Sleepless Prayer


A Sermon by Robert Lee Lambert

Wednesday evening, October 14, 1964

New York, NY


This sermon, delivered by Brother Robert Lambert in New York City, U.S.A., has been edited slightly to enhance readability.  Every effort has been made to transcribe accurately from magnetic tape recording the message that Brother Lambert brought.

Transcription, editing and preparation for publication were completed through the joint efforts of the Saints at Bethel (The House of God), Freeport, Trinidad, West Indies and Grace Covenant Church, Middletown, Connecticut, U.S.A.

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1  Amen!  Glory to God!  Amen, let us bow our heads. 

2  Our gracious heavenly Father, we certainly do praise Thee and thank Thee, tonight, that Thou hast enabled us to be here in service tonight to give our praises and our thanksgiving unto Thee, Lord, that out of the steaming billions of people upon this earth, God, Thou hast chosen us to be thy Bride.  Lord, how we praise You and how we thank You, Father.  Lord God, our minds, we do not have words to express to Thee, God, our appreciation Father.  But, Lord God, would You receive this tonight, the love of our hearts, God, going up to Thee tonight in praises and thanksgiving and rejoicing and joy to hear the Word of God. 

3  Father God, we pray, tonight, that Thou would remember our precious Brother Banks Woods, tonight. Father God, we bind our hearts together in sparing Christian love for our Brother.  In the Name of Jesus Christ, bless him tonight, Father.  Bless him and heal him Lord.  Raise him up for Thy glory, God.  Father, we pray that You would bless Your servant and your prophet, tonight, God.  Bless their families, Lord.  Bless Billy Paul and his wife and children.  Strengthen their nervous condi­tion, God.  Bless and give them rest, Lord, in the Holy Spirit.  In Jesus' Name we pray.  Amen.

4  I am very thankful to (You may be seated.) to be here, to­night again, in the Local Christian Assembly.  I am so thankful that we can call ourselves Christians.  So thankful that I am not calling myself a Baptist or a Methodist or a Presbyterian or a Catholic, but I am a Christian and, by the Grace of God and by the love of God, I am what I am, tonight.  Amen?  A son and a daughter of God. 

5  I love the Lord Jesus, tonight.  Oh, how I praise Him.  How I glorify the Name of Jesus, tonight.  That Name is the greatest Name that ever has been spoken by human lips, is the Name of Jesus.  Jesus is worth...?... all, more than all the silver and gold.  Worth all, more than anything that is in this world.  Yes,  The following dot commands must be placed at the top of page    2 of text.amen.  He is the Pearl... that we have sold out to the things of the world and went and purchased that Pearl, Jesus Christ.  Amen?  We didn't really purchase Him, though.  He purchased us.  That’s right.  We didn't love Him first, He loved us.  Amen?  Because He loved us, He died for us.  Amen?  We have so much to thank the Lord for. 

6  First I would like to thank the Lord, tonight, for this wonderful Christian Assembly.  And as I was praying today.  Why, the Holy Spirit seemed to speak to my heart as I was praying in the Spirit.  And the Lord would like to tell you saints here tonight that I believe that the Lord Jesus impressed on me today that He is very pleased with you.  I tell you, I got to thinking about you Saints, how you was endeavoring and striving to be in subjection to your husbands and how you was striving to please the Lord in your apparel, dressing yourself in modest apparel, and how you keep silent when the other ministers and brethren are speaking.  And the Lord Jesus is pleased with you. 

7  I tell you, I am pleased with you, tonight. And I know that the pastors, here, Brother Joe and Brother Hunt and Brother Milano, they are pleased with you, too.  I tell you, in this time that we are living in, we want to please the Lord Jesus Christ.  We want to please Him because we love Him.  Amen?  And because we know that we are going somewhere.  We are going to heaven.  Amen?  We are going to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.  Bless God.  And then we are coming back on a new heaven and a new earth after the millennium.  Glory to God.  We got something to praise Him for.  Amen.  Hallelujah. 

8  They say, "How do you know that you are the Bride of Jesus Christ?"  Because we love the Word of God.  Amen.  Even when it hits us and tears us and rips us and... Amen.  Still love the Word of God.  I tell you the Word of God brings joy.  Amen?  I tell you those out there that claim to be Christians that don't love the Word of God, when it chastens and rebukes them, they are bastard born and they are not are not children of God.  Though they say they are Christians, but I know the Scripture said, "Yea, but you are a hypocrite and My joy that you have is but for a moment."  But our joy is everlasting for eternity because we love the Word of God.  Amen?

9  I tell you, it is no labor to preach to people like this.  It is a joy.  I tell you it is a joy.  I tell you one thing, I noticed Brother Joe come to Anthony and he said, "Brother, you preach  Sunday."  And I never heard him trying to get out of it, either.  I tell you, some places when they ask you to preach, you can start squeezing trying to get out of it.  It is a battle.  Can you say, "Amen?"

10  The other morning... I like to tell this to you, because I am lonesome for my children.  The other morning, Timmy, that is my little boy about four years old, come and run in and jumped in bed with me.  And he, laying there on his arm, and he looked at me and said, "Daddy," said, "Would you like to be on fire for the Lord."  And I was thinking about the Lord, how backslid I was, you know, and need to be on fire.  And I said, "I sure would, Tim.  I would like to be on fire for the Lord."  And he said, "I would like to be on fire for the Lord, too, Daddy."  And I thought, boy, that is strange, coming out of that little fellow.  And I said, "You would, son?"  He said, "I sure would."

11  And his little face was silent, you know, and I was wanting to think on the Lord and I didn't carry the conversation any further.  He spoke again and he said, "Daddy, I know where some matches are.  I will set you on fire if you will set me on fire."  But I said, "No, Tim."  I said, "That is not the kind of fire that the Lord was talking about."  Can you say, "Amen?"  Jesus wants you and I to be on fire for God.  Timmy was right in re­spect to the fire, anyway.  Need to be on fire.  Amen.

12  Now, let us get into the message, tonight, and had a little sense of humor.  I think we ought to have a sense of humor.  And we will open our Bibles to Ephesians 6:18.  And I think, if you will... the Holy Spirit will help us and... By faith, I believe He is going to bless the message tonight.  And, by faith, that you will be able to receive it and to make you a better Chris­tian.   And, as the song sang, Deeper and deeper yet I pray and higher every day.   

13  Now, Sunday morning we had a message on the... Can you tell me, do you still remember what the message was Sunday morning?  On "The Evil Nature" [October 11, 1964, Tape No. 2-64--Ed.].  Then Sunday night, we taught a little message on Running A Race ["A Spiritual Race," Tape No. 3-64], so that you could overcome that evil nature.  Is that right?  Now, tonight, I would like to teach on a subject of Prayer.  And just make that, make that one whole thing there, so that you won't forget it.  Now, Ephesians 6:18, we are going to read this Scripture now. 


  Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; 

14  Now I would like to say, prayer means 'I want,' 'I need.'  That is what that means.  When you... Prayer, the word 'Prayer,' means I want, I need this Lord, for Thy glory.  Did you know that?  I want, I need this for Thy glory, Lord.  Then He said, "Whatsoever you ask in My Name, I will do it.  If it is for My glory,"  Is that right?

15  Now we want to take this little phrase here.  Look at your Scripture now in your Bible.  Says, "And watching thereunto." I would like to take that word, those three words, 'Watching there­unto.'  'Watching thereunto,' means more literally, this:  It means being sleepless thereunto in constant, persistent, sleep­less, overcoming prayer. 

16  Why was this type of prayer so needful?  One reason is, is to be able by this... I want you to say this after me now.  I want you to drive it in there, tonight, so that you will not forget this message on Prayer.                              

17  Let us repeat this after me.  "Being sleepless thereunto, constant, persistent, sleepless, overcoming prayer."  That is what that means, 'watching thereunto.'  Three words, 'watching thereunto' means... a more concise meaning and a better explana­tion of it means consistent, persistent, sleepless, overcoming prayer.  And we need this constant, persistent, sleepless, over­coming prayer because that we have an evil nature.  And through prayer by the Power of God, in the spirit of prayer, we are able to put down this carnal man and be able to quit these works of this evil nature and be able to live and walk in the spirit realm of Jesus Christ. 

18  Prayer is one of the greatest things that Jesus ever spoke of in the Bible.  Through prayer, there has been great things done by God.  Is that right?  Through prayer, through prayer, Daniel was able to stop the mouths of the lions.  Through prayer, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego overcame the hot furnace of fire.  Through prayer, great battles have been wrought by many men of the Old Testament, that we won't go into tonight.  But prayer is a great thing and prayer is...

19  One of the greatest privileges that we have in our Chris­tian experience is prayer.  And prayer is the one thing that we fail to do.  Why do we fail to do this?  It is because that we have an enemy and there is a real live devil and the atmosphere around us is full of his demons.

20  A Christian, who has never been able to realize this yet, that in this other world, this other dimension around us, if a Christian has not been able to understand and comprehend that around us is a real live devil and with him is a host of demons, that are trying to keep you from having constant, persistent, overcoming prayer.  Because, when he knows that the Saints of God begin to pray, with a constant, persistent, overcoming prayer, he knows that the works of Satan shall be defeated.  And if he can but cause you to keep from having this prayer life, he will go to any means, to do it.  Can you say, "Amen?"

21  Many Spirit-filled Christians have fell upon the battle­field wounded and bleeding by the emissaries of Satan.  Why?  Because they have failed to realize that, around them in this other atmosphere, is real live demons.  They are trying to keep you from having this prayer life.

22  Paul certainly had a revelation on the evil nature.  Be­cause at one time, as we found the other morning, Paul was unable to conquer his evil nature.  At one time Paul did not have a con­stant, persistent, overcoming prayer life.  And why Paul was unable to have this constant, persistent overcoming, prayer life, he did not have a revelation that the atmosphere was polluted with demons and devils.  That then... But we find that, after a while in his Christian experience, that Paul had a revelation from the Lord that he did not fight an opponent, as one that beateth in the air, but he made sure that he was a fighting a real live devil.  Is that right?

23  So Paul, knowing the weakness of our outer man, the evil nature, was able to tell us to be constant, persistent, in over­coming prayer, because he knew that the carnal nature does not want to pray.  It is necessary... In other words it is lazy.  It does not want to pray.  So that is why that he was able to tell us these things so we could benefit from them.  Can You say, "Amen?"

24  Now we notice one time, that Peter did not have this reve­lation of constant, persistent, overcoming prayer.  Because we find that, when he and the disciples and apostles was walking with Jesus Christ, Jesus began to tell them of his going to suffer many things of the scribes and Pharisees.  Said that He was going to suffer many things and be given up in death.  And Peter took him aside and said, "Lord be it far from Thee to do this thing."  And the Scripture said, that Peter began to rebuke his Master.  And Jesus turned around and said, what?  He said, "Satan," didn't He?  "Thou savourest not the things of God, but those that be of man."

25  In other words, Satan through the importunity of Peter's evil nature, used his evil nature to speak to Jesus to try to cause Him to say, "My will, my will."  But not so with the Lord Jesus.  He was constant and persistent in overcoming prayer and He knew that Peter had spoken by the inspiration of the devil. 

26  Now you and I are the same way today.  Any time that you see a Brother that is speaking after the dictates of the evil nature and not according to the Word of God, but is speaking in his flesh, then you know that Satan has taken this importunity to use his carnal nature to speak to you to try to deter you from doing the Will of God.  Can you say, "Amen?"

27  So Jesus turned and said, "I am not going to do My Will, Peter.  It is His Will.  I came down from heaven not to do My own Will but His Will." 

28  And the Bride is at the place now, when she should be saying, "Not my will, but Thine be done."  Your will is your evil nature.  Your evil nature, wants you to do his will, but we are not to obey the dictates of the evil nature.  But we are to say, "No," a flat "No" to the evil nature.  Can you say "No, no" to him?  For you came down from heaven, also, not to do your will, but His Will.  Is that right?  And the Father's good Will should be manifested in you.  And the Father's good Will is that He might pour out the Holy Spirit upon you tonight.  Is that Right?  Now.

29  So we find that Peter didn't have a revelation of that evil nature either, did he?  Huh?  Jesus was fighting one of the greatest battles that had ever been fought, upon the battlefield of His mind.  Would Satan deceive and, thereby, cause him not to be able to pay the redemption price to give us back to our hands, the Sons of God, the inheritance of the heaven and earth and eternal life that we had lost in the garden of Eden by Adam our brother?  No, he was determined in His mind and consistent, and persistent that He was going to do God's will.  Is that right?

30  So there was a great battle being fought for Jesus to go on to Calvary or to say, "Lord deliver unto me ten thousand angels to fight these people with . And He said, "My Father would have given them to me, too."  But instead of obeying the words of Peter... 

31  See, the devil tried to get to Jesus through Peter.  And I want to tell you something.  If the devil can break up this assembly, he will find somebody here, that is wallowing around in his flesh and in his evil nature, to inspire him, by the devil, to say something that is going to cause to drive the Holy Spirit out of here.  Satan can only use a person that is a wallowing around in the evil nature.  Satan cannot use a Spirit-filled person, who has realized that he has an evil nature and that he is overcoming by the Power of God.  He can't do it.  But he will go through the assembly and pick out someone that he can use.

32  Let us beware, when we see a brother or sister speaking to try to do anything contrary to the Will of the Holy Spirit, then let you be wise as a serpent, then, and discern what strength that person is speaking in.  Are they speaking in the power of the evil nature motivated by the power of the devil, or are they speaking under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and by the Divine Nature of the indwelling Nature of Jesus Christ in them?  Then let us bring him to the Word of God.  Can you say, "Amen?"  Satan was unable to get to Jesus through Peter.  I imagine Peter cried many times about that, Brother Anthony.  Determined to go to the cross for His children.  Is that right? 

33  Daniel knew something of persistent, sleepless, overcoming prayer.  He saw by the Word of God that the children had been in bondage so long.  Is that right?  Time for their deliverance, or something like that.  And old Daniel said, "Well, I tell you, I just got to get away from this evil nature, here.  I better go on a fast and get persistent and constant in this thing.  Is that right?  Brother, he set his face like a flint to overcome that evil nature and got persistent.

34  And the archangel up in heaven looked down and saw Daniel and said, "Lord, seest Thou not that Daniel is getting ready to get persistent."  Well, He said, "Yes I do."  Said, "Well, go down there and speak to him, because he is going to pray through anyway."  Is that right?  And the angel had a terrible battle getting to Daniel. Cause Daniel was determined to pray through.

35  And if you ever get determined to pray through, with that constant, persistent prayer, you are going to have a battle.  But, I tell you this, when you make up in your mind that you are going to pray through, God will  send the answer to prayer on the way.  When you mean business with  God, when you mean business with God, that you are going to receive the Holy Ghost, tonight, the Holy Ghost is on His way, tonight, to Baptize you with the Holy Spirit.  Can you say, "Amen?"  When you get persistent.

36  Every promise in the book is mine and all I have to do is get persistent and constant in overcoming prayer and reach out there and say, "Satan you are a liar, it is mine, give it to me.  The Holy Ghost is mine, give it here.  It is mine, give it here."  That right?  Glory to God.

37  Said, "Daniel," said, "The Lord... Oh beloved of the Lord."  He said, "The Lord loves you, cause He sees you are getting constant and persistent."  He said, "Daniel I am sorry it took me so long, but I had a terrible battle."  He said, "Satan didn't want you to break through in prayer," but he said, "I got your answer and here it is."  Amen?

38  Don't forget that when you get ready to pray and get con­stant and persistent, you are going to fight the biggest battle you ever fought, because Satan is going to muster every bit of his host against you to try to get you to stop praying.  Can you say "Amen?"  O Lord, so wonderful.  39  Daniel was beloved of the Lord.  Amen?  And I tell you, the Bible said, There was a censer over there in heaven that had the prayers of all the saints of God.  Is that right?  I believe God for all the prayers that you pray is still in the atmosphere now.

40  I tell you, I hope my voice out there is really singing a song.  I hope my voice is just booming into all four corners of this atmosphere out there, praying.  But I tell you it is going to be awful, if you have to go several days and hear, "O Lord, thank you in Jesus Name," a little faint cry from Bob down there. My God, I tell you, I hope the Lord will give me grace for my cries and moanings and groanings to be going up constant day and night--overcoming prayer.  Can you say "Amen?"  Glory to God. 

41  Jesus, in Matthew 16:26... Now remember, Jesus, in the same sixteenth chapter of Matthew after He had spoken to Peter, said, "Peter, except a man would take up his cross and lay down his life and follow Me," He said, "He is not worthy of me."  Is that right?  And He said, "Peter what shall a man profit, if he gain the whole world by his own will, gain the whole world by his own will and yet lose his own soul at the coming of the Lord?"  Is that right?  Or what shall a man give in exchange for your soul?

42  I want to tell you tonight, there is one thing you can give in exchange for your soul and that is a constant, persistent, overcoming prayer life and good works nurtured up by the Power and strength of Jesus Christ.  Can you say "Amen?"  There is one thing that you can give to Jesus Christ and that is prayer and good works of a Christian.  Jesus went on to say in this very Scripture...  Is that right?  Said that, when He would come, at the time of the revealing of the Son of Man, when Jesus would come, said, "Count your blessings, that you might be able to stand before this Son of Man."  Is that right?

43  And I believe before you come to this message, there must have been, at one time, you got persistent.  Is that right?  You got persistent with the Lord in overcoming prayer.  "God, what meanest all this confusion out here, Lord?  Lord don't you have a message somewhere that fits the Bible?"  Then by a constant, persistent overcoming prayer life sometime in your life, God enables you to come and stand before the Son of Man.  Then He said that He would come and give a reward to all your good works that you was doing.  Is that right?  Through prayer.  Glory to God.  Reward every man according to his works.

44  Jesus is speaking of the evil nature, here, to Peter.  There can be no works be wrought in the strength and the power of the evil nature.  Those works will be burned.  The only way that you can labor in the Kingdom of God and the Lord Jesus Christ is to labor fervently in the Spirit of God.  For, everything that you have done, that you do, must be done in... Whatever is done in word or in deed must be done in the Spirit in the Name of Jesus Christ.  If you are going to ever accomplish anything for God, it is going to have to be by the Word and by the Spirit.  Is that right?  True.   

45  Everything that you labor and do,  all the talk that you do in the flesh, all the talking that you do about one another and running everybody down, that is done in the power of the spirit of the carnal man, the evil nature, and not one bit of reward will you reap for that when Jesus comes.  But the only reward that you will reap is whether or not you labored in the Power of prayer and through the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Those works are everlasting.  Is that right?  Glory to God.  Let us labor and work for the Lord Jesus and not after the evil nature (Can you say, "Amen?") for the end of all things is at hand. 

46  Now, let us open our Bibles real fast now to Luke 18:1.  Glory to God.  I tell you, that Word of God won't give Satan much room to play around.  I tell you when you just... when the Bible begins, the Word of God begins to speak, I tell you, he don't have much room to work.  Is that right?  It just don't leave him much room.  I tell you we want to pin him down in the corner, don't we?  Amen.  18:1. 


  And He spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray and not to faint;

47  Now I would like to take that word, "faint," a minute.  Been a lot of fainting going on, lately.  Actually, I fainted so many times it is pitiful.  You might call me a fainting person.  I don't want to be that way but my evil nature wants me to be that way.  Now, as I said, I would like to take this word "faint."  Jesus said, "Men ought... Men and women," He said, "Ought always to pray and not turn coward."  That means, turn coward, 'faint,' give up and lose heart.

48  Don't get down, when you got something to pray for, get down and say, "O Lord Jesus, we thank you Father for blessing us and helping us, and... (O boy! O boy, this floor is hard.)  Lord, we thank You and praise You, for everybody and Lord and bless old Brother Bob and Brother Joe and Brother Milano..." Then you wake up about thirty minutes later. "Hey, boy, "I am going so sleepy." And you stagger to the bed.  Jesus did not say that.  He said, "Constant, persistent, sleepless, overcoming prayer."  It means, sleepless attitude.  "Watch and pray that you don't be counted asleep."  Is that right?  And that you watch thereunto. 

49  I preached a meeting over in Florida one time and, over there in the swamps,  and I was a preaching on Overcoming Prayer or something like that.  Later on a Brother told me, said, "Brother Bob, "Glory to God, I have been trying to get that kind of a prayer life.  I told that devil I was going to... Buddy, he was not going to put me to sleep no more."

50  I said,  "Amen."  He said, "And I went home prayed."  And said, "My wife went out to the store and I said this is a good time to pray through."  And said, "I run in the bedroom, got down on my knees and I said, 'Devil you are not going to put me to sleep this time.'"  It was hot and humid down there in the summer time and easy to fall asleep.   Boy, and he started off said, "O Lord God bless Brother So and So.  My God, he said, bless Brother So and So.  Move by Your Spirit.  Went on praying like that and said he woke up about thirty minutes later saying, 'And O God bless Brother Bill, also, and supply his needs according to Your riches in Glory.'"  He said, "At least, I kept on praying while I was sleeping...?..."  I never did forget that.     

51  I tell you right now, if Satan possibly can, if you will get persistent and constant in sleepless overcoming prayer,  he will do everything he can to put you to sleep.  But don't be a coward.  Don't be afraid of your enemy.  Realize that you are on a battle field and prayer is one of your greatest weapons.  Take it and say unto Satan, "You are a liar.  I am not asleep.  Flesh stay still, here.  I am going to pray through, tonight.  I am going to pray through and get a hold of God.   I am going to be constant and persistent in overcoming prayer.  Get down flesh."  Amen.  I am going to pray through.  Can you say, "Amen?"

52  Brother, when you get like that, I tell you, you won't be afraid of the devil any longer.  I tell you the teeth have been pulled out of that lion.  He may roar and he may rave, but Jesus Christ pulled his teeth at Calvary and he can't do any biting.  All he can do is growl and roar.  You get ready to pray through, Brother, you will hear a lot of growling and a lot of roaring in that flesh.  "Oh, you better go here and you better go there.  Don't you forget now, you was supposed to call Sister So and So.  Oh, don't you remember that you had that dress laid away down there.  Don't you remember that you was supposed to go over and see that Brother.  Gee, I... it is almost work time, I just better get up right..."  Faint and lose heart, turn coward and don't pray through.  

53  Every Christian needs to pray through daily and I am one of them.  Every one of us needs to pray through daily and realize that we have got an enemy.  He is trying to keep us from praying.  Brother Branham said, "Where is the all night prayer meetings, I ask you."  Said, "Why, the people now can't even pray now ten minutes."

54  Why?  The devil don't want them to pray.  Don't want them to do God's will. The devil wants you to do your will, Friend, and the evil nature's will is his will.  But, bless God, we hate everything the devil loves.  We hate everything he loves.  We are against everything that he is for and we are for everything that God is for.  Can you say, "Amen?"  I tell you God is for prayer.  Are you?  Let us be on God's side.  The word 'faint,' means to turn coward, lose heart and give up.  Is that right?  Let us not be a coward.  Let us stand our ground, my God, and cross Jordan.  He don't want us to cross Jordan. Prayer is the source of receiv­ing good things from your Heavenly Father. 

55  James four said, "You said... you have not, because you ask not, and turn coward and give up and run away."   Just as soon as God gets ready to give you answers to your prayer, you get up and forget all about what you prayed for.  And if you was praying for a loaf of bread and God gave you a fish, you didn't get an answer to prayer, but most of us would be so glad that we got a fish in our hand, we would say, "Thank you Lord, for the fish."  But I tell you, we ought to say "God, but I asked for a loaf of bread."  Is that right?  You haven't prayed through yet, because He gave you a fish.

56  And I said it... the Bible said, that If you would ask your Heavenly Father, for a such and such a thing, He would not give you another thing.  He would give you just what you asked for.  You say, "Brother Bob, I want to please God."  The Bible said, without faith and prayer, then, you can't please your Heavenly Father.  Is that right?  You can't please Him.  There is only one way to please God and that is, believe God.  Let us believe God, let us believe what He said in His Word, "That whatsoever you would ask in My Name, I would give it to you, that your joy may be made full."

57  I will tell you why we don't have a lot of joy in our midst today is because we don't have anybody praying through.   When you get a people that are praying through and know that their Heavenly Father has answered prayer, Glory to God, you are going to see some shouting going on.  You will see some shouting going on, I tell you, when you see a people that is praying through.  Cause He said, "Pray through that your joy may be made full."  Right?  All right.  

58  Those men whom God hath set forth as a pattern, namely the apostles, regarded prayer as one of the most important things in their life. [Blank spot on tape.--Ed.] To the magazine... Don't give it to wondering down the street.  Don't give it to televi­sion.  Don't give it to a loose tongue talking about somebody.  Don't give it to the telephone but give it to prayer, sleepless, overcoming prayer, that God might be in our midst.  Can you raise your hands and say Amen?"

59  The apostles spent all of their time in the Word of God and prayer.  And I tell you, if we started spending all of our time in prayer and the Word of God, we won't have time to talk about nobody.  We won't have the time to say this is right and that is right and this is wrong and that is wrong.  The only time that we will have is, "God, bless old Brother Anthony, God bless Brother Pat, God bless this one and God bless that one. Do good to this one and do good to that one and supply all their needs.  And Paul said that persistent, overcoming prayer and supplication may be made that God would supply all of the needs of the Saints.  I want, I need, O Lord.  Brother So and So needs, Lord.  Jesus is able to supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory.  Our needs.  Can you say, "Amen?"  All right. 

60  Jesus, God Himself, had a need for prayer.  God's Divinity didn't have a need for prayer, now, but His humanity had a need for prayer.  Jesus counted prayer one of the most important things in His ministry on this earth.  Because we find in Mark 1:35:


  And in the morning arising a great while before day, He went out into a place and there prayed. 

61  Is that right?  Now, He said, a great while before day.  I will tell you how great awhile that was before day.  It was three in the morning, three a.m., what we call it.  Three a.m. to six a.m. was that watch that Jesus prayed in.  Anytime you and I will  start praying like that, my Brother, something will begin to take place.  If we ever get a revelation that, around us is a host of demons and devils and that the only way that we will ever be able to overcome this carnal evil nature is by persistent, overcoming, sleepless prayer.  Can you say, "Amen?"  If Jesus, God Himself, had to go out into a mountain from three in the morning till six a.m. and prayed to do God's will, then how much more should you and I have to pray in this hour? 

62  Praying, Paul said, at every opportunity. In other words, every time that you got any time, use it for prayer.  Wherever you go, be praying.  Wherever you go, be praying or meditating upon the Word of God and let your conversation not be pointed against one another but let your conversation be in heaven.  Then Satan can't get in anywhere.  Satan, the only way it can get in then, start letting that tongue go.  The Bible said that the tongue was the most unruly member that you had.  Can you say "Amen?"  And He said, "No man was able to tame it."  And I tell you, I got a Man that can tame it, Jesus.   He is down in that inward man.

63  And I tell you, there is enough power down in that inward man to put that outward man down and don't you say there isn't.  Because, greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.  Is that right?  Amen, I believe that Scripture.  I don't believe the devil is greater than Jesus.  Amen.  I believe great­er is He that in us than he that is in the world, namely the devil and all the things that the devil has, I don't believe, can overcome God's saints.  Glory to God.  Amen. I believe it.  Now, also in Luke 6:12, it said:


  It came to pass in those days that He went out into a    mountain to pray.  

64  And I think that was the instance where He seen the disci­ples in trouble out on the ocean in a turmoil of a storm.  Is that right?  Because He was out on the mountain, He saw a vision of His apostles out in a boat in trouble, and by faith, He walked out on the water, because He realized that the Psalms said, "He walketh upon the water," and He knew that was Him.  So He went down and walked upon the waters.

65  Now, if you can realize the same thing that He done, by being constant, persistent in overcoming prayer, and the Heavenly Father show you something like that, "If you say unto this moun­tain be thou removed and not doubt in your heart, that what you said, it shall come to pass and you shall have what you asked for."  Because you prayed through and that became real in your heart.  And then it was God's will to move the mountain, you said, "Mountain move, I am a Son of God.  Get out of the way."  And just stand back and wait for it to drop.  Can you say, "Amen?"

66  Jesus came walking on the water.  Is that right?  I don't think we ought to talk about Peter too much, about his faith failing because, I tell you one thing, Brother, he got out of the boat and walked on the water, even if he did sink.  And I tell you one thing, when I see my Brother or my minister friend or a Saint of God begin to walk on the water by faith, I am not going to tear them down and try to discourage them.  I am going to encourage them.  I would say, "Go ahead walk on the water."  The Bible said, "Preferring your brother before yourself."  Can you say, "Amen?"  If we start preferring one another, I tell you, the devil ain't going to have much room to work in the Local Chris­tian Assembly in New York City.  Can you say "Amen?"

67  Cause love hideth your sins, Brother.  The Bible said that it didn't talk about your sins, Brother or Sister, but Love hideth a multitude of sins.  Love, I tell you if we haven't got that kind of love, I know a place that you can get it.  There is a fountain filled with Blood, drawn from Emmanuel's veins, where sinners plunge beneath the flood and lose all their guilty stain.  Can you say, "Amen?"  Peter said, "Lord, how often am I going to forgive this unruly brother or s                         ister of mine, seven times?"  "Seventy times seven."  That right?  Well, let us go on.  

68  Prayer is one means that God has appointed for you and I to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Did you know that?  Prayer is one means that God has appointed for our receiving mercy and obtaining grace to help in the hour of need.  Hebrews 4:16.  It said, "Come boldly before the throne of grace, that you might, through prayer, find help in the hour of need."

69  Now, it is like this, a lot of us today go on with no prayer life.  We go on days and days and days without praying through.  Some of us go weeks and months and into years without praying through and while we are doing this, Satan is bombarding and blasting and the Christians are falling to the left and to the right on the battlefield.  Is that right?  So when it comes time for grace to appear in your life you don't have it and you can't  pray through.  You don't, all at once, walk six months without praying through and then, all at once, a terrible thing comes upon you, then through, desperation, you begin to try to pray through.  You should have been praying through every day, you and I. 

70  The Bible said,"Pray before the throne of Grace that you, in the hour that you have this great need, you will find Grace."  Can you say, "Amen?"  Mercy is what we need and Grace is what we must have if we are ever to be able to overcome this devil and the demons that is in this world.  If we are able to overcome the works of the flesh, Grace is what we must have in this hour.  Mercy is what we need and Grace we must have.  The Bible said that, through the hands of the apostles, was there great many mighty wonderful miracles done and great Grace was upon them all because they counted Words and the prayer of God more important than the things of the world.  Can you say, "Amen?"

71  One time Peter thought it didn't mean too much and he said, "I go a fishing."  Peter just didn't just mean he got a pole and went down to catch a fish and rest.  He said, "It is too rough.  I am going back to my fishing business."  James and John said, "We will go with you back to the fishing business.  And while they were at their fishing business, that night, God didn't let the business prosper too good and they didn't catch any fish.  And they was wondering and kind of feeling convicted about it all.  There appeared a little man on the shore.

72  Now he appeared on the shore because, in those days, the men that was out on the boat casting their net for fish had a man, a watcher, on the shore.  If you ever stood on the shore you can see the darkness of the fish a working.  But out in the boat, it is hard to see.  So they stood upon the shore and pointed to the school of fish.

73  So they turned and seen this man upon the shore and he said, "Cast your net upon the other side."  "Why," he said, "How could that man be right,  seeing that we have fished all night here and hadn't caught anything."  But they said, "All right according to Your Word, we will cast the net over but we don't see nothing."  He said, "Cast it over children, they cast it over and, My God, and they was so many fish there in that spot then, that they jumped out and tried to pull the nets in.  Couldn't hardly get them in, they was just bursting out with fish.  And they thought, boy this is too much.  We ain't never seen this much fish in this place.

74  And they looked back again to see who that Watcher was and they said then they knew it was the Lord.  My God, they forgot all about their fishing business and run to see Jesus.  And then He said, "Boys are you going to get constant and persistent in overcoming in this thing."  He said, "Peter," said, "Do you love me?"   He said,  "Why You know I love you, Lord."  He said, "Feed my sheep then." 

75  If the ministers are ever going to be able to feed God's sheep, it is going to be because you and I are recognizing the enemy that we are fighting and that we are on a battlefield to run a race to overcome evil nature and all the demons and devils.  Can you say, "Amen?"  Now come on, let's confess our sins.  We have been busy at everything up to this time, but that.  Amen? Jealousy, envy, strife, malice and hatred.

76  And there ain't one of them things, there ain't a one of you done any worse thing than the other.   Can you say "Amen?"  Because if you are going to judge your brother on one point, then you are under the law and ye have fallen from Grace.  Is that right?  But at this time, we are laying aside every weight and getting persistent in the things of God to overcome this thing.  Amen.  Take the Sword of the Word of God and crack through this wall of demons and devils that don't want us to pray through.  Can you say, "Amen?"  Glory to God.

77  Mercy is what we need in this terrible hour, when seven times more devils, in this Seventh Church Age, than there was in the Ephesian Church Age. 

78  Look at the prayer of the apostles, look at the prayer of Jesus Christ and look at our prayer life.  And then we wonder why that this one gets sick, in our family, and this one gets sick.  We wonder why there is so much sickness in the assembly.  It is because there is sin among us.  And, because there is sin among us, we have not prayed through. I want to tell this Assembly one thing tonight,  if you ever going to have theLove of God in your midst, it is going to be by prayer in the Spirit.  If you ever get in the Spirit of God, you will hear the Voice of God and you will love your Brothers and Sisters.  Because the Spirit of God will make intercession according to His will when you begin to pray.  According to His will and it will strengthen that inward man.  And when that inward man begins to get strengthened, you will love one another.  You will overcome Satan and all of his demons.  Can you say, "Amen?"

79  On top of that seven times as many devils in this Church Age, Brother Anthony, the man of God said, at this hour, "Two hundred thousand demons is loosed upon the earth.  Two hundred thousand," it said.  Is that right? 

80  My Lord, then, Brother and Sister, what kind of prayer life are we going to have to have?  That is why the works of the flesh are manifested in our midst and not the Power of God.  If we ever get filled with the Holy Spirit and an overcoming prayer life, my Friend, you will see something in our midst.  Can you raise your hand and say, "Amen?"  We will see something in our midst and not until.

81  And I said that one reason why God appointed prayer, one reason, another reason is that you and I might receive the Holy Ghost through prayer.  We know, at Philip's revival, that they prayed and sent for John and Peter who, coming up, through pray­er, laid their hands upon them and they received the Holy Ghost.  Can you say, "Amen?"

82  And the fervent, sleepless, persistent, constant, overcom­ing prayer of a righteous man or woman availeth much, the Bible said.  Can you say, "Amen?"  It said, much.  Much works are accomplished by that kind of a prayer.  But, without that kind of a prayer, little is accomplished.  Can you say, "Amen?"  Through that kind of a sleepless, overcoming prayer, a burden is placed upon your heart for the souls of man. 

83  I tell you, right now, why the Church of the living God doesn't have the Power of the Spirit moving in our midst, is because we don't have a burden for souls.  And the reason we don't have a burden for souls is because we don't have a prayer life, because God gives a burden to those that are praying.  Can you say, "Amen?"  That is what the messenger said.  He said, "You show me a person that is praying and I will show you a person that God can give a burden to.  God gives a burden to those that are praying." 

84  I had a man tell me,"Brother Lambert, but I ain't got no burden to pray."  I said, "Pray to get a burden then.  Pray to get a burden."  Let me tell you something.  You know that my life, my health depends on you.  Did you know that?  My life, my health, my needs which are supplied by Jesus Christ depend upon you.  Because, no matter what need I have, God must meet that need through intercessory prayer.  God has so chosen it that way, that He has this treasure in earthen vessels and He must have a vessel somewhere that is praying, an intercessory prayer warrior, that the Holy Spirit might pray through that person to supply my needs according to His riches in glory.

85  The women run around, and try to get the minister... "Did the Lord show you any gift that I had?  Did the Lord show you that I was going to see visions?  Did the Lord show you that I was going to do a mighty work?"  I tell you, if God had showed me anything, he would show me that you need to be an intercessory prayer warrior.  There is the greatest ministry that is in the earth, at this time, is a woman  that will not talk and rattle her tongue about the other sisters but will get down in cease­less, overcoming prayer.  Glory to God.  Hallelujah.  It is needed.  It is needed.  Where is this thing?  Where is the daugh­ters like Philip's?  The Bible said that Philip had five daugh­ters that prophesied.  I would to God that we had five daughters here, tonight, that could prophesy.  This town would be shaken.  Every sin would be revealed when they come into our midst.  Can you say, "Amen?" 

86  We need some women like John Wesley's mother.  She didn't have no automatic washer, Friend.  She didn't have an automatic gas coming out of her stove.  She didn't have an automatic bath­room with a little house out forty yards behind the house.  Can you say, "Amen?"  She didn't have all the modern convenience, but she still found time to get down on her knees and cover up her head with an apron with fifteen kids around her and prayed through that God would make a man of God out of John Wesley and God answered her prayer and shook the earth with John Wesley.  Can you say, "Amen?"

87  Oh, Daughters of the living God, get a prayer life, get a prayer life and let God move through you.  Hallelujah.  Glory to God.  I tell you the devil can't move in our midst then.  The devil will be bound.  The tongues will be bound.  The devil will be bound and God can move in abundant way in our midst when we get those kind of prayer warriors. 

88  One time, there was a man of God on a plane.  And the plane was a falling.  And this man of God was in prayer and about that time his voice begin to speak and it begin to speak with the tongue of an angel.  And about that time when the plane was ready to crash, the Holy Spirit answered prayer for that Saint of God in that plane.  Because there was a man that was down on his knees praying and spoke in an angelic tongue and rebuked that motor that was on fire and landed that plane.  How much more could you and I today, when three billion souls in this earth are dying...?... If you can find a man or a woman that will begin to pray, God...?... in our midst.  Hallelujah, Glory to God. I said, Hallelujah.  Overcoming prayer warriors.  

89  Sickness, cancer, tumors, lameness and deafness and blind­ness is in our midst.  When the Bible said, "Greater is He that is in you than he that is... Oh my, Saints!   Glory to God!  Greater than I am, than all the cancers and blindness and the deafness, and all I need is an overcoming prayer warrior.  Some­body that I can...?... to.  Glory to God.  Hallelujah.  Constant, persistent...  Man, I feel this thing.  Constant, persistent, overcoming prayer. 

90  Think of it, tonight.  Little Saint of God, way off in the outskirts, in the deepness and the wilderness of Canada.  No minister to minister to him, no Saints to fellowship with but one or two.  Laying on a bed of sickness ate up with cancer.  And all we got to do is to eat and drink and be merry and go to church, come back home and lay down in a beautiful innerspring mattress, ride to service in a beautiful fine car and never think that someone, my Brother or Sister, somewhere, is dying tonight.  Someone, tonight, in the Body of Jesus Christ needs to be prayed through for.  Every time that there ever was a move of God upon the earth, God had to find somebody to pray through.  Every time that God ever poured out His spirit He had to find somebody to pray through. 

91  Every time that a man of God ever came on the scene by a mighty ministry, there, I guarantee you on that day when the gifts and rewards of Jesus Christ are given out, you will be surprised when the other evangelists you thought was so mighty, was so great, and when God reaches down and says,  "My daughter, come forth, Mary Brown."  And when she gets up there, she will say, "Lord, what did I do?"  He said, "Blessed are ye because you went into your prayer closet and there you prayed and now I am  going to bless you.  I want to give you all these good things, because by your prayer, my servant was able to overcome the host of the devil that night in New York City.  By prayer, he was able, of you, was able to heal the sickness and make the lame legs whole, and make the cancers disappear, because you love the prayer more than you loved fellowshipping with your sisters.

92  I tell you, I love to fellowship with my minister Brothers but the greatest need for my life is to get alone with God and pray.  The greatest need in my life is, not to be popular, but to have an overcoming prayer life.  The greatest need for the Assem­bly of New York City is that every Daughter of God and every Saint of God in here, will get an overcoming prayer life. 

93  Oh Friend, how wonderful it is to know that you heard from God, today.  How wonderful it is to know that your heavenly Father has answered your prayer and then you begin to have joy.  How wonderful it is to know that you was praying at twelve o'­clock noon today and when your sister had been felled with a devil of a heart attack and in prayer, that day.  All at once your voice began to speak and you heard an angelic voice speaking up out of you in an angelic tongue and you knew that this sister had come before you right then as you was praying and then you said, "Thank you, Lord Jesus.  I know something happened."

94  Then you come to do service that night and, Sister So and So, "Oh, I had a most wonderful experience today.  I had a sudden heart attack and I thought that I was dying, but as I cried out to Jesus that He was my healer there was no one able to lay hands on me and pray for me.  There I fell upon the streets and the people walked by, but about that time, I heard and felt something come upon me and the heart trouble was gone and I leaped and praised God."  And that little sister didn't say nothing because she knew, at twelve o'clock, this Holy Spirit had spoken up through her and done something for somebody. 

95  Oh, that groanings and moanings and travailing prayer might be made for the saints of Jesus Christ.  Oh, that we might pray that God would move in our midst.  Can you stand to your feet?  How many is tired of wallowing around in that evil nature?  Glory to God, I am going to put both hands up.  Glory to God.  Hallelu­jah.  How many want the Holy Ghost, tonight?  How many of you women will raise both hands to Brother Bob and Jesus Christ and say,  "Brother Bob, I want you to pray the prayer of faith right now, that God will give me an intercessory prayer life."  And I promise you, in Jesus' name, that, If you will get down and pray and make the first step, God said, "If you would draw nigh to me, I will draw nigh unto thee.  I will draw nigh unto thee and pour out a blessing upon you, that you can in no wise receive."

96  Oh,Local Christian Assembly, let us move up a little high­er.  Let us get a little deeper in God.  Let us take this devil out of here.  We are more than able to slay this devil.  We are more than able to slay this devil.  Glory to God!

97  O Lord God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, send the Holy Ghost, Lord, and fill every soul here tonight, Lord, that is hungering after Thee, Father.  My God, give every one of us a burden for prayer.  Give every one of us an overcoming prayer life, God.  In the Name of Jesus Christ, let this place be put down and let the Glory of God be manifested in our midst.  In Jesus' Name, I ask it.  Amen.  [Congregation prays and worships for about three and one-half minutes.--Ed.]

98  Glory to God!  I believe we are able, tonight, to hear a sound from heaven like a rushing mighty wind.  I believe that God wants to bless us more every time we come together.  I believe that God is able to give us the same walk that the Apostles had.  I believe that God is able to do it.  I believe that God is going to do it.  Do you believe it?  Glory to God.  Amen. 

99  [Brother Lambert speaks to a Brother about starting a song.--Ed.]  How many knows that song, "Oh Lord, Send the Power Just Now and baptize everyone?"  How many know that song.  Broth­er Anthony is going to start it off and let us sing that.  You can be seated if you want to.  [Congregation sings song.--Ed.]

100  Glory to God.  Can you say, "Amen?"  Praise the Name of the living God.  Oh, what an hour.  What a time.  The end of the world, here.  The end of all things is at hand.  The Rapture of the Bride of Jesus Christ, ready to take place.  Oh Lord, send the Power just now and baptize every one.  They were in the upper chamber.  Open your books to 191, 'Old Time Power.'  I tell you, we are not serving a modern God.  We are serving the same God that was yesterday, today, now and forever.  And we are getting in the old paths, not new paths, but old paths.  Old Pentecostal Power.  Can you just say "Amen?"  Old Pentecostal blessing, old time religion.  Glory to God.  Not a new thinking religion, but that old time religion.  Glory to God.  Start it off, Anthony.