(Preparation for The Marriage Of The Lamb)


A Sermon by Robert Lee Lambert

Friday Evening, April 1, 1966

Shreveport, Louisiana


This sermon, delivered by Brother Robert Lambert in Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S.A., has been edited slightly to enhance readability.  Every effort has been made to transcribe accurately from magnetic tape recording the message that Brother Lambert brought.

Transcription, editing and preparation for publication were completed through the joint efforts of the Saints at Bethel (The House of God), Freeport, Trinidad, West Indies and Grace Covenant Church, Middletown, Connecticut, U.S.A.

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The Eunuchs of Christ


1  How many would like to be remembered in prayer, tonight?  You have something on your heart, you want Jesus to do for you, tonight?  I believe that Jesus is alive.  I believe He is resurrected and I believe He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and I believe that the Scripture said, "What can separate us from the Love of God?"  And I believe that the Bible said that, "Perfect Love casts out fear."  And I don't believe that is my perfect love for Jesus.  I believe that is His perfect Love for me.  It is so perfect it should cast out every fear that I have, tonight. 

2  I don't need to fear cancer; I don't need to fear heart trouble; I don't need to fear anything that the devil may put upon me.  And, though it may be upon me, I can still say, "Yes it is upon me, but by His stripes I am healed and He loved me with a perfect love and I just cast out this fear, tonight." 

3  How about if you have a fear, tonight.  While Brother Bob is preaching the Word of the Living God to you, why don't you just let the Word of God cast that fear out, tonight, and accept healing, deliverance, whatever you want Jesus Christ to do for you, tonight.  I believe that Jesus is the Word and that He will do what He said He would do.  If you would like to be remembered in prayer, with an uplifted hand, let me pray for you?

4  Our Heavenly Father, you saw every hand go up, Lord.  You know what is in the heart, Father.  You know every burden, Lord.  You  know the sicknesses in the body, Father.  Lord, You know the sins and the shortcomings that we did, Lord.  And, Heavenly Father, we pray that you would forgive us of our sins, tonight, Lord.  God, we pray, as David prayed, "God, return unto us, Lord, the joy of our salvation."

5  And, Lord, we pray that you would create in us a new spirit, Lord; create in us a right attitude, Father; create in us a burden for this lost and dying world, God; create in us, Lord, a concern, Heavenly Father, for this message of the end time, Lord, that it would go around the world and bring deliverence to your people that are bound down by organizations and demominations and headships of man, Lord.  Father God, let your Word come, tonight, Lord, and open up the hearts of the people, Father.  And let the unadulterated Word of the Living God sink down into the ground of our heart that it may bring forth fruit unto Eternal Life. 

6  Lord, circumcise, tonight, Father God, our ears that we may hear what the Holy Ghost would speak through Your Word, tonight, Father.  God, take full control of this meeting, Lord.  Heavenly Father, have the preeminence of this meeting, Father God, because we want to exalt the Name of Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

7  Heavenly Father, we are not exalting man, in this hour.  But, O God, You said that the day of the Lord would come and all that exalted themselves would be brought low and the Lord Jesus Christ Himself will be exalted in this day.  Lord, this is the Day of the Lord Jesus Christ.  And we pray, God, that You would come and exalt Your Word high, tonight, Father.  Lift it up, Lord, and make it high and glorify Your Name. 

8  In Jesus Christ's Name, Lord, I pray that You will bless every hand that went up, Father, and that You will answer the desire of their hearts, according to Your riches in Glory.  Father God, I pray that You are able to shut the mouth of every preacher, Lord, and I pray, God, that You would help me to stay with the Truth.  Help me to preach Your Word, Lord.  In Jesus Christ's Name, I pray.  Amen. 

9  Well, I feel good, tonight.  I am happy to be in this little prayer meeting, again, this Friday night.  And we got no creed, we got nothing to join.  But we do have something to lift up and that is the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and this end time message.  Which we believe that this message of this end time that was brought by the messenger and prophet of Malachi 4 and Revelation 10:7, that said, "When He begins to sound” (This seventh angel to the seventh church age) “when He begins to sound, the mysteries of God shall be finished."  (That you have wondered about down through the ages of time.)  God's prophetic anointing through the eagle anointing of this end time would bring to pass and unveil the mysteries of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Word. 

10  So, we are happy to be here, tonight, from over in Many [pronounced “Manee”—Ed.]. And we have been preaching a little meeting over in Many, the last few nights.  And we feel like the Lord has been blessing us over there with His Word.  And we are trying to get this old Laodicean spirit rebuked off of us.  Amen?   

11  I think we preach a lot about the Laodicean Church but you know, we are that Church.  And I believe that old Laodician spirit has got over on the Bride.  And I don't believe that we need to have that spirit on us.  I think we need to rebuke that old lazy spirit off of us.  And you know, the Apostle Paul, he knew how lazy them was and that is why he said that "Men ought always to pray and not to turn coward and faint."  But I think that men ought always to pray and not to faint.  And the Bible said, "If you will reap [sow] to the Spirit, you will of the Spirit reap Life Everlasting  and if you sow to the flesh, you will of the flesh reap destruction and corruption.  Is that Right? 

12  So Friend, you are only passing this way one time and these days are fleeting by.  The Rapture of the Lord Jesus Christ is at hand.  And by nineteen and seventy-three and a half and not later than nineteen and seventy-seven, according to the revelation of the Book of Daniel that was given to this prophet and messenger, that we know without a shadow of a doubt, that as sure as Elisha stayed with the Word of Elijah and as sure as Jehu fulfilled the Word of Elijah the prophet, so shall it be in this day, that every word that the prophet said shall come to pass, according as he spoke in the Name of the Lord. 

13  We believe that this Church Age will be terminated by nineteen and seventy-seven, if not before then.  So, Friend, you don't have many days left and you are only passing by this one time, through this earth.  And the old saying is: "Only what is done for Jesus will last."  I forget the first words.  Betty knows that.  "Soon this time will be past and only what is done for Jesus will last," or something to that effect.  Meaning that, what you are going to do, do it quickly. 

14  Now, I would like to preach to you, tonight, on a little message the Lord God laid upon my heart, yesterday afternoon.  I been preaching over in Many for a few nights and trying to press our way over there.  And we hope that this prayer chain that we have started in Many of the believers that believe this end time revelation that is to forerun the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ… 

15  We have started a prayer chain of nine o'clock, twelve o'clock and three o'clock.  And we are praying that God will help us to be overcomers and that He will pour out the Holy Ghost upon His seed as He promised He would do.  He said He would plant the seed and then He would water it.  And the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ, in this hour, is needing the Water of the Spirit to produce the manifestation of the Lord Jesus Christ made Flesh among us, once again, before the rapture takes place.

16  So I pray that God… if you want to be an overcomer, you are going to have to have a prayer life.  Amen.  You had better sit down and count the cost.  You can't… It is not an hour for being “wishy-washy” and “dilly-dallying” around. We need to get on fire for Jesus Christ.  And I don't believe you can have a hunger for the Word of God unless you have a prayer life.  Amen.  I believe we need to be exerting every effort that we have to make sure that the virtues of the Lord Jesus Christ are made manifested in us.  Can you say, "Amen?" 

17  All right, now, if God lays upon your heart, tonight, that you want to accept one of these hours of prayer.  Whether, it is nine o'clock (And we pray around the clock twenty-four hours.) nine o'clock, twelve o'clock and three o'clock.  I choose the three o'clock because I like to get up that time of morning, while the devil is kind of resting that time of morning.  Everybody… His subjects are all asleep.

18  So that is the best time to pray through is three o'clock in the morning between three and five.  When them devils get to moving around about seven o'clock, cursing and carrying on and get up with their hangovers, it is better to pray at three o'clock in the morning.  I find that is the best hour, so… That is the hardest hour to get up, though.  Amen? 

19  But maybe you would like to, does not make any difference which hour you would like to choose.  And probably you don't want to choose any, don't want to obligate yourself.  But let me give you a little warning, let me just read this to you over here.  Kind of might stir you up to pray a little bit.  I am not going to preach on prayer, tonight, but maybe I will, one of these nights.  Says over in Proverbs 1:23, it says:


  Turn you at my reproof: and behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you. 

  Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded.

  But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof:

  I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh;

  When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you.

  Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me:

  Because they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the Lord:


20  I would just like to preach on that, if I did not have this other message God laid on my heart.  That is what is the matter with this Pentecostal Church Age.  They would not turn at the reproof of God through His prophet.  And when their calamity comes upon them as the destruction of a whirlwind, then they will pray early and then they will seek God early.  But God said He would hide His face from them because they would not turn at His instruction of His Word. 

21  So that should encourage us, it has me.  It is kind of… That proverb has kind of stimulated my desire to seek the face of the Lord God.  Now He… [A Sister stands and requests to change her prayer hour—Ed.]

22  The Lord bless you, Sis, that would be fine.  This Sister is from down in Longhorn, Texas, and she has been with us... Longview, Texas, and she has been over in our meeting that we have been preaching and God has laid upon her heart to overcome and make sure that the Word of God is being manifested in her life.  And we certainly appreciate that.

23  Now, we are going to get right into this little short message.  Not going to preach to you long.  But if you will open your Bibles to the 19th Chapter of Matthew and the 12th verse, I would like to take for a subject, "The Eunuchs Of The Lord Jesus Christ."  And for a text, I would like to take, "Preparation For The Marriage Of The Lamb."  Now, reading from Matthew 19:12, it said:


  For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb:  and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men:  and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdon of heaven's sake.  He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.


24  And now, if you will open your Bibles to the Book of Esther.  Now, we have a lot of big words in here that... I am uneducated.  I just went to a very small number of years in school.  And some of these words are so big, I don't know whether I can pronounce them right.  So, you just look over my ignorance and I will just do the best that I can to pronounce them.  [Esther 1:1-5]


  Now it came to pass in the days of Ahasuerus, (this is Ahasuerus which reigned, from India even unto Ethiopia, over an hundred and seven and twenty provinces:)

  That in those days, when the king Ahasuerus sat on the throne of his kingdom, which was in Shushan the palace,

  In the third year of his reign, he made a feast unto all his princes and his servants; the power of Persia and Media, the nobles and princes of the provinces, being before him:

  When he shewed the riches of his glorious kindom and the honour of his excellent majesty many days, even an hundred and fourscore days.

  And when these days were expired, the king made a feast unto all the people that were present in Shushan the palace, both unto great and small, seven days, in the court of the garden of the king's palace;


25  Now, its goes on here and I would like to call your attention to the 10th verse and it says, 9th verse, it says [Esther 1:9-12]:


 Also Vashti the queen made a feast for the women in the royal house which belonged to king Ahasuerus.

  On the seventh day, when the heart of the king was merry with wine, he commanded Mehuman, Biztha, Harbona, Bigtha and Abagtha, Zethar, and Carcas, the seven chamberlains that served in the presence of Ahasuerus the king,

  To bring Vashti the queen before the king with the crown royal, to shew the people and the princes her beauty:  for she was fair to look on,

  But the queen Vashti refused to come at the king's commandment by his chamberlains:  therefore was the king very wroth, and his anger burned in him.


26  Yesterday, I rose up in the morning and prayed and during the day I began to get moody and kind of depressed and burdened.  And my wife went up town. And my hour of prayer came to pray and of course I study and pray most of the day but I made a point to especially pray at that very hour.  No matter how much you pray, now.

27  But I went into the bedroom and the Holy Spirit begin to deal with me and began to cry out to the Lord.  And these word's came to me in the Spirit and said, "Prepare My Body, prepare My Body."  Well, I got to thinking, what did the Lord mean?  Prepare My Body.”  And It said, "Make ready for the marriage, make ready for the marriage and prepare My Body." And then it came to me to read Esther.  And then when I got up off my knees and read Esther, the Lord give me this little message.

28  And if you will notice, here, that this king was having a feast.  And he called all the people to this feast.  And he began to show his great riches; he showed his great power and he was showing all of the glories of his kingdom to this people.  And I am kind of typing that with this Pentecostal revival that started about l906.  When God began to show forth His great Power of His Kingdom, when He began to do great mighty signs and wonders and miracles and began to show forth the great treasures of His Heavenly Kingdom that He wanted to give unto His people. 

29  And then, it said here in the 10th verse, "That on the seventh day of the feast..."  And I am thinking and typing this seventh day of this feast with the Seventh Church Age that this Pentecostal Revival has come to, this Seventh Church Age.  And, at this seventh day, this king had his seven chamberlains.  And this word “chamberlain” is a eunuch. 

30  And I want you to know, tonight, that a eunuch has no seed of his own.  He is a man that has no seed.  Therefore, he does not get married because he has no will of his own because he has no seed to plant.  He cannot raise any children of his own. And that king, in those days, used a eunuch, a chamberlain, to take care of their wives, their concubines and their maidens. 

31  And I am typing this, eunuchs of the king, here, that he was sending forth to bring the queen, to show her off before his subjects.  And I am typing that with these eunuchs, chamberlains, with the faithful ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ, his spiritual eunuchs of this last church age, before it is raptured.

32  Now, you notice here, that on the seventh day the king sent these eunuchs to call forth his queen to come that he might show her off.  And we find out that she would not come at the call of the eunuchs.  On the seventh day, she would not come.

33  And I want you to know that God began to show forth the mighty manifestation of His Power down through this Laodicean Church Age.  He began to show forth the Bible that said, "Eye hath not seen nor ear heard what is... the great things that God has prepared for those that love Him, but He has revealed them unto us, in His Word."  And so, in this latter day of this Pentecostal Outpouring, in this latter day, God has showed forth His great Power and His great glories, His treasures of heaven, and He manifested them in the Outpouring of the Holy Ghost. 

34  So He let them see His treasures for these many days.  They looked upon the treasures of the king.  But on the seventh day, on the seventh day, he called a special meeting.  On the Seventh day, which I am typing with the Seventh Church Age, this king sent forth his seven chamberlains, which were eunuchs, to call the queen.  And we find out the queen rebelled and did not come at the request of the eunuchs.  That is a striking thing.  I hope you are spiritual, now, and you are getting this.

35  God, at this hour, in this last day, after He had showed the manifestation of His Power and His glory of heaven, in the Seventh Church Age sent forth a messenger of Malach 4, a prophet, which was a eunuch.  He was a eunuch because he did not have any seed of his own to plant.  He only planted the unadulterated Word of the Living God to restore the hearts of the children back to the Apostolic Fathers.

36  He was a eunuch.  And he came to call the so-called Queen of Pentecost to come to the marriage supper of the Lamb.  And she turned it down because she was having a supper of her own.  That is exactly what has happened.  She turned it down  because she was having a feast of her own.  In other words, she was turning down the Headship of the King, Jesus Christ.  She was not in obedience to the Word of God.  And she said, "We are having a little feast over here ourselves and we are trying to be one with the World Council of Churches." 

          37  And that is just what is happening, in this hour, that the Pentecostal queen, that has seen the glories of God, is getting ready to unite in a feast of the World Council of Churches.  And she turned down the invitation of the eunuch of the Lord God, that did not have a will of his own.  He did not have any seed of his own.  He only planted the seed of his Heavenly Father.  And she turned it down in the Seventh Church Age, the seventh day.  She turned it down and would not come.  She had a feast of her own to go to.  Refused the Headship of Christ.

38  The Bible said that the head of the man is Christ and the head of the woman is the man.  Is that right?  And so this so-called Queen Pentecost turned down the Headship of Christ and took the headship of a man—all going to organize in the World Council of Churches and the so-called miracle revival that is coming. 

39  You remember this, Brother and Sister, the Elijah the prophet said, "They would not have a revival."  And he said, "All that is claiming to get the Holy Ghost, is not getting the Holy Ghost."   Because, in the 25th chapter of Matthew, the ones that had their own feast, (Is that right?) they went out to get the oil, after they thought they already had it, they went out to get it and they found out that the Bridegroom had already come and the rapture had taken place.  So, they did not get it.  Why?  Because they did not want to come the way of the eunuchs.

40  Now, what did the king do?  It said, "He was... his anger was wrathful, his anger waxed hot and his wrath was ready to be poured out on this so-called queen."

41  And that is exactly what is happening, in this hour.  You are entering into an age of the wrath and the judgements of the living God. It is because that the queen, Pentecost and the other church that is suppose to be the queen, all these churches claim to be the queen of the Lord Jesus Christ.  They claim to be the so-called Bride but they would not come to the invitation of the chamberlain, the eunuch of God, the prophet.  A prophet is a spiritual eunuch.  He don't have any seed of his own to plant.  He only has one thing to plant and that is "THUS SAITH THE LORD."  But they turned that down.

42  So, what did the king do?  He turns into a king of wrath and a king of anger and of judgement.  And he called the eunuchs and the wise men and said, "What shall we do with this disobedient queen?"  He said, "Let her be put away and another one, that is faithful, chosen…." 

43  Well, we find out the king put forth the decree to his eunuchs and said, "Go look out in all the land and find the virgins and bring them forth, that one might be chosen to be queen."

44  Oh,  blessed be the Name of the Lord God.  God is choosing out a virgin, a virtuous queen, in this hour, to take the place of this disobedient Pentecostal queen that sold herself out for fanaticism and the things of the world, instead of taking the unadulterated seed of a living prophet-eunuch that was sent forth to call us to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.  She turned it down. 

45  And so, Christ is sending forth His eunuchs, in this hour, to bring forth a Bride.  It is beautiful.  These eunuchs, in this hour of the Lord Jesus Christ, they are eunuchs that have no seed of their own to plant.  That is just beautiful.  Now, when the eunuchs sent forth into all the land to gather the virgins,... You know there was five... five virgins that were foolish and five were wise.  Is that right?

46  So there was a virgin found among all of these other virgins that was fair and pleasing to the king because she had the virtues that the king was looking for.  She would be obedient to the word of the king.  And this one that they found was named “Esther”.  And Esther was given into the hands of God's eunuchs—the king's eunuchs, Esther was given into the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ’s eunuchs, spiritual eunuchs in this last Church Age.  Oh, it is just beautiful. 

47  Now, these eunuchs of this king gave Esther everything that she needed for her purification of her body.  And she, after the manner of the queen that was given to the king, she was to purify her body six months with the oil of myrrh and for six more months she was to bathe her body in other sweet smelling perfumes for the purification of her body.  Oh, that is beautiful. 

48  And the Bible said that the Bride hath made herself ready.  She hath prepared her body for the marriage of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  And there is only one type of minister that the Lord Jesus Christ is letting minister to His queen, in this hour, and that is a spiritual eunuch because He could not trust any of these other so-called ministers of this hour to be in the bed chamber of His queen. 

49  Now, I want you to know that these eunuchs were right in the bed chamber with the queen.  They were right in her quarters and cared for her every need.  And the eunuchs presented Esther with everything that she needed to prepare her body for the marriage of the King.  Beautiful.  I just love this.  Now, the king could not trust any other men with his queen because for fear that while that they were in his queen's bed chamber, that they would plant their own seed in the queen.  Now, if you are spiritual, you will get it.

50  And that is exactly why, in this hour, that God has only called one kind of a minister to prepare the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Bride for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.  And that is His spiritual eunuchs that have no other seed than the seed which the prophet and messanger planted in their hearts, in this end time.  They are spiritual eunuchs and they only plant the seed of a prophet-messenger to prepare the Body of the Lord Jesus… of the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ, that He might have a Bride to rapture, the unadulterated Word. 

51  The King wants to plant His own seed in the Bride.  He don't want some other preacher to plant his own creed or dogma.  Amen?    He don't want some other preacher planting their own seed in His Bride.  And how many preachers, out here, that claim to be preparing a Bride for the Lord Jesus Christ and they are planting their own seed?  Amen.  They say, "I don't believe the seed of the serpent."  But the Bible teaches it.  And then they try to prepare a Bride and say, "There is no such thing as seed of the serpent."

52  I want to tell you, tonight, I will challange any man in this room, tonight, to prove to me that there is no seed of the serpent.  I will prove it to you, there is.  The Bible said that the serpent had a seed.  And the Bible said that Enoch was the seventh from Adam and Cain was not in there.  So that ends it.  And the Bible said, “…and Cain, who was of his father the wicked one.  And the wicked one was the devil.  And the devil incarnated himself in the beast and got to the first queen of God.  He got to her and pregnated her and commited adultery before the King could get to her, the first Bride, Adam, and planted the seed of the serpent in her.

53  And that is exactly why that the Lord Jesus Christ is not permitting any kind of a minister, outside of a spiritual eunuch, to minister to the things of the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ.  They are giving her everything that she needs to prepare herself for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.  Praise God.  The Bible said, "You don't cut your hair," that is exactly what he is preparing your Body for.  If the Bible said, "Seed of the serpent," that is exactly what he prepares the Bride with.  If the Bible said, "Repent and be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ," that is exactly how he prepares the Body.  Anything that God said, he puts the period behind it and says, "Amen." 

54  And it is only the spiritual eunuch that will plant the Seed of the King because he don't have any seed of his own.  He don't have any will of his own.  That is why he could be obedient to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords because he don't have any will.  He lost his will and he only plants the Seed of the King.  I just love that. 

55  And that is what God is doing in this hour.  He has called the spiritual eunuchs to give Esther all the perfumes and the oils that she needs to prepare her body for this great message.  Oh blessed be the Name of the Lord.

56  I praise God that he has got some spiritual eunuchs on the scene.  After the great eunuch and messenger left, God still has eunuchs to go on and put the finishing touches of perfection on the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ.  And she will be perfected.  And there is a ministry here, now, that is perfecting the Bride but it is unseen.  But the Bride is being perfected day by day and she is preparing her body for the great marriage of the Lamb.

57  Oh, how wonderful it is to see that first spiritual Eunuch that came, the Lord Jesus Christ.  How He planted only the Seed of His Heavenly Father.  He did not have any seed of His own to plant.  He said, "I only do those things My Heavenly Father shows Me first.  My Heavenly Father worketh hitherto and I work.  I always do those things which please My Heavenly Father."  Is that right?  And He did not have any seed of His own to plant, so therefore, God could trust the eunuchs, in this hour, because they have no seed to impregnate the Bride with. 

58  Listen.  The Bible said that Jesus Christ was coming after a Bride without spot, wrinkle or blemish.  And over in Jude It said, "These spots and wrinkles and blemishes are false prophets and false teachers that are feasting right among you."  But I want you to know, tonight, that Jesus Christ is not coming after anything that is not one hundred percent Word-born Bride.

59  Oh, you say, "I don't believe the seed of the serpent." You’re planting your own seed.  You just look, you will see that you got a will of your own, somewhere.  You say, "I don't believe in predestination," but the Bible said so.  Said, "He predestinated a Bride."  Said, "All He called, He justified and all He justified, He hath already glorifed."  And it said, "He has predestinated many sons to be conformed into the image of the Lord Jesus Christ, which was a spiritual Eunuch." 

60  Jesus Christ only had one Will and that was the Will of His Heavenly Father.  And He carried out that Will from the time that He was born until the time that He was crucified. 

61  Oh, can you see all of this so-called preachers, out here in this hour, that are supposed to be a getting a Bride ready for the Lord Jesus Christ and letting the people do anything they want to.  “Oh, it is all right to cut your hair.  The Lord don't care.  He loves...”  “It is all right to marry two or three different times because God loves you.  God loves you.”  “Oh, it is all right to wear a little bit of make-up.  It is all right to do all these things.”  “Oh, it don't make no difference how you are baptized.”  It did in the first church.  Paul, that great spiritual eunuch, said, "If an angel would come from heaven and preach any other gospel than what I preach to you, let him be accursed."  And that is a spiritual eunuch, in this hour. 

62  Any time that you hear a man say, "Well, I don't agree with the seed of the serpent doctrine and I know I am going to make the rapture."  You are fooling yourself.  You are just fooling yourself, Brother.  Because Jesus Christ, the first spiritual Eunuch, is only coming after a Word-born Bride, one hundred percent Word from Genesis to Revelation.

63  The Bible said, "If you take one word away from this book, I will add to you the plagues that are written in this book."  And you are like a chain hanging over hell.  You break one link and you fall into hell.  And you break one Word of God and disobey one Word of God and turn it down, when you see the truth, and you will not make it.  The Bible said, "He that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin."

64  In that day they would say, "Lord, why, did not we cast out devils, did not we heal the sick?  Did we do all these mighty things in your Name?"  "Depart from me!" "You would not listen to my spiritual eunuchs.  You turned the Word down.  You had a feast of your own to go to." 

65  Brother, let me tell you something; you can tell a spiritual eunuch, in this hour.  Any time that you see a man compromising with the evening light message for popularity and money and everything else, you will know right then that he is not a spiritual eunuch.

66  You people better watch out who is pregnating you with the Word of God.  You had better make sure that a spiritual eunuch is preaching to you, tonight.  You better not let some so-called man out here, that claims to be preparing the Bride, be preaching to you.  There is only one message that will prepare the Bride, in this evening time, and that is the message of the eunuch-prophet of Malachi 4.  He only planted one hundred percent Word, unadulterated Word of God. 

67  And Brother, if you will see that we are going... people say, "Let us go back to Pentecost," but you don't want to go back to Pentecost and do the things of Pentecost.  You want to go back there but you don't want to do what they did.  And Paul said (that great spiritual eunuch) if you said anything contrary to what he said...  He said let you be accursed, my Friend.

68  But we say, "Oh, I think Brother So and So is all right.  He just disagrees with the prophet on the seed of the serpent and a couple other little things.  He will make it, all right."  He will split hell wide open if he does not obey the Truth.  You said, "You don't have to have doctrine to go in the rapture."  My Brother, what kind of Bible are you reading?  The Bible told... Paul told Timothy said, "Take heed to the doctrine and you will be able to save yourself from those with you."

69  My Friend, at the rapture, on the judgement day of the Lord Jesus Christ, when the Bride and the Lord Jesus Christ stand and judge this church world, it will be judged by the messenger of the prophet Malachi 4 and Revelation 10:7.  And, if you came before that judgement seat, in that day, and heard the Word of God and you turned it down and you saw it vindicated, He will say, "Depart from me, you worker of iniquity." 

70  Brother and Sister, the Bride is being prepared, in this hour, by spiritual eunuchs that are preaching the unadulterated Word of God.  It is going to take the Word of the Living God to prepare the body of Esther.  And, I tell you, the Bride, the real Bride, the real Esther, the Word and the Commandment of the Lord is sweet as honey.  It makes no difference if it does get bitter when she begins to put in action and trys to digest it.  Sure it is going to get bitter.  The road was supposed to be bitter.  It was not supposed to be a bed of roses.  Sure you was supposed to have persecution.

71  Here, let me tell you something, Brother, what is the matter with the people?  This people in America, these church people are the most unspiritual people in the world.  They went to church so long that they don't know what it is to have church. 

72  You know all I want... “I want a Pentecost.”  Yeah, but do you want an Ananias and Sapphira?  That is what you are going to get if you are in one of them.  One of these days, you won't be able... The make believer and unbeliever won't be able to stand in the congregation of the righteous and the Kingdom of the Lord.  Why?  Because they would be called out.  But we say that we want a Pentecost but we don't want to pay the price that goes along with it.  We don't want...

73  You know why we don't have New Testament prophets?  It’s because we don't, we won't stay with the Word of God.  If we stayed with the Word of God, God would produce some New Testament prophets; He would produce some New Testament Apostles; He would produce some miracles; He would produce the dead raised and more than that too; He would produce the creative Power of God—If He can find somebody that will stay with the unadulterated Word of God and be a spiritial eunuch like Jesus Christ was.  But you can't find... 

74  I tell you, God don't like somebody wishy-washy.  “Oh, I believe he was a prophet, but I don't believe he is a teacher.”  Show me that in the Bible somewhere.  And the little sheep... The ministers put all kinds of fears on them and say how that message is all messed up.  But they would not tell him that, would they?  They would not stand and tell him that.

75  Like the four hundred that laid a trap for him, in Chicago.  And the Angel of the Lord come to him and revealed everything they said and where they was going to have the meeting and everything.  And then he challenged four hundred of them to stand by his side with their Bible and disprove the seed of the serpent, predestination and election and eternal security and the grace of God and the oneness of the God-Head and water baptism in Jesus' Name.  There was not a one of them guys stand to their feet.  Just a bunch of wishy-washy, that is all.  Sold out.  Sold out like Esau for a mess of soup. 

76  I tell you, I have got no use for somebody that is wishy-washy about...  Say, "I believe the message," and say, "Oh, I think Brother So and So will be all right.  He just disagrees with a couple things.  I don't think we have to believe it all."  You got to take every bit of it.  Satan only changed just one little part of it to Eve.  Is that right?  Only changed one little part of it.  What happened to us?

77  Look at the chaos we are in, now.  Death and sorrow and misery and we are getting ready to be thrown out into the great tribulation, those who don't make the rapture.  Why?  Because, did not think that God would do…  Listen.  Let me tell you something.  God is going to do exactly what He said in His Bible.  "If you take one Word away from it, I will take your name out of the Book of Life and add the plagues of this Book to you."  Is that right? 

78  Listen, we are going to have to listen to God's spiritual eunuchs.  And they are easy to tell.  Because they preach the same message, they preach the same revelation that the prophet and messenger did.  Because they don't have any seed of their own to plant.  Don't you understand?  They only have the unadulterated Seed of the King.  And it is the King that wants to impregnate His Queen with His own Seed.  He don't want some kind of a creed and dogmas and false baptism and all false this and false that.  But He wants to plant the Seed of the King.  And the only way that He can do it is to find a spiritual eunuch that don't have no will of his own and no seed to plant.  And He can trust them in the bed chamber of the Queen because they only have one desire and that is of the King.  Just let the King plant the Seed.  Is that right?  He hands the Seed to them and He... they hand it out, the bread.  Praise the Name of the Living God. 

79  You know, over in II Kings, we read about Jehu, which stayed with the Word of the eunuch, Elijah.  God's great spiritual eunuch, Elijah.  Do you believe Elijah was a eunuch?  He sure was.  He came stumping out of the woods, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, it will not rain but according to my word."

80  And then we find out that Elisha took his place.  And Elisha told the little man to take this box of ointment and go down and find Jehu and pour this upon old Jehu's head and anoint him king over Israel.  And, oh, little old prophet ran down there, on an errand for Elisha, and found Jehu and ran in there, called him in the room there and dumped that on and told him, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, you are anointed king over Israel.  And you will destroy the seed of Ahab."

81  And we find out that Jehu rose up and went after the seed of Ahab, right then, and began to kill them.  And then he had the prophecy of the Lord that he was to slay old Jezebel.  And we find out that he went down to the palace and he came down to the palace and hollered for Jezebel and old Jezebel came out.  Before she came out, she painted her lips all up.  And that is where we get all this make-up, now, from Jezebel.  Amen.  That’s where we get it.  I know, boy, I am meddling, now, but that is the truth. You know that a spiritual eunuch will tell you that, you know.  It is the only kind will tell you that, in this day. 

82  I thought I heard a spiritual eunuch, not too long ago, in a big tent meeting.  He, boy, he would just lay that thing down on holiness, but after a little while, he said, "Oh, he knew how he had Power with God."  He just preaches holiness and that is why God anointed.  But then we find out that popularity, money was too much for him and then he went the way of all the rest of them.  You know why?  He was not a spiritual eunuch.  He had his own seed to plant.  You know what his seed was?  A great ministry.  (See?)  He had a will.

83  You take a man that is a eunuch, he has no will to get married because he has no seed to plant.  Don't you get it? 

84  But he had a seed to plant.  He had his own will and that was a great evangelistic ministry.  Great, great man of Power and all this.  (See?)  He had his own seed to plant.  But it will take the spiritual eunuch to tell you not to paint you face like a Jezebel and don't cut your hair because that is a mark of a Jezebel.  And the Bible said that the long hair of the woman was her glory.  Then why do you cut it off?  I know why?  Because you have not been listening to a spiritual eunuch and it is their fault.  A real child of God has got to hear the Word of God to be able to overcome.  Amen?

85  But a spiritual eunuch, in this hour, will tell you that you have to… you women, have to let your hair grow out in order to be able to perfume your body for the king.  That is some of the oil that goes along with perfuming, preparing your body.  Amen.  But it will take a spiritual eunuch of God to preach those things, in this hour, because he don't care about no personal ministry.  He don't care about if anybody ever hears his name.  There is only one thing down in his soul driving him and that is the seed of the King.  Plant the seed, plant the seed. 

86  Well, we find out that, when Jehu came down there to the palace and hollered for Jezebel and she... before she came out, oh, she fixed her hair up, you know, and painted her face up.  She thought that she could trap Jehu, like she trapped Ahab with her beauty.  You ought to read the history of Jezebel—was a very beguiling, very beautiful women.  She captivated Ahab by her beauty and got him off of the Word of God by her beauty.

87  And that is the way the devil does in this hour.  The devil will get the women that should be virtuous toward keeping the Word of God and letting their hair grow long and living holiness, he will get them off of that by the beauty of Jezebel.  Said how they got to look beautiful for this and for that. 

88  Oh, we find out that Jehu came up to the palace there and Jezebel fixed herself up real beautiful and sashayed out there, you know, thinking, oh, she would just woo old Jehu right over, you know.   And Jehu looked up there and said, "Who is on my side?"  And about that time, three eunuchs stepped out.  Said, "Who is on my side?  Let him throw this Jezebel, this wicked woman down to the ground."  And Brother, them eunuchs picked her up and dashed her to the ground. 

89  And so is it, in this hour, it will be the spiritual eunuchs of God that take this Jezebel religion and this old denominational World Council of Churches and all the rest of this tommyrot that Jezebel planted in all these other ministers and throw it and dash it to the ground because they don't have any seed.  They are not enticed with all their beautiful popularity and beautiful buildings and promise you another Cadillac if you will only preach this.  No, they will be eunuchs just like those that throwed Jezebel down to the ground.

90  God saying, in this hour, "Who is on My side?  Let him throw this Jezebel doctrine to the ground."  “Oh no, we want to go the way of popularity, though.  It is not popular to preach Acts 2:38.”

91  The only place it is popular is to go into the United PC, go into a denomination then it will be popular then.  It is not popular to baptize in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is not popular to believe the messenger of Malachi 4.  It is not popular to preach predestination.  It is not popular to preach seed of the serpent.  You would not have no open doors to preach in. 

92  And preachers say, "Well, Brother Lambert, don't you think God would be pleased with me if I just would not baptize that way?"  "Don't you think the Lord would be pleased with me if I just did not preach seed of the serpent?"  No, I don't.  I think you need to be a spiritual eunuch and just plant what God said to plant.  And let him take care of it.  It is His Bride; it is His Bible; it is His kingdom; it is His world; it is His creation.  Why not?  If you say that you are an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ, why don't you say only what He said? 

93  Paul said that he was a preacher.  And you know a preacher, in that day that the Apostle Paul was preaching in, was called an ambassador.  He was an ambassador of the king, the Roman emperor. And this preacher, as we get our word 'preacher,' he was a herald.   And as the emperor gave him a message, he went into the cities and the townships and declared the message that the emperor gave him.  And remember, this herald, this messenger only told exactly what the king said. 

94  And I think that...  I think that is what the preachers of this hour ought to do.  Brother, if they say that they are the ambassadors of Christ, why don't they only proclaim what Christ said then and plant the seed of the Word?  No, they can't do it.  You know why?  Because they are not the ambassadors of Christ or they would be spiritual eunuchs.  They would only plant what God said to plant.  But it is not popular, as I said before. 

95  And that is the same thing that the devil tried to get Jesus with.  Said, "Come up here and bow down to me and I will give you all these kingdoms of the world."  Said, "Thou shalt worship the Lord Thy God and Him only shall thou serve."  Why did He say that?  Is because He was a spiritual Eunuch and a spiritual eunuch don't have no seed of his own.  He just has the Seed of the King to plant.  He said, "It is written; it is written; it is written." 

96  But the three eunuchs picked old Jezebel up and threw her to the ground and her blood splattered all over the horses and all over the buildings and Jehu trampled her to death with the horse. 

97  Brother, it would not surprise me if the great Lord Jesus Christ, the great Jehu that is riding, in this hour, on a great white horse, in Revelation 19, that is coming to trample this Jezebel religion into the ground with that great white horse and with the Sword of the King.  You believe it saints?  I believe that Jesus Christ is going to drop hailstones from heaven on this old Jezebel religion and her doctrine.

98  Well Brother, where is the Truth that is evil spoken of?  I ask you?  I asked you a question.  Where is the Truth that is evil spoken of?  Is it the Methodist?  Is it the Baptist?  Is it the Presbyterian?  Is it the Pentecostals?  Well, where is it?  The Bible said, "In the last days there would be a truth that would be evil spoken of."  And said, "As Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these withstand the Truth, men of reprobate minds concerning the Truth."  What is it?  Well, the whole church world is reprobate concerning the Truth that this prophet brought. 

99  And they are the ones that speak evil of the dignities.  And that word 'dignity' is the officers of the Lord Jesus Christ, His prophets and His apostles and His pastors and His teachers that are spiritual eunuchs.  They speak evil of the message that they preach.  And it said, "And they shall utterly perish as in the gainsaying of Korah."  Amen.

100  Those that come up and fight against the spiritual eunuchs of God, God, Himself, shall destroy with the Spirit of His mouth and the brightness of His coming?  Absolutely true.  We have a message to preach.  And Brother, when that herald of the Lord Jesus Christ came into a city, he spoke with authority and he spoke a message that had to be heeded by everybody that lived in the land.

101  Don't you worry, God is getting ready to do something.  Don't you think that.  Don't you worry about it.  Jesus Christ is getting ready to move on the scene with a mighty demonstration of His Spirit.  But it will be a demonstration of Jehu because the prophet pronounced a curse upon this church world and the Bible said that this Laodicean Church Age was to end in complete apostasy.  And “apostasy” means that you have rejected the revealed Truth that he sent you through a prophet.  You turned it down. 

102  And the Bible said that God—because you would not love the Truth—He would give you over to a reprobate mind and you would believe the doctrine of the World Council of Churches.  And Jesus said, "I came in My Father's Name and you received Me not, but if another will come in his own name, him you will receive."  Why?  Because you did not love the Truth.  You don't love the Word that a spiritual eunuch brings you.  It will produce a Bride for the Lord Jesus Christ and that is all it will produce. 

103  But I tell you, Friend, tonight, I would rather take the Word, the way of the Lord's despised few, than take the broad way that leads to destruction in this so-called Pentecostal move, in this hour.  Brother, they don't know anything about the true move of God.  They don't care what the Word of God said.  They say, "Well, if you don't want to eat this round kosher like the Catholics do, just shut your eyes?"

104  My Lord, you filthy, dirty Jezebel, you.  Jehu will have you fall to the ground with His spiritual eunuchs, one day. Even as, so saith the prophet of God that passed away, said,  "Howl and weep, you ministers that heard this Truth and turned it down, your hour is coming.  God will visit you, one day."  Don't you worry about it, He will.

105  Elijah told... when Jezebel killed Naboth, to give the vineyard to Ahab.  And Ahab… She told Ahab said, "Rise up and go down and take the vineyard because Naboth is dead."  And when Ahab went down to possess the vineyard...

106  And that is exactly what is going to happen, in this hour; that is exactly what is repeating, in this hour.  They are going to try to take the vineyard of God's people, in this hour, through the World Council of Churches.  They are going to shut your doors, that you can't preach.  They are going to have a Federal execution set up and will kill you on the spot. 

107  "Oh," you say, "Brother Lambert, you are beside yourself."  I am not beside myself.  Elijah said it would be so and so shall it be.  "Well, why aren't you preaching this out here where everybody can hear you?"  You know why?  It is because, Brother, they don't like the message of a spiritual eunuch.  They want somebody to come and tickle their ears and tell them what great Power we are going to have with God.

108  But, so saith God, "You will have no power, but you will reap destruction in the great tribulation and you will run to the rocks and the caves and cry for the rocks to hide you from the wrath of the Lamb of God," because you did not love the Truth of God's great eunuch and prophet.  Oh, don't worry, it is "line upon line and precept upon precept."  It is, "here a little and there a little," but it is here. 

109  And when old Ahab went down to take the vineyard of God's chosen people, he tried to buy it.  And he would not sell it.  That is the way with God's people, they won't sell out.  They will keep the covenant that God gave them.  They won't sell out like old Esau did.

110  But when they went down to possess the vinyard, that… When he went down said, "Oh, finally got it, isn't it beautiful?  Isn't this a beautiful vineyard?"  And about that time, in walked the spiritual eunuch.  And he walked in and he said, "Oh, thou my enemy, you found me."  Said, "Yes, I found you.  Because thou has perverted the way of the Lord and because that you killed Naboth, the dogs will lick your blood.  The same place that you cast his body, the dogs will eat your blood."

111  And there was Jehu standing in front of the palace and fulfilling the execution of God's spiritual eunuch, Elijah.  And he said, "Who is on my side?  Let him throw this wicked thing down to the ground."  And there was three spiritual eunuchs raised up and threw her to the ground.  Why, Brother?  They did not have no seed.  Her beauty could not entice them.  They did not have any seed.  She was knocking on the wrong door. 

112  And so is that World Council of Churches, out here.  When they come to compromise to get the spiritual eunuchs in this hour, and the Queen Esther to compromise to the beauty of the World Council of Churches, they won't do it.  It is because they don't have any will of their own; they don't have any seed of their own.  They will turn it down, and cast that Jezebel to the ground with the Word of the living God.  Amen?

113  Those three eunuchs threw her down because she could not tantalize them in any way; they was so sold out to God.  And it was the spiritual eunuch, they had no seed to plant, so they destroyed Jezebel. 

114  Even so was the Word of God, so, so “line upon line” that when Jehu went into the palace to get something to eat and said, "Go bury that wicked woman."  And the eunuchs went out to bury her and came back and said, "There is nothing left of her, but her skull and but her feet.  The dogs hath eaten her flesh."  And Jehu said, "Uh-huh" said, "That is the Word of the Elijah, the Tishbite, the servant of the Lord."  Because he spoke it, that the dogs will eat the flesh of Jezebel. 

115  And so is it, in this hour, Elijah said it would be and so shall it be.  God will pour His wrath out upon her in the Great Tribulation and shall destroy her with the brightness of His coming, through the mouth of the Bride.  God will confound the church world through the mouth of Esther the Bride, in this hour because the Bride hath made herself ready and her body is prepared to be presented to Christ.  And when the Headstone comes and meets the Bride, the Body, Jesus Christ will manifest His great Power, once again, to bring the judgements and the wrath of God upon an apostate church world, that has rejected His message through His servant the prophet.

116  Brother, it has to be.  You can't get out of it.  I would talk to anybody on the Bible.  If they could show me anything else in the Bible, I would like to see it.  You can't do it.   You can't do it because the Bible prophesied that this Church Age would end in apostasy.  And to end in apostasy, dear Brother, if you are a Bible student here, tonight, if you read your Bible, the word “apostasy” means rejecting present revealed Truth.  And there is only one thing left for apostasy and that is destruction.  And there is only one thing left, there is only one message left and that is a message of judgement.  That is all.  A message of judgement.  Over in Isaiah 56:4, to those that desire to be a spiritual eunuch, tonight…. 

117  Let us just be real reverent, now, and bow our heads, as I close.  If you got a seed of your own, I beg of you...  If you got a will of your own, in this life, you want to do this and you want to do that.  Have you got a seed of your own?  Wouldn't you want to be a spiritual eunuch for Christ, and just say what Christ said?

118  Brother, I would rather live on soda crackers and black-eyed peas or anything than eat steak every day and preach in one of these Jezebel houses or run out ahead of God in some tent meeting.  You want to be a spiritual eunuch for Jesus Christ, you only want to say what the King said.  Say, "It is written; it is written; it is written; I believe the word of Elijah.  I believe the word of Elijah." 

119  Let me just... with your heads bowed, let me tell you what God said.  If you, you want to be a spiritual eunuch, He said to His eunuchs that keep His covenant, His Word, He would give a name to them better than of sons and daughters, a name better than son and daughters.  "And I will give them an everlasting name."  Oh, my Friend, what precious, tender words of promise.  He would give us an everlasting name, that would be better than the names of sons and daughters.  Can you comprehend what kind of a name is this?  It is a new name.  It is a new name to those that will overcome in this hour.  The only way that you can...  It does not make any difference of what it is to overcome.  But how can you overcome?  The only way that you can overcome, is take this Word, this unadulterated Word of God. 

120  Now, with every head bowed, I am getting ready to pray for you.  Brothers and Sisters, if you’ve been wishy-washy in the revelation of the Word and you want to kind of, compromise a little bit with it, won't you make that right with God, tonight?  And say, like the Apostle Paul said, "If an angel would come from heaven and preach any other gospel than what he preached, let him be accursed."  And you want to make your stand in this way of Truth that is so evilly despised, in this hour.

121  Oh, how glad you will be that you listened to these words, tonight, on the day of judgement, Friend.  Oh, how glad you will be that you took the way of God's eunuchs.  Won't you prepare your body?  Won't you help prepare each one of us, as members in particular, in the Body of Christ.  Some may be a toe, a finger, a nose or an eye or a hand or whatever it is.  But Brother, Sister, you need to prepare your body.  God has got everything that you need right here in His promises, preached to you by His eunuchs.

122  I want to pray, now, close the meeting out. Won't you get something that is anchored down in your heart, today, tonight, that will stand upon this Word of God and say like Jehu said, "Who is on my side, let him throw these doctrines down that is not of God."  Who would like to slip up your hand?  Nobody looking around you.  God bless you, my Brother.  God bless you, Sister.  God bless.  God bless you back there, Sister.  God bless you, Sister and you Sister.  God bless your heart.   You want to believe the Word of God. All right, let us pray.  [Tape ends incompletely—Ed.]