, "No man is worthy to open them up."

64  But when John looked and they began to weep and cry because the Book was the Title Deed to the earth and the redemption.  And then they all began to weep and cry because they thought that all humanity was lost.  And then, there came a voice said, "Weep not, John," said, "Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah...."  (Is that right?)  And he turned to see a lion, and coming out of the office of the mediatorial priest where he made intercession for you when you got saved, when the Seals were opened he came out of there.  And when He looked to see a lion, he saw a bloody Lamb, Jesus.  And He came up to the throne of the eternal Father and took the Book and sat down as God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth.

  65  And the place where He made intercession for you and me... John looked and it was now smoking.  What was the smoke?  It was the smoke.  What was the lightning?  What was the thunder?  The judgments of God getting ready to be poured out upon this church world that has rejected the message that is vindicated by God.

  66  If you don't believe it, then what do you think of California is getting ready to sink for?  If you don't believe it, why do you think that Florida, any day, may sink to the bottom of the ocean.  Say, "I don't believe it."  It is going to happen, it may happen tonight.  We have no assurance from God at all.  You say, "I know that God is going to speak to me."  You don't know. 

  67  The Bible said, "Those that walk after the flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption."  And the Bride in this hour is walking in the flesh and the carnality of Satan.  I know it is hard, but it is the truth anyway.

68  Brother, when you try to measure your life, like the Bible said, "They that live after the flesh shall die but if you by the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, you shall live."  And the only time that you can lay hold on the Promises of God is when you are living and abiding in the Word of God.  Is that right, Brothers?

 69 The Bible said, "They that walk after the Spirit..."  Now if you are walking after the Spirit, it means that you are walking into perfection like the Statue of the Perfect Man--Faith, Virtue, Knowledge, Temperance, Patience, Brotherly Kindness and Godliness and Love.  Now that is the Spirit walk of the believer.

70  I believe that God surely would speak to me if Florida would sink tonight, but I don't have any proof of it that He would.  Unless my life comes up to the Word of God...

71  They asked this great messenger, said, "Well Brother, you pinned it down so close, is there anybody going to make the rapture?  Are you going to make it?"  He said, "I don't know."  He said, "If my life comes up to the Word of God, I will make it and if not, I won't."  You remember this, Brother; if you were pulling, a semi-truck down the road with a bus, tonight, with a great heavy chain but one little link in there had a little flaw in it... And when it broke, you lost your hope.

72  And when you as a Christian fail to obey the Word of God you are like a person hanging over hell with a chain and, when one link breaks, you drop.  That is why that the Saints of God... The Bible said, "Work out your salvation with fear and trembling."  Can you show me one person that is filled with such fear that they are trembling all over that they won't make the rapture.  You say, "I got the Holy Ghost."  I will give you a witness and you will see whether you got it or not. 

73  The Bible said in Ezekiel, "Mark all those that are weeping and wailing between the porch and the altar for the abominations that are done in the city.  These are they that are sealed by God."  Can you take us or myself to any church where the believers are filled with the Holy Ghost, are weeping and wailing as Hannah was between the porch and the altar for the abominations that are done in the churches and the priesthood and in the city?

74  Oh Friend, if you want to just look down at it, that is why I said the other night, "Outside of predestination, I don't see any Bride whatsoever."  How many say, "Amen."  Can you compare your life to the life of those men in the book of Acts that loved not their lives unto death?  And everything that they owned they didn't even count that they owned it but parted to everyone as they had need.  Now it is my car, my bank account, my food, my house, my this and my that, but they had such love that what they had they took it out and gave it to the poor and they took up their cross and they followed Jesus daily. 

75  And when the great God Almighty appeared to Paul, and the man said... Ananias said, "Lord, don't you know how great persecutions he has brought upon Thy church, which is at Jerusalem, and I hear how he has a letter that he is going down to hale all of Your believers into prison...?..., both women, boys and girls."  He said, "Go your way Ananias, he is a chosen vessel, and I will show him how much he shall suffer for me."

76  And the Bible said, "Those that are led by the Spirit and are spiritual minded people, if you suffer with Me you shall reign with Me."  Are you suffering for the Cross of Christ?  I just want to show you if you think you are so spiritual, you are carnal minded in this hour.  "I will show you how you will suffer for Me" He told Paul.

77  Paul, that great prophet of God, said, "We always bear about in our body the dying of the Lord, Jesus, that the life of Jesus might be made manifested in me, the Word made flesh.  Herein was the son of God made manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil.  And Brother, if you are not destroying the works of the devil, then you and I don't know whether or not we are the Royal seed of Abraham.  You have got to say "Amen" to this.  It is true.

78  You say, you planted a garden out here and you say, "Brother Wells, I want you to look at my garden."  Brother Wells might say, "I don't see nothing but dirt.  I see little furrows there, that says 'I am a Christian,'" (Amen?) said, "I don't see no corn, I don't see no wheat.  I don't see no potatoes.  I can't go out there and get no potatoes.  I can't get no corn." 

79  The Bible said, "Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water."  You know what that living water is?  Gifts of the Spirit and divine healing and mercy and tenderness and kindness and love.  Where is it at?  But yet we are so bold to say, "I am spiritual, I am led by the Spirit.  I hear from God."

80  You know sometimes I think that not many hear from God.  I want to tell you something, God said to Abraham, (Listen now.) God said to Abraham after he spoke to Him, He said, "Abraham walk before Me and be thou perfect."  Abraham didn't even have the Baptism.  Come on now.  He said to Abraham, to be perfect.

81  Brother, what kind of a walk is God expecting out of us in this hour, when He has given the blessed Holy Ghost that produces the Agapao love and the Statue of the Perfect Man?  Brother, I just want to show you something, how short you come to the Glory of God and to what is called "Christian."

82  The Bible... Listen to this Scripture now, it just came to me.  "They that say they abide in Him ought also to walk even as he walked."  And I want you to just hear that record that your tongue is making and recording in heaven.  I hear the way some people talk and I tell my wife, I say, "I have to doubt sometimes whether or not we have even got the spirit of justification and sanctification." 

83  The Bible said, be as meek as a lamb and harmless as a dove.  Then how could you kill a man?  How could you kill somebody when the Bible said, "Be ye as meek as a lamb and harmless as a dove?"  You say, "You preaching to me?"  If that fits you, I am preaching right at you, pardner.  That’s right.  I wouldn't dare hold back from God when I see you say something from your mouth that... You remember this, by every word are you justified, justified and by every word shall God condemn you by your own mouth.

84  The Bible says, "Be as meek as a lamb and harmless as a dove and that is rapture material."  And any spirit that is contrary to " meek as a lamb and harmless as a dove," is tribulation material, and second resurrection.  Who is going to be...  "I will be like, I will be like the apostles..."  Who shall be saved.  I mean it Brother and Sister.  Who just will be saved, if the ungodly... If the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly appear. 

85  I don't know about you, but I can't have much happiness and as much peace in this hour.  When I see my children, I know I want them to go in the rapture.  I see my friends that I love; I want them to go in the rapture.  And yet I see our carnality.  I see our shortcomings and it just scares me.  It just scares me.  Now I don't want to hold you too long, I am just kind of getting carried away tonight for some reason or other. 

86  Listen Friend, I am dead serious to what I am saying.  You remember this.  I am not saying it is, but I am saying the Bible is saying it, and it looks like it is.  It looks like the Blood has left the Mercy Seat, months and months ago, according to the Scriptures.  I am not saying it is.  I am saying the Scripture says that it is.  Because when the seals were opened the Lamb did leave the Mercy Seat and it did come, smoking.

87  And then why did the whirlwind from God in the presence of fifteen men...?  And I can take you to Tucson and let you meet them that were there.  When the whirlwind came down from heaven, Brother, and smote the mountain and blowed rock boulders and everything out, and a prophet of God went out and took off his hat, and boulders falling everywhere, and men jumped under pick-up trucks and jeeps and everything and those stones just hitting everywhere.  He walked right out and took his hat off and stood there with them rocks flying everywhere and that big whirlwind just whipping and tearing trees and everything out of the roots of the ground.  And then that set "Judgment!"  Come on now. 

88  When mercy is rejected... I would like to ask you Christian people, what is next?  What is next?  Judgment.  Why, then?  Why then is all these earthquakes ready to take place?  Why?  It is because John saw the room smokey, with lightnings and thunders and judgments.  Oh, Friend, let me tell you something.  If we could only get a revelation of that, it would turn our knees to water, if we knew what was coming upon the place.  Where that messenger walked and opened up the... by the revelation from God and brought the teaching of the sixth seal, he started crying.  And he said, "O Lord, don't make me tell them, don't make me tell them."  And he wept and he cried, and he said, "I can't bear to tell them God."  And he said, "Let us just sing and be happy, I can't tell you, it is too hard."  Why was it too hard?  Because many will come and holler, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" and get nothing. 

89  And I want to tell you this, it also said when that happened, when the mysteries of God shall be finished, according to the Revelation 10:7 messenger angel.  When those mysteries of the seals of the doctrine of the Apostles and all those loose ends that we lost through the Dark Ages are fulfilled in that messenger and prophet, an Angel came down from heaven and put His foot upon the Sea and upon the Land and swore by Him that liveth forever and ever that time shall be no longer.  Then he that is fleshy, let him be fleshy still.  He that is filthy, let him be filthy still.  He that is bound to a denomination, let him stay bound, because the death angel is in the land striking everything with spiritual death.  Can you say, "Amen?"  

90  Brother and Sister, O God, if we could only live up to what the Bible said.  If we can only make our lives live up to that Word.  And then you will make your calling and election sure.  Your calling by God, He said, "Many are called but few are chosen."  But when you are called and you are chosen, and you make your calling and election sure, that the Word of God is being made manifested in you, then your calling and election is sure.  But until the Stature of the Perfect Man is molded in you...

 91  What did Peter say?  "You let that man know that he is blind and can't see very far off."  How much spiritual blindness in here tonight? 

92  Eli priesthood—all that they led, blind, leaders of the blind—they will all go into the ditch of the World Council of Churches.  Many independent Pentecostals say, "We will never go in."  You mark this down.  When it comes, they will say Brother, "I believe that it would be better if we went ahead and...  'Cause after all they love God in their own way.  And we will be able to serve God a lot better in there than not be able to serve Him at all."  "And they will go hook, line and sinker for it," as the messenger said.  Is that right? 

93  So when, this daughter-in-law of Eli...  A man of God came to Eli and told him the news that both of his sons were dead.  And Eli himself, the remainder of the priesthood, fell over and broke his neck when the prophet brought judgment upon him.  And then, one of the wives of his son was giving birth to a child.  And while she was giving birth, she was dying herself.  She didn't even live long enough to name the child.  And so the midwife named the child and she named it Ichabod.

94  And I would like to say this in closing.  “Ichabod,” to every church, to every independent church, to every denomination, “Ichabod” is written over the door because of the Word of God made manifested in this hour, the way of Truth, and they crucified It.  And now, as the Jews, there is nothing left but blood.  And they will hunt you down, if we don't make the rapture, they will hunt you down like a bunch of dogs; the pope, the man of sin, will, and kill you.  My Brother and Sister, there is not one person in here, too old, tonight to see that take place in this very hour.  Can you say, "Amen?"  Ichabod!  The Glory of the Lord is departed from this thing. 

95  Now listen, this is my last statement in closing.  You are going to see this message that I preach tonight come to pass.  It is going to come.  And it is not very far off.  Some great thing is getting ready to happen.  As Hannah was given a double portion by her husband, God gave a portion to the Pentecostals.  Yes, He did.

96  He gave a portion to them, they spoke in tongues and they healed the sick and they did mighty miracles and then in that day, He said, "Depart from Me, ye workers of iniquity, I never did know you."  Well they said, "Lord, didn't we have all them great meetings and everything?"  He said, "I don't even know you."

97  They got a portion, but Hannah got a double portion.  And that double portion, takes her to her Headship—Christ.  And it manifests the Man-child.  Remember, this Eli Priesthood, is giving birth to a man-child, too.  And that is none other than, Judas himself.  There, the World Council of Churches is going to give birth to a man-child too, the man of sin, the devil incarnated in a man.  But the Man-child given to Hannah is going to be the Word of God made manifested to purge the floor of these denominations.

98  Remember, the ministry of Jesus Christ, in the Bride, will bring judgment.  As I heard Brother [Andrew M.] Collins speak many times how the Lord showed him how it would be an individual ministry to one here and there, the church here and the church there.  When this Man-child is made manifested, it will bring judgment upon the church world for rejecting their sign that was among them.  Put that in the Bible now, Brother, and see if that isn't right.  Rejecting the sign that was among them.  And that will be the final vindication of Malachi four. Huh? 

99  Let us just bow our heads.  I have preached to you way too long.  I hope I didn't say something to offend you.  If I did, I said it for your own good.  Maybe somebody didn't, maybe just didn't understand the message.  Pray that God will help you to understand it.  Might have been a little deep, maybe, for some of you.  Friend, that is my life.  I believe what I am preaching tonight with all my heart, all my soul and all my might.

100  And one of these nights, one of these days soon, that Double Portion is going to be given to Hannah.  Oh, glory to God.  She is going to give birth to a Man-child, Jesus.  And as that World Council of Churches puts pressure upon her, she is going to do the mighty wonderful works of God.  And then many will say, "Oh God, we have missed it.  Give us of your Oil, Bride."  She said, "No, you go and go to the denominations and buy, cause I just got enough for myself to go in the rapture."  Amen?

101  They haven't asked the Bride for It yet.  They went out to the Full Gospel Businessmen and said, "Give us of It," but they didn't have It anyway.  But the Bible said, they will come to the Bride and ask for Oil, and then not get It.  And then the Bride will say, "Go on over there and buy It."  Cause they know that they can't get It. 

102  Let us just bow our heads now.  Before I pray, how many would say, "Brother Bob..." Are you sure, Friend?  Are you sure?  That you are abiding in the message for the hour, in the way that is evil spoken of, or could you possibly, is there a chance that you could be deceived?

103  How many tonight would say, knowing that the rapture is close at hand, got all those little shady things that you are doing, don't line up the Word.  Those tempers that you can't control, all those things that don't line up with the Word.  How many...?  I got things I want to overcome.  How many would like to be remembered in prayer?  As we pray. 

104  God, bless your precious hearts.  Remember the House of God is a House of correction.  And a true minister will chastise everything that is not right with the Word.  Every action every motive.  As Brother Bob [Wells] said the other night when he read the Scripture, "Spare not the rod and spoil the child."  And he said, he believed that was kind of like the Pentecostal children in this hour.  Amen.  Let us pray.

105  O Lord God, How I thank You for these precious people, that has come out to hear such a poor preacher as myself.  O God, I believe these things with all of my heart.  I saw you stand and manifest and vindicate these great truths, Lord, spoken of in your Word for this hour.  Not one time did it ever fail.  And, God, we are hanging on and we are believing, Lord.

106  Though we are talked about, misunderstood like Hannah, God, help us, Lord.  Bring that thing, Lord, whatever it is, that pressure, that persecution, God, that will help us to have birth pains and travail and agonize.  Say, "God, God, let me be a Manifested Son."  Oh Lord, won't you make us a Manifested Son?

107  But Lord, many of us want to be a Manifested Son with the Power of God but we overlook the Christian character that we have to have first.  O God, help us, Lord.  Won't you develop Christian character in us, Lord, that we might truly be a Manifested Son that is meek as a lamb and harmless as a dove.  For God, Thy Portion, Thy Spirit won't rest upon a wolf spirit, it has to come upon a lamb.  A lamb, Lord, never strikes back.  It never bawls out, screams out, Lord.  It is just led as a lamb to the slaughter, meek and quiet, kind, sincere, full of love, honest and upright, full of the Character of Christ.

108  Oh God, when we read these things that we have to cry out, "Purge my soul, purge us, Lord, and clean us up and make us ready for that great Move of God that is getting ready to take place.  Help us, Lord, not a one to miss it."  O God, I love these precious people, I pray that You would help them, each one.  Help me most of all, Lord.  In Jesus' Name.  Amen.  

109  Let us sing a little hymn, now.  Now, it is fifteen till ten.  We are going to sing one hymn and then be dismissed.  We have kept you long, I know you are hot.  But I am sorry I preached long.  I was just trying to... I thought I could finish that in about thirty minutes.  A better preacher, he could have preached it in fifteen, I guess, and done better too.

110  Do you love everybody?  Say, "Amen."  Remember, if you don't love me, you can't make it there anyway.  That’s right.  Only perfect love is going there.  Won't be no fussing there, won't be no tempers there, just love.  And remember, not one person in heaven, not one person in that rapture... As I preached on the radio years ago, one of the first times I ever preached, just kind of jumped up out of me.  And I said, "All you out there in radioland, that says, 'I am going in the rapture,' and live like a devil."  I said, "There is no perfection beyond the grave."  No. 

111  What kind of spirit you have here now... Remember, you show me what you talk about during the day, and your conversation reveals the condition of your spirit.  That is right.  You prove what your spirit is by what you say.  Did you know that?  If you will just be quiet and just watch and listen, you will see how spiritual people really are.  Because the Bible says, "A fool makes manifested the whole council of his heart."  That’s right.

112  We hear all these things just coming up out of us, just contrary to the Word.  It is fearful.  Many times something would jump out of me.  I will speak short to my wife or something and I say, "God, have I really got it?"  And then, that’s when I believe in a purgatory.  Get down and fast and pray and purge that thing out of that spirit.  Now when it is out of there, you have gained a great victory.  But if you just let it go...

113  You remember this, many are saying, "Think of how we are going to be used of God out in the ministries and everything."  And all of these things are popping up in our lives, daily, and we keep putting it off, keep putting it off and we were going to overcome it.  And you know what?  You will be right in the tribulation, cause that is the way second resur­rection spirits are, Brother B...?...  They say, "Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow."  Another day passes, "Tomorrow, tomorrow."  And the next step you know, you are in...?... and the rapture is gone with nothing but pure Love.  You know what pure Love is now, meek as a lamb and harmless as a dove. 

114  Now, you be honest.  I love somebody that is honest.  The Bible says, "Confess your faults one to another."  Can there be one person in here tonight, raise your hand and say, "I am as meek as a lamb and harmless as a dove?"  And remember the Spirit of the dove does not rest upon a wolf.  It comes upon a lamb.  And he forfeits all of his wool.  That is the only thing that he has, is wool.  And I tell you, he forfeits that.  And you know what that is?  That is your evil nature.  You give it up, the desires of it, the pride of it, the jealousy of it, the temper of it.  You just forfeit it over and say, "O God, make me as meek as a lamb and harmless as a dove."  How many would like to be like that?  Do remember, Jesus is ready to appear among His Bride. 

115  I would like to sing a little Dove song tonight.  My son asked me if I would please sing it.  So we are going to sing this little hymn and then we are...  I am going to dismiss you.  If Brother Bob [Wells] has anything to say, I will dismiss you right after this, because I know many of you are weary and tired and we don't want to hold you.  And let us in our hearts, let us pray that our spirit as we sing this song, God will help us to be the kind that a dove could come and rest upon. 


On the wings of a snow-white dove

God sends His pure, sweet Love,

A sign from above

On the wings of a dove.


Noah had drifted

On the flood many days;

He searched for land

In various ways;

Troubles, he had some

But not from above;

God sent him a sign

On the wings of a dove.


On the wings of a snow-white dove

God sends His pure, sweet Love,

A sign from above

On the wings of a dove.


Jesus, our Savior,

Came to earth one day;

He was born in a stable

On a manger of hay;

Tho here rejected,

But not from above;

God gave Him a sign

On the wings of a dove.


(Sing it out, now.)


On the wings of a snow-white dove

God sends His pure, sweet Love,

A sign from above

On the wings of a dove.


Tho I have suffered

In many a way;

I cried for healing

Both night and day;

But faith wasn't forgotten

By the Father, above,

He gave me a sign

On the wings of a dove.


(Let's just close our eyes and sing it to Jesus the Lord.)


On the wings of a snow-white dove

God sends His pure, sweet Love,

A sign from above

On the wings of a dove.


Jesus, our Savior,

Came to earth one day;

He was born in a stable

On a manger of hay;

Tho here rejected,

But not from above;

God gave Him a sign

On the wings of a dove.


(Sing it out, now.)


On the wings of a snow-white dove

God sends His pure, sweet Love,

A sign from above,

On the wings of a dove.


116  How many feel better tonight?  Feel better.  Let us fight that fight of faith.  When we manifest anything else but a dove nature, say, "Get thee behind me, Satan."  Amen.  "Get behind me, devil.  I want that lamb-like spirit.  Amen?  We are going to ask Brother Andy Collins to dis...  Brother Bob [Wells], do you have anything to say, Brother?  We will ask Brother Andy if he would dismiss us in a word of prayer?  [Brother Collins prays and congregation worships--Ed]