(The Spiritual Athlete)


A Sermon by Robert Lee Lambert

Sunday Evening, October 11, 1964

New York, NY


This sermon, delivered by Brother Robert Lambert in New York City, U.S.A., has been edited slightly to enhance readability.  Every effort has been made to transcribe accurately from magnetic tape recording the message that Brother Lambert brought.

Transcription, editing and preparation for publication were completed through the joint efforts of the Saints at Bethel (The House of God), Freeport, Trinidad, West Indies and Grace Covenant Church, Middletown, Connecticut, U.S.A.

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1  Let us remain standing.  And if you will bow your heads with me in a word of prayer to the Lord. 

2  Almighty God that did create the heavens and the earth by Thy precious Word, has by Thy Word in these last days given us a Restoration of the true Apostolic Doctrine of which we are so grateful that we are able to sing this song that we sang tonight, “Onward Christian Soldiers,” one faith and one doctrine and one Lord and one baptism.  We thank You for these things, Father, for through them, Lord, we are able to have fellowship one with another without splitting and differences but we are able to love one another because these doctrines have brought us a persecution, Lord, and have driven us together that we may be one as You have spoken of in Your Word.  Of these things we are very grateful to You, Father God. 

3  And we pray tonight, Father, that You will come and bless us because we love Thee and we desire to have You in our presence so very much.  We give praises unto Thee that You come down and bless us.  So, Father, we have no differences with one another, Lord.  I don't know of anyone here tonight that doesn't love me.  I don't know anyone here, Lord, that I don't love.  So, Father, I pray, God, that if there is anyone here tonight that would have an ought in their heart against their brother, please, Lord Jesus, may they make it right tonight that we might be able to climb up a little higher with Thee, Father, that you might be able, Lord, to bless us in a greater way. 

4  Remember Thy servant and Thy messenger tonight and, Father, we pray that Thou will comfort and bless him, that Thou will continually bless his ministry in a tremendous way, Lord.  Stop up the mouth of the gainsayers and let the Word of God go forth with Power that cometh down on Mount Sinai that would cause the disbelievers to wonder, Lord.  Now, Father, bless me and help me, Lord.  And, Lord, have mercy upon me, Father, and forgive me of my sins.  Cover them in the Blood of Jesus Christ.  May You only hear my voice tonight and not see me, Lord, and, Lord, come and minister to us the Word of God.  In Jesus Christ's Name.  Amen.  You may be seated.

5  Jesus is wonderful.  Jesus, well He's just Jesus.  If you never met Him, you need to.  I'm telling you I'm just so happy I don't know what to do.  I hate New York City but I sure do love this assembly.  I believe it's worth living in Sodom to be able to come here.  I'm quite sure, if some of the other members of the Bride knew how the golden Oil of the Holy Spirit was being so lavishly poured out in our midst, they would be contemplating moving here to Sodom even if the area is unclean.  God is able to sanctify it.  If the Pope was able to throw some kind of stuff into that old nasty Mississippi River and call it holy….  It's the dirtiest river I know of with all the other rivers and the sewers emptying into it.  He was able to sanctify it and make it clean.  God ought to be able, through the prayer of the saints, to sanctify the place.  (Amen?) 

6  Well, to those who would be in our midst tonight, who might be strangers to us.  First we would like to welcome you here to the Local Christian Assembly.  We don't have any strange doctrines.  The only doctrines that we have are Bible doctrines.  They are old doctrines and they have been handed down to us from our apostolic father, Brother Peter, to Brother Bob.

7   We would like to say that none of these doctrines have been handed to us through any school or college or any denomination.  We have no creed but Christ and we have no other things to give you other than the Word of God.  We have no great choir but our saints do love to sing the songs of Zion.  (Amen?)

8  We'd like to give you a hearty welcome tonight.  We would like to tell you if you don't know now; if you will look around and look at the people, they are full of love and we love all and we'll be very happy for you if you don't have a church home to make this your church home. 

9  Incidentally, if you are wondering tonight who I am, I'm just another little minister here and this is my home assembly.  I live several hundred miles away and it's difficult to get here every meeting.  However I wish the Lord could so arrange it that it could be.  (Amen?)

10  Are you happy?  Do you love the Lord Jesus?  Would you think about maybe trading the Lord Jesus for something in the world?  Do you know anything?  There is nothing is it?  No wonder Solomon cried, Brothers, "All is vanity."  He said he tried everything and all of it was vanity.  Well, the greatest thing we have in common tonight would be that we love the Lord Jesus.

11  Now if you say that you love the Lord Jesus and you don't obey His Word then, well, we don't know about that.    So, because we love the Lord Jesus we want to look into His Word tonight to see if He will enable us to be better Christians.  Now if you will kindly open your Bibles to I Corinthians 9:24.  Reads like this.

12  After the lesson that we had this morning [Evil Nature] and I would like to see your hands if you believe that God had something in that message this morning that will enable you to be a better soldier for this Lord Jesus Christ that we love and for your precious Local Christian Assembly.  If you believe that message has helped you and that enabled you to find out more about yourself and more about how you will be able to be an overcomer, let's see your hand.  You are wanting to go up into a higher level with the Lord Jesus.  You will be able to do that by looking at the Word of God and making adjustment in our daily experience, our daily walk.  We will be able to move into a higher plane with the Lord Jesus and only this way.  Just prayer and just coming to service will not move you into a higher plane but you must…. 

13  I think we all have a sound intelligent mind and through this mind that the Lord has given us, He said to make it intelligent as possibly we can.  Though you may be dumb according to the world but yet you can be intelligent in the things of God.  And since we have this mind then we want to adjust it in such a fashion with the Word of God that we might be able to know what we are fighting and how we are able to overcome our opponents and how that we will be able to please the Lord Jesus.  We can only do this by coming to service, by loving one another, by the Word of God and obeying the Word of God and putting into practice what we have learned up here.  Let us read now.  [I Corinthians 9:24-27]

14  The subject that I will like to teach on tonight is, “A Spiritual Race, the Spiritual Athlete.”


(24) Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize?  So run, that ye may obtain.

(25) And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things.  Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible.

(26) I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air;

(27)But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.


15  I'd like to talk on that word, “castaway.”  It's such a wonderful word.  But however I would just go on because there are so many good things in there to talk about.  Now, as I said before, we would like to speak on, “A Spiritual Race” and I'd like for you to tune your mind into making a picture in front of you of an athlete that is training to run track, what we call here in America, “run track.”  Incidentally, I preached on this before but I thought maybe if God would bless it I would preach it again to you.  Joe was an athlete, a runner.  He ran track so he will be able to understand this very well and I hope that you will also.

16  Now Paul is saying here to you…  Let us go ahead and read Timothy while I'm at it, the Second book of Timothy, Second Timothy, second chapter, and if you would look in the fifth verse only.  Right now, if you would just look at the fifth verse:


And if a man also strive for masteries, yet He is not crowned, except he strive lawfully.  


17  Same words that he was speaking about over there talking about a mastery, a mastery and striving.  Now, I'd like to call your attention to why Paul was talking about an athlete here to Timothy.  In the first place, Paul was living in an age of great athletes.  They had the great Olympic games, as they would call them, and everybody was athletic minded.  All their attention and all of their energy was put upon the outward man to make it big and muscular and strong.  They beat one another to death in these games and so their whole life was centered around how strong those men, could make their bodies.

18  Paul was trying to put a point over here to Timothy.  That’s why that he was able to speak on this manner.  If you will notice here that, first, Paul was talking up here in the other part of the Scriptures about a soldier and Paul said the words, “soldier of Jesus Christ.”  Paul said he would liken that unto the Roman Legionnaires who were in the service of their emperor.  Paul said to Timothy, "Timothy, endure hardship like these Roman Legionnaires.  Timothy, I want you to be able to endure these hardships of the gospel with me, but if you see these Legionnaires, Roman Legionnaires who are holding the Jews in captivity and in prison, if they are able to endure all these hardships just for their Roman Emperor, how much more should you Timothy, since He's called you as a young soldier into the army of the Lord Jesus Christ and He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, how much more should you be able to endure hardships?  If these Roman Legionnaires can do this, Timothy, how much more should you be able to do it?"  Then he went on to say, "Timothy, no man that warreth entangles himself with the affairs of this life that he may please Him Who hath chosen him to be a soldier." 

19  In other Words he said, "Timothy, forget about everything else, that you've had, anything to do with in this other life that you were living and lay everything aside and don't entangle yourself with nothing but the supreme thought of being a good soldier for Jesus Christ." 

20  Now this Word, “warreth” means to make a military expedition.  It means to do military duty, be on active service to be engaged in a continual warfare.  Now, you and I in order to run this race must realize that we are soldiers for Jesus Christ and that we are on a military expedition of the Lord Jesus Christ and we are His ambassadors.  And He has given us, as His ambassadors, everything that we need for this battle that we are fighting and for this race that we are running.  He has furnished everything that we need to be able to be the soldier that we need to be.  Is that understood?  Now, as I said, from this figure of a soldier, this Roman Legionnaire that Paul was speaking to Timothy about, he turns immediately to these great Greek athletes, of which you see the statues in the museums and everything.  You see the books today of the men standing like this, well they got that from these great Greek athletes that fought in these tremendous coliseums, whatever they called them, where they beat one another to death and blood just flowed every where, great big biceps and everything.  Paul turns to that of a soldier to Timothy and speaks of this Greek athlete and this is what we want to dwell on.

21  Now this Greek athlete strived and struggled to build himself a great body to receive a crown, which they called a wreath, here Paul spoke of, to receive a crown, a wreath.  This victor who was a victor of this race would win a wreath that would crown that would come down on his head and it was made of ivory, laurel and roses and all kind of little flowers and he won this crown.  Brother Anthony, the only way that he could win it is that he went according to the prescribed rules that were laid down, that he strive lawfully.  And the only way that you and I will ever be able to receive the crown of eternal Life and righteousness that God will give us in that day is that we strive lawfully. 

22  The only way that we can strive lawfully is to obey the Word of God.  You cannot break the rules of this game.  For you to break the rules and not love your brother, you are disqualified.  You are annulled from even entering into this race.  That's why Paul said, "Though that I may have preached to you I fear that lest myself would be a castaway."  Paul didn't mean castaway from eternal life—he had eternal life, but Paul meant that he might be a castaway, that he might be disqualified, in other Words, of running this race of patience that was set before him that he might be conformed into the Image of the Son of Jesus Christ.  That was Paul's race that he was running, that he might be conformed and molded and made into a real Son of God like....  And Paul said that God had chosen him to show forth the Son of God in him first.

23  Paul was the first one to be able to run this race and by the Grace of God he won it.  He set his face out to win that race and he did win it.  (Is that right?)  Paul said, "Timothy, think about it, though you may give your whole life to the Lord Jesus Christ, lay down everything in the world, you're going to win more than they are Timothy.  The best that they could win is the praises of man and a little wreath upon their head with a few roses in it.  But Timothy, you will receive a crown of righteousness which the Lord Jesus Christ will give you in that day, an incorruptible crown.  That crown that those athletes won that they strived so hard and sweated and beat themselves for ten months of training, the best that they won was a wreath." 

24  Brother, we win an everlasting crown of righteousness which shall never pass away.  Glory to God! I tell you, that's worth running for.  Can you say, (Amen?) 

25  Paul said, "Think of that Timothy!”  This Greek athlete had to train ten months of preparatory training before he was even allowed to get on the track for running.  He trained hard for ten months and if he was to break any one of these regulations, he had to completely separate himself from everything in his life and set his face like a flint to win that crown that laurel wreath crown made up of roses.  And he was placed on a rigid diet.  And as I said, should he break the training rules he was disqualified immediately and barred from even engaging in the athletic contest.

26  I want to tell you something tonight: You are absolutely disqualified to even run this race if you are not baptized the right way.  Unless you have been baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you cannot enter into this race.  Now that's one rule you are going to have to abide by if you are going to run this race.  Is that right, Brother?  Now, we saw what the Greek athlete was like, what kind of a race was he running.  Now I showed you why Paul spoke to Timothy that way about a Greek athlete.  Now, we will turn it over.  I think you got a good spiritual understanding of that now.  Now, we find here that there is a hindrance to a runner.  Is that true?  (Let me go back and start over here though.) 

27  Now, we have certain qualifications that you and I must meet in order to begin this race.  I think the first thing that you need to do to be able to run this race is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, then you should be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins.  Then I think that you should undoubtedly be baptized with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, then that qualifies you to enter into this preparatory training to win this crown—not a corruptible crown but a crown of righteousness which the Lord Jesus Christ will give you when you finish the race.  True.  True?  Now, since you and I have never run this spiritual race before…  I never have.  Have you? 

28  All right.  Since we have never run a spiritual race before, God has given us an Instructor, the Holy Ghost.  Now, He has trained great champions such as Jesus Christ, such as the great apostle Paul.  What a race Paul ran.  What a race for you and I.  He has trained such great athletes as Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary.   He has trained such great men as Philip, the evangelist.  He has had plenty of training and the Holy Spirit is more than qualified to be able to teach you and I how to run this race.  A great trainer.    

29  Now, this course that we are to run over is a very hard course.  It's filled with all kinds of sticks and stones that like to break your bones, plenty of words that want to hurt you.    It's filled with all kinds of holes and snares.  Satan said he set a snare, too.    It has plenty of holes and plenty of snares, plenty of tribulation.   

30  It's raining, sometimes you will be running this race and it will be raining.  It will thundering.  It will be lighting.  (Is that right?)  Sometimes you'll be running and you won't have hardly nothing to eat.  You may be stuck off in a corner where there is no assembly, yet you have to run right on anyway.  Though you may have a hurt here down here inside of you, one leg may be hurting but you'll have to run anyway.  Listen this is really some race that we are running.  It's a hard course and we are not just running a mile and a quarter.  We are running until death separates us from this body and we go to be with the Lord.  We are not just running a half a mile or two miles or three miles but we are going to run this race every day, twenty four hours a day.  We have to run this race until we lay down our lives…?...  the Lord Jesus Christ. 

31  We are not to complain about the conditions of this course over which we are to run.  Be we are to give praises and thanksgiving to God for every stone, for every hole, for every snare which the Holy Spirit will have you to run.  We cannot be backbiting and complaining in any fashion because the Holy Spirit, our Instructor, has told us that these things would be.  He said, "If they made fun of that first athlete, Jesus Christ, where they called Him the master of the house of Beelzebub, how much more will they call you that? 

32  "If they would have received your words," He said, "They would have received Mine."  But He said, "When you are running this race and they begin to talk about you and they begin to persecute you," He said, "Blessed are ye for running this race.  Blessed are you.  Just keep running."  If the women while they are running this race begin to let their hair grow long and beautiful, begin to wear their dresses to cover their knees…"   

33  Boy I tell you, if it's anything today to see a woman trying to run her race, Brother, with no material on, trying to get down like that and pull that dress and trying to stretch that material down over her knees.  I tell you tonight you’re disqualified from the race if you don't get some more material on.  (Is that right?)  You know, if you cut off your hair, you are going to be disqualified from this race.  If the women are not in subjection to their husband I think they should be disqualified, Brother.  (Amen?)  And I think the Holy Spirit, the Instructor, will see to it that that's done. 

34  Now the Holy Spirit, our Instructor in this spiritual race, has given us a very strict diet to go on.  Now He has told us He does not want us to eat any bread that's cankered.  He said, "Because if you eat this old cankered doctrine it will make you sick.  Therefore you'll not be able to train tomorrow.  You wouldn't feel like running track.  Now, I tell you an athlete just don't feel like running if the bread that he has been eating doesn't have anything in it.  The bread that these churches are trying to feed God's athletes just doesn't have enough vitamins and minerals in it that enables them to be able to be a healthy runner.  I tell you, but, if you ever eat of that hidden manna it puts something down in you that helps you want to run…?...  Glory to God, Hallelujah!  Amen!...?...  You will be so full of …?..  to hold you back. [Much shouting and praising God—Ed.] (Is that right?)

35  God said, "My runners get hungry," and He said, "I promise to feed every one of them that hidden manna."  I tell you we don't want no germs...?...  One of those big great athlete that's been trained by the great Holy Ghost, one of those great big runners said, "Why is it all tables are full of vomit?"  The old Isaiah, that great runner said, "All tables are full of vomit.  Why an athlete can't even get nothing to eat to be able to run around here."  (Is that right?)  Why one of these great athletes, the great Apostle Jude, I believe it was, why, he said, "It was terrible this vomit they was trying to feed us athletes.  How can we train on such a diet?"  Well, the Holy Spirit is saying to us, since we are running this race, He has put the bread there for us and He has given us strict orders: “Don't you dare eat nothing else but this true Bread that came down from heaven.  Don't you dare because it will get you all cankered up and you won't be able to run." 

36  Now He said, "Runners," the Holy Spirit said, "In order to run tomorrow you are going to have to have a strong prayer life.  That's the main thing."  He said, "Because the first runner I trained was Jesus."  And He said, "After He had run all day long, He had healed the sick, He opened the blinded eyes, He had fed the multitudes,"  He said, "Instead of sleeping now this runner that I was training went out into a mountain and there He prayed all night long in prayer to be able to run the next day."  (Is that right?)  A strong prayer life is needed to be able to run this race.

37  Now this great Instructor, the Holy Spirit said, "Student Athletes, if you are going to be a great athlete and a faithful runner you are going to have to overcome the things of the world.  Make up your mind right now.  When prayer meeting night comes, you are not going to be able to stay home and watch television, if you are going to run this race."  That's what’s the matter.  It has disqualified a lot of people and they stay home and watch television, broke training.  You can't make an athlete like that. 

38  Now He said, "All these runners that I'm instructing must love one another.  If you begin to run this race and jostle against on another, knock one another off balance, I'll have to disqualify you from the race."  Is that by the understanding?  All runners must love one another.  "Now, if one of the runners breaks out in such a tremendous speed because of the true manna that he's been eating, he got so energized.  He got so stimulated by revelation and he broke out and just run off and left everybody else, don't let no jealousy rise up among you," He said.  "Just give praises and glory to God.  Don't be jealous."  Just give praises to God.  (Is that right?)  That's all. 

39  Boy, I tell you a runner one time that had been training, he sure had a trainer.  He told Ahab, he said, "I hear the sound of abundance of rain."  He said, "Get you down and he hadn't eaten in about forty days, I believe it was and he took off a running and outran all the chariots and horses in the town.  Brother, I tell you, he sure was eating something, wasn't he?  The ravens had been feeding him I guess, some of that hidden manna. 

40  Now he said, "You runners, every one of you have to die out to yourself.  If you are going to try to come on this course and say, 'Oh my, I know all about running.  Why, I used to run track back there.  My, look here you got to get down this way and spring up this way on the balls of your feet.'"  Now listen, that self-righteousness isn't going to work.  If you are going to run this race you are going to have to lay aside every bit of those old filthy rags of righteousness you got and take on the righteousness of the Holy Ghost.  Can you say, amen?...?… The Lord Jesus Christ.  And if you think you know something, you don't know anything.  You only know one thing, Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  I don't know any man after the flesh.  I just know Jesus Christ that's the Spirit of God, Brother Anthony. 

41  All right, he said, "Let me tell you something, runners.  I want you to understand this.  Now you are all just one big athletic group.  If I catch a one of you talking about the other runner I'm going to disqualify you."  For He said, " He that thinketh himself to be a runner, a runner and bridleth not his tongue, he's running in vain."  You are a vain runner.  Unless you bridle your tongue, you are a vain runner and you are disqualified and barred from contending in this race.  Boy, I lose qualification on that.  I hope nobody got disqualified yet.  Now Paul said, in First Corinthians 9:24, that we just read:


       Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize?  So run, that ye may obtain.


42  Now, do you remember the lesson that we had this morning?  [The Evil Nature]  Do you see how this lesson tonight fits in?  We showed you by the Word of God this morning that, that king, evil nature, that was sitting upon the throne of your heart is a dethroned monarch.  His power, evil power, has been severed by the Lord Jesus Christ and you have both the will power and the spirit and the energy to be a runner for Jesus Christ.  He has more than enabled you to be a runner.  (Is that right?)  So then, let us set our faces as flint towards this crown of righteousness which we will receive at the day of the Lord's coming and all the rewards.  Let us make up our minds today that we have severed that evil nature from us. 

43  We are not going to put that belt back on that wheel up there.  Remember that.  Excuse me, it's going to stay disconnected now and forever.  And our lives are going to be motivated by that inward Power of the Holy Spirit.  We are no more going to move and talk and have our being in the power and strength of the carnal man, the evil nature.  But by the Spirit and by the Word of God we will overcome this evil nature and enter into this course, this hard course, and run this race with patience that we might be able to obtain this precious crown of righteousness which Jesus will give us at His appearing.  (Is that right?) 

44  Now there is a hindrance to a runner, hindrances to a runner.  Galatians 5:7 said:


 You did run well but who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth? 


45  Now, there is no getting around this, Friend.  It's a hindrance to you if you are not going to obey the Truth.  If the Bible said do such and such, then just do it.  If you don't it, it will be a hindrance to your running.  You will be disqualified and thereby not be able to contend in this race.  You must obey the Word of God. 

46  Now, let us speak of “pressing” a minute.  You got to press this race.  Now listen, we don't have long to run.  The course is getting rougher that's true.  Just before the finish line the battle does get greater, doesn't it?  It takes an extra burst of energy.  You have to have more energy towards the end of the race.  The whole crown depends on whether or not you have energy stored up.  And I tell you tonight that you will be able to store up energy if you will have a prayer life.  (Is that right?)  Paul said, "Pray that you might find strength or grace in the hour of need to finish over that finish line.  We need to be praying at all times that we might have the strength that we need.  For that extra burst of energy and God has given us more Word, continually more manna that we might be able to get this strength. 

47  We can't say to God that He isn't giving us enough hidden manna, enough strength, is that right, enough Spirit to give us strength ‘cause He did.  Now He said, "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus."  Now “pressing,” that's a great thing.  When you start pressing something, that means pressure.  You begin to apply pressure and what we need to do, we need to begin to apply pressure to this evil nature, to press it down and make it stay down.  (Is that right?)  That we might be able to get this extra burst of energy that we need to just put us over the finishing line.  We are in the finishing close of this race.  How many believe it? 

48  Let me tell you, fifty percent of all the people in the street believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, is coming back to earth very soon.  Did you know that?  Fifty percent of these ungodly people in the streets of New York City believe in a literal coming of the Lord Jesus Christ back to earth.  Why?  Because they seen that everything is at an end.  Food production is at its end almost; cattle raising is at its end; medical profession is at its end; marriage is at its end; the armies are at its end; everything is at its end.  And the earth couldn't go on another twenty-five years because it took six thousand years to get one billion people upon the earth, then in just another hundred years they were able to get two more billion, in just a hundred years, and it took six thousand years to get one billion. 

49  Now if it goes on at this rate of speed, within another twenty-fire years, you wouldn't have no place to stand hardly there would be so many people.  So the people are desperate, the governments are desperate to know what to do.  They are perplexed by the things which are happening.  So that should energize…  It should energize you and I into pressing this battle more than ever to know that this crown of righteousness is just at the door.  Don't cry any more it's all over now, and you did run well. 

50  Oh how terrible it will be to hear, "Depart from me ye worker of iniquity, I know you not."  And a worker of iniquity is to know to do good and do it not.  He that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin.  How wonderful and precious it will be to lay down this life that we are living now and to feel an arm slip in your arm.  There will stand your Savior, comforting you and loving you and saying nice things; how I love you, I welcome you home.  Here is your new mansion.  Amen.  I tell you Friend, that's worth running this race for.  It may be a hard course the restrictions may be hard.  But I tell you, it's worth running.  (Amen?)  I think any one of us should be more than thrilled to be able to enter upon this course of life that we are running. 

51  Now stripping for the contest, Hebrews 12:1 says:


Wherefore seeing we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and the sinful nature, (Amen?) which doth so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that is set before us


52  How are you going to run the race?  Lay aside this sinful nature.  Just say, "Here it is Lord, Here lays my sinful nature.  My God, let it be dead, kill it and let me enter onto this course and run this race."  Many have gotten confused and bewildered in trying to run this race.  They started out, they thought they received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, they thought they were baptized right in water.  They thought they received everything right according to the Bible and then they entered on to this course and because of what they saw with their eyes or what they heard with their ears they began to want to get off the course.  They found out the mile and a half was just too much for them to run.  They wanted to get a shorter, easier course.  They wanted to go back into the weaker beggar elements of the world. 

53  They said, "Oh, it's not too bad to watch television and I don't think it hurts to go to this and to go to that.  I don't think it hurts to cut my hair.  And they begin to want a, get an easier course to run and the first thing you know they got backslidden.  They went to this church and they went to that church looking for something that would help them to be… enable them to run a better race and they got confused.  They saw this person speaking in tongues and saw that they went out and married somebody else.  They saw this one speak in tongues and then seen that they were the meanest person that there ever was.  They said, "Oh, this race is terrible."  And the next thing you know, they got discouraged.  They got discouraged and stopped training to be an athlete, a Christian. 

54  We don't need to look at anything.  The only one thing that we need to look at is the Word of God.  I tell you, the Word of God will deliver you from everything that you saw and everything that you have heard.  It will deliver you…?... God said…?...

55  The Baptism of the Holy Spirit and He said, "Though you speak with tongues of men and angels and have not love, charity, you are nothing."  That confuses people.  They speak in tongues and think the race is completed.  You may not even have gotten started yet.  You may have just got blessed of the Lord and spoke in tongues then again you might have went into an assembly that's polluted with devils and the devil rested upon you and you spoke in false tongues because down in the desert we find out, Brother Joe, that the Indians down there drank blood out of a skull and speak in tongues and gave the interpretation. 

56  And yet the Pentecostal church trying to get their people to enter on this race based their whole experience upon speaking in tongues.  So therefore they've been shipwrecked on the race course.  They stumbled and fell over a stone and broke their necks.  Now it's a bunch of spiritual broken-necked people.  Can you say, amen?  They are spiritually broken down.  (Is that right?)  They have run themselves out until that they are at the end of their road but they need to get their qualification straightened up.  Jesus said, "Repent and be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and then you shall receive the Power to run that race."  Then He said, "You'll speak in tongues, you'll prophesy, you'll heal the sick and you'll raise the dead."  But some want to run the race without getting the qualification.  You can't even get on the course. 

57  Isaiah said there was one course to run.  He said that was the “broad way.”  But he said there was another course that was called “a way.”  There are restrictions on that way.  And on the other race course, in the Gospels we find that he said that there was broad race course and he said that there was many runners on that race course, many runners on it.  (Is that right?)  But he said, at the end of it was destruction.  But he said on this narrow race course there wasn't many running because they didn't want to abide by the restrictions.  They didn't want to get baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ because everybody said that was “Jesus Only.”  So therefore they got a false baptism.  They just worked them up and worked themselves up and up until they finally spoke in some kind of words that wasn't their English and somebody said," You got it.  That's the Holy Ghost."  And then you found out that there are things in your life that condemn you. 

58  People who claim to have the Holy Ghost are living in free love and everything else out here.  You are not even on the race course of Jesus Christ.  You are disqualified.  Brother, this race course is a race of holiness.  It’s a race of righteousness.  They are disqualified, Brother Anthony.

59  There's qualifications to get on this race course, and it said, “Narrow is the way,” said it was pressed and that word “press” means contracted by pressure.  Brother, when you get this Truth, the same Truth that the apostles were preaching, Brother, there begins to be pressure.  Brother, every demon in hell, begins trying to pressure you to get you to leave the race course.  But the Holy Spirit, the Instructor will not let us leave the race course.  He is more than able to keep us.  I don't worry about backsliding.  He'll put His arm around me.  Of course, I backslide little bit every day, probably, but I need to press forward.  (Is that right?)  I need to press “toward.”  Amen. 

60  I'm so thankful for the Holy Spirit.  One man, when I began to tell him and come against those doctrines that he believed, by the Word of God, it condemned him and tore them down because he had no answer.  You got no answer for speaking in tongues is the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost.  There's no Bible for it and the Word of God condemns it.  But it's no use of just leaving the race course, Brother.  Get the right qualifications and start all over again.  For God said, "When the Holy Spirit is come, the Instructor, He'll lead you and guide you onto this race course.  He'll lead you and guide you all through this course, though Satan would plant all kind of snares and holes in the way."  He said, He would lead you around those holes.  He would lead you out of those snares, Brother, Ray.  The Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost is here.  He's faithful and He's able to deliver you.  Notice, the Bible said that the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ was more than able to make that brother stand.  God, the Holy Ghost, will make that brother stand.  He said, "I thank Thee Father, all that Thou hast given me shall come to me and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.  All that Thou hast given me I've lost not a one of them on this race course." 

61  I'm here to tell you tonight that every believer of the Lord Jesus Christ will win this race.  God is going to have a Bride.  God is going to have some spiritual runners to run this race.  Listen, we are heading into the home stretch now.  Israel is in its homeland.  Oh, we see the line right ahead.  If you see a white ribbon in it, Joe, your eyes catch a hold of that white ribbon.  You said… Oh the Bible said, "When you see these signs taking place, when you see earthquakes in divers places, when you see famines,” He said, “when you see marrying and giving in marriage and drinking and reviling and all these things," He said, "Look up, the race is almost finished."  We can see the ribbon in sight.  We can see it in sight.  God is in a prophet, the Pillar of Fire is in our midst.  The Pillar of Fire is in our midst.  “False prophets are lying, God's truth they’re denying.”  We have the Gospel right in our midst…?...

62  Glory to God!  We got it.  We got the “proof of the pudding.”  We need the pudding and that’s the proof.  (Is that right?)  Israel is in its homeland.  “False prophets are lying God's Truth they’re denying.”  Why?  God said, "You don't have the Word of God abiding in you because whom God hath sent, Him you receiveth not and that proves you don't have the Word of God.  I know why you don't have the Word of God in you because you love the praises of men more than you love God…?...  You don't want to run this course that I want you to run.  You want to receive a lot of popularity." 

63  Disqualified.  You need to get the qualification.  I tell you Peter, Peter certainly had the qualification.  When three thousand souls cried out one day, when they seen a man that was so or who had been eating the hidden manna that was so great that he was just absolutely drunk from it.  He just staggered out of there from that hidden manna.  (Is that right?)  Because he'd often wondered about what the hidden manna was.  But when his Master, Jesus, the first great Runner said, "Except you eat My Flesh and drink My Blood you can't even run this race," that almost stumbled, Peter.  But he said, "Lord, I can't go anywhere."  He said, "I don’t know where I could go.  I'll just have to wait on this thought about your flesh."

64  I tell you, when that sound came that day, Peter found out what that Flesh and Blood was.  He hollered, “More Blood, Lord.”  And he began to guzzle, guzzle, guzzle, guzzle and, when he staggered down out of the upper room, three thousand runners cried out.  They had been running but they were disqualified because what came down out of the upper room, gave them a disqualification.  Oh boy, they lost their rules then and they were pricked in their heart because they found out that they were disqualified.  They were disqualified.  They failed to go and eat of the hidden Manna.  Failed to eat that hidden Manna and drink that Blood.  So they were pricked in their heart and said, "Oh Mr. Runner, Peter, what in the world are we going to do?  How in the world can we enter this race?" 

65  He said, "Boy, don't live under the law.  You can't run that race under the law.  You can't run this race you don't have enough strength.  Get what I just got up there and you'll be able to run because He said, "I shall give you Power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you."  Do you want to receive Power?  Do you want to receive Power?  Then Peter said, "Repent every one of you runners and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, then you shall receive Power to run this race.  You shall receive Power."

66  He promised us Power if we would be baptized in Jesus’ Name.  How many want that Power to run this race, tonight?  Then stand to your feet and let's receive this Power tonight.  Do you want to run a race that will be fitting to Jesus Christ?  Stand to your feet.

67  I believe that God is able to fill every person here tonight with the Power of God to run this race.  How many believe it?  Say, Amen.  Let's raise our hands and praise God for the Power.  Amen.  Hallelujah! 

68  Oh Lord, send the Power just now and baptize every one of us.  Would you not like to have God that created the heavens and the earth to come down and tabernacle Himself inside of you tonight?  Lovely Lord Jesus.  Hallelujah, Amen.   [Much praising the Lord by congregation—Ed.] 

69  Let's all keep our minds on the Lord.  Look straight up.  Raise your hands to heaven and worship the Lord.  Keep your minds on Him.  Worship Jesus.  Jesus, we love You, Lord.  We praise You.  We thank You, Lord, for blessing this people, God.  We thank You, Holy Spirit for being in our midst, Lord.  Bless everyone, Father God. 

 [A man speaks a message in tongues to congregation—Ed.]

70  Amen.  We thank You, Lord Jesus, for blessing us, Father God.  Father God, speak to our hearts.  Father God, give us the interpretation, in Jesus' name.  Amen.  It needs an interpreter, Lord.  Father, we pray that You will give us the interpretation, Lord.  We ask it humbly, in Jesus' name, Amen.   [Congregation praises the Lord.  A lapse in the tape] 

71  The way to receive the blessing of the Lord is to make love to the Lord.  As we begin to sing this song. (Listen to Brother Bob, now.) you just meditate upon how wonderful Jesus is to you.  How much you thank Him and praise Him for His dying for you.  And as you make love to the Lord Jesus and then sing to Him and your heart, begins to make love to Him then that brings a contact with His Spirit and yours.  Then He will pour out His Spirit upon you and baptize you with the Holy Ghost and confirm your faith in Him.  (Amen?) 

72  How many know this little song…?... “Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know?”  Isn't He the sweetest Name you know?  Is there one here tonight that may not be in perfect fellowship with the Lord Jesus?  As we sing this song we pray that the Lord Jesus will bless you and that you may know Him again in the first love that you had for Him.  May each one of you out there tonight and myself, return if we have ever left our first love in Jesus. 

73  Soon this heaven or this earth world order, the fashion of this world and its order.  Its different languages and its different modes of life, whether you live in the top of so and so building or in the basement, whether you speak in German or you speak in English or French, that life is soon to pass away and Jesus, the One who we love, is coming back to set up His kingdom.  So if you don't know Jesus, I'd like to tell you that He loves you tonight.  He loves you because He died for you and because He died for you He has given you a covenant and that covenant is, “He that heareth My Words and believeth on Him that sent Me hath everlasting life.”  If you don't have everlasting life tonight, we pray that you will find it as you sit in your seat if you don't have the Infilling of the Holy Spirit, the Seal of God.  Open up your heart and let Jesus come and sit upon your throne and be King and Master over your life.  (Is that right?)

74  Let us sing this song now.  “Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know.”  [Congregation sings.]

 [Woman speaks in tongues]

75  Lord, say something to us.  Amen.  The Lord Jesus has spoken to us in a language that we wouldn't understand.  We are just all babies so we pray that the Lord would be merciful to us and give us the interpretation.  You that are gifted, would you pray in your heart.  Let us pray.   [A person speaks in English a message.  Not able to understand it all.]

76  Yes, let us praise God, to give Him all praise.  [Congregation prays and praises God.]

77  Number forty-four in the song book.  One time I believe it was when they were in the presence of the great revival and when the Holy Spirit would come down and strike the people some would immediately fall onto the floor and kick and cry and weep and wail and do all manner of things and then some of those that would be standing by who was not spiritual would think, “Lord maybe this is some kind of an evil spirit or something.”  And they said unto John, said, "Mr., Dr. Wesley, why, aren't you afraid that this is some kind of a spiritual fanaticism or…?"  He said "Relax, relax Friend and let the Lord have His way." 

78  The Bible said, "They that worship Me, Me Jesus, must worship in Truth and in Spirit."  Remember that we worship in Truth and He, the Holy Spirit, is here.  I would like for those who are more grown up in the Lord who has had training, spiritual training to kind of refrain from maybe stomping your feet up and down.  If the Holy Spirit would fall again when we sing this song it would be pleasing to the Lord if we could worship Him as calm as we could.  I mean those who are not under a tremendous Power of the Holy Spirit would not, course all of us at times are unable to contain the blessing of the Lord but those that are weak in the Lord when the Holy Spirit would strike them in a sharp anointing that they can feel, naturally they would start to scream.  So that the rest of us that are growing up.  Let us go on worshiping the Lord making love to Jesus that He may fall on someone else.  (Amen?) 

79  So let our minds drop to another… of anything else beside worshiping the Lord.  Now how many today… the message that we heard this morning that the Lord has given and the one tonight… Do you see how they fit together?  How many love this assembly with all of your heart?  How many love one another with all of your heart?  How many desire to see the Lord Jesus?  I mean a literal river of God flow through here and flood our souls with the Power and the Love of God.  Could we do this tonight?  ‘Cause I believe maybe Wednesday if the Brethren would have me to speak, however it works out.  I feel like today, tonight that it would behoove us, seeing that the ribbon… We see the finishing line and the white ribbon just ahead.  As we said, Israel is in its homeland. 

80  The Spirit of the Gentile’s door is closing.  The wrath of God and the judgment of God is getting ready to be poured out.  How many would today that would say with Brother Bob, not out loud but by the raising of your hands, “I am tired of obeying the dictates of the sinful man and I have talked about my brother and I haven't been faithful in many ways in respect.  But I would like this day to be able to enter onto this race course though it's almost finished now.  But I would like to be faithful to this assembly and to my minister.  I would like to be faithful to my brothers and sisters, never to speak evil of them but only to do good and that I might, above all things, speak well of my brothers and sisters that I might edify them, that my whole purpose in life might be, ‘O God, is there someone today that I could be a blessing to.  Is there someone that is hungry that I could feed?  Is there some brother or sister that doesn't have a coat that I could share mine with?’” 

81  Is it possible that you could fast a meal, for your assembly, for your ministers?  Could you pray more?  (Amen?)  How many, after today that heard this message, this morning and the one tonight would like to enter into this race seeing that the finish line is just ahead and you would like to rededicate your life to the Lord Jesus tonight and to this assembly and how many with an upraising of hands and say I would like to be in subjection to my brother and sister?  How many would like to do that?  And I would like to prefer my brother and sister above myself?  I think Jesus would be very pleased, don't you? 

82  So as we sing this dedication song, “What A Friend We Have In Jesus.”  Let us take that to our heart that we would come back to service Wednesday night with a new determination and a greater effort to live this Christian life so that the others may see Jesus in you and me.  Amen. 

 [Congregation sings, “What A Friend.”]

Brother George, would you dismiss us in prayer?  [Brother George Parylla prays—Ed.]