THE Last Day Ministry


A Sermon by Robert Lee Lambert

Monday Evening, October 11, 1965

Beaumont, Texas


This sermon, delivered by Brother Robert Lambert in Beaumont, Texas, U.S.A., has been edited slightly to enhance readability.  Every effort has been made to transcribe accurately from magnetic tape recording the message that Brother Lambert brought.

Transcription, editing and preparation for publication were completed through the joint efforts of the Saints at Bethel (The House of God), Freeport, Trinidad, West Indies and Grace Covenant Church, Middletown, Connecticut, U.S.A.

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[Tape begins with Brother Carlton McGahee giving a testimony, then Brother Pearry Greene introduces Brother Lambert.--Ed.]


1  Thank you, Brother Pearry.  My, these Texans are big.  I ain't that big.  I am going to let this down.  There we go.  [Brother Lambert lowers the microphone--Ed]

2  Well, it certainly is a blessing and a great honor to stand behind this pulpit tonight.  And I appreciate the kind words that Brother Pearry had spoken to you about me and I know he meant that from the bottom of his heart. 

3  And the first time I met Brother Pearry was up in Jefferson­ville but I had not the opportunity to get acquainted with him.  But my pastors in New York City, Brother Coleman and Brother Hunt, had met him and they were speaking very highly of him.  And then I met him in New York City and, from the first time that I met him, I learned to love Brother Pearry and I could see the...

4  Course he don't understand it but... Not that I believe in seniority in this message, not that, but, since I have been with Brother Branham in this message for several years now, coming through quite a few tribulations, which I thank God for each one of them, I am very thankful to God, tonight, for raising up Brother Pearry Greene. 

5  You know, there is no seniority in God.  When you think that God can't move without you, that you just... Well, you just... old seniority, you know?  About that time that you get to thinking that, He will raise up somebody that you least expect to use, if you don't stay humble.

6  So, I am very thankful to God for raising up Brother Pearry Greene.  I can see the hand of the Lord in it.  From the first time that Pearry Greene told me the burden upon his heart, I knew it was of God and I said, "I believe that, I believe that is the Lord and I believe God has ordained you to do this."  I couldn't do it and I don't know...

 The following dot commands must be placed at the top of page 2 of text.7  I know all the ministers in this message, practically, most of them very personal, and I don't know a man in this message could do what God is going to do and is doing through Brother Pearry.  Neither do I believe that God could do through Brother Pearry what He is doing through Brother Lee Vayle, and so on and such forth. 

8  I believe that every person in the Body of Jesus Christ has a particular ministry given them by the Holy Ghost.  And I don't believe that anybody could take their place.  And I don't believe there is any big "You's" and little "Me's".  I believe we are all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus loving one another.  And I think we ought to be like a good ball team.

9  I don't care how good of a ball carrier you are, you are no good unless you have a guard and a tackle and a quarterback and everything that makes up a ball team.  It takes a whole team.

10  And I think that what is needful in this hour, when a man is given the ball to carry by Jesus Christ, then you start blocking for him.  So, I don't know what God used a little fellow like me for but, I tell you this, whatever it is, I want to be faithful in it.  And I want to have the kind of a spirit that I could put myself into subjection to the least one of you here in this assembly.  That is the kind of spirit that I want.  And, if I have any other spirit besides that, I need a little more prayer.  Can you say, "Amen?"

11  So, I am thankful to God, as I said before, for raising up Brother Greene in this late hour to be a blessing to God's servant and to His people.  And I know that God is getting ready to do a tremendous thing in the earth.

12  I enjoyed our Brother's testimony.  I have come to love our precious Brother McGahee.  The Holy Spirit led me to Brother McGahee out in Arizona.  I was looking at him in the meeting, Something spoke to me and said, "That man is sincere."  And I kept a watching him and I... Something said, "You have got to get to him."  So, I got to him and I began to tell him little things that the Lord wanted him to know and we have become to be close friends and to love one another very much. 

13  And I am just thankful to be able to go to Arizona with that precious Brother McGahee and his family.  Now if you will... I told Brother McGahee, I said, "I sure wish you would preach for us tonight."  I don't preach much.  You know how it is today, there is very few open doors but I am one of the ministers of the Local Christian Assembly. 

14  And I would like to bring you greetings from our assembly in New York City which is a sister church to this church here.  And I bring you greetings from those precious Brothers up there.  And I am just thankful to be associated with that fine assembly in New York City. 

15  I hope someday, that you will be able to hear my pastors preach.  I got three pastors now, Brother Pearry Greene, Orlando Hunt and Joseph Coleman.  Now, my other two pastors in New York City, have a little darker skin than I do and they are a lot bigger than I am, too.  One of them eats more than I do.  But I tell you, I have never found two men that was more spiritual, more dedicated and has more love than those two men in New York City.  And truly, I believe with all of my heart that God is no respecter of persons.  No siree!  And I am just thankful to see God working in anybody that will humble themselves before the Lord.  It just tickles me to death to see Jesus using somebody.  Amen? 

16  So if you will open your Bibles, now, to Ephesians 4.  The Lord kind of laid this little thought upon my heart.  Actually, it is not a thought, I would just like to kind of, maybe, that I could say something to help you.  You know?  Knowing that a lot of you are new in the message and maybe I could say something that maybe you hadn't hardly seen it on this way before and maybe you had.  But it would be good to...

17  The Word of God is good, any way that you want to bring it.  And a lot of times it is just good to keep going over these things to make sure we get them.  So, let us just bow our heads in a word of prayer.

18  I would like to kind of trust the Lord Jesus to help me since I am... I don't preach much and I was telling Brother McGahee, I said, "I’ll tell you, a preacher needs to preach or it is just like preaching all over again for the first time."  So you be praying for me, tonight, and I will appreciate it very much.

19  Our Heavenly Father, we thank You for this Local Christian Assembly here in Beaumont, Texas, Father.  Where the message and the truth of the final hour of this age, Lord.  And we just thank You, God, that there is a lighthouse now in Beaumont where You can lead Your sheep into the fold, Father, where You may make their souls fat with the good Word of the Lord.

20  Now, Father, we pray that You would bless every heart here, tonight.  We pray that You would refresh our spirits, Lord, with the precious Word of God. 

21  Now, Lord, how I pray that You would forgive me of my sins, Lord, and help me, Lord God, to be a blessing to my Brothers and Sisters, tonight, that by the Holy Ghost, Lord, You might make me an able minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, tonight.  We give You all the praise for it, Lord.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.

22  So much that I could say, that I would like to say and don't have time to say it.  Several messages that I would like to... I thought might help you but I kept a praying and waiting on the Lord and this kind of come upon my heart.  I would like to preach to you a little bit, on "The Last Day Ministry".  And we read here in God's precious Word; Ephesians 4:12 or 4:11 rather.  It says:


  And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors; and teachers;

  For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

  Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.


23  Now, sooner or later, when you begin to travel around in the meetings of the messenger of this hour, you are going to run on to many interpretations of this message that God has given to this man called, William Branham, which we know to be the Seventh Angel Messenger to the last Church Age that we are living in, called the Laodicean Church Age.  Many interpretations of this message. 

24  And one interpretation is that there is no five-fold minis­try. That, that has been done away with because, "That which is perfect is come now and that which is in part is done away with."  And there are no more gifts of the Spirit.  We don't need them anymore because we have the perfect resurrected Christ working among us in the perfect manifestation of the Son of God, made flesh.

25  Now, I would like to prove tonight by God's Word that there has been no five-fold ministry in operation since the days of the apostles.  There has been no God called, God sent, God anointed five-fold ministry such as was on the Day of Pentecost.  There could not have been because of one fact, that God never sends a messenger, ministers, without the truth.

26  Because the Bible says that ye have been begotten by the Word of Truth.  So we know that the truth of the apostles died during the Dark Ages and was resurrected in Martin Luther.  And that has brought us down to this last hour when God promised, in Malachi 4, that there would come a restoration back to the true God-called, elected people before the foundation of the world.  That they would receive a prophet according to Malachi 4, that would restore all things that the palmerworm, that the locust and the caterpillar had eaten.  That God would restore everything that was given to the early Pentecostal Church that this worm had eaten up.  And we know that this was one worm which was the antichrist working in these different ages.

27  Now, we have just now received the restoration message of Malachi 4.  That message has almost been completed.  The mysteries of the Bible, of the doctrines that the apostles have preached, has been restored to the people that God has called out of these different denominations. 

28  So, therefore, there could not have been a five-fold minis­try in operation by the Holy Ghost until God had first restored the main thing which was the Word of God.  Because the truth of God's Word preached by the anointing of the Holy Ghost brings back apostolic days and that only.

29  Now, we have had all kinds of churches and denominations have tried to produce an Apostolic Church.  We have one organization  namely, United Pentecostal, which claims to be The Apostolic Church of the Book of Acts.  But we know that it is not so.  Many have made this claim, that they, when they group these men together, when they found the truth, that they were going to have an assembly just like the Apostolic Church.

30  But none has been able to produce this Apostolic Assembly because it was contrary to the Word of God.  God predestinated before the world that He would send a messenger in the last days that would turn us back to the faith of the doctrine of the apostles.  Amen!

31  God said He would do it.  And this restoration message would produce once again, apostolic assemblies around the world, with the gifts of the Holy Spirit in operation, with the Power of God in operation that was able to reveal the sins of the people's heart.  These great wonders and miracles worked and performed by little humble men and women where the Power of the Holy Ghost rests upon the assembly as they gather together.  And, oh, how our hearts have longed in this last hour to see an assembly, a church, rise up like was on the day of Pentecost.

32  But there could have never been one.  All the efforts that you could have put forth, these men, have never been able to produce what was on the day of Pentecost because we had to receive the restoration Word.  And we could not get that only by this prophet that God promised us. 

33  So, now, we come down to this hour that we have now received the message that has promised infallibly to produce a ministry just like Jesus Christ, that will produce a Bride for the Lord Jesus Christ in this last hour.  This messenger has produced and is producing a Bride for the Lord Jesus Christ to marry.  Amen.  A Bride without spot, wrinkle or blemish.  So, we have now the restoration message.

34  Now, what is next?  We find that in the Apostolic five-fold ministry in the New Testament is typed out very wonderfully in Elijah and Elisha.  If you will open your Bibles to the 2nd chapter of II Kings, 2nd chapter and about, oh, say, read about the 9th verse there:  


And it came to pass, when they were gone over, (this is Elijah and Elisha now, going to the Jordan) that Elijah said unto Elisha, Ask what I shall do for thee, before I be taken away from thee. 

And Elisha said, I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me.

  And he said, Thou hast asked a hard thing: nevertheless, if thou see me when I am taken from thee, it shall be so unto thee; but if not, it shall not be so.

  And it came to pass, as they still went on, (I would like to emphasize that; And they still went on) and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and of horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.


35  Here we have a type of the ministry of the Bride of Christ to receive a double portion of the Spirit that was upon Elijah.  Here is this first Elijah finishing up his last part of his ministry, going to the Jordan after he had challenged all the false prophets that he and he alone was God's true servant and that he alone was able to produce the Fire of God, which we know types out perfectly, today, the messenger of Revelation 10:7 (Amen?) and of Malachi 4. 

36  So we... Here now, we have the five-fold ministry walking along with the Elijah of this hour, typing back in that hour now.  They are going down to the Jordan.  This ministry has seen the great Power that God has given to a man that will stay with His Word.  And, down in his heart, he is burning for that Anointing to rest upon his ministry.  He knows that God has called him.  He has confidence that he has received a call from God. 

37  So, as they approached the Jordan, Elijah has a "speak the Word" Ministry, "Ask what you will and I will give it to you."  Amen.  So he turns to the one that he loves and he says, "What would you that I do for you?"  And he said, "Sir, my heart is a burning for a double portion of that Spirit that is anointing you."  "Well, you have asked a hard thing, but nevertheless, if you see me go, you can have what you ask for."

38  Now, there was a stipulation there to the promise of the prophet, "If you see me go, you can have it."  And that is typed out today, if you will obey the Word of the Lord, through the prophet, you may have a double portion of God's Spirit.  If you will do what he tells you to do.

39  But now, we are living in the hour of...  Investigating angels have come down to see whether or not you are going to obey the Word of God.  Every tape that you hear that that Word of that prophet comes through your ear and my ear and we continually to fail to line up to this Word, we are forgetting the Promise that He has made to us.  Can you say, "Amen?"

40  Every message that he preached will judge you and I on Judgment Day if we fail to do it.  Just saying, "Oh, I believe the message," is not enough.  This message must be in you.  And if it is in you, it must produce the fruit of Jesus Christ.  Just saying, "I believe the message and I love the messenger and I go to every meeting," will not amount to nothing if we fail to do what God has told us to do by the messenger.

41  And he said, "If you see me go, you may have this double portion."  And the Scripture said, "And they walked on."  And after you hear a message from this prophet, you go right on walking.  And many of us fail to do what he says.  Many of the women hear him say, "Don't cut your hair," and you go right on and cut your hair anyway and you say you believe the message.  It proves you are not predestinated seed if you continue to do it.  Amen.

42  And he said, "If you see me go."  We type this out every time that we hear a message and we fail to do what the prophet says.  He preached a message, "Get desperate Friends.  Something is getting ready to happen."  How many got desperate?  He preached, "Don't stop praying day or night until you talk to Him."  How many stopped praying day or night?  Most of us forgot completely the messages that he preached.  And the Bible said, "If you see me go, if you stay with this Word, you can have it."

43  This investigating time of the angels is here now to see whether or not you and I are going to line up to the Word of God and press ourselves into it.  There is a pressing that we must press with.  Paul said that.  Didn't he?  There is an effort that we must put forth to make sure that the things that are in our heart are taken out by seeking God.  I believe that there is a purging of our souls, to purge out these things that are not of God in our heart.

44  Oh, and I think that we are so carnal minded in this hour.  And to think that the revelation of the hour is coming forth and it said it should produce such stimulation among us that we could shout and praise God (Oh my!) and be so stimulated from what God is doing.  And yet there is a deadness among our assemblies.  We can hardly sing.  We can hardly have the joy of the Lord that we need. 

45  And yet we say, "How many has got the Baptism?"  And every­body raises their hands.  And many say, "If you believe the message you surely got it."  But I tell you, tonight, that we need a born again experience of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.  That is what we need.  We need... Those that do have the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, we need another experience of the dynamic Power of the Holy Ghost resting upon us to make us fall in love with the Lord Jesus Christ.

46  I tell you, what is the matter with us today, is we are not in love with Jesus.  If we was in love with Him, we would have the kind of a prayer life that we need.  If we were in love with Him, the women wouldn't wear the kind of a clothes that they are wearing, today.  If we were in love with Him, the men, we would put our wives into subjection by love.  If we were in love with Him, we would be doing the things that God requires of us in this hour.  And one thing He requires is that you love one another.  Amen.

47  I know that the greatest thing that we can do is to obey the Word of God but, I tell you, the first thing that you have got to have is an experimental experience with the Lord Jesus Christ.  You have got to come in contact with Jesus Christ and be born again of His Spirit.  Or, you can sit and listen to the message and you can finally, if you are associated with the right people, you can learn this message inside and out and it won't amount to a hill of beans, if you are not filled with the Holy Ghost.  Can you say, "Amen?"

48  We need the anointed Presence of Jesus Christ in our assemblies.  We need to be able to come out of this world that is so wicked out here and come into our assembly and feel the Presence of Jesus Christ in our midst.  It is not enough just to sing a few songs and preach the Word of God.  We need to have the Holy Ghost in our midst.  We need to feel the Anointing behind the pulpit.

49  I think one of the greatest things that an assembly can do in this hour, is to set their church in Divine order where, when you come through that door, that not a person will say a word.  But you will come to your seat and sit down and begin to pray and meditate upon God.

50  How can you feel the Presence of Jesus Christ when you come in your church and keep on talking, the way you do here?  You forgive me for saying that but I only say what God puts on my heart.  How can you expect to have the Anointing of the Holy Ghost in your midst when you talk the way you do?  You don't believe He is in here, really, when you do that.  We need to set our assemblies in order.  And if we will do these little things, let me tell you...

51  I challenge this church here tonight: If you will set this church here in Divine order, as the prophet has said, you will begin to feel the anointed Presence of Jesus Christ.  And the ministers will find that Anointing behind the pulpit, that they have henceforth never known before.  And you will find...

52  Let me tell you something, you can preach the Word of God all you want to.  You could preach the Word of God in this message from Genesis to Revelation.  But, if you don't have the anointed Presence of Jesus Christ in this Assembly, it will never convict you of your sins.  It takes the Word of God and the Power of the Holy Ghost to convict a man of sin, and a woman.

53  My God, I tell you today, it is hard to find tears running down our eyes, today, when we know that the world is getting ready to burn up and that the people are going to perish by the millions.  It is hard to look around you and see your assembly bawling and crying with a burden.  There is a hardness that is come upon our heart in this last hour that is never been hitherto known before.  How we need for the Baptism of the Holy Ghost to strike us here tonight and carve away these things from our heart, that we might see our lukewarmness and our deadness, to see our carnality as it really is. 

54  I tell you, we don't know what it is to fellowship with Jesus Christ.  We don't know what it is, hardly, in this hour to feel His great powerful Presence that searches you like a light coming into a room.  You know, you can have a lot of dust and particles in your room but you can't hardly see them until the sunlight comes in.  Then all of the particles and all the dirt shows up.  Amen. 

55  And you would be surprised what we are doing, that is dis­pleasing the Holy Spirit, that is driving Him away from us.  And how can we expect to have the Lord Jesus Christ anointing our assembly.  I tell you, our children need to come to service and feel the Presence of God that they will know that He is among us and begin to get close to the Lord.  Just talking won't convict your children, Friend.  They need to feel the Holy Ghost rest upon them.

56  How it thrills my heart when I bring to my remembrance, when my little girl, how we used to seek the Lord.  We don't do it enough anymore, yet that we have devotions in our home, twice a day we try to.  And I see to the point that I only whip my children, I pray with them too.

57  How many homes you go into where you have never seen the father and mother down on their knees, praying with their children?  You have got to get those children exposed to the Holy Spirit to convict them of their sins.  No wonder we are having so much trouble with our children in this hour.  Can you say, "Amen?"  We need to expose ourselves to the Presence of Jesus Christ.  We need a burden.

58  I tell you, this church in Beaumont, Texas, needs a burden for Beaumont, Texas.  It is hardly known among us, any person that has a travailing prayer life and a burden.  But if we had the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, like we think we have it, it ought to give us a burden for this city and for our Brothers and Sisters and for this lost and dying world. 

59  I enjoy these messages on prayer marvelously.  Yes, I do, but there is another side of it also.  It is not good enough just to come into the Presence of God and say few words or many words, as far as that goes.  But the greatest prayer that I know of, for any individual, is for the Holy Ghost to take you and begin to pray and travail and agonize as the Spirit maketh intercession according to His own Will, for you don't even know what you are pray­ing for.  Can you say, "Amen?"  When you begin to have a prayer life that doubles you up inside and you begin to travail and agonize for somebody that is in need, then you will know what the Baptism of the Holy Ghost will do for you.

60  But it is hard to be found in this hour.  Where can you find anybody so burdened that they are off in a room crying and praying somewhere?  Amen.  Oh we say, "Well, we are living in a Laodicean hour."  That is not supposed to be, though, with us.  You can have the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, you can have that close walk with the Lord, when you will pay the price for it.  But, if we continually walk after the flesh, we are going to just die more spiritually.  We need to mortify these deeds of the body and begin to seek after spiritual things.  We need to think spiritual and talk spiritual and act spiritual.  Amen. 

61  There is a need I find, throughout the assemblies where I go, for the women... How many women in this hour, they want to do everything else but what God wants them to do.  They want everything else but a meek and a quiet spirit.  They want everything else but to find a prayer closet and get into it and find a prayer ministry.

62  I tell you, one of the greatest ministries that ever was and ever will be is for that saint to find a place to kneel and pray, where God can give him a burden.  You say, "I don't have a burden to pray."  God gives a burden, a travailing burden, to those that go and wait on it and want it.  Amen.  He gives it.  But just as soon...

63  You let two or three persons get that kind of a prayer life, you watch something begin to take place in your assembly.  You just set this church in Divine order where you begin to pray before service.

64  We come to service so nonchalant today, it is pitiful.  I think it is a disgrace to the Holy Ghost.  We don't have the sincerity that we need in this hour.  It takes a lot of sincerity in this hour to get any place with God.  Can you say, "Amen?"

65  Oh, isn't it wonderful, though, to come together that where you are so... I tell you, there is a church in this land that is so stirred that they can't wait to get to the assembly.  And I say with reverence and respect, that it is the only assembly that I ever walked in, in the United States of America, where as a minister, you walk into a church that is set in order with no one talking whatsoever.  Everybody in prayer and been in prayer before they got to service and as soon as you come in you feel the anointed Presence of Jesus Christ.

66  The first time I walked into it after it was set in order, the Spirit was so strong on me I could hardly get to the pulpit.  And just tore me up so bad I didn't know what to do.  And then I remembered the words of the prophet in a message that he said, "I long to walk into an assembly that is set in order.  Where the people are praying and meditating upon God.  And you come in behind the pulpit and the Spirit strikes you and anoints you to preach the Word." 

67  But, when you walk into an assembly that is been talking all day long, that has never knelt and prayed, that is been doing all the things of the flesh all day long and you come in, what have you got?  No anointing, no Presence of Christ, no tears in nobody's eyes, nobody burdened.  No matter how much doctrine you preach, we still got to have the little things.  Can you say, "Amen?"  The little things is what count in this hour.  He said, "Do these things and God has something greater for you."

68  We find that in this hour, God has sent this restoration prophet to restore a true five-fold ministry.  This is typed out also.  And you notice, here, that this five-fold ministry, the Bride, got the double portion because this ministry was not fooled by what this prophet said.  This ministry went walking right along with that prophet though they walked on for a space of time.  They never did forget the words that that prophet said, "If you see me go, you can have what I ask for."

69  And God tried that ministry by sending a chariot down out of heaven with a flaming Fire around it.  Most of us, today, would have forgot all about that and looked to that great manifestation.  But not that man.  He kept his eyes glued on that prophet because, when they was walking along, he said, "If I will stay with this Word, if I stay with this Word, God will give me a double portion of what He has got on His servant."  And he kept his eyes on that prophet and he knew that he had the double portion, Friend, cause he knew he did what God told him to do through the prophet.

70  And when the chariot reached down and got the prophet and took him away, he had perfect confidence that he had obeyed God and went over and struck the Jordan and said, "Where is the Lord God of Elijah?"  And I believe that, in this hour, there is some men somewhere that is going to stay with this message and when... If the time ever comes (And I believe it will.) that the messenger will be taken from them, that they will strike the waters also and say, "Where is the Lord God of Elijah?"

71  Can you imagine what was in the hearts of the fifty other sons of the prophets, standing by the river?  Amen.

72  God types this out also over in a couple chapters back where Elijah had, in his last phase of his ministry, had just challenged the false prophets and cut their heads off.  That is right at hand, now, when there is coming a Mount Carmel showdown in this latter rain, where this messenger would challenge all the preachers of the world to produce the Fire of God.  "Let the God that be God answer by Fire."  It is coming again.  Amen.

73  And then, after that, he asked his servant to go up on the mountain and see whether he could see a cloud.  And he told him, said, "Go seven times."  Which proves that, in the Seventh Church Age, God would send another Elijah that will look toward the sea for a ministry to rise that will preach the same thing that he has brought.

74  God has sent this messenger to produce a ministry and a Bride just like the one on the Day of Pentecost and greater.  Can you say, "Amen?"  Man has not been able to do this but God, through a prophet, through a message, has turned our hearts back again to the true message that the apostles had that came on the Day of Pentecost.  Amen.

75  When the messenger of Elijah went to the mountain the seventh time, in the Seventh Church Age, and said, "Yes, I do see a cloud."  Said, "It is a small cloud, though.  And it looks like a man's hand," apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.  And it said, that, "It is rising up out of the sea."  And, out of the sea of all these churches, God has brought out a people and is raising up a ministry just like the one on the Day of Pentecost.

76  We find that the ministry of the Bride of Christ, in Ephesians 4, is to bring the Bride to perfection.  God did not say that He would bring the Bride to perfection through tapes, did He?  A lot of people say, "Well I don't have to listen to any minister besides Brother Branham, because that which is perfect is come now, and we have the tapes."  God didn't say that.  He said that He gave a five-fold ministry for the perfecting of the saints. 

77  There are things that Brother Branham cannot do because God will not let him do it.  Brother Branham cannot take the place of God's predestinated, God called, elected, chosen, anointed five-fold ministry.  To reject one of these offices, when they are set in Divine order, is to reject just as much the prophet of God.  Amen.  You don't believe that, maybe.  The Bible said that, (Amen.) to despise not dignities.

78  God, in this hour, is preparing this ministry, now.  They are called and they know they are called.  Many of them know exactly what God has told them to do and they are only waiting.  Many, in this hour, think they are called and they are not called.  We have evangelists pastoring and pastor doing evangelist work, when the Bible said, "Let every man abide in the calling wherein he is called."

79  I don't pastor because I am not a pastor.   But yet I could pastor, in training, but I would rather wait for what God has called me for.  Cause the prophet said, "Ephraim cannot eat corn in Manasseh's corner."  A pastor can never profit as an evangel­ist.  But yet, he can do that, though it is not his calling.  He will prosper more in what God has called him for.

80  So we see here that there could not have been a five-fold ministry, in this Age that we are living in or the Age before it, because we did not have the truth.  First, you must have restoration Word.  God never sends anybody until first He trains them and He sends them with the truth.  Can you imagine God sending a man without the truth and anointing error?  We may speak an error in ignorance but, God, if we are called, He will lead us to the truth.  Amen? 

81  So here we have Elijah, his servant, typing out the very thing in this hour.  And, as I understand, that Brother Branham has just seen a hand out in the wilderness.  Brother Branham knows what is going on, though many of us may not.  He knows that there has to come a ministry on the scene, though he may not say anything about it.  But he did say we are living in the Ephesian Church.  And the Ephesian Church is the perfect Church that God has resurrected in this hour with a five-fold ministry and the gifts of the Spirit in operation.  And yet many of us that are believers in this message are saying that that has been done away with. 

82  Why do away with something that we haven't even had to bless us yet?  We only had... Some of us have gifts laying inside of us, that are in baby stages.  But nowhere can you go, hardly, and hear a gift call you out and tell you what kind of sin in your life.  But it is coming.  Amen.  It is coming. 

83  So, we have here a very type of the five-fold ministry which is to bring the saints of God into perfection according to Ephesians 4, that they would bring us into the unity of the faith.  Can you imagine now the disunity among us?  Imagine the disunity today and how it must bleed the heart of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  I think this, Brother Pearry, is one of the most horrible things that ever was, just to see disunity among the Bride, the purchased Blood-bought Bride of Christ.  Can you say, "Amen?"  I tell you, oh, how we need the love of God in our hearts for one another. 

84  Now, if you will notice here in another Scripture, over in... I would like to say this, too.  That many are here have claimed to be God's called five-fold ministry.  But over in II Peter, it says in II Peter 2:7, [II Peter 2:17] it said, "These ministers are wells without water, clouds..."  You notice it said, "clouds", didn't it?  Like that servant of Elijah saw back there, a cloud, a little cloud.  And II Peter said, "These false prophets and teachers, they are like wells without water." 

85  And a ministry, that is not called of God and is not Holy Ghost filled and is not preaching the truth, is like a well without any water in it.  You go there thinking you are getting water and you don't have any.  Amen?  Carried with a tempest, blown about by every wind of doctrine.  And over in Jude 12, it said, "These false prophets and false teachers are spots in your feasts of charity."

86  We know that Christ is coming after a Bride without spot, wrinkle or blemish.  When I think that statement when we hear Christ is coming after a Bride without spot, wrinkle or blemish, I don't think of it is as a spot on her gown, but I think it is all these false make-believers.  He is not coming after them.  Jude said He wasn't coming after these that feast right among us.  He is coming after His true Bride. 

87  Now, you notice, over here in Isaiah 4, we can see the ministry of Ephesians 4 in Isaiah 4, where it said, "In that day, seven women will take a hold of one man."  Seven churches, the fullness of the churches, will take a hold of the Pope and they will say, "Let us eat our own bread, let us preach our own doc­trine and let us wear our own apparel, (Amen.) name Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian; and let us eat our own bread, preach our own doctrine, only let us be called by thy name, World Council of Churches, to take away our reproach."

88  "Then," God said through Isaiah, "Then in that day shall the Branch of the Lord be beautiful for them that are escaped of Jerusalem."  Amen?  Then shall that Branch bring forth the fruit of Jesus Christ.  When the World Council of Churches begins to press upon the Bride, it will drive us to our knees, my Friend, in desperate, agonizing prayer.  And that is when most of you will get filled with the Holy Ghost and not until.  Many of us, it will take desperation and birth pains to bring forth the Holy Ghost birth.

89  You have got to hunger and thirst.  Just hungering is not enough.  Amen?  You can have a hunger for the Word of God and have no hunger at all for the Spirit.  Did you know that?  Jesus said, "Except you eat My flesh and drink My Blood, you have no part of Me."  Many of us want to hear Word, Word, Word, but we don't want a thing about the Spirit, the Holy Spirit.  But he that hungereth after the Word and thirst after the Spirit, shall be filled.

90  It takes them both, Word and Spirit.  Just Word alone is no good.  Just mechanics is not enough.  We need the dynamic Power of the Holy Ghost to rest upon us.  And this will come, and come only, when the World Council of Churches begins to hound on your door, begin to press you into crying out to God.  "O God, deliver Thy elected, Lord."

91  God never did, He never did and He never will deliver you without a desperation first.  There has to become a desperation, like the children down in Egypt.  He never did take them out into the wilderness until they cried out from their taskmasters and then He sent them a deliverer.  Amen? 

92  And the five-fold ministry... We will have to go on, the ministers now, that are called in the position that we are in now, doing the best that we can.  There is no five-fold ministry sent.  I don't care what you may think about that but there is no five-fold ministry sent outside of Malachi 4.

93  They are ministers called, but, as I told a Brother sometime ago, I said... He challenged me on that thing.  He said... I said, "Jesus was in the temple, wasn't He?  And He was answering and both asking questions."  But I said, "He wasn't sent yet.  He went and was in subject to his parents.  Then when He came to the River Jordan there came a Voice that said, 'This is My beloved Son whom I am well pleased.' Then the Spirit anointed Him."  Is that right? 

94  And the five-fold ministry is called now and are doing the best that they can, leading you to the Truth and winning people to this message.  But they are not sent, yet.  And they will be, though, when this press comes.  When this press comes it will produce a ministry, a five-fold ministry, that is called and they will be placed in position by the Holy Ghost.

95  This assembly, in that day, of Beaumont, Texas, this Local Christian Assembly, you will have, once again, the same kind of assembly that they had in Ephesians.  You will have the gifts of the Spirit in operation.  You will have every person in the place where God called them.  Every member in the Body of Christ has a ministry.

96  Aren't you concerned about it?  Didn't you know that the Bible said, "Seek and covet earnestly good gifts."?  How many are coveting a real gift from God today?  Many of us may have a gift laying dormant in us and don't know it because we are not con­cerned about it, maybe.  We need to be earnest and sincere in what God has called us for.  God has called you for a reason not just to take you to heaven.  He wants to glorify Himself through the least of you.  Can you say, "Amen?"

97  How many want to be used of the Lord Jesus Christ?  It doesn't satisfy you to say, "Oh, Brother Pearry is used of the Lord."  What good is that going to do you?  You say, "Oh, Brother Pearry, I know he is in contact with the Holy Spirit."  But how about you?  Amen?  Each one of us wants it and before we go in the rapture every one of us must have a experimental experience with Jesus Christ daily.  Perfect fellowship with the Lord God.  That is oneness.

98  Now we find that the five-fold ministry at the time of the seven women, the seven churches taking a hold of the Pope at this time, God, when the people begin to travail out in prayer, in agonizing prayer, crying out to God, the Holy Ghost will set some in order: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, gifts of the Spirit, miracles.  Can you say, "Amen?"

99  Now, if you want to type that out more... I don't have time to do it, type out Joshua.  You know across the Jordan is the age of the overcomer, not the millennium.  Across the Jordan is the age of the overcomer and that represents Divine order.  We have got to have Divine order, Friend, we can't just have chaos among us.  We have got to have Divine church order for the Holy Spirit to bless us.  Amen. 

100  And this will take place in its fullness at the time of the persecution, the press.  How much it is going to be, I don't know but it will be enough to bring us to our knees, Friend.  We will never amount to nothing until that comes.  Oh, we will struggle along like we are.  Some will do a little better than the others but most of us will just drag along and the Lord will have to do something like that to bring us together in love.  We are not going to love one another until it looks like we are going to have to die for one another, probably.  Amen.

101  So here we have another phase I would like to bring to you.  You are going to hear this sooner or later about how "That which is in part is done away with."  If you look over in I Corinthians 13, we will read this: [I Corinthians 13:8-11]


  Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.

  For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.

  But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.

  When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.


102  Now, the five-fold ministry will bring the Bride into maturity, which is perfection.  The word “perfection” in the Greek really means, “fully mature.”  The five-fold ministry will bring the Bride into full maturity where you will all be men and women in the Spirit, no more babies.  You will be men and women in the Spirit.  You won't need the gifts of the Spirit to call you out and tell you what you did yesterday, that was evil.  Amen.  There won't be no need for the five-fold...

103  God gave me this here now.  I never got this off a tape, there won't be no need for a five-fold ministry anymore, yet it will be there but it will pass away and go into something greater.  You growed into maturity now.  Amen. 

104  The Bible said that you would become in the very image of Jesus Christ before the rapture.  And the five-fold ministry is to bring you into the stature of a perfect man, Jesus Christ.  God wanted to bring many sons into glory, the Bible said.  Amen?  God wants His sons to be just like Jesus Christ.  And that five- fold ministry, the message that been given them by the messenger prophet, will produce a perfected, fully mature Christian.  A man will be able to stand his trials and his testings and his tribulations and have the Spirit work through him in the full­ness.  Can you believe that?

105  Now, when we become fully mature, then that which is in part shall be done away with.  Then the ministry changes from the five-fold ministry into, "As My Heavenly Father sent me, so send I you."  Amen.  And you will do nothing except your Heavenly Father shows you first.  You will do all those things that please your Heavenly Father.  You will be able to say, "As my Heavenly Father worketh, hitherto and I work."  Amen?  Then you will be, truly, a manifested son of the living God in the very image of Jesus Christ.  Those manifested sons will take a message of judgment to the so called 'House of God'.

106  Now, if you notice over here after Elisha received the double portion of the Spirit, it said that Elisha journeyed down to Bethel.  And the word “Bethel” means, “House of God.”  And he went down there with a ministry that turned around and cursed irreverence.  Amen.  Didn't it?  Two she bears come out and slayed forty-two children.

107  I believe that, at the time of the ministry of the manifested sons of God, the Blood has left the Mercy Seat and they will take a message to an apostate church world that has rejected the messenger-prophet that God sent them.  And this will be one next to the last final vindication that God sent that Malachi 4 prophet because that Malachi 4, prophet's message produced a Bride for Jesus Christ.  It produced a manifested son, just like Jesus Christ.  Can you say, "Amen", Friend?  My goodness, this ought to stimulate us something terrible, don't you think so? 

108  How many want to be a manifested son of God?  Then this manifested son will take a message of judgment to a church world that is apostate.  And there is only one thing for an apostate and that is the wrath and judgments of God.  It will be a wrath and judgment ministry because they rejected their message. 

109  Apostate... You know there is a difference between an apostate and ignorance.  You can be in ignorance and not be an apostate.  A man can be in Bible ignorance but, when a little humble brother comes along and preaches the truth, he will say, "Amen.  I want out of this ignorance."  Amen?  And you say, "Well, bless the Lord, I don't believe that.  Amen.  I don't believe that."  And it is fully vindicated, you become an apostate and God is going to destroy you with the Spirit of His mouth.  What a terrible thing that our Brothers out here claim to be the Apostolic Church of the hour and they are apostate.

110  And God is going to slay them with that manifested son, even slay them with the Mount Carmel showdown but that won't be enough, either.  God will still pour it on them after that.  And He will tell them through these manifested sons, "Ye have rejected the Word of the Lord, through my prophet."  And the wrath of God Almighty will fall on them, I tell you.  The prophet said that this group would even call plagues down upon them.  Yes, it is going to be terrific.  I don't know how long it is going to last but it is certainly is going to glorious to be in. 

111  I tell you, I want to believe that prophet when he said, "If you see me go..." I want to walk on with him and remember what he said.  Amen?  As I said, this message will go around the world before the rapture.  This message will go around the world by those manifested sons in the Bride before the rapture to the churches and to the world, only for a witness, that is all.  No more salvation, only for a witness.  Amen.  And a witness they will get.

112  I hope this has maybe helped some of you to see.  I feel like just closing, now.  Know you are tired and had so much Word during this week and there is a lot more that could be said on that but I don't feel led to say anymore.  But I find that is in great confusion.  I have believed that before I ever met William Branham, I preached that.  And I have been called everything from a devil to a false prophet, over it.  Nevertheless, it has been vindicated now that it is truth. 

113  Maybe you haven't heard it in that fashion but it is going to come to pass anyway.  That is just the way that it is going to be.  And don't you take no hogwash like that.  I don't care if he has been in the message ten years, to tell you that, "That which is perfect is come and the other has been done away with."

114  I have been led by the Holy Spirit to little minister brothers that other brothers has ministered to, they are... got them so messed up it was pitiful.  Had them just a nervous wreck, thinking that all this was done away with.  But Friend, we are living in a glorious hour.

115  As I told Brother McGahee, I said, "I want to go to Tucson and rededicate my life as never before.  I want to press my way in to that stature of a perfect man."  Friend, I don't know what it is going to take but we have got to get a desperation from somewhere.  We can't go on the way we are going in the deadness and the lukewarmness that we are in.  We are far from what God has for us.  Can you say it?  It is true.  We need a shaking among us.  We need to be so stimulated that we can come and stand without the preacher asking us to stand.

116  I have seen the Spirit moving the assembly in New York, where you couldn't get the people to sit back down.  Just roar... You could hear them clear up the Empire State Building, clear up the streets, roaring the praise of God and people looking out the hotel windows and everything.  I don't mean nothing emotional, I mean tears a streaming down their face.  Oh that is one assembly, I tell you.  I told a Brother that they are moving off and leaving some of the assemblies.  It is something pitiful.

117  I believe that we have got to be stimulated in this hour.  We have got to be shaken to the depths of our soul to come together in unity and of a perfect mind that Christ might be manifested among us where we can feel the anointed Presence of Christ to convict us.  And the Bible said that, "God was near a broken and a contrite heart."  We have got to be broken.  A lot of us our tear ducts in our eyes have been stopped up so long that we can't even cry.  Amen.

118  Boy, I tell you, we are in desperate need in this hour to get a burden.  We need a burden.  Let us pray that God will lay a burden upon our heart that we will begin to be concerned about our neighbors and about the world and about the Bride.  Oh, there is so much that we could do if we would do it, you know it?  But the things that we ought to do we won't do it, see?  We want to do...

119  Many want to be chiefs and nobody wants to be Indians.  I tell you, if you can't be a pine upon the hill, be a scrub down in the valley but be the best scrub down there.  Be the best one down there.  God ain't called me to be a pine on the hill, maybe, but if He hadn't, thank God for it anyway.  I would have probably got humble and puffed up but I have got to make me a best scrub down in the valley then with some fruit on it.  Amen. 

120  The Bible said when you see the churches, the seven churches go together with the Pope, said, "In that day shall the Branch of the Lord be beautiful and God shall wash away the filth of the daughters of Zion through the Spirit of judgment and burning."

121  I tell you, there is going to come a flame of Fire from the Holy Ghost that is going to burn away every bit of dross in us and every bit of sin that is hanging on us.  It is going to burn it off of us.  Said, "Zion shall be redeemed by judgment.  And judgment shall begin at the House of God."  God is not going to judge an apostate world out here with a ministry that is in sin theirself.  Judgment is going to start at the House of God.

122  We are going to have Ananias and Sapphira again, right among us.  It has to be.  I pray to God I ain't the first one.  Yes.  Amen.  It is coming.  The Bible said that a sinner shall not be able to stand in the congregation of the righteous.  Why?  It is like a radar set, that Holy Spirit, in that yielded vessel that is so yielded to the Lord.  They have yielded everything that they had in their life over to Jesus Christ and God is a moving in them.

123  You take one little woman... I challenge you women in here, to not to talk on the telephone or run from house to house.  I have been in assemblies where, at eight o'clock, Mary goes and visits Suzy and then Suzy goes and visits Jane.  And at ten- thirty Helen goes over and visits Mary Ann.  And continually back and forth they just wear the road out.  Never have I ever went in and caught one of them in a prayer closet, praying.

124  No wonder we don't have no power and no anointing in our services.  No wonder the preacher can't hardly get anointed.  Amen.  Oh, but for that woman that will forget about everything... Oh boy, I tell you, it is just such a need, it just eats at me all the time.

125  I tell you, I just want to see Jesus.  My goodness.  He has done so much for us.  Hasn't He?  He is so lovely.  He is the only thing in this world that is worth anything.  I mean, after all is over, only what is done for Jesus is worth anything.  And it is the only life that you and I have.  Sometimes I just sit and cry and go up the road and drive my car crying and go to sleep a crying, say, "God, I have got to be a blessing, Lord, it is the only life I have got.  And it is almost over and yet, I haven't been a blessing yet.  When am I going to be?" 

126  O God!  Shake us, or do something with us, Lord, to wake us up in this last hour!  We that claim to be the Bride of Christ, we need to be broken before the Lord.  That purging that comes from the Holy Ghost that breaks us up, is what... Oh, it cleanses.  And, when you come out of prayer like that, you feel clean, feel close to the Lord.  Oh, we need, we need the Holy Spirit so bad.  We need to travail and groan, hunger and thirst after the Holy Spirit.  Let us stand to our feet.

127  Oh, I love you.  Oh, how I hope you will pray for me.  Friend, you are looking at the biggest failure that ever was.  The less I preach, the less I want to preach.  The less I pray, the less I want to pray.  The less I read my Bible, the less I want to read my Bible.  Until I have to cry out like old Paul, "O Lord, what shall deliver me from this curse that I am living in, this body?"

128  Jesus Christ showed me one night, about three o'clock in the morning... I went to bed crying.  I said, "God, it is been months since I heard that still small voice.  Lord, I yearn to hear it.   God, I know that I am such a sinner, You can't speak to me."  And I started telling my wife about it and I said, "Oh, it is all right, honey, no use to worrying you."  And I cried myself to sleep and about three o'clock in the morning, here He come.  Called out that thing that I was doing and said, "Stop that foolishness..."     [Tape ends incompletely--Ed.]