A Sermon by Robert Lee Lambert

Sunday Morning, April 11, 1965

New York, NY


This sermon, delivered by Brother Robert Lambert in New York City, U.S.A., has been edited slightly to enhance readability.  Every effort has been made to transcribe accurately from magnetic tape recording the message that Brother Lambert brought.

Transcription, editing and preparation for publication were completed through the joint efforts of the Saints at Bethel (The House of God), Freeport, Trinidad, West Indies and Grace Covenant Church, Middletown, Connecticut, U.S.A.

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1  Shall we bow our heads, please, in a word of prayer?

2  Heavenly Father, we have gathered here again this Sunday, Lord, they call it, today, Lord, Palm Sunday I believe.  Noticing on the way down in the car, Heavenly Father, the different Catholic churches, each one going in, Lord, had a piece of a branch that looked like a palm, Lord. 

3  Lord, as I seen that, I kind of thought, Father, that that wouldn't suffice us, Lord, in this terrible hour that we are living in, just to bring a branch into their service, Father.  But, I think the greatest thing that we can do, Lord, would be to present our bodies as a living sacrifice to Thee, prove our love for Thee.

4  O great Jehovah God, our precious King and Saviour, forgive us of our sins this morning, Lord, we are sinners.  We realize, Lord, that we are nothing, God.  How much, Lord, oh, every day and every hour as it draws closer to Thy coming, we realize, Lord, our insincerity, Father, our lack of love and dedication and consecration to Thee.

5  We realize the separation of the Body of Christ, Lord, and, oh, different understandings and everything, Father.  King of Kings, Lord of Lords, come down this morning; mold our hearts together in Christian love.

6  And, Lord, we pray that You will vindicate Your Word, this morning, because it has been restored to us, Lord.  And we believe that we are living, now, at the brink of a great thing, Lord, the birth of an apostolic Church, Father.

7  So we pray, this morning, Lord, You know what is upon my heart.  You know my prayers during the week and my waiting upon You.  Fulfill my desire this morning, Lord, and help me to be calm.  Lord, I am a little nervous this morning, knowing that this is a great day for me, today, Lord.  So, I pray that You will help me.  And, I love these sheep, Lord, and I pray that You will feed them this morning, Lord.  I trust in Thee.  In Jesus' Name, amen.  You may be seated.

8  I’d like to welcome each and every one of you to The Local Christian Assembly of New York City, contending for the faith that was once delivered to the saints.  I see some of my friends here from Connecticut.  God bless each one of you.  Certainly glad to see you this morning.

9  Now, if there is any strangers in our midst this morning, as the preacher this morning, I would like to welcome you.  And I know that you won't have come in vain.  I know that God is among us and I know that you have come here not to...  If you have come here for any other reason than worshipping the Lord and trying to receive something from the Lord, you will get that.  If you have come for anything else, then you will get just what you came for.  God promised, if you are hungry, He promised to feed you.  And if you are thirsty, He promised to give you drink. 

10  I would like to make a little confession to God's church this morning.  As I told you all, the other night, there is something happened to me, it has been happening to me for the last few months.  And, a great trial I have been through in the last two or three years, but God has blessed me this week and He has just transformed my whole life.  And I feel like He has helped me to grow in grace.

11  And, when I got this message it was such a shock to me,  It just took my breath away.  Knowing that the Lord Jesus led me up here this time, by the Holy Spirit supernaturally.  Then I realized that I’d better get serious with God, so I began to wait on the Lord.

12  And Joe [Joseph Coleman] and I knows things that I am not going to say but, by and by, God will vindicate whether they was of the Lord or not.  And, I told Brother Joe, that there was a key somewhere to unlock the great Baptism of the Holy Spirit upon His people that was believing that we have now received the restoration of the Word.  But, we have not received the Power that fell on Pentecost.

13  Stating... Quoting from….  God's prophet [William Branham] said that, "Could you compare the Christians today, with those that walked in the Power of the Spirit of old?"  Said, "How many would like to see a Church like that arise?"  My heart cried out when he said that.  He said, "Well, there is one on the road."  [PERFECT FAITH, JEFF.IN   SUNDAY 63-0825E, Par. 72]

14  Now, if you were on a road toward a destination, you wouldn't have been arriving there, would you?  You would only be on the destination to that.

15  But, I believe when Brother Branham said in Church Order [December 26, 1963, Jeffersonville, Indiana] "Little did the people realize that that was more tremendous than what they thought, because without Bible order and Bible government and every person in the Body of Christ finding their position…."  The Bible said, "Obey those that have the rule over you."  And it says, "God gave apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers for the perfecting of the saints."  God never did take that out of there.

16  Some say, "Well, when that which is perfect is come that which is in part is done away with."  My Friend, apostles and prophets and evangelists, pastors and teachers aren't in part.  And you think maybe you are perfect yet and you need to do away with part of the... 

17  Maybe you have a little gift.  And you think, maybe you ought to go and do away with that because you are perfect, but you are not perfect yet.  There may be one standing among us that is perfect but I have not arrived to that place yet.  So, I am not going to do away with what little bit the Lord has given me.  I am going to hold on to that, believe He is going to give me more.

18  And the Bible said, that prophesy was given to the Church for edification.  (Huh?)  Brother, if the Bride ever need edified, it sure does need edified, now.  Whatever little ministry the Lord has given you, I pray that God, you will find your position in Christ.  And then only will you be blessed of God.

19  Now, realizing that God has given this Church order, those that are spiritual enough to put that into practice, God said that, if you did this, on "Church Order" tape, then there was something greater for you.  If you fail to do it, then, you would go down.  So, with that thought in mind, this morning, I would like for you to...

20  Oh, I would like to say this too.  I would like to quote from a recent tape...  Now, mind you, I never knew nothing about this tape, although I knew there was a tape called, "Why Was It  Shepherds?," [William M. Branham, December 21, 1964, Tucson, Arizona] yet I didn't know what was on it.  I had heard it, kind of, in a rushed thing, and all I knew was, "Why Was It Shepherds?" and they come to Bethlehem.  That is about all I remember about it.  And it never entered my mind.

21  So, when God spoke to me in the room waiting upon the Lord this week, He told me something.  I looked at that, the tenth chapter of John and it just took my breath away; it just scared me.  I... My heart just got scared and I ran in the room and, oh my, I got so excited and I just laid down and cried and...

22  And, I want to confess to you this morning, God...  I ask God to forgive me for not loving His sheep, like I ought to.  God, it has revolutionized...  This message that God has given me, this morning, has revolutionized my whole being, my whole effort in life.

23  Because, after all, wasn't it said by God's servant, that, "After this life is over then all that matters is what you have done for someone else?”  And, believing that God called me to minister, I have spent all my time worrying about that ministry, instead of having a burden for God's sheep and trying to feed them wherever I could find them. 

24  So, therefore, God removed me, set me aside and kept warning me supernaturally.  Things kept happening to me warning me, very terrific.  I wouldn't even tell you about some of the things that happened but I know the Lord's servant knows all about it.  And it put fear in my heart and I was afraid to go out and do anything.

25  So, I have been waiting upon the Lord and, you know, I am so thankful to God that He loved me enough to set me aside and give me time to wait upon the Lord.  And, I don't think any minister, whoever he is, or any lay person will ever be a benefit to God until they learn to wait upon the Lord.  [See, William Branham, DOING GOD A SERVICE, 65-0718M, Par. 45]

26  You can't.…  You say, "Well, I know a brother that is really filled with the Holy Ghost and has got love."  How about you?  He may leave.  How about you?

27  And that same prophet said, "It is an individual affair, just you and the Lord alone, in a world all to yourself."  Said, "Everyone that goes in the rapture will have to have this walk," on this tape he called, "Why Was It Shepherds?"

28  I told Brother Joe, after he mentioned that tape to me, I said, "I want that tape because there is something on there that God wants me to hear."

29  Mind you, I had already got my message for today, had already got it and I titled it, "HIRELING SHEPHERD."  Little did I know what was on that tape but, when I played it, I tell you, I just had to turn it off and walk through the room.  It just….  My!  Just....  I don’t have word…  God knows what effect had upon me. 

30  He said on this tape, he said, to those that doesn't have the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, he told them that they had to have that before this great press came, in other words.  And he said, "Don't go to a hireling shepherd.  Find a true shepherd that will lead you to Bethlehem." 

31  Now, with that I would like for you to turn your...

32  Then he went... Let me say this, he went on and said, that, "God hath promised. .."  Now, I am quoting from the tape.  Now, you get the tape and listen to it.  I am quoting from tape, not what I said.  He said, "Find that true shepherd and get in that Bethlehem manger.  Get in there."  He said, "Because God has promised another Pentecost for this last hour."  [WHY IT HAD TO BE SHEPHERDS, 64-1221, Par. 63-65]

33  Now, if you will open your Bibles to the tenth chapter of John.   Now, I am going to read that in another translation, you just follow along with me.  And, may God add the blessing to His Word.  John, the tenth chapter.  [The Bible translation from which Brother Lambert was reading has not been identified—Ed.]

34  (One of you Brothers get me a little bit of water?  The devil has given me a sore throat and he sure wouldn't want me to preach this today.)

      Most assuredly, I am saying to you, he who does not go through the door into the walled enclosure for the sheep, but climbs up from some other way, that one is a thief and a robber.

      But he who enters through the door is a shepherd of the sheep.

To this one the doorkeeper opens and the sheep hear his voice and he personally calls the sheep, which are his private possessions, and by name and leads them out.

      Whenever he puts forth all who are his very own, before them he proceeds and the sheep follow with him because they know his voice.

      But one belonging to another flock, they will not possibly, possibly, not follow, but will run away from him because they do not know the voice of others.

      This illustration Jesus gave them: but those did not understand, what things they were which he was speaking to them.

      Therefore, Jesus said again, Most assuredly, I am saying to you, I alone in contradistinction to all others, am the door belonging to the sheep.

      All, as many as came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not listen to them.

      I alone am the door: by means of me, if anyone enters, he shall be saved, and shall go in and shall go out and shall find food.

      The thief does not come except to steal and to kill and to destroy: I alone came in order that they might be possessing life and that they might be possessing it in super abundance. (Super abundance.)

      I alone am the shepherd, the good one; the shepherd, the good one, lays down his life on behalf of, instead of the sheep.

      The one who is a paid helper, and not a shepherd, whose very own the sheep are not, watches with a discerning eye the wolf as he is coming and sends away the sheep and flees because he is a paid helper and it is not a concern to him regarding the sheep, and the wolf snatches them and scatters them.

      I alone am the shepherd, the good one, and I know by experience those that are mine and those that are mine know me by the experience, ("By experience," it said.)

      Just as the Father knows me and I know the Father...

35  All right.  Now, we can see here that Jesus is giving the perfect example for the other shepherd pastors, ministers, to follow.  And He likens any shepherd that will not follow His example, He likens them unto a thief and a robber that would try to feed His sheep.  He likens them to a thief and a robber.  Jesus said here that all that ever came before Him was thieves and robbers.

36  Notice, He said He was the Good Shepherd.  Christ learned obedience by the things, which He suffered.  And He took upon Himself the form of a servant and had no place to lay His head.  What an example of a shepherd!

37  And in the end He was led as a lamb to the slaughter because of His love for His sheep.  And He said that He knew them by experience.  And He experienced that, before the foundation of the world was laid, that in the mind of God, He wanted some children that knew what His love was like.  Before the world was ever made, He had an experience of giving birth to some sheep.  And no wonder that He loved them so.

38  And the Father God, the great Father God Spirit, gave unto Jesus gifts and those gifts were His sheep.  And He said here, "My sheep know My voice and another they will not follow.  They will not follow a man that does not love them.  They will not follow one who is but a hireling shepherd, and is a paid man.  But “My sheep know My Voice."

39  And He said, "I have them in a walled enclosure."  (Is that right?)  He said, "They are in a sheep fold, a walled enclosure."  And, God is not going to let His sheep go astray.  God has seen to it, and has walled His sheep in, from the hireling shepherd and from the man that doesn't love His sheep.

40  And Jesus cried out here, and cried and said, "All that has ever come before Me was thieves and robbers; that had not the sheep’s intention at their heart."

41  No wonder, Paul, the great apostle, cried out in the last day to his servant, Timothy, which is a type of the five-fold ministry, today; cried out to Timothy and said to the church up there, said, "I have no minister who is likeminded as myself."

42  Paul was a great shepherd.  Said, "I have no man who is likeminded, that will care for you sheep and not for your wool.  Not for what you have, but a shepherd like Timothy, who loves you as I love you, as Christ loved you.  There is none," he said, "for all seek their own way."

43  No wonder the Bible said, "For all have gone astray, there is none that seeketh God.  There is none that loveth God, no not one."  So, we see here that Jesus likens Himself unto the Great Shepherd of the sheep.

44  Now, He said in Psalms 23... If you will open to that, please, or if you want me, I will just read it.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of (the) death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.


45  God, the faithful Shepherd said here, "I will lead My sheep into green pastures.  I am the great Shepherd and I will feed them.  He that hungereth and thirst after righteousness shall be filled.  I am the Shepherd and I will feed my sheep.  I will lead them into green pastures and as..."

46  You can't expect the shepherd...  He said that he was like a shepherd, he fed his sheep like a shepherd.

47  So, how are we going to know how God is?  This just said that a shepherd, he takes his sheep and he leads them forth into the hills of Judaea, where there is green pastures.  And then, after they have fed themselves sufficiently upon the Word of God, then God said here, that He would lead them beside still waters.

48  You cannot just eat the Bread of God alone, you have got to drink the water of God.  And it is God, the great Shepherd, that is responsible for leading His sheep to the still waters and the green pastures.  He is the great Shepherd.

49  And there is no hireling shepherd, there is no thief, or a robber, that will lead you into the spiritual things of God and that will tell you and rebuke the spirits from you and tell you what you are and where you are going. 

50  Because,” He said the hireling shepherd is afraid that, if he tells you women to get in order and be in subjection to your husbands, that you won't like him anymore and you will get him out of that position.

51  But a real true shepherd, when he sees the wolf come up, he rebukes the wolf and cuts him down off of you with the Word of God.  Then he is talked about, he is lied about, but, nevertheless, down in his heart, he is a true shepherd and he must stay true to that calling inside of him. 

52  God said, "All that has ever came before Me was thieves and robbers," that would just let you do anything you want to, so that he could get your money.  Said, "All that ever came before this door was thieves and robbers."

53  But He said, "The keeper of the door does not open to a thief and a robber but, he only opens the door of prayer... Whatsoever you ask in My Name I will do it.  Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you, if you love My sheep."

54  Jesus said, "My Father always heareth Me, because My Father loveth Me.  I do those things which please My heavenly Father and I ask Him and He doeth it."  (Is that right?)  "My Father worketh hitherto and I work."

55  And that same Shepherd said to the other shepherds, "As My heavenly Father sent Me, so send I you to My sheep, not as thieves and robbers."

56  Then, when you come before the door of prayer to the great Shepherd and say, "Lord God, Your sheep has need of this.  Lord, here is my Token, I present It to You.  Lord, I ask for them.  Pour out Your Spirit upon them."

57  And, God is obligated to take care of His Word this morning.  And I prayed for you this week that God will give everyone of you the Baptism of the Holy Ghost this morning.  Glory to God!

58  But, Jesus said, "All that ever came before Me was thieves and robbers, that was just willing to go on their way."  "Oh, it’s all right," just travel around and a big time.  Thieves and robbers, Jesus likened unto any minister, any shepherd, any evangelist that doesn't love God's sheep.  That is a hireling shepherd and careth not for the sheep.  Think of that.  [Break in tape—Ed.]

59  Leads in green pastures and he is forever searching the hills trying to find food for his sheep because he is never satisfied until he sees his sheep fat.

60  And, God, the great Shepherd, is never satisfied until you receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.  God is never satisfied until you receive that experience.  He knows you by experience before the world.  And, God is requiring that you know Him by an experience of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.  He shall feed His flock like a shepherd, and He said He would lead them beside the still waters and their souls would not want for anything.

61  For He said, "I give My life for the sheep and I come to bless them in super-abundance, I come to bless them."  And God can't bless you unless you know that you need the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, then you will get blessed in super-abundance.  The Baptism of the Holy Ghost is the super-abundant blessing.  God promised you, this morning, you sheep, that He will lead you to that water.

  Ezekiel 34:

And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying,

Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel, prophesy, and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God unto the shepherds; Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves!  Should not the shepherds feed the flocks?

Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock.

The diseased (Doesn't contend for Divine healing) have ye not strengthened, neither have ye healed that which was sick, neither have ye bound up that which was broken, neither have ye brought again that which was driven away, neither have ye sought that which was lost; but with force and with cruelty have ye ruled them.

And they were scattered, because there is no shepherd:


62  And I would like to say here, that the great shepherd, William Branham, said that he had thousands of groups around the world but no shepherds to send them. [WMB, Church Order and Doctrine, TAKING SIDES WITH JESUS, 62-0601, Par, 762-85,  (Look up “What if I had”—Ed.)]


My sheep wandered through all the mountains, and upon every high hill: yea, my flock was scattered upon all the face of the earth, and none did search or seek after them.

Therefore, ye shepherds, hear the word of the Lord;

As I live, saith the Lord God, surely because my flock became a prey, and my flock became meat to every beast of the field, because there was no shepherd (All these different denominational churches and independent churches; beasts of the field)

Neither did my shepherds search for my flock, but the shepherds fed themselves, and fed not my flock;

Therefore, O ye shepherds, hear the word of the Lord;

[Thus saith the Lord God; Behold] I am against the shepherds; and I will require my flock at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; for I will deliver my flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them.

For thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I, even I, will both search my sheep, and seek them out.

As a shepherd seeketh out his flock in the day that he is among his sheep that are scattered; so will I seek out my sheep, and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day.


63  The Bible said, There was a day at evening time, it was not light or day, but was a cloudy day.  "But in the evening time it shall be light."  And God would come down on the earth with the great Pillar of Fire and seek out and search out His sheep.

 64 Then over in the 26th verse, said:


And I will make them and the places around about my hill a blessing; and I will cause the shower to come down in his season; (and) there shall be showers of blessing.

And the tree of the field shall yield her fruit, and the earth shall yield her increase, and they shall be safe in their land, and shall know that I am the Lord, when I have broken the bands of their yoke, and delivered them out of the hand of those that served themselves of them.


65  My, what a passage of Scripture!  God, in the evening time by the light on the Word of God, has restored the apostolic Word of God, has restored unto us what was taken away from us, that which the palmerworm hath eaten and all the others, that same worm we know is ecclesiasticalism.

66  God promised that in the evening time He would seek out His sheep, find them and gather them together and send shepherds to them, then.  (Is that right?)

67  Now, Zechariah 10:1-5:


1  Ask ye of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain; so the Lord shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field.

(Now,) 2  For the idols have spoken vanity, and the Diviners have seen a lie, and have told false dreams; they comfort in vain: therefore they went their way as a flock, they were troubled, because there was no shepherd.

3  Mine anger was kindled against the shepherds, and I punished the goats: for the Lord of hosts hath visited his flock the house of Judah, and hath made them as his goodly horse in the battle.

4  Out of him came forth the corner, out of him the nail, out of him the battle bow, out of him every oppressor together.

5  And they shall be as mighty men, which tread down their enemies in the mire of the streets in the battle: and they shall fight, because the Lord is with them, and the riders on horses shall be confounded.


68  Think of that!  A perfect type of the 2nd chapter of Joel.  After the restoration of the Word came, the Bride of Jesus Christ rose up like a mighty army.  (Is that right?)  After the restoration!

69  Now, Jeremiah 23.  (Got a lot of Scripture for you this morning.)  [Jeremiah 23:1-3]

1  Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD.

2  Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the LORD.

3  And I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all countries whither I have driven them, and will bring them again to their folds (I want to emphasize that there, “…bring them again to their folds; f-o-l-d-s); and they shall be fruitful and increase.


70  Jesus Christ said, over here in the 10th chapter of John, that I... "Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that entereth not by the door to the sheepfold..." (And that, in the Greek, is a walled enclosure.)  And there is only one door into that sheepfold and that is Jesus.  (Is that right?)  Only one door to that sheepfold, which is a walled enclosure.

71  And it said here, in the last days because of the denominational pastors and preachers that was trying to feed God's flock.  He said, in the end time that He would bring His sheep into their folds and they would be fruitful and increase.  (Is that right?)  Then, He said when He got them into His fold He would feed them and water them.  (Is that right?)

72  So, we find out then that this fold here...  I looked that up in the Hebrew word, and found a striking thing, that this fold represents different assemblies.  It means five things: a hedge or a wall...

73  Now, notice Jesus just said, in the 10th chapter of John, about the hireling shepherds that he had his sheep in a walled enclosure.  (Is that right?)  Hooks up then, don't it?

74  Number two: It means a home of God.  Think of that, boy!  Bring them to their folds; it means a home of God, a hedge or a wall, a temple of men, a habitation of God, a pleasant place. 

75  Think of it!  That God, after you have searched out in the land, in and out of every kind of church, and finally in the end time, He would establish different assemblies and there would be a pleasant place; there would be a habitation of God; there would be a temple of God; there would be a home of God.

 76 And in there, where the true shepherds would feed you the Word of God, you would grow fat, in and out of green pastures.  You would come in and out, into higher heights, into deeper depths, into more revelation.  Because that true shepherd that was over you, your true pastor, prayed and went up into the spiritual realm and found green pastures for you.  And then he fed you the Word of God and you grew fat and you began to be fruitful.

77  In that day, when God will bring His sheep into these assemblies and establish pastors over them, then you will have a home of God, then you will be a temple of God.  (Is that right?) Then you will be a... The Bible said, you were a spiritual temple, you were a spiritual house.  (Is that right?)  You were a holy habitation.  How pleasant it is for the sheep to dwell in a place like that.  How pleasant it is.

78  Notice, Christ was born in Bethlehem, which means, "The house of God's bread."  And it said here, that this sheepfold was a house of God's bread.  (Is that right?)  And only God-ordained shepherds was able to enter into that door to that sheepfold.  (Is that right?)

79  Oh, there have been a lot of thieves and robbers came up and tried to start different works, tried to start different assemblies.  But, they only did it because they wanted to be a pastor and have a good job and have an income coming in.  So, therefore, they didn't feed the sheep because, they loved the money.

80  Jesus said, all that ever came before Me was shepherds like that that just cared about the tithes and offerings, let the women do anything they want to.  They wouldn't preach subjection to the women.  They wouldn't preach, "Everybody get in Bible order."  They wouldn't preach Church Order.  They just want to be a hireling shepherd and let the wolf spirits come in and settle upon the people.  The demons come in and get upon the people.  And then the hireling shepherds don't have enough faith of God to stand out on the Word of God and rebuke them off of you….

81  But not a real true shepherd… will tell you what is what.  He will preach the Word of God, he don't care what happens to you.  He don't care if there is only one shepherd standing on it, he will be the one that will stand on it.

82  But a hireling shepherd, well, when something comes up and he feels like running to Arizona, or running here, running there, he will just run off and leave his sheep.  The only thing he cared about you anyways, is because of your tithes and offerings.

83  Not a real true shepherd.  He will stay there and contend for the Word of God.  He will say, "God, You promised this restoration of the Word.  God, You promised an apostolic Church.  God, You said You would send it.  God, You said You would give us a Pentecost." And he preaches that faith to the people and their faith rises and it rises until they get the same thing that fell on the Day of Pentecost.

84  Not a hireling shepherd, though.  Every time them spirits come in on the people he will run from them, then.  When it gets too hot for him, he will just leave them, find another one [flock].

85  God said, shepherds that had come up another way than the door….  And the door is Jesus.  And Jesus was a Shepherd of faith.  He said, "It is written.”  “It is written.”  “It is written.”  “It is written."  Not a hireling shepherd.

86  God said they are like a thief that will climb over that wall, try to get down in there to His sheep.  God is not going to let it be that way, in this day.  He is not going to let any of them hireling shepherds climb over that wall.  Because you are a thief and you are a robber, shepherd, this morning, if you don't stand for the Word of God.  Glory to God!

87  He knows His sheep.  That true shepherd said, "I am the porter to the door."  The porter openeth the door for the true shepherd, then he will lead his sheep out with that true shepherd.

88  Then he will take that shepherd, listen to the Message of the hour, then that shepherd will begin to preach the Word of God.  He will begin to lay that thing down there to them sheep.  They will...  Oh!  They will be rocked to and fro but, finally, the Word of God keeps coming forth (Boy!), they get settled down.  Oh!  They are getting like standing on the rock.  (Is that right?)

89  The Bible said, "Don't be tossed to and fro by every wind that comes off from the tape.  Don't be tossed to and fro by every interpretation that comes from the tape.  Listen to your shepherd that God put over you!  He will lead you and guide you into all the green pastures and lead you beside the still waters."  Because the great Shepherd, Jesus, gives him a revelation of what is on the tapes and what is on the Word of God.

90  I say to you this morning, there is no person that is in the laity, is not able to interpret God's inspiration of the Holy Ghost, the Word of God, it has to come to shepherds.  God brought the revelation by angels to shepherds and they went to Bethlehem.  Shepherds!  He didn't find the laity and send them.  He sent shepherds to Bethlehem.  And the shepherds found Jesus in the house of God's bread.  Oh, boy!  Glory!

91  A home of God, temple of men.  It is assembly, now.  Come on!  A pleasant place.  How pleasant it is to dwell with Brethren and Sisters of like precious faith and kindred mind, that is contending for the faith that was once delivered to the saints of God.

92  Well, “Bethlehem” means “the house of God's bread.”  And the Divine angels, ministering spirits, He said, "I will make my ministers, ministering spirits, and flames of fire."  Why, they get a revelation, Brethren, they don't care if there ain't nobody stands on it, they will stand on it, they got to do it.  They got to do it.

93  God loves His sheep and God predestinated them shepherds.  And God loves you and He will finally lead you to them, someday.  The hour is at hand, Church order has been set in position.  Bible government is in order, now.  You may not find it very many places.  Maybe only one or two places, but shall the unbelief of others make void the faith of God of Abraham?  No!  God will only establish it.

94  It was always a little group that God used to contend for Pentecost.  We found it only fell on an hundred and twenty.  We find that every time revival started He only took one man, only took one little group.

95  When the Holy Spirit fell, out in California, it fell in the most obscure place, fell right down in the middle of the city.  Fell right down in a little old teeny building; floors caved in and everything.  (Is that right?)  But they believed that God had given them the secret of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

96  And they said, "Why there ain't been an Outpouring in years and years.  Oh!  God don't really mean that.  God don't really mean that.  He means for you to do this and that."  No, God said, that they went in the Upper Room and received the Holy Ghost.  And we ain't got what they had.

97  I don't care how obscure this building looks, this morning, over top of the Burger Inn.  I don't care if it is in New York City and I am here in the middle of town, God is going to take something foolish like this and give them another Pentecost, that comes from heaven.

98  Now, if I be a true servant of Christ and if that don't come to pass you come and tell me about it.  But when it comes to pass, won't be no use for me to say, "Didn't I tell you so?"  Because it shall most surely come to pass.  There shall be an apostolic Church in New York City.  There shall be!  There shall be!  God promised it.  He just has to find two or three that will believe it.  I believe you all believe that.  God always used a place like that.

99  When the prophet of God, the restoration Message, has gave out the Word of God and restored... Let me just read that to you.  Everybody reads about Elijah but they don't read the rest of it.  Let me read you the rest of it, to you.

100  Well, says here that... Said that, "There will be a prophet rise with healing in his wings."  (Is that right?)  Restoration prophet. And he said, "Ye (sheep) shall go forth and grow up as calves of the stall," sheep of the stall.

101  Why?  When you come in to...  Sheep, when they came into the walled enclosure, the manger, the habitation of God, a pleasant place for them, they are not fearing any longer; they know they are in the Will of God and the Spirit is a blessing, so they are in pleasant places.  They are sitting in heavenly places with Christ Jesus, fellowshipping among the saints of God.  (Is that right?)

102  Knowing that Jesus, the Word of God, is on the earth now and, God…  It is just a matter of our faith rising up and God is going to pour out the Holy Ghost.  (Is that right?)  And He said when God would bring these calves into these stalls...

103  Well, you can't expect a true shepherd to bring his sheep into the stall for the night and not have provender in the manger can you?  And God, if He has provided the corn, He would also provide the water to water you down with the Holy Ghost, too.  For, it is God that supplieth all things.

104  No wonder, Paul said about the Hebrews, he said, how about... "Moses was faithful in all his house."  And he said, "The one that builds the house, is greater than the house."  And if God is building you up a house, don't you know that He is wanting to put the roof on the house now?  He is waiting to cap it with the Headstone.  It is Him that does it.  You just got to believe that you are part of that house and wait for the lid to come down.

105  Because, while Peter yet spake these words the roof come down.  While Peter yet spake these words the Holy Ghost fell on the house.  Yes, it did.

106  All right now, we find that only God-ordained shepherds was led to that shepherd manger in Bethlehem.  And each one of them shepherds had got a Divine revelation and angeling spirits had come and sung out the message to them and they alone had the true interpretation to it.  (Is that right?)  All right.

107  They, by faith, sat in Church order...  Did they do it by faith?  All right, I will tell you what God said He would do after you put in Church order, just reading on about the Elijah restored, now in Malachi.  Restoration prophet.  Said…  Jesus said, "Return unto Me, return unto Me, the Word, and I will return unto you."  God promised, if you would return to this Word that the restoration prophet brought, He would return again into your midst.  Because, the Word is Spirit and Jesus Christ, God Almighty, is that Spirit and the Word is Jesus Christ.

108  When you preach the Word of God by faith to the sheep, there Jesus dwells in their midst, to draw them unto Him.  And He said, "If I be lifted up I will draw all My sheep unto Me."  All a man is required to do is to preach the same Word that was restored to you and God is obligated to vindicate that.  (Is that right?)

109  We notice, that, in John 12:6, there is a story (You don't have to turn to it.) of Martha and Mary and Lazarus.  Martha and Mary made a supper for Jesus, the Word of God.  And it came during the course of the supper, Mary Magdalene, that loved Jesus so much because she had so much forgiven her, she loved much, and she did a good thing.  She run and took the expensive ointment, fell down at Jesus' feet and began to wash His feet with that ointment.

110  Then, there was one shepherd in there, a minister, stood up and looked in indignation.  Peter and all of them was looking at him so strange, but he was one of the shepherds, too.  And he said, "Why wasn't this expensive ointment taken and sold, and the money given to the poor?"

111  And my!  How the other shepherds must have felt bad to think that he would say a thing like that.  That he would come out and challenge the Great Shepherd in letting this woman do that.  He thought he had the leading of the Spirit probably.  Said, "Well..."

112  The Bible said that Judas didn't say this because he loved the poor but, because he was a thief and loved the money bag that he was carrying.

113  So it is today, my Friend, because of the hireling shepherds and the hireling ministers that has failed to preach the Word of God to bring a Pentecost.  They love the money bag more than they love to see the sheep of God get into Church order and receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.  They love the money-bag.

114  Judas showed himself that he was a money lover.  Before Pentecost came he showed his colors.  Did he not?  All right.

115  No wonder Jesus said all kinds of shepherds, that has ever been coming before me in this day, is like thieves and robbers.  They start a little work, some of them make themself shepherds.  They start a little work and then they think, "Oh, I got it made, now.  Got the tithes and offerings coming in," forget all about the love that they ought to have for God's sheep, because God loves His sheep.  (Is that right?)

116  So, God has been waiting till the restoration of the Bride tree came, until He restored a ministry that would be filled with the Holy Ghost, that would feed His sheep.  That is why you have not seen the great Outpouring of the Pentecost like they had in Acts 2.  That is the reason because God does not feed sheep...

117  Now, this thing does happen.  There is individuals that receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost at home, other places but, that is very coincidental.  But the five-fold ministry that God has predestinated has already seen a Burning Bush experience.

118  God said that before any man could minister to God's sheep he had to have a Burning Bush experience.  Because that Burning Bush experience would be the only thing that would hold him true to the true interpretation of God's Word.  Because it must, it must come by Divine revelation to the shepherd.  And then, when it comes, it is just in accord with what the messenger is bringing, because it comes from the same light.  (Is that right?)

119  Because of this, there has not been able, for the Great Shepherd to gather His sheep together into different folds to feed them.  First He feeds them.  The Shepherd, first thing He does is feed His sheep.  Then He leads the whole flock down to the creek to water them.  After they get their bellies full...  And before you receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, God  pregnates you with the Word of God.  Then the seed begins to grow.  You get in that Divine call of God, where they are purposed for.

120  Then, while the Word seed is in there, it just keeps a coming, keeps a coming, keeps a coming, He keeps pouring that green grass to you.  You get fatter and fatter and fatter and fatter and fatter and you just get fatter, fatter.  And then, after the Shepherd sees your faith arising because of the fullness of your tummy (Is that right?) then, all at once there comes a sound from heaven, like a rushing mighty wind and it causes a river to come right down in your assembly and water every one of you.  Then, while the preacher yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost watered every one of the sheep, sealed them every one into the Kingdom of God.  Yes, He did! 

121  Now, we find here that, gathered around this supper, was twelve shepherds and one Great Shepherd.  (Is that right?)  But, in the midst of there was a shepherd, just loved himself, loved the money bag.  Jesus had to expose that man that didn't love God's sheep before Pentecost because, after the Word had been fed to the sheep for three and one half years... How long have you been feeding this assembly, Brother Coleman?  [Brother Coleman says, "Three years."--Ed.]  Amen?

122  He had to prove to those shepherds that they couldn't love a money bag, they had to love God's sheep.  Because then and then alone will the sheep have confidence in the ministers.  When they see that the shepherds just doesn't want to gather them into a fold to take shears and shear the wool off and sell it and buy themselves a new car, build themselves a great building.

123  Thief and a robber!  God is not going to give you His sheep.  But He said of that faithful shepherd, "He that is a faithful shepherd, like Me, that laid down his life for the sheep, I will open the door and let the sheep out.  I will lead them out and bring them to that assembly that they may be full."

124  Oh, how you ought to praise God, this morning.  You know what I am talking about.  You know what I am talking about, in this Local Christian Assembly.  Fear not, shall the unbelief of the others make void your faith?  None of you will never do it.  God predestinated powerful apostolic assemblies around the world.  That and that alone will fully vindicate Malachi 4. 

125  Because he said, that he come to restore a faith in the people that would make each one contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints.  They had faith when Paul said, "Submit yourself to church order.  Submit yourself to those that have the rule over you."  And said, "Return unto me and I will return unto you," saith the Lord.

126  When the Word of God is preached and obeyed by the sheep, "There," Jesus said, "I am in your midst.  Fear not little flock it is your Father's good pleasure to give unto you everything that He owns, for by the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, you are made heirs with Jesus Christ."

127  Then you can say that you believe the Message, all that you want to. I don't care what man preaches that, I am not preaching "man," I am preaching the Holy Ghost by inspiration, my own revelation, my own inspiration, by faith.

128  You can believe all you want to.  Judas believed all he could that he was one of the shepherds.  Down in him he loved the money bag.  I tell you, God's true shepherds got a bag all right, it is hanging on their side and it has got five stones in it. 

129  When the other brothers, when the big Goliath rose up, the World Council of Churches, started coming on God's first flock, he went up there to see his brothers.  He couldn't fellowship with them because he had a revelation from God that God called him to tend the sheep.

130  It already proved, God proved Himself to him that he was a True Shepherd.  Because, when the spirit come in and got on his sheep, he remembered what Paul said, said, "Timmy, let no man despise your youth.  You may be a young minister," said, "rebuke them spirits off them sheep.  Reprove them, exhort them, be long suffering." 

131  David walked up there with a bag on his side, might have looked like Judas's bag but, there is a lot of difference in it.  Judas had money in his and he had stones in his, five of them, f-a-i-t-h, f-a-i-t-h in the Word of God.  Said, "What is the matter, Brethren?  Looks like you are bogged down here on this hill this morning?"  Said, "What is the matter with the other ministers?"

132  "Oh, Brother, why man, we ain't qualified like that man.  Why, man, our ministers just follow the message around.  That is all it is, just follow the message around."  He said, "You mean to tell me you are going to let that great big demon over there make fun of you?"  Why, something stirred up in him, he said, "Why, I know God called me.  Yes, God, I know that God will give that devil into my hand."  He began to contend for that faith.

133  And they said, "Oh, why don't you go on back there to that little assembly you got, and mind your own business?  We got the revelation here, Brother.  We heard the tape, we got the revelation.  We know there ain't gonna be no apostolic church."

134  How many have I heard tell me that?  I say, "Well, Brother, it is hard for me to believe that, you see, cause I have been studying the Word and I can't find that in there.  Now, if you can show me that in the Word..."  And when I begin to quote the Word to them, well, it’s not in the Bible?

135  But, we find that he went and took the stones and took the sling shot and put faith in it and killed that devil.  (Is that right?)

136  Well, God manifested who was His shepherds.  He manifested who was a preacher and who wasn't.  You will see the fruit of their preaching.  You will see that the sheep began to have faith in God.  They began to step out on the promises of God.  They believe, they will begin to believe that every promise in the Book is theirs.  Cause after all, if God has us hedged in, who can be against us?  (Is that right?)  And if God is greater than the house then He is able to put the roof on it.

 137  God exposed old Judas, that money bag lover, before Pentecost.  Why?  I ask you?  Why?  There was the sheep, they was pregnated with the Word message, they was sanctified by the Word that was being preached but they hadn't had an experience with the One that had an experience with them, yet.  They were just believing unto that experience.  (Is that right?)  But then God had to make sure that before the Holy Ghost fell...

138  Are you getting the picture?  He had to have true shepherds to keep them lined up for that Promise.  Keep them charged up, contending that God loved them and it was God's business to baptize them.  All they had to do was to sit still and wait on the Wind to come.

139  Boy, I feel it in here now.  I believe she is going to come, Friend.  All it takes is your faith to believe what I am preaching this morning and you will get it.

140  Now, God exposes the untrue shepherds.  Why?  Because new lambs, "new lambs," I said, was going to be born on the Day of Pentecost.  God was going to give birth to three thousand pregnated lambs.  (Is that right?)  Three thousand of them, so... Imagine, three thousand!  He had to have shepherds somewhere.  (Is that right?)  He is bound to have shepherds if He has got lambs. 

141  Whoever heard of just having a multitude of sheep and no shepherds?  Why, the shepherds will just wander here in ditches and you can see how they are wandering.  They wander in this ditch and get their leg broke, they wander down that ditch and get their leg broke.  They wander over here and get caught in a bush and begin to, "Maa, maa," and then God has to send them somewhere.  (Is that right?)  All right. 

142  Now, we find that three thousand lambs was going to be born on the Day of Pentecost, so He had to expose before Pentecost.  (Is that right?)  That sheep don't follow a money bag lover, they only follow a man that is preaching the Word of God to them and contending for the same thing.  (Is that right?)

143  Now, we find that Peter knew something about this money bag that Judas had.  He was there, he ought to known.  No wonder he said over in his epistle, said to the ministers, "Feed the flock of God, which is among you.  Taking the oversight... Don't let them be trying to see and figure it out but you take the oversight over them.  Cause I have given you the eyes to see spiritually and haven't them."  (Is that right?)

144  Can you imagine, sheep now, telling the shepherd (like they are doing today) tell a God-predestinated shepherd, now, that has got a gift of preaching inside of him, trying to tell him the interpretation of the day?  Say, "Why, we are supposed to go up here and feed on this pasture.  Oh, I... No, shepherd, I think it would be better if we would go down here and get water first." 

145  No, you get fed first and then you go to water.  Even the law of nature will tell you, don't drink your water until after you eat your food.  Archie tried to tell me this, this week.  (Is that right?)  And they begin to try... They don't want any Divine order, because you know what?  They are going to have to die out to themselves.  So, they don't want that.

146  So, the sheep, they just wander and broken legs, stumble in this ditch... But if they had only prayed, "God, lead me to a shepherd.  Lead me to an assembly, Lord.  God give us a shepherd."  Then, if you are a true sheep, God is obligated to give you a shepherd.  That is just plain as can be.  That is just plain as can be.

147  Imagine the sheep, now, when they get up that morning to go eat, the manna came down from heaven early in the morning.  (Is that right?)  But as soon as they would rise up in the morning, the old devil jumps on them and they say, "I think we ought go over here and eat today.  I think we ought to go over here and eat today." (Is that right?)  But God predestinated, Divinely called shepherds to lead His sheep into those spiritual pastures.

148  Now, He didn't call a hireling shepherd, a thief and a robber, that wouldn't come by the door.  Now, notice that Jesus said He was the door.  And, it said, "No man, no shepherd can enter in and get those sheep unless they come by the door."

149  Friend, if you got... Minister friend, if you ever hear this tape, if you got any other purpose in your mind than loving God's sheep, than being in God's will, you are fooling yourself.  God is not going to lead you to His sheep.  You have got to love His sheep.

150  Peter said, "Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; (out of love) not for filthy lucre," he said, a thief and a robber, "not for filthy lucre, like Judas," he was saying.  "But of a ready mind."  Ready to avenge everything that comes upon God's sheep.  "Rebuke, exhort, chastise with the Word of God, Timothy."  (Is that right?)  "That you might present that sheep blameless in the day in the coming of the Lord."  That’s it.  Do you get the picture of a true shepherd?

151  Peter said, "Neither as being lords over God's heritage, but being examples to the flock."  Being examples to the flock.  "And when the true Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away," reserved in the heavens for you, Shepherd.  My, what an encouragement to a man to stand upon the Word of God today.

152  Peter ought to know, he was there when Judas got upset about the expensive ointment that came down on Jesus' feet.  No wonder Peter was able to say this, here in Peter [II Peter 5:2-3], "Feed my flock, take the oversight not by constraint, not for filthy lucres' sake, but out of love." 

153  Because we find that after this supper, that I am speaking of here where Judas exposed himself, Peter told the other apostles, they didn't believe that Jesus... They was downhearted.  And they didn't really believe that they could do the things that Christ told them that they could do.

154  Peter really didn't believe that He said, "Whatsoever ye ask in My Name, I will do it," and, "If you speak unto this mountain be thou removed and cast into the sea and not doubt in your heart what you said will come to pass."  Peter didn't really believe those things.  He didn't really believe that he could say unto this fig tree, curse that fig tree and make it die.  He just knew that he didn't have it in him and he seen that Jesus was dead now, and so what is the use.

155  Though he was disgusted and the devil was beating old Peter down and he told the other apostles, said, "Brethren, I go a fishing."  What Peter really said was, said, "Brethren, I tell you what I am going to do, you all can sit around and moan, cry if you want to, but I am going back to my fishing business.  I am going back to my fishing business.  It is too confusing to me.  I don't understand all this.  I thought Jesus was supposed to come and set up the great millennium and be King over the whole world again and kill all these Romans."  Said, "Oh, I don't understand it.  I am just going back to my fishing business."

156  Oh, I tell you it sure is like me.  Peter went back to his fishing business and the others said, "Peter we are going back in business with you," cause they was in business with him before—James and John.  So, Peter went down and the other apostles and went back into the fishing business and fished all night and netted all night and didn't catch a thing.

157  That is just like God.  His predestinated purpose will find its way.  All things work together for good to them are predestinated according to God's purpose.  (Is that right?)  Oh, you maybe come through all kinds of trials and say, "God, it is so confusing to me, this message.  I am just going to give up."  You can't give up, because where else would you go?  You got to come on because God predestinated you.

158  I tell you, don't one of us know better than the other.  I broke both legs, I have crushed my arms, my head has been caved in, my heart has been bleeding, but I am predestinated.  I started back in my fishing business several times, say, "God take the calling away from me, it is too... I don't understand this thing.  Lord, it is too hard, God."  Then after I do that, I'd say, "O God, I am sorry I said that, Lord, forgive me," begin to repent.  Ain't you done it?

159  Oh, we have had broken legs and broken arms and we have been bruised and beaten but, we still love one another.  We are still pressing on.  Little bit differences from us but God is going to heal that sore.  And I tell you what it would take, it would take a real good Baptism of the Holy Ghost to heal it.  God is going to give it, He promised it and it is going to come...?...  God is going to give us what our hearts desire is.  (Is that right?)

160  So, he said... Standing on the bank there and the apostles was out there in the fishing business again.  Notice, Jesus wasn't worried.  The whole foundation of the Church rested upon those twelve men out in that boat.  The whole foundation of the Church rested upon twelve men.  And the Apostolic Assembly is resting upon you and I, today, our shoulders.

161  The Bible said, "Take one word away or add one word to it," if you say there is not a five-fold ministry then you are wrong, then you took your word out of the Book.  (Is that right?)  If you would add one word to it, that wouldn't be right, you put yourself under judgment.  (Is that right?)  But, God is not worried about that.  The foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, God knoweth His sheep.  (Is that right?)  Here is the Seal of God sure.

162  So, what we find?  The whole church of Pentecost, that was going to be born at Pentecost... Now, they had been pregnated by the Word but no Baptism, yet.  (Is that right?)  Don't you believe nobody when they tell you that, "Believe the Message and you have got the Holy Ghost."

163  Could you tell a Sister here in this assembly, that is pregnant and ready to have a baby, and go over to the hospital and see that baby born and tell her she didn't have the experience of having a baby? 

164  Why, you say... I say, "When did you receive the Holy Ghost?" "Well, I don't know, I just believe the Message and got it."  Huh, Friend, the devil has deceived you.  If you don't know when you got a new birth, you ain't had one yet.  You haven't had one yet!  You are just believing unto that new birth.

165  First there came water, the Word; then, there came Blood, sanctification; but when He said, "It is finished," that gave you Power for service.  You believe the Word will justify you, you keep on believing, and it will sanctify you, you keep on believing unto Acts 2:38 and then God will baptize you into the Body because you believe the Message.  And then He will give you Power and set you into service.

166  Now, I ask you a question, How could He set you in the service when you are not in Bible order?  Come on now, let's get with it this morning.  How could you be baptized with the Holy Ghost and you are not in service, you are not even an assembly, so you couldn't be in service, if you are not a minister.  Now, that is true. 

167  First, pregnated, justified; then go on believing that you are pregnated with the Word, then you get sanctified.  Because, Timothy will rebuke you, he will exhort you until you clean your life up and believe God.  (Is that right?)  Say, "Amen!"  Then you are believing unto the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

168  It is the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, an experience...  God said, I know My sheep by experience and they know Me by experience.  And then by that experience they follow Me.  (Is that right?)  They that are born of the Spirit of God are led by the Spirit of God to this assembly.  (Is that right?)

169  Now, going up to Pentecost, they had the Word in them, they were sanctified.  (Is that right?)  But then, all at once, their faith let down, they went fishing.  They went fishing!  And Jesus appeared to them, as I said, the whole Church was resting upon that.  And He called out to the boat, said, "Children, have you caught any meat?"

170  Well, they didn't get upset because in those days there was a man that stood upon the bank, a high bank, and looked down on the water and he guided them toward the school of fish.  Well, they thought that he saw a school of fish (See?) so they didn't get upset.  They said, "No, sir!"  Said, "We went back into fishing business just last night.  We fished all night.  I can't understand it.  We ain't even caught a one." 

171  Oh, He said, "Cast your net on this side."  Peter said, "What is with that guy up there?  Man, we fished this spot all night.  I don't see no school of fish down there."

172  God knows where the fish are at.  If you are led by the Spirit, He will let you go and cast the net right where they are at.  I have experienced that.  Why, all at once, I would be fishing only wouldn't catch anything and I would hit a spot and, Brother, there would be all kinds of them right there.  Boy, I just fish and fish and fish.  Oh, that is a wonderful thing if you love fishing.

173  And Peter said, "W-W-What, what, what?  I don't see no school of fish.  What is the matter with that man.  He must be looked at that water so long, the sun came out, he has got blinded, or something."  And he said, "Go ahead, cast your net on the other side."  So, "All right, go ahead boys, just let her down one more..."  You don't know work it is to let those nets out and bring them in.  That’s a lot of work, Boy.  

174  So, they let it down and, Brother, when they started to pull that in, the fish began to jump and jump out of the net and they...  The net began to break and... Oh, boy, then they knew something.  Something has happened.  It was probably some kind of a feeling come down over them, you know, like you feel.  And they said, "Wait a minute, boys, there is something wrong here."

175  Peter, boy, he begin to look at Him, boy, and all at once he jumped into that water, put his raincoat on and jumped in the water and took off.  And they said, "Boys, look at Peter.  Oh, it is... Oh... That is the Lord, that’s who it is!"  Boy, and they all took up for shore as hard as they could go, lickity-split. 

176  And old Peter, boy, I can see him a swimming, now.  Boy, he swum up there and come out and Jesus stood there and calmly said, "Come and dine, come and dine."  Said, "I know where the fish is at, don't get discouraged.  I know where the fish is at and I got the bread to feed them with.  I have got it all."

177  God has got justification for you; God has got sanctification for you and God has got the Holy Ghost for you because He loves you.  It is God that worketh His will according to His purpose.  Why worry about it, you will get it.  He has promised it.  Said, "Come and dine.  I have got the bread and I have got the fish upon the fire."

178  Boy, and they was hungry.  And as they began to eat that, how good that fish must have tasted, that Jesus fed them.  It was cooked by the Fire of the Holy Ghost.  It had to have been good, Friend.  Boy, how would you like to eat some fish, this morning, fed to you by the Fire of the Holy Ghost?

179  And then He said to Peter, while Peter was just getting through eating and wiping his mouth, feeling guilty because he went back in his fishing business.  And He said, "Peter, lovest thou Me?"

180  Boy, and he got...?... "Lord, You know I love You!"  Then He said, "Peter, lovest thou Me?"  Says, "Lord, what you asking that for, I am hurt anyway?"  "Lovest thou Me?"  Two times.  "Lord, You know I love You!"  Then He asked him the third time.  Every time that Jesus spoke, He said, "Lovest thou Me?" 

181  That word "love," in the Greek, is an Agapao, God's love.  And Peter answered, "Truly."  He said, "Truly, Lord, I love You."  But, Peter did love Him.  But he could only love Him with as much love that he had.  And that was only justification, enough love to believe His Word.  He only loved Him through sanctification, enough to sanctify him.

182  But, when God said, "Do you love Me?"  He will require a great Agapao love that only God can give you by the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.  And if every time that God spoke, He used that Agapao love and every time that Peter spoke he used only a phileo love. 

183  You can't love God, you can't...?... in your own heart and your pastor without God's love in you to baptize you with the Holy Ghost.  It is God's love.  And He asked him the third time, said, "Peter, lovest thou Me?"  And the Bible said that Peter got hurt and confused and he said, "Lord!  You know I love You."  But it still, all of his desperation he could only muster that justification, sanctification love.

184  And “Except a man take up his cross and follow after the Great Shepherd he is not worthy of Me.” Your righteousness of justification, your righteousness of sanctification is not enough.  God requires a baptism of love.  Then and then alone, can you say that He is your Lord.  "No man can call Jesus his Lord except by the Holy Ghost," God's love. 

185  Jesus said unto Peter the third time, "Lovest thou Me?" to Peter.  Out of desperation and hurt, tears running down his beard, "Lord, I know I went back into the fishing business.  Lord, I know I lack faith, God.  I lack faith in doing these things."  He said, "Peter, feed My sheep.  Don't be a thief and a robber.  Peter, lovest thou Me?  Feed My sheep, Peter."

186  Peter didn't understand it.  Peter and them faithfully went on down to the Upper Room.  Peter still hurt by that experience but he forgot that God had given him the keys to the Kingdom of God.  And when the great Holy Ghost came, it said there was a sound... Have you heard a sound?  It said there was Fire.  Have you had the Fire.  He said, "And it filled them with the Holy Ghost and they begin to speak with other languages."

187  You can't receive a supernatural God that created the world by His Word.  You can't receive a God like that unless something supernatural happens.  And that supernatural God that comes in you, baptizes you down into His Body.  Then and only then do you have God's love.  Then, only then are you set into service.

188  Here Peter was only set aside for service but it wasn't enough.  He believed the Word, the Message, but it wasn't enough.  The only way this Message can come alive in this last day and prove that a prophet of God has brought the restoration of the Bride tree, is to see that tree bring forth fruit.  And it will never bring forth fruit unless you receive God's laws of Baptism of Power.

189  They were filled with the Holy Ghost, began to speak with other languages as the supernatural Spirit in them gave them utterance.  That made them a tabernacle of God.  That made them a house of God.  (Is that right?)  That set them in the temple of Solomon.  Said, "Solomon's temple would come together.  The ankle bone to the knee bone."  (Is that right?)  The stones came together without a sound of a hammer.  It come like a wind, like Nicodemus heard it, was supposed to hear it.  "The wind bloweth where it listeth but thou hearest the sound thereof but canst not tell whence the Holy Ghost come and where it went."  So is everyone that is born of the Spirit of God.  You can't even see the Kingdom of God unless you have had that experience.  (Is that right?)

190  God is putting His Bride together, now.  He has got Church order established.  He has got faithful pastors here in this assembly to feed you.  They have proven themselves.  And I might say this, forgive me Brethren, not a penny did they take from you.  Not a penny did they take.  They rebuked the spirits from you.  But you came back because God led you here.  They proved themselves to you, that they wasn't after the money.  Remember my message now, back...?...  They have proved it.

191  Before Pentecost fell... They proved this before the Baptism of the Holy Ghost came.  Now, when God is getting ready to give birth, supernatural Baptism of the Holy Ghost, which puts you into service, He had to have an assembly, set in Church order, Bible order, shepherds to take care of them.  Because, now, they are in service.  You can't be in the service… The Baptism of the Holy Ghost gives you Power to put you into service.  You can't be in service unless you are in Bible order.  Can you say, "Amen?"

192  God has proven His men to you.  Hasn't He?  You have got confidence in them.  And they have been approved of God and now, all is needed is to hear the sound of a rushing mighty Wind.  And He will put every one of you that is sanctified and justified into service.  God promised it.

193  He said, "If you will draw nigh unto Me, I will draw nigh unto you."  But He said, "You have robbed me."  You say, "God, wherein did we rob You?"  "Tithes and offerings.  Tithes and offerings."

194  So, draw nigh unto God.  And the way that this Scripture is read here, then, the only way that you could draw nigh unto God then would be in Bible order and pay your tithes and your offerings into that assembly.  Come on now!  He said, "Wherein have you robbed Me, in tithes and offerings?"  You said, "Lord, draw nigh unto me."  And He said, "Draw nigh unto Me." [Break in message.--Ed.] to get in Bible order.  Did He not?

195  Put your tithes and your offerings in that storehouse.  And He said, "And see whether or not the Lord God will pour a blessing down upon that assembly that you won't be able to contain it."  Did He not say it?

196  Well, we find that Peter had the keys to the Kingdom.  He received his great Baptism of Power.  Then, immediately that whole Church went into action.  They went into work for the Lord, when all the three thousand lambs cried out, "Men and brethren, how are we going to get that which you got?"

197  He said, "Repent and be baptized, every one of you in the Name of Jesus Christ and ye shall receive the blessing.  For it is unto you and to your children and as many as the Lord our God shall call."  (Is that right?)

198  Three thousand lambs born in that day because they believed the Word, they were sanctified.  Remember, He said, "Lovest thou Me, Peter?  Feed My sheep.  Feed My sheep."

199  All right.  Peter got that love that Christ required to feed His sheep.  (Is that right?)  He fed them there on the Day of Pentecost.  Did they eat it?  Did they eat it?  Did God give them water?  Yes He did.

200  While Peter went upon the house top, one day, Church had been moving on then, had an apostolic Church.  Upon the house top one day, to pray, and he got hungry.  He fell into a trance, saw a sheet come down from heaven, had all kinds of unclean animals in it, that the Jews wasn't supposed to eat.  Voice came and said, "Peter, rise and eat."  Said, "Lord, thou knowest that I have never ate anything unclean."  Voice came out and says, "Peter, what God has cleansed, no matter how humble it may be, callest thou not unclean."  Peter repented.

201  The same time he was just repenting there to God, the Spirit said, "Peter, three men seek thee."  Said, "Ask nothing but go with them."  He come down and housed the men and they went up to a man that was suffering in his heart because of prejudice.  Because there was a segregation problem.

202  When Peter come in and seen that they were Gentiles, he must have known what was in the heart of God.  This humble minister-to-be probably (Maybe he was called to be a minister, I don't know.), fell down at the apostle's feet.  This humble man said, "Rise up," said, "I am just a man, like you."

203  Said, "For what intent did you send for me?  For I have seen a vision.  And a voice spoke out and said, 'God has no segregation.  God is not prejudiced.  What God is going to cleanse by the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and tabernacle Himself down inside these people, callest thou not unclean.'"

204  So, God, by His infinite mercy, by His love, to a heart that was crying out to Him… Angel said unto Cornelius when he was praying, though he was suffering because the Jews said that they couldn't receive life from God, cause God only dealt with the Jews.

205  My Brother, when you think that you are so uppity and mighty that God is going to use you and nobody else, God will take the foolish things, the things that are nought, to bring... [Break in the message--Ed.] fellowship with Him.  Many feel like, maybe, they wasn't called of God, but God sent an angel and said, "Your alms and your prayers have come up before God as a memorial."

206  Oh, if you only knew what this assembly was a doing, reaching out by the grace of God, you would faint this morning, some of you.  God said, "Go and send for one who is able to unlock the Kingdom of God to you, he has the keys and he has that love." 

207  And it said that, "While Peter yet spake these words the Holy Ghost fell upon them all and they received the Holy Ghost, like they did in the beginning."  (Is that right?)  Think of it, Friend.  We are going to have another Pentecost, right here.  You believe it and see if God don't...?...

208  The only... You say, "Brother Lambert, I want to be a lamb.  I want that new birth, Brother Lambert.  I want to be truly born of the Spirit of God, baptized into service.  What am I going to do, Brother Lambert, it is so confusing?"  I will tell you what God tells you to do.  The only place to find Christ, in that kind of experience… Let me say the best place to find it...

209  As one said of a great man of God, he said, "I want to move with God, Brother.  What can I do?"  He said, "Find out where God is moving and get in there and move with Him."  You want a cool drink?  Get down where the creek is a flowing.  If you want to get dry, just get off somewhere where it is dry.  If you want to get wet, get where it is raining.

210  The only place to find Christ, then, I will tell you, the best place, the perfect will place, to find Christ in that kind of baptismal experience, is to get in God's Bethlehem, God's manger, God's sheepcote.

211  Remember, what I said them five things they were, now.  God's sheepcote; a local assembly that has Church order, that is contending for the faith that was once delivered to the Saints, that is believing unto the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.  You stay in there. 

212  Then God said, "I, the great Shepherd, will feed you.  I will lead you to the waters where you can drink."  (Is that right?)  Come to that assembly who has a Divine God-called shepherd, that is spiritual enough to watch out for the devil where he is trapping you and rebuke these things out of the midst.  Church order, paying your tithes and your offerings, (Is that right?) reaching out and helping the poor in other places of the world.

213  Did not God say in that day, "Blessed are you, you clothed Me, you fed Me.  You gave Me drink."  Come on, He said it.  And He said, "You have robbed God in not bringing your tithes and your offerings into your assembly.  Return to that apostolic order.  Return to that apostolic way and I will pour you out a blessing of the Holy Ghost you will not be able to contain it."

214  Brother said this morning, Brother Hunt on the way, said, "Brother Bob, if the people only knew how God was getting ready to bless them..."  Oh, and the Holy Spirit just come down on me, and just... Oh, boy, it is wonderful.  I just stayed real still and just felt Him moving, I said, "Thank You, Jesus." 

215  God said that He would do it!  God said He would give you the Holy Ghost.  God's Word, Pillar of Fire, is on the earth.  His power... His Word is power unto salvation to everyone that can believe it.

216  It is the power of God, no matter who preaches it.  I don't care if he has got a head as a bushel of basket and one eye in the middle.  If he will preach God's Word, God will be there in that Word.  God's Spirit is in the Word and God will baptize you with the Holy Ghost.

217  Remember the question, "Brother Lambert, I want to be a lamb." Find God's Bethlehem assembly that is made out of nothing but bread.  All they got in there is just Word bread, that’s all.  No carnal fellowship at all, just God's Word bread.

218  Now, remember, first to be born as a lamb, first there has to be sheep.  There has to some sheep that are already sheep before that they can give birth to a lamb.  Isn’t that right?  First, there has to be a ram, then there has to be at least one sheep before another one could be born.

219  So, God has given a few of us the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, so that we could get with the ram, the Word of God, Jesus Christ in Bible order.  And then the Bible said, "When Zion travaileth she brought forth lambs."  Ben, you believe that, don’t you?

220  All right, you have been with the ram, you are pregnated by the Word.  (Is that right?)  All your wool is sanctified and clean by the Blood of Jesus Christ, the preaching of the Word.  Now, some sheep is getting ready to give birth to some lambs.  You have got the 'House of God's Bread' the manger, where they can be born.

221  You say, "Oh, Brother Lambert, but I want to born out in the snow in the cold."  Well, if you want to be born out in the snow and in the cold, that’s up to you.  But if I were you, I would come in where it is nice and pleasant, in God's house where the bread is being fed, where there is a provender and plenty of straw, wheat to eat upon.  (Is that right?)  You want to be born out in the wilderness?  That’s a foolish thing to say.  Come into that hedge or a wall.  Come into that home of God, that temple of men...

222  Oh, my, I just thought of something.  The Bible said, "You come into a habitation, a temple of God, where the spirits of just men...  [Brother Lambert knocks on the pulpit four times—Ed.]Where the spirits of just men are made perfect by the preaching of the Word."

223  Contending for the faith, you come into that place, Sister, my dear, to be filled with the Holy Ghost, a house of God, a habitation of God where He dwells because God is where His Word is preached.  God is where His Word is preached.  This is the little Bethlehem, the manger.

224  Now, I ask you, when are sheep born?  What time of year are they born?  In the winter?  In the wilderness when you are wandering around, to and fro by every wind of doctrine?  Come now.  When are they born?  In the winter?  When you are rocking to and fro and not grounded in the apostolic order, Church order?  Running here and running there?  Is a lamb born in flight?  No!  Neither is it born in winter.  It is born in the spring.  This is spring now.  Lambs are born in April, this is April.  They have been up all winter long.

225  The Bible said that the shepherds tended their sheep, in the hills of Judaea, in the spring.  (Is that right?)  The lambs were not born out in the hills in the winter time.  But the true shepherd brought them into a hedge or a wall, the winter, trials and tribulations and fed you, where the true bread is come down from heaven.

226  In this hedge or a wall, with a true shepherd, a temple of men, a house of God, a pleasant place because He loves you.  Before the world, He loved you and He wants to bring you to Himself.  A peculiar people.  That word peculiar means, God's own private possession.  You are His, He died for you.  He sent you shepherds here in this assembly,  He has fed you through the winter with the Word of God.

227  Now, it is spring.  This is Palm Sunday, when Jesus, the King Shepherd, the Ram of God, came riding in.  Oh, hallelujah!  Glory to God!  May He come riding in this morning, on the wings of the Holy Ghost and seal every one of these lambs here this morning.

228  It is April.  You are pregnated.  You are travailing, you want to give birth to a lamb, don't you?  Glory to God!  Here and here alone is God's provided way.  And if a man or a woman would try to come up any other way than subjection to Divine Church order, he is like a thief and a robber.  "How comest thou in hither, Friend, having not the wedding garment on?"

229  Jesus, Baptism of the Fire, the Holy Ghost is that wedding garment.  He, Jesus, is standing in the river like John, the river of God's love and power.  He is waiting for you to come, this morning, and be Baptized down into that river, with His mighty love.  Will you stand to your feet?

230  Do you love Him?  Hasn't He done all things well?  Hasn't He provided everything for you?  Why fear then?  God is going to give you the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.  Just be faithful.  Come to God's house of bread, Bethlehem, where you will find it pleasant, when the times of the refreshing shall come from the Presence of the Lord.

231  Sister dear, would you... could you play for us?  We want to sing, "Only Believe," because faith is the only way to receive that lamb birth, this morning.  It is by faith.  By faith He will give it to you.  God is here.  God promised it!  "And in the last days I will pour out My spirit upon all flesh."  Did He promise it?

232  Let us sing this out in faith.  Let the great Holy Ghost fall on you, this morning.  I have prayed for you this week.  I have cried out to God for you.  I know that you are yearning for it.  Now, it is off my...  I have preached the best that I know how to preach it to you, that...

233  God give me this message for you.  God give it to me for you, now, believe it and see what happens.  Let your faith rise as we sing this and let God seal you.  Don't work up nothing false, just stay calm.  Don't scream out, just make love to Him that He is your Shepherd and see what will happen.

  "Only..."  Your eyes closed, worshipping Him, the great Shepherd.

  [Congregation continues song: Only Believe--Ed.]

  "Jesus is here..."  He is here because He promised it.  He is here because His Word is preached here.  This is God's manger, only sheep are here.

 [Choruses: Jesus is Here; Lord, I believe--Ed.]

 [Pastor speaks briefly.  Assembly crying and praying.  Leads song: Oh, The Blood of Jesus and speaks again—Ed.]

 [Brother Bob speaks to pastor--Ed.]

234  Let us just...  Real quietly, now.  God is dealing with so many here, just now.  We are going to sing this one song, with love in our heart to our great Shepherd, now.  God wants to bless you.  We are just going to sing this one song, "It Is No Secret What God Can Do."

It is no secret what God can do,

What He’s done for others  (At Pentecost, now.)

He’ll do for you. 

With arms wide (He loves you, He wants to do...)

He’ll welcome you.  (It is no secret.) 

It is no secret what God can do.

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